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^OtttOurg^iSftfe. EDINBURGH, &c.
Comb BEakers.
Blackball & Scott, 19 New st, and
1 2.2 North Bridge st
iCarstairs James, 30 Leith walk
iM'Gibbon David, 84 High st
iM'Imyre Duncan, 2 Northumber-
[ land st
[Stephenson. Robert, 13 Leitb st
•Aitchison & Sons (to Her Majesty
for Scotland), 77 Queen st
Archibald Charles, 1 Archibald pi
Bain Maigaret. 8 Richmond place
! Blair Robert, 37b George st
Bowes Elizbth., 9 West Nicolson st
! Bowton John, 3 Hamilton place
Bremner George, 229 Canongate,
and 99 Westport
, Brown George, 6'3 Nicolson st
Brown George, 13 Brongliton st
Brown William, 50 Biiccleuch st
Buchanan James, 119 Pleasance
Callem Charles, 16 Clerk st
Carleton Patrick, 34b' Lawnmarket
Corniack Margaret, 21 Union place
Crawford George, II Leven st
Currie & Co., 25 George IV. bridge
Denham James, 31 Earl Grey st
Dickson Mary, 7 Coates piace
Dobie Alexander, 76 Thistle st
Dodds John, 218 Canongate
Doull David i\ Co. (and restaura-
teurs), 60 Princes st
Drysdale Peier H., 142 Princes st
Eckford William, 93 High st
EunsonThos.,24Tolbooth wynd, L.
Farquharson David, 34 Westport
Farquharson Francis, 71 Nicolson st
Ferguson Alexander, 1 Melbourne
, place, High st,
Finlay George, 15 South College st
Fleming George, 2 Btisto port
Forsyth Colin, 83 High st
Friend Sophia, 83 Brongliton st
Geddes James, Waterloo place
Gillies Peter, 196 Cowgate
Gordon Elizabeth & Isabella, 16
Howe st
Gowan Charles, 4 Union place
Grant David, 6 North St. Andrew st
Grant John, 53 Shore, Leith
Hunter & Glover, 3 Noith Saint
Andrew st
Hynd James, 10 Church st
Iinrie Henry, C5 South Bridge st
Kemp William, 37 Nicolson st, and
12 North Bridge st
Lamb Thomas, 19 Leith st .;"-
Land Matilda, 311 Canongate J 5 '-
Lawson Geoige, 7 West Newington
Littlejohn Thon as, 31 & 33 Letth st
Lyon Charles, 29 Lothian road
M 'Court Thomas, 283 Canongate
Mackenzie^! iddIemass,63Qneetist
M'Lean Alexander, 485 Lawn-
M'Vitie Robert, 5 Charlotte place
Marr Robert, *290 Lawnmarket
M'l'u' James, I North-west Circus
Millar John, 7 Kirkgate, Leith
Miller Amies, 1 North Saint An-
drew st
Miinio Margaret. 7 Spring gardens
Murray Henty, 109 Nicolson st
Paterson Catherine, 8 Great Junc-
tion st, Leith
Ramage John, Edinburgh arcade
Ramsay William, 83 Nicolson st
Ridpath David, 36 Nicolson st
Rol.b Henry, 122 Nicolson st
Robertson Henry, 62 South Bridge st
Robertson James, Fountain close
Robertson James, 2 Stafford st
Ross Ann, 163 Rose st
Ross David, 3 Church st
Ross David 52 Pitt st
Ross Geo.g ■ •, 54 Brunswick st
Ro-s William, Westbow
Sanderson Daniel, 2i High st
Scott David, 40 Lothian st
Scott John, 6 Kiddle's close, Leith
•Shaw James, 2 Coates place
Shaw Mary, 1 South St. Andrew st
•>hiels Matthew, 50 Nicolson st,
and 45 North bridge
Shiels Rohei t & Son, 5 Bristo place
Simpson John, 158 High st
Stevenson William, 22 Victoria st
Stewart James, 98 George st
Stewart Janet, 12 North bridge
Summers John, 133 Princes st
Taylor Archibald, 34 Bristo sJ
Thomson Geoige, 22 Leith st
Thomson James, 13 Chinch s 1
Tomlinson Isabella, 8a St.PatricK sq
Vallance William, 5 Calton st,and
27 Hanover st
Vallance \\ illiam, 6 Glanville place
Watson Eli7aheih, '-S01 Canongate
Watson James, 1 Dewar's place
Wells Allan, 184 Fountain bridge
Williamson Isabella, 35 Dnndas st
Wilson & Co., 52a George st
Wilson John, 59 Nicolson st
Winklay Matthew, 89 Kirkgate, L.
Young Robert, 67 Pleasauce
America, John Broadfoot, 16 As-
sembly st
America (U.S.), James M'Dowell,3
Leopold place
Bflgium, John M. Mitchell, 2
Dock gates, Leith
Bhazils, Henry Denovan, Coni-
nieiciai st, Leith
Denmark William Marshall, 26
Constitution st, Le'th ; vice-con-
sul, James L. B. Ynle
Hanover, Alexander Paterson, 9
Bernard st, Leith
Hanseatic Towns,A. Robiuow, 25
Constitution st, Leith
Holland, Alexander Paterson, 9
Bernard st, Ltith
Mecklenburgh. Peter Taysen, 14
Constitution st, Leith
Oldenburgh, Henry Denovan,
Commercial place, Leith ; vice
, consul, Leyboume Watson, 30a
Constitution st, Leith
Portugal (vice), William Muir,
Wet dock*, Leith
Prussia, James Gibson Thompson,
18 Sooth St. Andrew st, and St.
Andrew st, Ltith; and A. W.
Beda, 10 Dock clace, Leith
Russia, David Thorn, 28 Constitu-
tion st, Leith
Sardinia (vice), Joseph Rampini,
10 Gloucester place
Spain, Jame- Gordon, 2 Baltic st,L.
Sweden and Norway (vice), Thos.
Hutchinson, Railway buildings, L.
{See also Builders.)
Dalgleish James (giavel),
Clerk st
Denholm P. D., 9 Antigua st
Dowie William, Canonmill cottage
Dunn David, 14 Bristo st
Ferrie Thomas & Robert, Bath
pi ace, Leith
Go wan Jan.es (railway)
Morrison Alexander, 3 WarrLton
crescent [place, Leith
Ros* ty- Mitchell (railway), 4 Spence
Thornton Rohett,5l Ne« buildings^
North bridge — See advertisement
Wilson Alexander, Grauton pier I
Young James 5 West Adam st
Marked thus * are also Fish Curers*
*Adamson William M.51 Giles st, L.
*AlexanderThos. & Son, 4 Dock st
Bruiiton Alexaudet ,43Abhey mount
Coventn William, 23 Poit Hipetoup
Dryburgh Neil & Son, (and stave
merchants), 6 Mitchell st, Leith
Euing Ellen 55 Brongliton st
Ewing VVi liam, 50 Rroiigbton st
Fotsyth Francis, Macneil's place
Fraser Simon, Lothian road, and 6
Greenside nlace
Gallagher Hugh, 47 Candlemakct
row [st, Leith
Goalen Thomas & Sons, 8 Morten
Gray James, New st
Grieve Alexander F. 118 Kirkgate,Jj
*HainptonWilliam,i5Dock st, Leitb
Hunter Philip, Clerk st
Hunter Philip, 64 Nicolson st
•Imlay George, 8 South College sb
Laird & Banks, 22 Constitution st
Liddel Peter 23 Lei.th wynd
Limisav Win.. 31 South Hanover 8>
M'Combie Chatles, Victoria st
M'FadyenF. 108 Kiikgate, Leith
M'Into-h Andrew, 47 East Cross-
M'Laren John, 98 Wctbow
M'QueenThomas. 28Port Hnpetoun
*Methuen James (& merchant), 90
Giles st, and 4 Sand port st, Leith
Mitchell John & Son, 86 High st
Mitcln II Robert, Blackfriars wynd
Movvat John, 7 Dock st
*Munay John, Coalhill, Leith
P. ntland Young J. & Son (and stave
merchants), 13Spence place, Leith
Peterson, Brothers & Co. Leithwalk
Pomie John, 10 Sandport st, Leith
Reid William, Leggat's land
*Robert-on David cS: So-, 8 Elbe sf,L
•Sinclair William, 22 Giles st, Leith
Smith ^ndiew, 17 Nicol-on st
Stevens William, 6 Toll cross
Thomson Robert, 85 Clerk st
V\'ats< n Duncan, Dick-on's clo=e
Coppersmiths and Braziers.
Caltani Geiige & Co. 13 Green-
side place [Greenside
Dickson Henry, Queen's place,
Gray James & Son, 85 George st—
See advertisement
Lindsay Chai les&Co. 8 Greenside St
M'Naughton A. & Co. Fife place,
M'Phirson John, 12Leith wynd
Slininn Robeit, 51 Shore, and 20
Broad wynd, L ith
Wallace John, 1 1& 12 Sandport st, L
Cork Cutters.
Ancrum John & Son, 142 Rose st
1 Currie Wm 48 Water lane, Leith
77 DalgleMi Daiid & Sou, 5 Dium-
mond st
| Dow Wiljiajh, 2 St. Maiy's wynd
Easson James & Co. 23 Baltic st, L
Fyfe Neilson, Chalmers close, 81
' [bank Graham John,32Northumbei land st
34 Rise Gray Andrew, 72Toihooth wynd, I*
i „ SHeriot Thomas, 46 Pleasauce
Hope Andrew (government), Young jHlvis j ameP> 119 Grassmaiket
i S . tre ^ ur-n- iq DIJ ! Kerr William, 93 Rose st
i«1n nd , nu ll ? ra ' L S ^ lder * Lee William, 5 Leven st
M/CaulCharles, w Henot cottage ' '

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