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Fire, &.c. Office Agents— Continued.
Guarantee Society, m m. Steele,35North Frederick st
Guardian, James Wilkie, 25 Queen st
Imperial, William Fettes Gihson, 15 Warriston cres
Imperial (fire), Murray & Logan, 141 George it
Insurance Company of Scotland (fire), David
Maclagan, manager for Scotland, 95 George st ;
James Kirbland, 44 South Clerk st
International (life), Alexander Jamieson, 8 Souih
Charlotte st ' '••
Kent Mutual (life), William Crouch Sf Son, 32
North Bridge st „';„„«
Lancashire, Anthony Murray Touch, 62 George st;
Macallum & Sidey, 65 Princes st; and WiUvua
Wishart, 11 Yoik place /•
Law (life), David Cormack, 33 York place
Law Union, James Neilson, 3 Abercromby place
Leeds and Yorkshire, William Lambert, 72 Pinices
st ; and Alexander Schultze, 23 Cobing st, Leiih
Legal and General (lite), Robert Rhind, 7 Georee st
Life Association of Scotland, Wnliam Lindsay,
124 Bernard st, Leith .
Liverpool and London, Kenneth Mackenzie, 29
Northumberland st; Walter D. Young, 23 St. Patrick
square; William Ross Skinner, 8 Blenheim pbic. ;
W W Millar, 8 Bank st; Robert Gunn, 15 Con-
stitution st, Leith; George Chancellor, 19 Young st ;
James Nisbet, 31 St. Andrew square; and John
Gardiner; 27 York place
London Assurance Corporation, George Mace d-
lum, 30 St. Andrew square; D. R. Macleod & Co ,
15 Quality st, Leith
London Union, James Miller, 20 Nelson st; Robert
Ritchie, 16 Hill st; David George Thomson, 13a
South Hanover st; & William Myrtle, 3 Thistle court
Manchester (fire), Henry #, John G. Harrison, 23
St. Andrew square; W. W. Millar, 8 Bank st; and
Murray & Beith, 50 North Castle st
Medical, Invalid and General, William Bell, 2
North St. David st
Minerva (lite), Alex. W. Robertson, 82 Great King st
National Live Stock, Wm. Lambert, 72 Princes st
National Mercantile (fire), Andrew Fyfe, 21 St.
Andrew square .
National Reversionary Investment, Maconochie
& Duncan, 10 Hill st
Norfolk Farmers' Cattle, Henry & John G. Har-
rison, 23 St. Andrew square ; and William Thomson,
8 Elder st „„„.*.
North British, Thomas Jones, 36 Constitution st,
Leith ; Henderson & Donaldson* 20 St. Patrick
square; George C. Adams. 9 North St. David st;
A. B. Fleming. 43 Salamander st, Leith ; and G.
Bell Wyse, Leith .
Northern, Robert Christie, jun. local secretary, 20
St Andrew square; Moncrieff Galloway, 59 Consti-
tution st, Leith; Robert Irvine, 17 George st; and
Francis M'Minn, 9 South St. Audrew st— See adoer
Northern Reversionary Company, WilliamWood,
7 Nonh St. Andrew st
Norwich Union, J ai dine, Stodart$-Fraser,31Princesst
Palladium, (life), John Shand, 24 Queen st
Patriotic. Daniel & John Robertson, 5 Physic gardens
Pelican (life), James Balfour, 14 George st ; John
M'Culloch, 11 Duke st; and Murray & Beith, 50
North Castle st
Phcenix (fire), John M'Culloch, 11 Duke st; H. G.
Watson, 3 North St. David st; Andrew Muir, 20
Buecleuch place; and Robert Allan, 4St. Andrew sq
Professional (lifej, Richard Wilson, 28 South
Frederick st
Provident Clerks' Mutual (life) and Benevolent
Fund, Andrew Paterson, 3 North St. Andrew st ;
and William Gray, 6 Elder st
Provincial (fire), William Kelso Thwaites, 16Howe st
Railway Passengers' (life), Robert Allan, 4 St.
Andrew square
Royal, James Milligan, local manager, 13 George st;
agents, James Knox, 75 Princes st; Isaac Anderson,
1 George st; William Darling, 47 Nicolson st ; and
J. Burgess (for Trinity), 3 East Register st— See
advertisement [St.Andrew st
Royal Exchange, J. G. Thomsou & Co. 18 South
Royal Farmers, George Campbell, 15 Elder st
Scottish Amicable (life), Watson & Dickson, 3
Nor h St David st
Scottish Equitable. Mann&Duncan,21Bernardst, L
Scottish Mutual Plate Glass, Samuel E. Trotter,
73 George st ; and William Martin, 15 South
KredeiicK st
Scottish Provincial, James M. Macandrew, local
secretary, 65 Piinces st
Scottish'Union, George W. Reoch, 15 Bernard st, L
Sovereign (life),CuihDert Claikson, 8Spence's place
State (fire,', Millar & Millir, 2b St. Andrew square
Sun, Jollie, Strong & Henry, 40 Primes st; David
Murray, 46 Geoige st; and Audrew Fyfe, 21 St.
Andrew square
Union, Robert Ritchie, 16 Hill st
United Kingdom (life), Peter Scott Eraser, 43 North
Hanover street
United Kingdom Pkov dent Institution, 23 St.
Andrew square — H. & J. G. Harrison, secretaries
for Scotland
Unity, James Muir, local manager, 28 South Han-
over st; H. Kauffinann (fiie), 48 Constitution st,
Leith ; and Alexander Stevenson, 4 St. Andrew sq
Univehsal (life), Wiaht & Mactiaughtouj liYouhgsS
Victoria (life), W. W. Miliar, 8 Batik st
West of England, W. II. Cameron, 123 Piinces -t ;
James Lindsay, 10 Northuuibeilaiid st; and John
Hamilton, 81a George st
Westminster (life), John Mackay, 121 George st;
and David Murray, 40 Geoige st
Yorkshire, Donald Smith Peddie, 1 George st; and
Geoige Smith, 11 Duudas st
Fish Curers.
See under the head Coopers.
Fishing Tackle Makers.
Fraser George (hair), 51 Westpoit
Hogg Isabellla Frances, 79 Princes st
Lang Samuel, 5 South Hanover st
Melville Andrew, 21 South Saint
i David st
iPhin C. & A. 80b Princes st
putherfourd William, 52a Piinces st
Shanks Thomas, 25 North Bridge st
fStrachan James, 117 High st
Tarbet John, 24 West Richmond st
"Wilson A. &. G.(to H. R. H. Prince
Albert), 34 Princes st
Wilson J. &Co. (line), King's place
{See also Poulterers.)
Anderson John (and purveyor to
the Quee» & the Ro yal Family),
106 Geoige st — See advertisement
Brown John, 16 Lothian st
Dalziel Catherine, 36a North Fred-
erick st [ington
Edington Alexander, 8 West New-
Fiulay Thomas, 6 Chailottest. Leith
Jameson John (and ice merchant),
CO Queen st.&5 01d Fish market;
&, fish curer & merchant, at North
Moffat George Dickson,33Dundas st
Muirhead Charles & Sons. 79 Queen
st. and Fish market — See advert
Reid William (and fish salesman),
35a North Frederick st. and 4
Fish market
Turnbull Thomas, 22 Lothian st
Wharton Grace, Paul's work
Wilson Robert, 1 Melville place
South, and 3 Fish market
in the market.
17 Banks Isabella
7 & 8 Banks Margaret
Banks William
1 Begg Margaret
Caird Betty
Caiid Helen
in the market— continued,
1 Caird Labella
3 Combe Isahella
10 Duncan Helen
5 Jameson John
1 Linton Marion
IS Miller Helen
M mi head & Sons— See advert
4 Reid William
4 Ramsey Margaret
Ritchie Janet
Wilson Margaret
3 Wilson Robert
Flax Br e ssers.
Edinburgh Roperie and Sail
Cloth Company (spinners), 28
Bath st. and 35. Shore, Leith,
and at Glasgow — James Hay,
Gavin Peter & Son, Leith RopekV
and Sailcloth Works, BaMi
street, Leith, and at Mmsrlbiush
—See advertisement

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