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See Linen Drapers -, $ also Woollen
Dress Makers.
See Milliners 8f Dress Makers.
Dressing-case makers.
See Writing Desk Sfb. Makers.
Druggists— "Wholesale.
See also Chemists and Druggists.
Raimes, Blanshards & Co. (and
manufacturing perfumers and
patent medicine depot), Smith's
place, Leith walk
Sang & Barker, York lane
( See also Colour $cc. Manufacturers ;
and also Oil Merchants) .
Blair James (spice), 40 Leith st
Craig & Rose, Anderson's place,
Leith walk ; and 63 Candleriggs,
Crombie John (and commission
merchant), 19 Brown square
Downs&Lethem,ll Timber bush, L
Duncan Colin & Son, Upper draw-
bridge, Leith.— See advertisement
Innes & Grieve, 11 St. Andrew
square. — See advertisement
Lees John, 3 Brown's square
Liddle James, 47 Recent arch
Paterson & Allan, 42 Grassmarket
Raimes, Blanshards & Co. Smith's
place, Leith walk
Richardson Brothers, 105 Westbow
Shepherd William, 179 Pleasance
Sinclair & Co. l&2CaIton st
Dyers and Scourers.
Beaton Alexander, 3 Nelson st
Callender Win. 31 West Nicolson st
Cassie Andrew, 70 Clerk st
Cooper & Hay, 16 Leith walk and
11 South Frederick st
Donald Wrn. 34 South Frederick st
Douglas & Sun, 53 Niddrv st
Gibson George, 25 Scotland st
Gibson James 8c Co. 90 Nicolson st
Hay& M'Kechnie, 13 N.Melville pi
Hay Peter & Robert (late Cooper-
silk, &c), 1 Heriot buildings,
Lei i h walk, and 5 South Saint
David st.— See advertisement
M'Farlane David, Canonmills
IVi'Nab A. &f G.39A Queen st and
Inglis grew. — See advertisement
M'Quillen James, We^t Adam st
JM'Quillen William, 4 Portland pi
Puller J. &Son, 22 Waterloo place
Richards John S( Son, 46 Water lane
and 11 Charlotte st, Leith
Rogers David, 24 W. Cros>causeway
Smith David, 10 St. Andrew square
and St. John's hill
Weddell John, 5 Infirmary st
White Peter, 8 Dublin st *
White Thos. 31 Tolbooth wynd, L.
Wonham Henri, 1 Queen st and
50 London street
Earthenware Dealers.
See under the head China, Glass,, 8fc.
Eating Houses and Refresh,
ment Rooms.
Anderson John, 98 Rose st
Arehman James, 4 Qreenside place
Baird James, Coburg st, Leith
Bethune David, Catherine st
Brown James, 18 High st
Brown James, 72 Leith st
Cameron James, 10 Market st
J 46
Cameron James, 19 Fleshmkt. close
Constanriine Patrick, 511 Lawnmkt
Dickson James, 475 Lawnmarket
Douglas James, 374 Lawninarket
Falconer Walter, 43 Candlemkr.rnw
FilcherFredeiick,39 Sandpor.t st,L
Filmer Christopher, 3 Shore, Leith
Forbes Nathaniel, Westport
Fox John, 98 Westport
Grant Eliza, 9 St Anthony st
Hneh.es Petei , 6 Ncolson st
King James, 66 NicoUon st
Linklater Mary, 18 Shore, Leith
Macaulay Elizabeth, 32 Lothian st
M'Beath William, 51 High st
M'Cann John, 55 Westport
M'Gregor Isabella, South-east This-
tle street lane
Mackav Catherine, 54 Rose st
MKetizie John, 167 High st
Martin Jane, 49 Lothian road
Matthews Grace, 17 Shore, Leith
Miller James, 355 High st.
Miller William, 1 Market st
Murray John, 93 We-tport
Paterson William,5&6 Grevfiiars pi
Peddie John, Foxe's lane, Leith
Pettie John, 39 North Bridge st
PramichekStephe'n,37Fountain bdge
Priagle John, 3 Calton st
Proves Alexander, 46 Lothian st
Rankin Helen, 101 Nicolson st
Ratti ie Alexander, Granton
Ritchie William L. 30 Lothian road
Rose William, 350 Lawnmarket
Rossie George, 63 Rose st
Ru-sell Andiew, 13 N. Melville pi
Scott William, 13 Calton st
Seaton Margaret, 12 EastRegtster st
Smith David, 71 Rose st
Stewart Ann, 124 Rose st
Stewart Elizabeth, 7a Kerr st
Stewart Robert. 9 South Hanover st
VallenceJanet,73Northumberland st
Walker Thomas, 57 Candlemkr. row
Warren Robert, 188 Rose st
Warren William. 32 Rose st
Waugh George, 110 Nicolson st
Welch John. 120 We-tport
Whittaker A. 17 High st
Wilson James, 26 Hiuh st
Wood Alexander, 20a Rose st
Young Andrew, 68 Buccleuch st
Edge Tool Makers.
See Plane Makers.
Embroiderers. ^
Bowie Jane, 19 Waterloo place
Cairns Helen 1 , 77 Princes st
Crooks Isabella & Catherine, 63d
George street
M'Connell Mary, 46Geoige st
Young Amelia. 73 George st
Engineers, &c.
[See also Iron Founders, also Mill-
wrights, and likewise Machine
Bertram George, 35 Sciennes £t —
See advertisement.
Bertram James, Anderson place,
Leith walk [works
Burn Robert (practical), Lochrin
Dove James, Greenside lane
Geddes John (mining), 16 Shand-
wick place
Greig David 8f John, Lothian road
Haden Ann (late G. Hadeu),
(and manufacturer of ventilating
warm air stoves, i^c.)6 St.Andtevv
square — Henry Pumell, manager
Hawthorns & Co., Leith Engine
Works, Leith— Samuel D. Davi-
son, managing partner
Henderson Nesmith (practical), 1
Spring field place
Landale David (mining), 6 Forth st
Learmont James & Co. Port Hope-
toun Foundry, Fountain bridge
Long Thomas & Co. (& manufactu-
rer of every description of cylinder
and platten printing machines),
Paul's Works, and 21 New st
— See advertisement
M'Call Charles & Co., Hillside,
Montgomery street
Marshall Wm. (Morton & Co.),
Stead's place
Morton S. & H. land patent slip
manufacturers), Leith walk
Mowat Thomas, 6 Admiralty st, L
Mudie D. C, Panmurf, Foundry,
North Back of Canongate — See
Shotts Iron Company, Leith walk
— Alexander Sinclair, manager—*
See advertisement
Slight. Alexander and George H.;
Leith walk
Tennant T. M. & Co. (and boiler
makers), Newington Works,
Engine Works, Newington;
building yards, St. Leonard's.—
See advertisement
Tod James & Son, 29 Leith walk
Toshack Robert, 69 Fountain bridge
Engravers and Copper-plate
{See also Printers — Lithographic.)
Adamson & Co. 5 St. Jame-.'s sq
Aikman George, 29 North Bridge st
Archibald George, 8 Elm row
Bani-s Wm. & Son, 26 Waterloo pi
Bai tholemew Geo. 20 Haddington pi
Bartholomew John & Son, 4ANnrtti
Bridge street
Bell Ronert C, 3 Summerhall place
Bishop James B., 19 Union st
Btodie John, 21 South College st
Brydoue James A Sons, Railway Di-
rectory office, 17Sotffh Hanover st
Caldwell Brothers. 15 Wateiloo pi
Carstairs Alex. L. 5 Leith st terrace
Cherry John, 131 Nicolson st
Clark Robt. 10 South St. Andrew st
Connie Alexander, 29 Thistle st
Cowan William, 15 St. James's sq
Dalziel William, 4 East St. .lames st
Dawson William, 21 Nicolson st
DunlopJohn (copper plate, views,
arms, map-, cards, inscriptions,
&c.),37 Noith bridge
Fdinondstone F. & Son, 60 North
Bridge street
Fairhairn James,14 SthSt.Andrew st
Flowers Thos. (historical), 21 Char-
loite -qtn.re
Forrest William, 17 Archibald place
Fori e-tei William, 7 George st
Fram.Tlios. 12 North Melville pi
Gellatly J. (& copy book publisher)
26 George street
Hav Alexander, 4 North bridge
Higgin & Thorn', 21 SouthSt.David st
Holiday Thomas, 30 St. James's sq
Home Robert (music), 63 North
Bridge street
Hope James R. 8 North bridge
Horsburgh John (historical), 18
Buccleuch place
Jeffrey Robert, 116 Rose st
Johnston William & Alexander K.
(geographers, printers, and pub-
lishers to the Queen), 4a Saint
Andrew square
Johnstone John, 7 Park st
LeConte John, 15 St. James square
Lee James (silver), 25 S. Hanover st
Leslie Margaret 35 Sth. Hanover st

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