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.Robertson John, S.S.C., 93 North Hanovtrst
v iRobertson John, jun., solicitor, 21 Elder st
•Robertson John, tailor, 6 Bristo place
Robertson John, boot maker, 6 Carnegie st
Robertson John, joiner &<•., Newhaven
Robertson John, coach proprietor, 32 Clarence st
Robertson John, shopkeeper, 60 Thistle st
Robertson John, agent, 54 Caudlemaker row
Robertson John &Co. stock & share bikrs, 47 George st
Robertson John B. writing master, 3 North St David st
Robertson Joseph, keeper of record, Register office
Robertson Laurence, cashier, Royal Bank, 5 Melville
Robettson Louisa, milliners & dress mkr, Morningside
Robertson Magnus, Wright & cabinet maker, 6 Regent
street, Leith
Robertson Margaret, lodging house, 37 Brougbton pi
Robertson Margt., dress maker, 40 North Frederick st
Robertson Margaret, dress maker, & trimming ware-
bouse, 45 Brougbton st
Robertson Margaret, grocer & spiiit dealer, 2 Westport
Robertsou Peter, grocer & spirit dealer, 62 Canongate
Robertson Peter S. nurseryman, Trinity park, Trinity
Rohertson Robert, corn merchant, 130 Nicolson st
Robertson itobert, watch case maker, Nicolson square
Robertson Robert, grocer and spirit merchant, Water
of Leith
Robertsou Robert, lodging house, 22 St. Patrick square
Robertson Robert, silk mercer (Matgregor, Sous & Co)
29 South Frederick st
Robertson Robert, tobacconist, 3 St. Patrick st 'gj
atobeitson Thomas, butcher, 27 Clerk st
Robertson Thomas, si ationer's assistant, 3 Frederick st
Robertson Thomas, cashier, Eden bank, 46 Grange rd.
Robertson Walter, grocer & spirit dealer, 8 Rose st
Robertson Walter, grocer & wines, 11 St, Anthony's pi
Robertson William, tin-plate worker, and gas-fitter,
85 Rose street
Robertson William, m. d., surgeon, 28 Albany st
Robettson William, brewer, 2 Summerhall
Robertson William, spiiit dealer & grocer, 15 Kingst.L
Robertson William, iron founder, engineer and smith,
Oak field Foundry Pleasance
Rohertson William, W.S. (Bill & Robertson)', 42
North Frederick st
Robertson William, dairyman, 1 Church st
Robertson William, letter carrier,53 North Frederick st
Robertson William, plumber & gas fitter, 55 Consti-
tution street, Leith
Robertson William, grocer & spiiit dealer, 2 High st
Robertson William & Co. hosiers, 160 Hirh st
Robertson William M. diaper, 52 West Richmond st.
Robertson's Academy, West Piestoii st— William
Wason, master
Robie James, editor of Caledonian Mercury,' 7 Saint
Vincent street
Robiuows & Maijiuibanks, corn factors and general
meichants,&Hanseatic Consulate, 25 Constitution st,
Leith, [11 Greeuside st
Robin-on Henry, newsagent bookseller & publisher,
Robinson James, boot & shoe maker, 8 Nicolson st
Robinson James, weight Canaan lane, Morningside
Robinson M. grocer, St. Anthony's place
Robinson Marcus, fruiterer, 9 Elm row
Robinson & Son, horticultural builders, Canonmills, —
â– See advertisement .
Robinson Thomas, victual dealer, 9 Potter row
Robison James, boot maker, 8 Nicolson st
[iRobson Matgaret, haberdasher, 137 Rose st
$Robs<n Stephen, wright, 7 North Junction st, Leith
T?o son Susan, dairy, 54 Brunswick st
Rochester John, commercial traveller, Sydenham
villa, 32 Grange toad
:Roden John, shoe m.-.ker and btoker, 242a Cowgate
CRoden Margaret, lodging house, 32 Cumberland st
Rodger Janet, china, glass and earthenware dealer, 9
Drum moii d st
Rodger Joan, greengrocer, 6 Baker's place
§Rpdger William, hair d'esser, 143 Pleasance
Rodgers David, draper and stay warehouse, 12b St.
Andrew square
, Rodgers Elizabeth # Ann, milliners, 14 Buccleuch st
Rodgers James, clerk, 29 Alva st
Rodgers John H. (Boog, Rodgers & Co ), 30 Alva st
Roger David, silk dyer, 24 West Ctosscauseway
Roger George, house factor, 150 High st
Roger William, mason, 5 Leith-street terrace
Roger William, miniature painter, 7 Dewar's place
Rogers Alexander, timber merchant (Hutchinson Sf
Rogers), 3 Cassel's place
Rogers James, ironmonger, 6 Queensferry st
Rogers Thomas, lodging house, 5 Dundas »t
Rogers William, bookseller and stationer, 15 Char-
lotte place
Rogers William, clerk, 45 Ann st
Roland George, fencing master, Royal Academy, 86
South bridge; house, 35 East Clare m on t st
Roland George, jun,, fencing master, Royal Academy,
86 South bridge
Ro'lo Andrew, spirit dealer, .170 Fonntaitibridge
Rollo Hugh James, W.S., and master extraordinary Irs
Chancery, 16 Dundas st
Rollo Robert, boat builder, Admiialty st, Leith
Rollo Robert, boot maker, 31 South Castle st
Romanes & Paterson, silk mercers and waiehonsemen,
and tartan manufacturers to the Queen, 59 North
Bridge st
Romanes Jessie, lodging house, 2 Madeira st, Leith
Romanes John, S.S.C., 7 Nelson st
Rom bach Brothers & Co., merchants aud wholesale
toy dealers, 82 South Bridge st
Ronald John, solicitor, 20 Hill st [place
Ronaldson John,accouiitant,Si>nimerside house, Mary's
Ronaldson William, grocer and spirit dealer, 6 St,
Patrick st [Crosscaiwway
Ronaldson William, wine and spirit merchant, 23 East
Roper Andrew, boot maker, 14 West Richmond st
Rosa Edward, chiropodist, 27 Home st
Rosa George, surgeon, 80 George st
Rose Alexander, lecturer and mining surveyor, 1
Diummond st [st, Leith
Rose & Morrison, corn and flour merchants, 5 Bank
Rose Ellen, lodging house, 18 South Frederick st
Rose Hugh, corn merchant (Rose Sf Morrison), 3
Hillside crescent
Rose J. T. & Co., ship builders, Wet dock, Leith
Rose James, boot and shoe maker, 41 1 histle st
Rose James (Home & Rose), 39 Castle st
Rose Jane, teacher of music, 2 Hay st
Rose John, dairyman, 43 William st
Ro.se Margaret, lodging house, 9 Hope st
Rose Neilson, agent for the Canon Company, Wet
docks, Leith
Rose Robert, fruiteret &c, 24 Howe st
Rose William, eating house. 350 Lawumarket
Hose William, saddler & harness maker ,58Giassmarket
Rosenthal F. & Co., greengrocers and commission
agents, 6 Dock place, Leith
Ro-ie Geoige, eating house, 63 Ro<e st
Rosie Minna, lodging house, 52 Cuuib; rland st
Ross Alexander, grocer and wine and spirit merchant, 7
North aaint Andrew st
Ross Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, Water of Leith
Ross Alexander, butler and lodging-house, 4 Young st
Ross Alexander, joiner, 23 St. James'* square
R 'ss & Ai'chisou. tailors and cum biers, 9 ' eith st
Ross & Foster, rope &c. makers, Coalbill, Leifn;
works Hillhouss field
Ross & Thomson, photographers 90 Piinces st [-t
Ross& Wright, gold beaters,goid ^silver buycrs,25Ncw
Ross Andrew, shoe n taker, 25 Dean st
Ross Andrew, lodging house, 5 Hope st
Ross Andrew, grocer, 95 Grassmarket
Ross Ann. confectioner, 163 Rose st [15 Rill nl
Ross David, tailor & clothier, 53 Richmond pi ; bouse
Ross David, tailor, 3 Warristou place
Ross David, confectioner, 3 Chinch st
Ross David, coal dealer, 25 Buccleuch st
Ross David, painter, 194a Rose st
Ross Daniel, cabinet mak r §* upholsterer, 14 Elm row
Ros.sDouald,collector(Stampoffi-e),3Ea-tC areinonts
Ross Elizabeth C, miniature painter, 137 Princes' st
Ross Geoige, provision and commission merchant, 19
Quality st, Leith
Ross Geoige, confectioner, 54 Brunswick st
rloss George, jun., advocate, 7 Fortes st
Ross Helen, milliner &c dressmaker, 8 St.Anthoay place
Ross Hugh, W.S., 7 Pitt st

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