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Masonic Lodge (Canongate & Leitli), Staawell
Lodge, Leiih
Masonic Lodge (Jonrneymen), Sfanwell Lodge, Leitli
Masonic Lodge (Trafalgar), Leith
Mnsson Margaret, lodging house, 13 South Castle st
Masters Alison W. spirit dealer, 110 Rose st
Masters William, wine & spirit dealer, 1 Lauris o st
Masterton Alexander, victualler, 81 Abbey hill
Masterton William, boot & shoe maker, 29 Home st
Mather Alexander, flesh er, High market Sf High st
Mather Alexander, millwright, (59 Fountain bridge
Mather Alexander, flasher, Canongate
Mather Andrew, lodging house, 28 South Castle st
Mather Ann, dress maker, 27 South Bridge st
MatherEdward & Son, shoe mercers & sewing mac e
agents, 16 South St David st
Mather James, flesher, Post Office, Newhaven
Mather Johu & Son, wart housemen, 11 Leitii-st terr
Mather Thomas, jun. veterinary surgeon, 7 Queen's pi
Mather Thomas, spirit dealer, 14 Greenside row
MatherThos.&Jas., blacksmiths, Queen's pi, Greenside
Mather W. F. bookseller, 101 Rose st
Mather William, boat builder, Viewforth, Canal banks
Mather William, spirit dealer, 9 St. Anthony's place
Mathers Alexander, dairyman, 97 High 'at
Mathers&Co. watch and clock makers, 12Brunswick st
Mathers David,book seller, stationer, and news agent,
Arcade, 12 South St. Andrew st. and 17 and 20
Waterloo place
Matheson Alexander & Co. Edinburgh general mourn-
ing warehouse, 39 George st
Matheson George, hair dresser, 31 Rose st
MathesonJohn, tailor & clothier, 41 North Frederick st
Matheson Robert, surveyor of H.M. public works,
Exchequer chambers, Parliament square
Matheson William J. builder and house carpenter,
Lower Pitt street; house, 25 Abercromby place
Mathieson Alexander, book keeper, Taaphall, Bon-
nington, Leith
Mathieson Alexander & Son, tool manufacturers, 48
Nicolson st
Mathieson George, agent for the Aberdeen, Leith,
and Clyde Shipping Co. and for the Aberdeen Steam
Navigation Co., 6 South St. Andrew st; house, Clif-
ton Lodge, Wardie
Mathieson Peter, lodging house, 47 Cumberland st
Mathison Alexander, spirit dealer, 17 India place
Mathison James, spirit dealer, 7 Arthur st
Mathison James, wright, Keir st
Mathison Robert, baker, 37 Clerk st, &46 High st
Mathison Robert, spirit merchant, 262 Canougate
Mathison Thomas, spirit dealer, 39 Dean st
Mathison Waiter, spirit dealer, 92 High st
Matson Alexander, stationer am? fancy warehouse, 1
Union place
Matthew & Theilmann, corn merchants, 14 Quality st
MatthewJames, macer to the High Court of Justiciarv,
2 Hay street
Matthew James & Son, wholesale and retail linen and
woollen drapers, 421 Lawumarbet
Matthews Grace, eating house, 17 Shore, Leith
Matthews Owen, broker, 121 Westport
Matthewson Joan, lodging house, 19 Union st
MauchlineAndrew,grocer & spirit dealer,153 Pleasance
Maughan Edward J. inspector of inland revenue, 5
Mary place [Broughton
Maule John, builder, carpenter and house agent, Low
MawsonThos.Jtis, eetor of mails, 5 St.Cuthbert's glebe
Maxwell Dani-1, victual dealer, 23 Fountain bridge
Maxwell George, dairyman, 7 North Melville place
Maxwell James, teacher, 28 Duke st, Leith
Maxwell James, tinner, 16 Kiddle's close, Leith
Maxwell Jessie, toy dealer, 4 Bristo place
Maxwell John Hall (of Dargavel), advocate and secre-
tary to the Highland and Agricultural Society of
Scotland, 6 Albyn place
Maxwell, Marshall & Co. corn factors, 26 Constitution
street, Leith
Maxwell Mary, lodging house, 18 Dundas st
Maxwell William, silk mercer (Kenuington & Jenner)
45a North Frederick st
Maxwell William, manager, 2 South St. David st
Maxwell William, grocer, 3 Howe st
May Susannah, temperance hotel, 170 High st
May William, general furnishing and agency house, 22
Catherine street
Meade John, jeweller, 4a North St. Andrew st
Mechanics' Library, 13 Tolbooth wynd, Leith-« ;
George Buchanan, librarian
Medical, Invalid and General Life Office, 2,
North St. David street
Medical Theatre, Surgeon square, Infirmary st
Meek & Williamson, tea dealers, 37 Mitchell st Leith.
MeekDavid, watch maker, 60 New buildings, North bdg
Meek George, victual dealer and commission agent, 19
South St. James st
Meek Margaret, ladies' seminary, 19 Rutland square
Meek Robert, workingjeweller, 12 Thistle st
Meek Thomas, coal agent, 15 South College st
Meikle Archibald (Wellington Hotel & Tavern), 13
Leith-street terrace
Meikle Catherine, dress maker, 10 South Hanover st
Meikle Christopher, actuary to the Savings' Bank,
Head of the Mound
Meikle George, tailor, 10 South Hanover st
Meikle James, actuary to Scottish Provident Institu*
tion,22 Comely bank
Meikle James, victualler, 8 Bread st
Meikle Jane, lodging house, 7 India place -• ■**
Meikle Philip, provision dealer, 18 Yardheads, Leith; f
Meikle William, victualler, 146 Causewayside st
Meiklejohn Elizabeth, envelope borderer, 132 Rosest
Meiklejohn John, spirit dealer, 127 High st
Mein Alexander, hat manufacturer, 20 St. John st
Mein Archibald, m.d. surgeon-dentist, 94 George st!
Mein John Z. engraver and lithographer, Leith-st t^rr
Mein William, pocket-book maker, 38 North Hanover
st, and 27 South Bridge st
Meldrum George, accountant, 53 York place
Meldrum William, spirit dealer, 435 Lawnraarket
Melrose Alexander, victualler, 6 Johnston st, Leith
Melrose Alison, lodging house, 68 George st
Melrose Andrew & Co. tea merchants & wholesale
grocers to the Queen, 93 George st
Melrose James, earthenware dealer, 10 Richmond pi >
Melrose James, dairyman, 21 West Nicolson st
Melrose Jessie, straw bonnet maker, 96 Canongate ,'
Melrose John, tailor & clothier, 36 North Hanover st!
Melrose John, merchant (Andrew Melrose & Co.), 18
Murray place
Melrose Wm. watch & clock maker, 5 Leith st terrace i
Melville & Lindsay, W.S. &{ notaries, 110 George st
Melville Andrew, fishing hook manufacturer, 21 South i
St. David st
Melville Archibald, W.S., 43 York place
Melville James, lithographic writer, 9 Rose st
Melville James, victualler, Pier place, Newhaven \
Melville John, W.S., 15 Heriot row \
Melville Thomas, joiner, Annfield
Melville Thomas, victual dealer, 14 Haddington place
Melville William, victual dealer, 16 Saunders place
Melvin Alexander, brewer & maltster, Boroughloch
Brewery, 23 Buccleuch st — See advertisement
Melvin Francis S. 1 Register House; & 16 Broughton pl !
Menelaws William, baker, 187 Canongate «
Menelaws William, grocer & wine & spirit merchant,'
and Italian warehousemen, 143 George st; house,
1 Walker st
Menzies Agnes, lodging house, 25 Charlotte square
Menzies & Co. ship & boat builders, mast & block-,
makers $• ship-smiths, Wet docks, Leith, & Granton 1
Menzies, Bernard & Craig, Caledonian Distillery
Menzies George, ship builder (Menzies & Co.), Leith-
Mount, Ferry road
Menzies Graham, merchant, 8 Athol crescent
| Menzies Isabella, lodging house, 25 Charlotte square
Menzies James, proprietor of Queen'sHotel,131Princes
st — See advertisement
Menzies James M. engraver & lithographer, 25 South
Hanover st
Menzies Jane, shopkeeper & spirit dealer, Auburn pi
Menzies Janet, lodging house, 30 Rose st [ver st
Menzies John, bookseller & publisher, 2 South Hano-
Menzies Misses, ladies' school, 8 Spittal st
Menzies Robert & Co. shipbuilders, Granton
Menzies Sarah E. & Mary, academy, 4 George square
Menzies Thomas, smallware &c. dealer, 39 JliQthian st
Menzies William, surgeon, 3 Lothian road

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