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EDINBURGH, & c . gtunfturcrtgfilre.
Stewart Thomas, china merchant,
Main point
Stewart Thomas & J. boot makers, 34 Leith st
Stewart William, baker, 3 Allis. n place, Leith walk
Stewart William, superintendent of goods department
Caledonian Riilway, Lothian r* ad
Stewart William, ironmonger, 2 Albany st, & North
Saint Andrew st lane
Stewart Wiliiam, spirit dealer, 33 Giles st, Leith
Stewart Wiliiam, smith, 129 Grassmarket
Stewart William, writer, Bellvue crescent
Stewart's Hospital, bean
Stiilie James, boosseller (second-hand), 78 Princes st,
house, 146 Princes st
Stirling and Dunfermline Railway Companies,
A. J. Dickson. S.S.C. 25 Dundas st, secretaty
Stilling Archibald, lodging house, 130 Piinces st
Stirling Castle Goods Office, 3 Qtnen st, Leith
Stirling David, coach hirer, 4 Haddington place
Stirling George, grocer & spirit dealer, 38 Giles st, L
Stirling George, gardener, 8 Kerr st, Stockbridge
Stirling Hugh, draper, 6 Clerk st
Stirling James, civil engineer, 11 Hill st
Stirling John, grocer, 2 St. Patrick st [mond lane
Stirling John, wholesale eiocer & spirit dealer, 6 Rich
Stilling John, grocer & spirit dealer, 17 East Cross-
can sh way
Stirling, Leith.. and Edinburgh Shipping Com-
pany, 2 Dock gates
Stiui.,(4 iVui', c <u u hirer, Queensferry st lane
Stilling William, spirit merchant, 50 Crns«eauseway
Stirling William, joiner & cabinet maker, 272 Cowgate
Stilling Wm., cabinet maker, 24 West Crosscauseway
Stobie Henry, fruiterer, 19 Bristost
Stobie Thomas, gardener, Dean gardens
Stobie William, victual dealer, 38 St. Leonard st
Slobie William, dairyman, 17 Clerk st
Stobie William, tailor & clothier, 11 Calton st
Stobo John, grocer, 6 St. James's square
Stock ExciiANGE,20,St Andrew square— Robt Mowat
Stockman William J, grocer &c. Timber bush
Stocks & Co. hoot & shoe makers, 137 Westport
•Stocks David, boot maker, 87 Westport
Stocks David & Co. wine merchants and porter agents,
14 Bernard st, Leith
Stocks Peter, baker, 31 Bridge st, Leith
Stodart & Innis, W.S. 2 Dram mond place
Stodart George, merchant, 11 Mitchell st, Leith
Stodart George Tweedie (Jardiue, Stodart & Fraser),
16 Abercrombv place
Siodd'irt David, blacksmith, 4 & 5 Dock st, Leith
Stoddart Thomas George, chemist& druggist, 5 Grass-
Stoker Ralph.steamboat owner,TowerTavern,Shore,L
Stokes William & Co. china, glass, &c. dealer, 64&65
Kiikgate, Leith
Stoue Maty, lodging house, 129 Piinces st
Stordy & Mathison, coach builders, St. Leonard's hill
Stordy Robert, coach proprietor, St. Leonard's hill
Storie Andrew, W.S. 12 Broughton place
Stormont Elizabeth, earthenware dealer, 168 Foun-
tain bridge
Stormurith J. & Co. plumbers, zinc workers, ga9 fit'
ters Hf brassfounders, 4 Tevmt row.
Stonar Thomas, house agent, 16 Druinmond st
Si rat. n Cliarles, clerk, 14 Young st
Siranchan Thomas, surveyor, 16 Charlotte st
Street George, joiner, 47 North Hanover st
Strong John, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Northmriber-
land place
Strong Thomas (Jollie, Strong & Henry), clerk to the
Merchant Company of Edinburgh, George Watson';
Strainers James, physician, 22 Charlotte st. Leith
Sti utliers John, lecturer on anatomy, 102 Lauriston pi
Stuart Alexander, linseed oil cake manufacturer &
seed crusher, Citadel, Leith
Stuart Alexander, confectioner, 152 Canongate
Stunt & Gordon, pianoforte & music sellers, 7 South
St. Andrew st [ road
Stuart Andrew, punch cutter, Primrose villa, 19Grange
Stuart Gordon, coal agent. 7 India place, PortHopetouu
Stuart James, lodging house, 46 India st
Stuart James, pianoforte & music seller (Stuart &
Gordon), 1 Archibald place
Stu irt Lillias S. dress maker. 59 North Frederick st
Stuart William, sollciror, 24 Dundas st
Stuart William, shoe maker, 151 Rose st
Stuart 'William, S.S.C. 24 Dun ;as st
Sturrock & Sons, perfumers and Pair dressers to Her
Majesty, & H.R.4. the Duchess of Kent, 33 Princes
st, & 123 Buchanan st, Glasgow
Stunock John, brassfounder/l Duke st, Leith, & 123
Sturrock John, W.S. 1 Gardner's crescent
Summers John, baker, 133 Princes st
SmiKuerville Charles, boot & shoe maker, Hope street
cottage-, North Leith
Sun Insurance Cffices, 40 Princes st, 4^ George
st, & 21 St. Andrew square
Surenne Daniel K. teacher, of drawing, 8 Nelson st
Surenne John T., professor ul the pianoforte, 6(i Great
King street
Surgeons' Hall, South Bridge st
Sutherland Al, xr, boot & shoe maker, 87 Nicolson st
Sutherland Alexander, boot maker, 39 Bristo st
Sutherland Alex, bookseller & stationer, 75 George st
Sutherland Alex. G. W.S. 18 Fetles row'
Sutherland & Knox, booksellers & publishers, 60 South
Bridge street
Sutherland Andrew, tailoi, Cahonmills
Sutherland Andrew, victualler, 29 Bread st
Sutherland Ann, shopkeeper, 28 Noith Richmond st
Sutherland Catherine, milliner, 3 Dundas st
Sutherland Catherine, lodging house, 3 Broughton ul
Sutherland Daniel, lodging house, 11 Howe st
Sutherland Daniel, victualler, 26 Water lane, Leith
Sutherland Daniel R. stationer & bookseller, 21 South
Hanover st
Sutherland David, builder, Lothian road
Sutherland Donald, builder, 2 Trinity crescent, New-
I aven ; yard, Bellevue crescent
Sutherland Donald, accountant, 17 Cheynest
! Sutherland Erskine, accountant, Commercial Bank, &
i treasurer to the Edinbuigh School for Blind Chil-
! dren, 14 Windsor st [side place
Storrie Alexander, plane maker. 161 Fountain bridge J Sutherland George, china & glass merchant" 4 Green-
Stott A,nelia,groccr & spirit ,nerchant,l4 Shrub place,) Sutherland Gilbert,' boot & 5 hoe mak e,,2 1 Shrub i place,
Leith walk .[nonmills
utherlacd Hugh, grocer & victualler, 1 Canon st. Ca-
Leith walk
Stott David & Son, leather cutters, 24 Niddry st
Stott Joseph H. leather merchant, 12 Niddry st
Stott William, g
Sutherland Isabella, greengrocer, 22 Sandford st, L

Biachan Thomas, surveyor It, Charlotte place Sutherland John, spirit dealer, 1 Main point
ffipchan homas, shoe maker, 9 Leith-street terrace) Sutherland John & Co. music and booksellers,
Mrachaii vv in., emigration &f shipping agent, 2 North j tiouers and news agents, 12 Calton s>»
Bridge st . , Sutherland Joseph, tailor, 93 George s
btrachan VVm., grocer & spirit merchant, 70 Shore, L Sutherland Joseph, flesher, 15 and 16 Middle market
btraog Waiter, professor of music, 6 St. Vincent st Sutherland Joseph, victual dealer, 70 St. Andrew st,


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