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EDINBURGH, &c. j fEWnlmraW&fitt
Hendrie James tobacconist, 4 Catherine street, 292
Canongate, 2 Baker's pi, & 5 West Register st
Hendrie Jessie, draper, 76 Pleasanre
Hendrie Margaret, china dealer Sf register office, 23
Green«ide place
Hendry Wm. saddl --tree & liame maker, Castle terrace
Henry Alexander, gun maker, 8 South St. Andrew st
Henry James, victualler, 16 Canoi gate
Henrv Jane, shopkeeper, 7 North Richmond st
Henry Jardine, accountant & S.S.C 18 St. Andrew sq
HenryJohn.anificial iimb tk tnndage maker, 3 York pi
Hemy John, VV. S. (Jollie,Strong & Henry), 3 Eyre pi
Henry Mrs., lodging house, 2 South Frederick st
Henry W'lliam, merchant, 13 Bernard st, Leith
Hepburn D.ivid, dentist, 7 Abercromtiy place; house,
Spring Cottage, Trinity
Hepburn Janet, lodging hou6e, 9 William street
Hepburn Mary & Margaret.miHiners a, id dress makers,
17a Duke st
ftpphurii Sarah, lodging house, 54 Cumberland st
HepburnSim>n,rarver and gilder, 26 South Hanover St
Heibert Mark, provision dealer, 19 Charles st
Herbtrt Philip, boot maker. 74 South Clerk st
Herd John,cabinet maker ami joiner, Ronaldson'sbdgs
HeidniauJohii, Com merchant and mill inaster,BELL's
Mills, Water of Lt iih
Herd man Robert M. artist, 34 Danube st
Heriot Bridge School, Heriot bridge, Gras>market
HeiiotFredeiickLewisMaitland, advocate, 18Kutlandst
Heriot riionias cork cutter and soda-water manufac-
turer^ 46 I'leasance
Heriot Thomas, registrar of birth", deaths and mar-
riages for the Newitigton district, 9 Hill place
Heriot William, printer 17 Quality st, Leith
Heriot's Hosfital, Lawnstou
Heriot's Hospital Chambers, 11 Royal Exchange
— John Dick, treasurer
Heriot's Hospital Works Office— John Chesser,
. superintend' nt. 12 Royal Exchange
Heriot's Schools see Aiademies in classification
Herkf-8 Adam, grocer. 39 St. Andrew st, Leith
Herkless Elizabeth, lodging house, 47 Great King st
Heiniiston Andrew, warehouseman, 9 Hermitage pi
Heron James, grot er, 160 Pleasanre
Herring Fishery Office, 2 Dock gates, Leith — J no.
Miller, inspector
Herron Dominie, shopkeeper, 337 Cow gate
Hetberiiigton Peter, boo' make', 18 Gibs st, Leith
Betherton Henrv, bell hauger, 21 Hercules st
Hewht James, boot mak- r, 13 Bristo st
Hewai John (late Snitial & Co.) shawl and silk ware-
house), 12 St. Andrew square
HewitJ. & Sons, leather merchants, 6 and 8 N'ddry st
Hicks Elizabeth, lodging house, 97 Nichol-on st
higgin Sf Thorn, engravers, lithographers, and letter-
press printers, 21 South St. Da> id st
Higgins Ann grocer and spirit dealer, 4 Citadel, Leith
Higgins Margaret, (Ra ; lwav Tavern,) Citadel, Leith
High Court of Justiciary. Parliament quaie
High School of Edinburgh Calron hill
Highland and Agricultural Society of Scot-
land 6 Alhyn plnce — John H-dl Maxwell, secretary;
museum, 3 George IV. bridge — Charles Lawson,
Hilditch Samuel, traveller, 9 Ann st
Hill Alexander, publisher anrt printseller in »»,wnarv
to Her Majesty and the Prince Consort, ai list's
colourman to the Royal Scottish Academy, b"ok-
seller, carver, gdder, and picture franier, 67 Prin-
ces street
Hill Alexander, wood carver, antique and fancy cabi-
net manufacture!, 65 North Hanover st
Hill Alexander H, cod liver oil manufacturer, 10 Gil-
mour street
Hill & Rubertson, W.S.and notaries public, law agents
in Edinburgh to the Edinburgh aud Glasgow Rail-
way Co., 42 North Frederick st
Hill Crawford, advocate, 2 Picatdy place
Hill Cumberland, city missionary, 2 Hermitage place
Hill Geoige, smith, scale beam and iron portable and
house bedstead aud stamping press manufacturer, 12
Richmond place
Hill James, grocer aud spirit merchant, 85 Kirkgate, L
Hill James, plumber, 57 Bristo at
Hill James L. W.S.Hill & Robertson), 26 Heriot rovr
Hill John, boot and shoe maker, 43 & 45 Nicholson st
Hill John P.,/ D'lndas street
Hill Maokay, spirit dealer, 23 ami 26 Bridges', Leith
Hill Robett, grocer and spirit dealer, 491 Lawumarket
Hill Robert, W.S. 2 Picardy place
Hill, Thomson & Co., Italian warehousemen a<td ! m*
porters i flndian audChin -se p> odtice,wiue men Hants
and purveyor* lo the Qu, u 6ja and H.R.H. the Prince
of Wales, 45 North Frederick st — See advt tisement
Hill William, accountant and commission agent, 25
St. .lames' square (Gallon
Hill Willi mi, shoe maker and furnishing shop, 58 Low
H'llhou-e Henry, fuini'nre dealer, 22 Blair st
Hiliard Hatvey & Henry, cutlers, surgical instrument
and truss and bandage makers, 7 Nicholson st
Hillocks & Co. druggists and stationers, 18 East
Richmond st
Hislop Agues, spirit dealer, 1 Shandwick place
Hislop Alexander, smith, 5 Huntly st, Cauonmills
Hi-lopjohu, blacksmith, Batigholm («ttage,Boniiiiigton
Hislop Margaret, lodging house, 29 Albany st
Hislop William, cabinet maker, 28 Howest
Hobday Frances, Berlin repository, 1 Hope st
Hobday Thomas, post ma>terand livery stables, York la„
office, Queen st
Hobkirk Willi tin & John, corn merchants, Chapel st
Hodge Archibald, corn merchant, Dairy, and 40
Bernard st, Leith
Hodge Colin, stationer & news-agent, 5 Dublin, st
Hodge James, compositor, 65 Cumberland st
Hodge John, smith, 47 Thistle st
Hodges James, photographer, Lothian road
Hudson Elizabeth, academy, 18 Royal Circus
Hoev John, boot maker. 86 St. Andrew st, Leith
Hoffmann John, plane maker, Spittal st
Hoffmann Magnus L. tea< her of music, 50 George st
Hofford William, printer, 1 Oxford terrace
Hogarth A :ain, commission agent & gardener, Green
market ; house, Bonuington House
Hogarth Ann, giocer, 4 Huntly st
Hogg Alexander, spirit deal-r, 7 Bristo st
Hogg Andrew, cleik, 1 South Charlotte st
Hogg Eraser, merchant (Hogg, Honeyman & Wilson).
5 Haddington place
Hogg, Honeyman &r Wilson, wholesale tea, coffee and
spice and fmii merchants, 13 Meuselaue
Ho;g Isabella, filling tackle maker. 79 Princes st
Hiigg J. M. &. Son, C'biuet makers, Canougate
Hogg Janus, groc r, 125 Causewayside
H<ri!g James, t y & fancy warehouse. West Register st
Hogg James, cabinet maker. (Janies Hogg & Son),
South HldCkett place, Newitigton [square
Hogg J is. & Son, pi inters & publishers, 18 St. Andrew
Hotig John, tin-plate worker, CierK st
Hogg John, bookseller &. statiouer, and Post office
l-r ceivint house, 2 Pitt st
Hogg >nsan, dressmaki r, 19 India st
Hogg Thomas, coffee rooms, 1 Hunter square
Hogg Walter, cabinet maker, upholsterer, undertaker,
and house agent, 30 Dundas st, and at Melrose—
See advertisement.
Hoga W illiam, auctioneer, 48 North Frederick st
Hoggin Martha, straw bonnet maker, 18 Brown st
Hogne David W. m. d. and doctor of dental surgery*
65 Queen st .
Hogne Robert, surgeon dentist, C5 Queen st
Holiday Thomas, engraver, 30 St. James's square
Hollis "Elizabeth Christina, milliner, 29 South Fred-
erick street
Holmes James, hosier, 3 Canning place
Hob Edmund, photographer. 3 Catherine st
Holtum Thomas clotlrieri,HoltUm&Welsh),45George St
Holtum « Welsh, clothkrs & habit mkns, 6b George st
Holyrood Free Church School, Abbey
Home Alexander F. accountant, 15 Cheyne st
Home and Foreign Missionary Record of the
< hukch of Scotland, Office 81 Priuces street-
Pa' on & Ritchie^ ptthli<h.-is
Home David, secretary to the New Club, house,
Woolmet Hou.se, Dalkeith
Home Ellen, lodgi. g house, 35 Brough'on at
Home Geor ge, portmanteau maker, &c. 100b George st
H. me Sir George, Bart, advocate, 19 Rutland st
Home Mrs., lodging house, 41 George st

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