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Slater 'g
Smiths— Continued.
Gray :■»» c* & Smi (and stove grate
manufacturers)., 85 George st —
See advertisement.
Greig Dawt, 22 Bui clench st
Greig David & John, Lothian road
Greirsoti John S. ]9 Sth. Hanover st
Ha'l Genrue, M in st, Newhaven
Hall Robeit, Laurie st, Leiih
H y \\ ilham, 3 Greensj e row
Henderson w illiam, Chalmers close
Henderson William, Go'gie
Hendiv William (haine & chain),
27 Castle ten ace
Hill Georgejestahlished 1782— (and
inm p<>rtahle and house bedstead
& stamping press manufacturer),
12 Richmond place
Hislop Alexander Canonmills and
5 Huntly street [Bonningtnn
Hislop John, Bangholm cottage,
Hood James, 3 Macdowall st
Hunter James, Abbey hill
Hunter John, 27 Port Hopetonn
Hunter Robt. & Son, 109 Kirkgate
Jack John, Davidson's mains
Johnston James, Dunbar st
Keating Edmund, 50 Cowgate
Kelly John & Sons, 156 Rose st lane
Kerr John, Main point
Knight & Co. Iionside place
KnightGeo.& Son 21 W. Register st
Lauder James, North Junction st, L
Leai moot James & Co. Port Hope-
toun Foundry, Fountain bridge
Logan Henry, Cants close
Mackie David, Chalmers close
M'Phrison Peier, Norton place
Manderson William, 7 Market place
•Mather Thomas & James, Queen's
place, Givenside
Mil ar Archibald, 14 Potter row
Millar William, 26 Castle terrace
Moir David, 105 Highst
Morrison Andrew, 149 Rose st
Napier James, 39 Wat' r lane, Leith
Ne'ilson George, Collegf wynd
Ness Thomas (anchor),29 Commer-
cial pl'Ce. Leiih
Pnrve< Alexander, Deanhaugh st
Reid Thomas, 81 Pleasance
Rennie Robeit, Tolbooth wynd
Rennie William, I South east This-
tle street lane
Richardson Jas. & Son, Main point
Riichie James, 77 Nicolson st, and
38 Candlemaker row
Robertson Geo., Davidson's mains
Robertson Wm. OakrMd Foundry
Ross William, 41 Water lane, Leith
•Rutherford Richard, 10 Bread st
Scott John, 64 Cansewayside
Scott John, 1 Castle barns
Seggie Alexander, Broughton st
Sim'e George, Roxbutgh terrace
Slimon Robeit, 51 Shore, and 20
Broad wynd, Leith
Smith Archibald, Charlotte lane
Smith John, Ironside place, 101
Abbev hill [High st
Steele John, 124 Princes st, &■ 100
Steele, Wilkinson, and Patrick, 61
George street
Stewait Wilhani, Albany st
Siewan William, 129 Giassmarket
Tait Thomas, Cl\ de sti eet lane
Tt tuple Alekatidi r, Morrison st
•Thomson Aicli.bald, Charlotte
place lane
Tiidnison Jas. 57 Constitution st, L
Thomson John, Colt bridge
T d James & Son. 29 Leith walk
Toshacl; Robeit, 69 Fountain bridge
Urqnhar't George, Circus lane
Waidie James, Hamilton's entry
Wardlaw Pter, Low Brouuhton
W'atstin & Henry, Guenside row
Watson .'oli't;, Shetland st
Whyte James, Spittal st
Soap makers
Raimes, Blanslaids & Co. (fancy
soarO, Smith's place
TaylorWilliam & Co.(and stearine),
4 Salamander st
Soda Water, lemonade, and
Ginger Beer Manufacturers.
Heriot Thomas, 46 Pleasaice
Hunter Robeit, Allan's close, 269
High street
Manuel John, 17 Picardy place
Mitchell John, King's stables
Scott Adam W. 5 Water lane, Leith
Scott James, 96 Giles st, Leith
Science John, 10 Hunter square
Watt James, 15 Canning pl&ce,
Marked thus * are Solicitors in the Su-
preme Courts.
•Adams George C. (and registrar ot
births, deaths, and mairiages for
the district of St. Andrew's), 9
North St. David street
•Allan Jarne-, 8 Noith St. David st
•Allan William, 48 London st
•Anderson Charles, 2 North-east
Circus place
•Anderson Isaac. 1 George st
Anderson James, 8 Dundas st
•Anderson William, Constitution
stieet, Leith
•Arthur l.t. & R. H. 23 St Andrew sq
•Banks Peter S. 19 Mansion House
•Baxter James C. 7 Howe st
•Bayne James, 99 George st
•Pell James, 25 Yoik place
Black Henry, 21 St. Andrew square
•Bridgeford David,28Torphichenst
Biown Alexander (and notary pub-
lic) 16 Royal Exchanee
Buchanan Henry, 17 Scotland st
•Buchanan James, 36 George st
•BnrnessJames.llDiummond place
•Cairns George, 72 Adam square
•C mphell & Smith, 26 York place
•Campbell NaylorC. 81 Gt. King st
•Cattanach Peter L. 73 George st
•Christie John L. 43 Bernard st, L.
•Clark Chailes, 51 No'th Castle st
•Cormack David, 33 York place
•Cornilhm Hypolite William, 45
George street
Cotton George, 7 Queen st
•Conn John, 21 Geoge square
•Crawford David, 4 Pitt st
•Ctawtord John Knox, 18 St. An-
drew sonare
•Curror David, 13 Young st
Dalgety Harrv 47 MJnto st
Dalrvmple William, II Pitt st
•Davidson John, 17 Elm row
•Deuchar Robert, 2 Nicolson sqnare
•Duncan A Miller, 11 Nelson st
•Duncan William (and law agent to
the Edinburgh and Leith gas liuht
Co., and <leik to the trustees ot
the middle district of roads, or
City of Edinburgh paving board),
1 Hi riot tow
Duncan William, 11 Nelson st
'Dunn & Thomson, 7 Hillst
l)\ mock & Paterson, 56 George st
Feme & Dovvie 124 Constitution
st, Leich, and 6 Nelson st, Edin-
•Finlay James, 60 George st
•Finlay Roberr, 2d Queen st
•Fisher Daniel, 9 Hrou«hton place
•Fleming Andrew. 14 Young st
•Forsyth David, 30 St. Andrew sq
Fraser Wm. Nathaniel, 41 A bauyst
•Fvle Andrew, 21 St. Andrew sn
Gallejly John, 19 London st
•Gardiner John, 27 York place
•Gavlor William, 6 Hait st [sq
•Gilford Alexander, 28 St. Andrew
Giinn Robert, 15 Consiitution st
Haivey lohn (and notary), 42
Bernard st, Lei h [P tuck sq
•Henderson & Donaldson. 20 Sainc
Henderson James C. 19a Hill st
•Henry Jardine, 18 St. Andrew sq
•Hutchison Alex., 18 London st
•James Alexander, 16 Dublin st
Jamieson Andrew, 66 Queen st
•Johnston John S. 28 Pitt st
•Jnnner John M., 6 North fit.
David street
Keegau John, 5 North St. David st
•Kilgour William, 7 Young st
•Lamond James, 26 India st
Landale Robert, 9 Drunimond place
•Landale Thos. & R-.bi. 18 Forth st
•Lawson Michael, 15 Elder st
Leburti Thomas, 56 George square
Lees David, 15 Dublin st
Leith John, 123 Consiitution st, L.
•Liddle Josf ph, 12 Scotland st
•Lindsay William, 124 Constitution
street, Leith
Lothian Andrew, 6 Elm row
•Maramliew J. & J 33 Dublin st
•M 'Craken John, 24 Walker st
•Maedonald Stodart, 8 Ahercromby
place [drew square
•Macgtegor Malcolm, 18 St. An-
Mackenzie David M. 22 Dundas st
•Maekiutosh Lachlan (and notary
public 1 , 31 Northuinberland st
•M'Lean Alexander, 23 Scotland st
•Macqueen & Bridg ford, 72 Prin»
ces •-treet
•M William Robert, 23 London st
Mann & Duncan, 21 Bernard st, L.
•Manson David, 23 Thistle st
•Marshall J- lin, 22 Hojwest
•Mason James, 14 Pitt st
•Mason William, f> Sth. Frederick st
•Mill Ebene/.er 51 Princes st
•Millar V illiam White (and com-
missioner for taking affidavits
betoreSupremt Courts in England,
and law agent for the Scottish]
Tiade Protection Society), 8
Bank street
•Miller James, 20 Nelson st
•Miller William & Crawford, 59
Geoige sqnare
•Millitau & Dick, 13 Geoige st
•Miichell v\ ilham, 68 Gt. King st
•Moffat Hemy (of Eld n— and town
<leik of Dalkeith), 23 Geoige IV
•Moore James, 60 North Castle st
•Monro Geoige, 54 Albany st
•Morgan James, 7 Walker st
•Morrison Ad. 'in, 45 York place
Muir William, IS Picardy place
Murdoih & Bowl, 120 Consiitution
street, Leith [street, Leith
•Murdoch John, 120 Constitution
Murphy A. D. 13 Bernard st, Leith
•Munay Jol n, jnn. 32 St. Andrew sq
•Neilson James. 3 Abi rcromby pi
•Nisb.t. lames, 33 St. Andrew sq
•Officer William, 30 Aha st
H) i i pliant Robert. 17 Young st
•Pa.if, n Thomas, ]5 Hart st
•Paris James, 50 George st
PatersMii Duncan Wilkie, 10 North*
umberland st
•Paterson John, 21 Nelson st

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