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fSdinfiurrjfjsiifre. EDINBURGH, «rc.
(See also Fishmongers.)
Alexander R'bt. 42 South Clerk st
•O r <"icliael & Son (& game dealers
and feather mercliams), 60 Queen
st, and High market
Carmicbael James, High market
Farrell Robeit, 1a Hope st
: Hamilton James, Riddle's close, L
'Hannah Win. 15 South Frederick st
Johnston William, 17 High market
| Lyall George, High market
1 Wuirhead Charles & Son, (and game
dealers to Her Majestv fur Scot-
land), 79 West end of Queen st,
and High market — See advert.
'Sharp I-abella, 13 Dundas st
Wilson John, 8 Charlotte place
Press Makers.
See Printing and Copying S*rtss
Print Sellers.
Cowieson Peter, 59 Lothian st n
Hill Alexander (in ordinaty to Her
Majesty), 67 Princes st
Macgill William 103 Princes st
Paton Hugh, 10 Primes st, and 1,
2 & 3 West Register st
Printers' Ink manufacturers.
■ Fleming A. B. & Co. Scottish
Printing-Ink Factory, Sala-
mander st, Leith
Printers' Joiners.
Donaldson John, 7 South Niddry st
Marr James & Co. 27 & 29 New st
MurrayJohn (and biass rule maker),
22 Niddry st
'Neill & Co. 10 Old Fishmarket close
■ Simpson James, Dublin st lane
Printers— letterpress.
AdamMin & Co., 5 St. James's sq
Aiknian Andrew & Co. (law), 11
South Hanuver st
Aitken Thos., 27 George IV bridge
Alia.. Thomas 6f Co. 265 High st
Anderson Robert, 160 Hh-h st
Armour Harrv, 54 South Bridge st
Ballantyue 8f Co. Paul's Work
Baxter" John, 6 James's court
Blackwood William & Sons, 45
George st [lames'* couii
Boyd George W. & Co. (law), 6
Brydone James & Sons, J7S..uih
Hanover st
Bui i ell & Byers, 3 Baltic st. Leith
Burness William, 2 North St. An-
drew st
Campbell George, 12 Howe st
Camion Alexander, 51 x orth Han-
over st [Hanover st
Clark Robert & Robnt, 42 North
Collie David R. & Son, 19 South St.
David st
Colston Alexander&Son, 80 Rose st
Constable Thomas (t+er Majesty's
Printing Office), 11 Thistle st
^Constable Tnoma-&Co. 131 histle st
©rummondChai e-, 133Kiikgate, L
Elder Alexandei, 377 High st
•Fairgrieve John, 54 Rose st
Forrester William 7 George st
Forsyth John, 82 South bridge
Fox Daniel, 5 Klder st
Fullarton Archibald & Co. Stead's pi
©all &( Itiglis, 6 George st
Gibson Charles, 18 Thistle st
Glass Thomas, 44 South Biidge st
Graham George, 51 Nico son st
plant Brotheis, 14 St. James's sq
iJprHiit Thomas, 21 George st
Jr-ruy J, & J. 8 Melbourne place
Grig John & Son, 6 Old Physic
Guthrie David, P.77 High st
Hardie Robert & Ci. 77 Rose st
Henderson A. 71 Shore, Leith
Heriot William. 17 Quality st, Leith
Higgin & Thorn. 21 South St.
David st
H. gj. Jas. & Son. 18 St. Andrew sq
Hughe- John, 3 Thistle *t
Jack Andrew, 13 Clvde st
.lick Thoma- C. 92 Piinces st"
Johnston Robert, Snore, Leith
Johnston W, & A. S. 4St. Andrew sq
Johnson W. & Co. 1 Hill square
Johnstone, Hunter & Co. 2 Mel-
bourne place [Bank st
Laurie Alexander & Co 13 North
Lindsay John, 39 South Budge st
MD'iiald.lohn, 13Carrubb r'sclo-e
M'Phrson & Syme, 12 South St.
D<vid st
Mathers David, 20 Waterloo place
Miller & Fairly, 11 Horse wynd,
High st — See advn t'uement
Mouid & Tod, 3 Waterloo place
Murray & Gibb, North-east Thistle
street lane
Neill & Co., Old FMimarket close
Nei>ou Thoma-, Hope paik
Ninimo James, Carrubbet'> close
Oliver & Bovd, Tweeddale court,
16 High st '
Owen Charles, 4 Victoria st
Paton & Ritchie, 81 Princes-'-treet ;
printing office, 19 Ge rge st
Patoo Hugh, 10 Princes si, and 1,
2 A 3 Wet Register st ; printing
. ffiee, 9 NoWh College st
Ped lie James, 2 Nicoison square
Piilans H. & J. 6 St. Jame>'s c t
R'eid Alexander, 4 No'tingham pi
Reid He Reynolds, 14 Tli stle si
Rhind William, 66 Nicoison st
Smi h William & Co. 9 South St.
Andrew st
Taylor .lame-, 21 George st
Tin ubull & Speais, 30 South Han-
over st
Turner James & Co. Lothian road
Walker M A Co. 82 Rose st
Walue Robert &. Co. 3 Register
place — Peter White, manager
Wilson A.& W. K. 135 High st
Wright James, 96 High st
Printers— Lithographic.
[See also Engruiers 6( Copper-plate
Printers )
Banks Wm. & Son, 26 Wat' rloo pi
ftrvdone James & Sons, 17 South
Hanover st
Buriell & Byers, 3 Baltic st, Leith
Caldwell Brothers, 15 Waterloo pi
Cherry John, 131 Ncolsnn st
Clark Robert, 8 St. Andrew st
Dawson William, 21 Nicoison st
Edmonston F. & Son, 60 Notth
Bi idge street
Fiii bail n James, HSth.StAndrew st
Forrester William, 7 George st
Gellaily J. 26 George st
Hav Alexander, 4 North Bridge st
Higgin & Thon>, 21 Sth. St. David st
Home Rob. rt, 63 North Biidge st
Johnston William & Alexander K.
(and geographers ami pi inters,
and publishers to the Queen], 4
St. Andrew's square
Johnston W. & Co. 1 Hill square
Liddell P. A R. 46 Nicoison st
Liml & Spetice, 54a Nth. Hanover st
Lindsay John, 39 South Bri 'ge st
M'Glashon Alexander, 26Clyde st
Martin James & Co. 54 NeiloatfckH-
over street
I Mein John Z. 9 Leith-st terrace
Melville James (-writer), 9 Rose st
Meuzies JaniesM 25Stb. Hanover st
Millar John, 142 High st
Morton James, 54 South Bridge st
Mould & Tod, 3 Waterloo place
Naismifh John W. 1 St. James's sq
Nimtno David. 3 Kast Register st
Ninimo James, Carruhber's close
Peacock Edmund, 57 Nicoison st
Ramage James (and draughtsman),
30Rank.illot st
Ritchie Al xr. 19 South St. David st.
Schenck & Macfarlane, 12 Saint
James's >qnare
Schenck Frederick, 50 George st
Scott & Ferguson (late Kirkwood),
11 South St. An 'rew st
Smart Rohert C. 20 Elm row
Smith Harry W. 102 South Bridgest
Smith William (writer), 43 North*
nmberland st
Smith William tSf Co. 9 South Saint
"Andrew st
Turner James & Co. Lothian road
Printing and Copying- Press
' Makers.
Gtvig David & John (and lithogra-
phic pi ess and steel plate),
Lothian road — See advertisement.
Long Thomas & Co. Paul's Work,
& 21 New M — See advertisement,
Ritchie Patrick, 102 Pea-ance
SeggieAlexauder Bri) ugh ton markt
Professors and Lecturers.
(See also Teachers.)
Balf ur John Hutton (botany), 27*
Baiinermin James (theology and
chinch history), 7 Clarendon cfes
Bell Alexan lei M. (of elocution &
vocal physiology), 13 Charlotte
stfi et, South
BeniiettJ. H. m.d. (institute of me-
dicine), Gleufinias st
Blackie John (Greek), 43 North
Castle street
Buchanan James d.d. (divinity), 5fe
Lauriston place
Cunningham William (theology)^
17'Sa'lisnory ioad
Dick William (veterinary medicine)
8 Clyde st
Douglas Andrew Halliday, (clinical
medicine), 62 Northumbeilaiitlst
Dun- mute James (clinical surgery),
Forbes James D. (natural philoso-
phy), 4 Park place
Fraser William (metaphysics) 18
Rutland st
Gamgee Jobu (veterinary), New
Veterinary College, and 8 Saint
Cuthben's tlebe, Lothian road--»
Ste advertisement
Go- >d.sir Job 1 1 ('anatomy), University
Howison William botany), 9 Nicol-I
son square
Jackson John W. (mesmerism and
phi etiology), 37 Nortn Castle sfl
Keiller Alexander (medical juris-
prudence), 21 Queen st
Kellanl Philip (mathematics), 20*
Claiendon crescent
Liston David (oriental languages) f .
Elm cottage West
Macdongall Patrick C. (moral phi**
iosophy), 6 Clarendon cr scent
MaclaganDouglas(mateiia medica),
28 Heiiot row
More John Shank (Scotch law), 19
Great King si'
Page David, 42 Gilmore place

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