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Menzies William John, W.S. (Maconochie& Duncan), i Millar John, potter to Her Majesty* and china, glass
10 Lauriston lane
Merard Desira, hatter, 8 Nortli bridge
Mercantle Record and General Trade Protec-
tion Offices, 25 St. James' square— James Burn,
Mercer George & Son, lace merchants, 13, 15 & 17
Nicolson st
Mercer William & Co.trimming merchants,12Union pi
Merchant Maiden Hospital, 10 & 11 Lauriston lane
Merchants' Hall, 4 Hunter square [obello
Merrilees Fletcher, dentist, 101 George st, and at Port-
MerriIeesIsabella,lodging house, 4 North St.Andrew st
Merry James, m.d. 13 Henderson row
Messer Adam, surgeon, 6 Maitland st
Messer Andrew, shopkeeper, 37 North Richmond st
Messer James, slater & chimney sweeper, St. Leonard st
Messum Julian A. paymaster of coast guard Scotland,
Elizafield House, North Leith
Methuen James, fish-curer, 91 & 94 Giles st, and 4
Sandport st, Leith
Methven Thomas, nursery & seedsman, Stanwell
Lodge, Leith walk & Bonnington road
Methven William, boot & shoe maker, 367 High st
Metropolitan Lodging House, 139 Grassmarket
Mewhort Barbara, draper, 34 West Richmond st
Michie Henry, shoe maker, 14 Gteenside, Leith
Michie James, lodging house, 4 York place
Mickle James, clerk, 22 Comely bank
Middlemass George, wright, 169 Causewayside
Middlemass George, dairyman, 1 West Newington
Middlemass George, spirit dealer, 167 Causewayside
Middlemass James, clothier, shirt maker & outfitter,
18 SouthBridge st ; house, 7 Arniston place
Middlemass John, wine and spirit merchant, 93 Nicol-
son street [dlemass), 18 West Preston st
Middlemass Robert, confectioner (Mackenzie &Mid-
Middlemass Robert, Rainbow Hotel & Coffee House,
47 New buildings, North bridge
and lamp warehouse, 2 South St. Andrew street;
residences, 13 York place, and Sheardale House,
Dollar, Clackmannanshire
Millar M., lodging house, 26 South Frederick sfc
Millar Margaret, dress maker, 108 George st
Millar Margaret, lodging house, 17 South Castle st
Millar Mrs. — , lodging house, 7 Cassel's place
Millar Mrs. — , lodging house, Alva st ^fejj|>
Millar Peter, m.d., 8 Bellevue terrace
Millar Richard, jun., watch, clock and nautical instru-
ment maker, 45 Bridge st, Leith
Millar William, hay dealer, 11 Lauriston st
Millar William, smith, Castle terrace
Millar William, transcriber of ancient manuscripts,
searcher of records, and law stationer, 5 Dundas st
Millar William, board of supervision, 28 Cumberland st
Millar William White, S.S.C. and S.L. commissioner
for taking affidavits before supreme courts in
England,&law agent for the Scottish Trade Protec-
tion Society, 8 Bank st
Miller Agnes, baker, 1 North St. Andrew st
Miller Alex., cabinet maker and upholsterer, 1 Forth st
Miller Alexander, earthenware dealer, 12 Buccleuch st
Miller Alexander, furniture dealer, 20 Bristo st
Miller Alex., cabinet maker & upholsterer, 1 Forth st
Miller & Crawford, S.S.C., 59 George square
Miller # Fairly, general printers, 11 Horsewynd ; and
publishers of the 'Witness' newspaper, 297 High
— See advertisement
Miller &Grinton,basket& toy warehouse,32 Princes st
Miller 8c Richard, typefounders to Her Majesty, 65
Nicolson st — See advertisement
Miller David & Sou, wholesale stationers, paper
makers' agents and account book manufacturers, 6
George st
Miller David B., tailor and clothier, 166 High st
Miller Elizabeth & Jane, dress makers, 10 Jamaica St
Miller George, victual dealer, 85 High st
Middlemass Thomas, wright, 21 St.Andrew st, Leith I Miller George,basket inaker(Miller&Grinton),9Hill sq
Middlemass Thomas, waich & clock maker, 5 Spittal st
Middlemass Walter F. W.S. 14 Barony st
Middlemiss William, traveller, 10 Elm row
Middleton David, surgeon & druggist, 154 Canongate
Middleton David, grocer 8f spirit dealer, 22 South St.
James st
Middleton John, m.d. surgeon, 1 West Adam st;
house, 4 St. John st
MilburnGeo., surgeon,5 Nicolson sq andll6 Victoria st
Miles Alexander, coal merchant, 8 North Junction st,
3Coalhill, and7Prince Regent st; house,2 Hope ter.
Military Barracks, Leith Fort— R. S. Wickham,
barrack master
Mill Ebeuezer, [solicitor and notary public,51 Princes st
Mill Elizabeth, lodging house, 8 Picardy place
Mill James, grocer and spirit merchant, 16 William st
Mill James, coal denier, 32 Potter row
Mill John, ' North British Advertiser,' 2 Buccleuch pi
Mill Susan, grocer and spirit dealer, 33 Westport
Millan & Mann (late T. Buckmaster & Co.), tailors,
and army and general clothiers, 135 George st
Millan Robert, shipmaster, 40 Great King st
Millan Robert, clothier (Millan & Mann), 8 Aber-
cromby place
Millan Robert, gardener, Dairy cottage
Millar & Millar, general and insurance agents, 2b
St. Andrew's square
Millar Adam, jeweller and watch maker, 62 Leith st
Millar Andrew,watch & clock maker,5WestNicolson st
Millar Archibald, smith, 14 Potter row
Millar Archibald, ironmonger, 47 Lothian st (■
Millar Charles, flesher, 29 Cowgate
MillarDavid,draper,19Broughton st ; house,8 Barony st
IVlilar David, builder and pavement merchant,Bellevue
Millar George, inland revenue officer,28 Cumberland st
Millar James,ironmonger and iron and seed merchant,
52 Grassmarket
Millar James, confectioner, 1 North-west Circus place
'Millar James, cork manufacturer, 32 Tolbooth wyud
Millar James S., surgeon, 9 Archibald place
Millar John, confectioner, 7 Kirkgate '
Millar John, advocate, 10 Abercromby pi
•.Miliar John, watch maker, 44 North bridge
Millar John, letter-press and lithographic printer,
142 High street
Miller Helen, fishmonger, 8 Fish market
Miller Henrietta, victual dealer, Bellevue
Miller J. & R., grocers & spirit dealers, 46 Bridge st, L
Miller James, general furnishing ironmonger and
hardware merchant, and agent for Miluers" patent
fire resisting safes and boxes, 70 and 71 Princes st;
house, Comhill, White House gardens — See advert.
Miller James, S.S.C., 20 Nelson st
Miller James, professor of surgery, 29 Charlotte square
Miller James, traveller, 34 Barony st
Miller James, eating house, 335 High st
Miller James, coal agent, 136 Fountain bridge
Miller James & Sons, Baltic merchants, 92 Constltn-
tion street, Leith
Miller John, civil engineer, 25 Northumberland st
MillerJno.,woollen cloth warebouse,29Noi th Bridge st
Miller John, grocer and provision dealer, and com-
mercial temperance hotel, 20 South St. Andrew's st
Miller John, shoe maker and earthenware dealer, 19
South Castle street
Miller Jolm, general inspector of fisheries, Upper.
Hermitage, Leith
Miller John, wright, 51 Pleasance
Miller John, tailor aud clothier, 15 Catherine st
Miller John, shoe maker, 38 Buccleuch st
MillerJohn, stationer (David Miller & Son),3 Summer
Miller John & Co., manure merchants, 72 Timber
bush, Leith
Miller John M., bookseller and priuter, 2 Lindsay pi
Miller Joseph, tailor, 6 Union st
Miller Margaret, spirit dealer, 140 Cowgate
Miller Margaret, temperance hotel, 78 Shore, Leith
Miller Margaret, lodging house, 2 London row, Leith
Miller Mary, lodging house, Trinity cres, Newhaven
Miller Michael, gardener, Morningside
Miller Peter, shopkeeper, 20 South Richmond st
Miller Robert, clock maker and pawnbroker, 6 Roya
Miller Robert, candle maker, 23 Grassmarket
Miller Robert, teacher, 18 Thistle st
Miller Thomas, sharebroker, 6 St. Andrew's square ;
and land and estate agent, 24 Dolier st, Dublin
Miller Thomas, Berlin wool warehouse, 10 India place
Miller William, solicitor, 59 George st

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