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EDINBURGH, fc . f^tlrii^Ui gteftirfa
Mould & Figure Makers.
Carinshelle Ales>audro & Co. 4 j
Green-side place — See advert.
LazzaroiiiAiidrew&Son, 71 Adimsq
Mourning Warehouses.
Alexander & Macnab, 82, 83, & 84
South Bridge street
Almond John E. 28 Sforfli Bridge st
BIackwoodTho-A.lohn,4Ujeoige st
Gowans & Goodlet, 25 Geoige st
Matheson Alex. & Co. 39 George st
Wilson James & Co.3Sch. Bridge st
Musical Instrument Manu-
facturers and KSusic Sellers.
{See also Organ Builders, Sfc )
Carpenter John, 41 North Bridge. St
Cooke James, 21 We-t Register st
Glen Alexander (bagpip* ), 30 St.
Audiew square
Glen George(violin), 26 Kirkgate,L
Glen Thomas,2&3 North Bank st
—See advertisement
Hamilton & Miiller (and importers M 'Donald Jol.n, 26 Port Hopetoua
of foreign music air I instruments),
London Pianoforte and Music
Saloon, 116 Gi-orge st
Kohler Ernest 8f Son (and violin
siring manufacturer), 21 North
Biidge st — See advertisement
Pater-on & Sons, 27 Georae st
Pillans Robert, 37 South Hanover st
Puidie John 8< Princes st
Benton John, 7 North Bank st
Robertson Alexander &Co. (to Her
Majesty), 39 Piinces st
Roughead, Anderson & Co. 55 Sth.
Glerk st [ick st
Wightman John, 46 North Freder-
hoiise i,49 Giortie si. ^-18 Water-
loo plate
Nail Manufacturers.
Macnab & Ritchie C*ndlemaker row
— See advertisement
Slimou Hubert, 51 Shore and 20;
Broad wynd, Leith
Newspaper Agents.
(See also Newspapers and Periodical
Publications; and likewise Period-
ical and Newspaper Dealers.)
Campbell George, 12 Howe st
Cay & Black, 65 Geoige st
Hartbill John, 4 Geoige st
Hunter Hamilton, l45Kountain bdgy
Wood 8c Co. (an d pianoforte ware f Robertson & Scott (and advertising
agents), 13 South Hanover st
Robinson Henry, 11 Greenside st
Rutherford Margaret, 3 Romilly pi
I •nun David i copper rivet) 5 Blair st^ Sutherland J. & Co. 12 Calton st
Harlow Alexander, 32 Commercial l Thomson James, 32 South Han-
i place, Leith I over street
[See also Newspaper Agents.)
Are Newspaper (Satnrday),Wil]iamBryson, 251 H'tuh at
Borough Reformer Newspaper (Saturday), M'Lel-
lan &, Son, 20 Tidbooth wynd, Leith
Caledonian Mercury Newspaper (daily), Thomas
Allan & Co. 265 High -t
Chambers' Encyclopedia of Universal Know-
ledge (monthly pat-), W. & R. Chambers, 339
High -t
Chambers' Instructive Library, William & Robert
Chambers, 339 High :,t
Chambers' Journal (weekly numbers, and monthly
parts), William & Robert Chambers, 339 High st
Chambers' Library for Young People, William &
R'obeit CFiambers; 339 High >-t
Chambers' Papers for the People (weekly), Win.
<Sr Robert Chambers, 339 High st
Christian Treasury (published in weekly numbers
and n.outhU parts), Johnstone, Hunter & Co., pro-
prietors and ptibhshets, 2 Melbourne place
Edinburgh Ecclesiastical Journal, Myles Mac-
phail. 11 South St. David st
Edinburgh News (Saturday), Daniel Gorrie, 321
High street
Evening Courant Newspaper (daily), the Trustees
of Pan ick Rigg Ranis ^y, 188 High st
Evening Post and Scottish Record Newspaper,
(Wednesday and Saturday), Christopher Torrop,
78 Rose st
Gazette Newspaper (Tuesday and Fridav), William
A- Lawrie, 13 Noith Hank st
Home and Foreign Missionary Record of the
Church of Scotland (first of each month;, Paton
&. Kitclne, 81 Princes st
Juvenile Missionary Record (monthly), Paton &
Ritchie, 81 Piinces st
Ladies' Own Journal Newspaper (Satuiday), J. &
J. Gray, 8 Melbourne place, High st
Leith Commercial List (Tuesday and Friday), Reid
& Son, 36 Shore, Leith
Leith Herald (Saturday), Charles Drummond, l 1 *?
Kir.kgate; Leith
Monthly Visitor, John Hume, 5 South Hanover st
News of the Churches (monthly), Thomas Con*
stable & Co. 13 Thistle st
North British Advertiser Newspaper (Saturday)
J. & J. Gray, 8 Melbourne place, High st
North British Agriculturist Newspaper (Wed-
nesday), David Guthrie, 377 High st
North Briton Newspaper ( Wednesday & Saturday),
. James G. Bertram, 3ti9 High st
Railway Guides (monthly). James Biydone &c Son?,
17 Hanover st. and Hugh Paton, 10 Princes st.
Reformed Presbyterian MAGAZiNE(inonthly), John-
stone, Hunter Sf Co. publishers, 2 Melbourne place
Scholastic Advertiser (August), Paton &c Ritchie,
81 Pi inces st
Scotch Thistle Newspaper (Saturday) James G.
Bertram, 369 High st
Scotsman Newspaper (Daily, and Wednesday & Sat-
urday). John Ritchie, 257 High st
Scottish Gardener Magazine (monthly), David
! Gnthiie, 377 High st
I Scottish Jurist (fortnightly), T. Constable & Co., 13
I Thistle st
Scottish Press Newspaper (Tuesday & Friday),
I William Bryson, publisher, 251 High st
Scottish Railway Gazette Newspaper (Saturday)
J. Go ii, 78 Rose st
Trade Protection Circular (Saturday) — William
Hill secretary, 25 St. James sq ; James Burn, agent
Weekly Herald and Mercury Newspaper (Sat-
urday], Thomas Allan & Co. 265 Higli st
Witness Newspaper (Wednesday and Saturday),
Miller & Faiily, 297 High st— See advertisement
(See also under the head Writers.)
And i -on Charles, 2 North-east
Cir> us place
Davidson John, 17 Elm row
Dunn & Thomson, 7 Hill st
Fisher Daniel, 9 Broughton place
Frasei William, jun. (and town clerk
of Cahbngate)', 31 Piinces st
Fyte Andrew, 21 St.Andrew square
Gilford Alexander, 28St.Andrew sq
Greenhill James, 29 Geoige st
Harvey John, 42 Bernard st. Leith
Mackintosh Lachlan, 31 Northum-
berland st
Mason William, 6 Sth. Frederick st
Mil Eheuezer, 51 Princes st
Murdoch John, 120 Constitution
street, Leith
Murray John, jun. 32St. Andrew sq
Pringle Robeit (and clerk to the
turnpike trustees of Dalkeith and
Post road district of loads), 20
Young siri-et
Ross John, 79 Great King st
Sang & Adam, 61 Great King st
Spence & Mack, 6b St. Andrew sq
Stewart Clias. &} David, 23 South
Castle st t
Nurserymen, Seedsmen and
( See also Seed Merchants.)
Alexander Charles, 30 West Regis-
ter sneet
Cai>tairs S-irah, 32 South Castle st
Cunningham, Eraser & Co. Comely
bank— See advertisement.
Dickson James & Sons, 32 South
Hanover st
Dieksons & Co. 1 Waterloo place ;
nnrseries, Leith walk, Pilrig and
Red braes
Dbnglso Thomas H. 24 South Fred-
eiick st. and at the Arcade, South
St.Andrew tfc; nurseries, Rose
bank, War die

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