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2EBmfmrsf)£&ire. EDINBURGH, &c.
HayEuphemia, ladies' outfitting warehe 25a George st
Hay F. & W Cooper, dye s, 11 South Frederick st
Hay Forrest, loiigiirt? house, 53 Noith Castle st
Hay George, missionary, 17 Keir st
Hay George & David, photographers, 68 Princes st
Hay Gordon Adam, VV.S. and notary public (Hay &
Prii'gle), 25 Rutland square
Hay Grieve, cabinet maker, 14 St. James's square
Hay Hamilton, cashier to savings' bank, head of the
Hay Hamilton, accountant, Srieiin.es hill
Hay Isabella, grocer & spirit dealer, 19 Haddington pi
Hay Isabella, fruiterer and greengrocer, Gieenmark< t
Hay James, roach & livery stable keeper, 109 Abbey hill
Hay James, merchant, Edinburgh Roptiie Company,
Bath st, Lei Hi
Hay James, victual dealer, Leith walk
Hay James, baker, 277 Cauongate
Hay James, coinmeirial trave ler, CanonmilM
Hay John, woollen draper, 289 High st
Hay John, miller, Hay's Mills, Leith walk
Hay John, grocer and spirit dealer, 37 Kirkuate, Leith
H<*y Peter, silk dyer (P. & II Hay), 5 King's place
Hay Peter, grocer, 1 Pilrig place
Hay Peter, grocer and spirit merchant, 44 Lothian st
Hay Peter & Robert (late Co >per), silk dyers and
scourers, 1 Heriot buildings, Lvith walk and 5 South
St. David st — See advertisement
Hay Robert, spirit dealer, 9 Church st
Hay Robert, grocer & wine merchant, 8 Huntly st
Hay Robert, silk dyer (P & R. Hav), 10 Fyfe place
Hay Robert, machine boot closer, 153 Higii st
Hay Samuel treasurer to the graud lodge of Free-
masons, 98 George st
Hay Samuel, Union Bank, Trinity Cottage, Trinity
Hay Thomas, merchant, 31 Qualitv st, Leith
Hay William, wood merchant, Haddou's court, 112
Nicolson st
Hay William, smith, 4 Green<-ide row
Hay William, bellhang^rdk tra-ritter,4AWest Preston st
Hay William, tobacconist, 32 Howe st
Haycock William, gun maker, 24 West bow
Haye's .Mechanics' School, Foxe's lane
Haymarket Flour Mills, James Hume and Co.
Hay market
Haymarket Station, Edinburgh and Glasgow Rail-
way, Haymarket
Hayne Margaret, stay maker, 92 Princes st
Headrig John, shonkeeper, 13 Ponton st
Healey Elizabeth, baker,! East Crosscauseway
Healy Ellen, ladies' shoe maker, 53 North Hanover st
Heailey John, victualler, 2 Elder st
Heatly Andrew, cow keeper. 2 Pilrig st
Heaton John, accountant, 6' North-west Circus place
Hector Alexander, notary public (Gibson & Hector;.
i Northumberland st
Hector David, advocate, 44 Northumberland st
Heddle Foster, bachelor of medicine, 8 Clarence st
Heddle Robert, clei k, 6Cheyne st
Heggiu John, merchant (Robertson Brothers), 1
Jamaica street, Leith
Heiton John, accountan', 1 Hunter square
Hempseed William, provision dealer, 205 High st
Henderson A. printer, 71 Shore, Leiih
Henderson Albeit, coach maker, \hbeyhill
Henderson Alexander, builder, 41 Lothian road
Henderson Alexander, C. A. 33 Stattoid st
Henderson Alexander, optician, 11 Leith Si reet terrace
Henderson Alexander, flesher, 15 Can ngate
Henderson & Biaset, bookbindeis to Her Majestv, 19
Hill street
Henderson 8; Donaldson, solicitors, 20 St. Patrick's sq
Henderson & Jackson, wine merchants, 56 Nicolson st
Henderson 8f Stevenson, dairymen, 5 Union st
Henderson Andrew, victual dealer, Cables wynd, Leith
Henderson Andrew, boot maker, Cable wym, Leith
Henderson Ann, lodging house, Morning ide
Henderson Beatrice, clothes broker, 105 Plea^ance
Henderson Church Mission School, South Grays
close, 56' High st •
Henderson D, & Co. hatters, 46 North Bridge street,
and 169 High street
Heuderson D. W. corufactor, 129Constitution st, Leith
Henderson Daniel, victual dealer, 7 Potier row
Henderson David, tin-smith, gasfiuerand iroumongerr,
73 liiougbton *t
Hendeispu Elizabeth, milliner, 2 Dublin st
Hend. rson Elizabeth, vicinal dealer, 19 High st
Henderson Elizabeth, general broker, 20 Victoria st
Henderson George, victual dealer, 42 Fountain bridge
Henderson George, commercial traveller, Northfield,
Henderson George, clothes broker, 97 Pleasance
Henderson George, accountant, 54 Inverleith row
Henderson George, watch maker, 1 Cumberland st
Henderson George, tailor, 66 Broughtoti st
Henderson George, victual dealer, 60 Howe st
HendersonGtorge. joiner & cabinet maker, Victoria ter
Henderson Geo' ge, bookbinder (Henderson &Bisset),
30 Clarence st
HeiideisonGiace, keeper of Swanfield Slaughterhouse,
B mniugton rond
Henderson Isabella, greengrocer, 4 Charlotte Bt. Leith
Henderson James, spirit merchant, 5 Dock place, Leith
Henderson James, baker 4 Westport
Henderson Jame , cow feeder, 69 Thistle street; and
lodging house, 69 North Hanover st
Henderson James, tailor, 271 Cauongate
Henderson James, clerk, 23 Warrisrou crescent
Henderson James, coal merchant; 7 Port Hopetoun
Henderson James, horse dealer, 14 Patter row
Henderson Jame*, photographer, 63 P iuces st
Henderson James C , S. S. C. 19a Hill st
Henderson JauieSilodging house, 24 Northumberland st
Hebrlerson James, clerk, 4 Mal'a terrace
Henderson Jane, fruiterer & grocer, 39 Howe st
Henderson Je-se, spirit dealer, 71 Grassmarket
Henderson John, slater #■ glazier, 3 South Castle St
Henderson Juho, architect, 7 Hill st
Henderson John, Queen's & lord treasurer's remem-
brancer, Exchequer Chambers, Parliament square
Heudeisnn John, physician, 26 Charlotte st, Leith
Henderson John, solicitor (Henderson & Donaldson),
26 St Patrick's square
Henderson Joim, builder, 2 Stafford st
Henderson John, Registry Office, 1 South Frederickst
Henderson John, cabinet maker, 33 Hamilton place
Henderson John, painter &. glazier, 4 Speuce's place
Henderson John, tobacconist, 9 Btouglitou st
Henderson John, clerk, 35 Bruughtou st
Henderson John, flesher, 74 We-tjoit
Henderson Margaret, lodging house, West Lauriston pi
Henderson Mary, lodging house, 16 Keir st
Henderson Miss, dress maker, 2 Ctieyne st
Henderson Naysmith, practical engineer, 1 Spring-
held, Leith walk
Henderson Peer, hatter, 44 Nnrth bridge st
Henderson Petei, teacher, 12 Grange loan %<•;
Hen lerson K. A J. milliners, 271 Cauongate
Henderson Robert, Wright, St. Cuthbert's lane, and
19 Ruse siieet
Henderson Robert, builder, St. Cuthbert's glebe
Henderson Simon, baker, 51Canougate, an t 1 Dublin st
Henderson Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 127 Can-
o ngate
Henderson Thomas, teacher, 36 India st
Henderson Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 2 and 4
South Richmond st
Henderson Thomas, m.d. 15 Portland place
Hendeisou William, m d. f.r c.s. professor of medi-
cine and general path dngy; 50 Moray place
Henderson William, m.d. 19 Aiuslie place
Henderson William, inspector of National Bank, 8
Brunt on place
Henderson William, spirit dealer, 20 Ruccleuch st
Hendrson William, accountant, British Linen Com-
paoy, 21 Scotland st
HendersoiiWm. grocer & spirit dealer, 20 Broughton st
Henderson William, smith, Chalmei's close
Henderson William, smith, Gorgie
Henderson William, small ware dealer & dressmaker,
9 South College street
Heuderson William, boot & shoe maker, 6 Couper st, L
Henderson William, spirit dealer, 49Candlemakerrow
Henderson William & Robert, trimming sellers, 293
Henderson William F. agent, Newhaven

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