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EDINBURGH, & c . BMn&urg&S&ire.
Liddel! Brothers, 62 Charlotte st, L.
Sf 46 Nicolson st
Linrl & Spence, 54a & 73 North
Hanover st
M'Glashon Alexander, 26 Clyde st
M'Lean Charles, (and enameller),
17 Elder street
Martin Jas. & Co. 54 N, Hanover st
Mein John Z. 9 Leith street terrace
Menzies Jas. M., 25 SouthHanover st
Mitchell John G. (engraver), 13
Union street
Mitchell Wm. 25 South Richmond st
Moir Robert, II Leithst. terrace
Morton James, 54 South Bridge st
Mould & Tod, 3 Waterloo place
Naismitli John W, 1 St. James sq
Nimmo David, 3 East Register st
Nimtno James, Carrubber's close
Ramaee James (and draughtsman)
30 Rankeillor st
Rhind William, 66 Nicolson st
Richardson Wm. 3 Summerhall pi
Ritchie Alex. 19 South St. David st
Ritchie Hugh H. 6'0 North Bridge st
Schenck &iVl'Failane,19 St.James'
Schenck Frederick, 50 George st
Scott & Ferguson (late Kirkwood),
11 South St. Andrew st
Smart Robert C. 20 Elm row
Smith Harrv. 102 South Bridge St
Tod John, 8 Thistle st
Turner James & Co. Lothian road
Warhurton Seton, Bishop's dose
West John, 12 Charles st
Engravers on Wood.
Adam Johi», ] Windsor st
Borders Frederick, 1 Londoa st
JaraJeson John, 54 South Bridge st
— See advertisement
Mackintosh James A. 35 Lothian st
Roy Andrew, 9 Brighton st
Sclater Alex. 9 Blenheim place
Engravers— Seal.
Butters Laurence, 41 George st
Lai n g Henry, 3 Elder st
Main Edward, 25 North Bridge st
Meade John. 4 North St. Andrew st
Mein John Z, 9 Leith st. terrace
Mortimer William, 18 North Bridge
Murdoch fy Son, 4 George st
Sanderson & Son, 15 George st
See Smiths.
Fire Brick, &c., Makers,
See Brick Sf Tile Makers.
{See also Fire, Life, §0. Office Agents.)
Alliance (life), 95 George st— David Maclagan,
manager — See advertisement
British Guarantee Association, 127 Princes st —
Ralph Erskine Scott, manager — See advertisement
Caledonian, 19 George st— Henrv D. Dickie, man-
ager; John Moi net, secretary — See advertisement
Colonial (life), 5 George st — William Thomas Thom-
son, actuary ; David Clunie Greg.ir, secretary
Edinburgh (life), 22 George st — Gilbert L. Finlay,
manager ; William Dickson, secretary — See adver-
English and Scottish Law Assurance Associa-
tion (life), 120 Princes st— William Smith, manager
—See advertisement
Free Church Ministers' Widows' Fund, 20George
st— Thomas Martin, treasurer
nsurance Company of Scotland (fire), 95 George
st — David Maclagan, manager — See advertisement
Life Association or Scotland, 82 Princes st — John
Fraser, manager— Set Uavertisement
Ministers' Widows' Fund, 6 North St. David st —
John iVJ.JuEESr, cashier; Rev. James Grant, d.d.
North British, 64 Princes st— David Smith, manager ;
John Ogilvie, secretary; David Chisholm, actuary —
See advertisement
Northern, 20 St. Andrew square— Robert Christie,
jun., local secretary
Schoolmasters' Widows' Fund (life), 16 Thistle st
—J. & J. Turnbull, clerks
Scottish Equitable, 26 St. Andrew square— Robert
Christie, manager ; William Finlay, secretary
Scottish National, 22 St. Andrew square— John M.
M'Canrtlish, manager; Waltei Brown, secretary-
See advertisement
Scottish Provident Institution (life), 14 St. An-
drew square — James Watson, manager; J <ihn Watson,
secretary; James Meikle, actuary— See advertisement
Scottish Union, 47 George st— George Ramsay,
manager; James Barlas, secretary; John Allan,
actuary — See advertisement
Scottish Widows' Fund and Life, 8 & 9 St. An-
diew square— Samuel Raleigh, manager; William
Lindesay, secretary — See advertisement
Standard (life), 3 George st— Wm. Thos. Thomson }
I manager ; George Todd, secretary — See advertisement
Accidental Death, George T. Chiene, 7 George si ;
and William Lambert, 72 Princes st
Agriculturist (cattle), Francis M. Minn, superin-
tendent for Scotland, 9 South St. Andiew st
Alliance (life), David Macl.tgan, manager, 95 George
st ; John Robertson, f>3 North Hanover st ; & Henry
Moffat, 23 George IV bridge — See advertisement
Alliance Marine, John Warrack & Co., 30b Con-
stitution st, Leith
Argus (life), Scott, Rymer and Bruce, 38 North
Frederick it
Atlas, George Todd Chiene, 7 George st; William
White, 12 South Frederick st; and Henry Tod, 39
Yoi k place
Bank of Deposit National Assurance, Millar &
Millar, 2b Saint Andrew square
Britannia, Hugh Ross, 7 Pitt st
British Commercial (life), Thorn & Archibald, 6
East Register st ; and George Crooks, 28 Consti-
tution st, Leith
British Empire, John Robertson, jun. 21 Elder st
British Equitable, William Thomson, 7 Elder st;
and William Lambert, 72 Princes st.
British Protector (life), James Speirs, 10 North
St. Andrew st
Caledonian (lite), Mann & Duncan, 21 Bernard st, L
Church of England, William F. Skene, 1 South
| (See also the preceding list.)
City of Glasgow, Robert Balfour, local secrefaiy,
21 St. Andrew square ; James Knkland, 44 SoutL
Cleik st; and Hugh Scott Pillans, Hunter square
City of London (life), Andiew P. Scotland, 29
South Frederick st
Clerical, Medical and General (life), J. & J»
Macandrew, 33 Dublin st
Colonial (life), Scarth &. Scott, 23 Bernard st, Leiife
County, Samuel E. Trotter, 73 George street;
R.bert Ritchie, 16 Hill st; and J. H. Stott, 12
Niddiy st
Crown, Hvpolite William Cornillon, 45 George st ;
Murray & Logan, 141 Geoige st.
Eagle (lifej, John Shand,24 Royal circus
Eagle and Albion, William Muir, 14 & 15 Royal
Economic (life), James Blackwood, 19 St. Andrew sq
Edinburgh (life), David Coghill, 24 Constitution st, L
Kouitable (fire), Alex. Jamieson, 8 South Charlotte st
European, Frederick H. Carter, 73 George st
Family Endowment and Annuity, Robert Allan, 4
St. Andrew square
General. Spence & Mack, 6b St. Andrew squars—
See advertisement
General Hailstorm, William Lambert, 72 Princes sf
Globe, Peter Robertson, South Bridge st
Great Britain (life), Wni.KelsoThwaites,y}rIowesi
Gresham, Hugh J. Rollo, 16 Duridas 8t
vo "47

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