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EDINBURGH, &c. iE&mfctU^fnrf,
Grant Da.tid, cook and confectioner, 6 North Saint
Andrew st
Giant David & Co., brass founders, gas meter manu-
facturers, &c, Bast Crosscanseway
0{ant Duncan, agent, 11 Lothian st
Grant Eliza, eating house, 9 St. Anthony's place
Grant Euphemia, eating house, 9 Canning place
Grant George, lodging house, 11 North Melville place
Giant jatnes, spirit dealer. 19 West Richmond st .
Grant James, superintendent of Leith police, 13
Charlotte st
Grant James Dundas, advocate, 48 Northumberland
st; house, Newhaven
Grant Jane, lodging house, 41 York place
Grant John, confectioner, 53 Shore, Leith
Grant Lauchlan, spirit, dealer, 154 Rosest
Grant Miss — , lodging house, Rankeiilorst
Grant Robert, bookseller (R. Grant & Son), York road,
Grant Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, lOWestAdam st
Grunt Robert, spirit dealer, 10 Greenside row
Grant Robert, spirit dealer, 52 London st
Grant Robert, victualler, 6fi Candleniaker row
Grant Roben&Son, booksellers, publishers, stationers,
and agents to the Society for Promoting Christian
Knowledge, 54 Princes st
Grant Thomas, printer and publisher. 21 George st
Grant William, furniture broker, 34 Pleasance
Grant William, mason, 5 Canning place
Gray Margaret and Agnes, dressmakers, 45 Dean st
Grav Peter, keeper of the picture gallery, Holy rood,
6 Laverock Bank
Gray Robe it, grocer & wine merchant, 1 Argyle square
Gray Thomas, fle'sfrer, 8 East Register st
Gray Thomas, victual dealer, 286 Canougate
Gray Thomas, fleshier, 20 Home st
Gray William, bookseller and stationer and circulating
librarv, 41 Dundas st
Gray William, hosier and glover. 29 Leith st
Grav Wiliam, flesher, 13 Romilly place
Gray William, agent, 6' Elder st
Gray William, commercial traveller. 3 Summerhall pi
Gray William, clerk (Free Church Office), 82
Broughton place [house, 15 Rankeillor st
Gray William A. surgeon & druggist, 17 Bristo st;
Gray William & Co. super-phosphate manufacturers &
bone crushers, 59 Salamander st, Leith.
Grav Willi nu & Soil, saddler and harnessniaker, 13
Son ih St. David st [st
Great BritainLife InsuranceOffice, 16 Howe-
Great Seal Office, Register House
Gieathead Helen, straw bonnet maker, 78Nicolson st.
Gieathead Henry, turnery, toy and fancy warehouse,
25 South Bridge st
Green Alexander, artist, 59 Constitution st, Leith
Green Charles, cement merchant, 25 Commercial place
and Whitefield House, Leith
Green J. S. shawl & mantle warehouse, 49 Princes st
Granton Railway Station— William Smeal, station j Green John M. teacher of writing, 37 George st
Greenaway James, grocer and spirit dealer, 33 Elder st
Greenhill Alexander, shop keeper, 8 Ponton st
Greenhill Alexander, victualler. 153 Fountain bridge
Greenhill James, manager of the Clydesdale Bank,
29 George street
Grants John, dairyman, 5 North Richmond st
Gravett James, butcher, 52 North Hanover st
Gray Agnes, tobacconist, 1 Fyte place, Leith walk
Gray Alexander, wright and undertaker, Johnston st,L
Gray Alexander, iron merchant, 70 St. Leonard st
Gray Alexander, iroumonger(J. Gray & Son),4 Stafford
Gray Aexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 13 Water lane, L
Gray Alexander.chemist and druggist, 5 Spring garden
Gray Alexander Duncan, boot maker, 100 India st
Gray Andrew, cork manufacturer, 72Tolbooth wyud,L
Gray Ann, lodging house, 13 Howe st
Gray Charles, watch maker and jeweller, 14 Bank st
Gray Charles, smith, 207 Pleasance
Gray Charles, smith, 49a East Crosscauseway
Gray Charles & David, distillers and rualtsiers.Lochrin
Gray Daniel, painter and glazier, 38 Howe st
Gray, Dunn $• Co., biscuit nianufacturers,41 Broughton
st, and 15 Morrison st, Glasgow
Gray George, halter, 136 Kirkgate, Leith
Gray Georgina, lodging house, 27 South Castle st
Grav Helen, lodging house, 7 Hope st
Gray Helen, victual dealer, 44 Potter row [links
Gray Isabella, grocer and spirit dealer, Burn st, Leith
Gray J. & J., proprietors and publishers of the ' North
British Advertiser and Ladies' Own Journal,' 8 j
Melbourne place
Gray James, ironmonger (Jas. Gray4" Son), 42 India st
Gray James, tobacconist and news agent, 19C Canongate
Gray James, cooper, New st
Gray James, Peacock Inn, Newhaven
Gray James, draper (Gullaud & Gray), 6 Nelsou St
Gray James, victual dealer. 71 Giles st, Leith
Gray James, draper, 55 Hanover st
Gray James, manager, 9 Thistle st
Giay James, (James Gray & Son), i Mound place
Gray James, watch maker and jewciki,27Nieoisoi) st
Gray James & Sou, 123a Princes st
Gray James & Son, wholesale wine and spirit mer-
chants, 19 LotMau st
Greenhill John, stationer, 10 Bank st
Greeushields Alexander, watchmaker, 17 Kirkgate, L
Greeushields Thomas, furniture broker, 79 Clerk st
Greenside Infants' School, Greenside row
Greenside Place School, 18 Green. «ide place
Greenside Society and SESsioNALKooitis,16Greeu-
side place
GreensladeWilhelmina,trimming dealer 14 StPatrick sq
Greensmith William Sf 4 Spn, hosiers and glovers, 109
George street
Gregg Daniel, boot and shoe maker, 36 Lothian st
Giegor David Clunie, secretary to the Colonial Life
Assurance Company, 28 Danube st
Gregor William A. merchant, 1 South bridge; htfuse,
15 Arniston place
Greig Andrew (Refreshment Rooms), Newhaven
Greig Andrew, grocer, 147 Fountain bridge
Greig David, smith, 156 East Rose st lane
Greig David, smith, 22 Buccleuch st
Greig David & John, printing press and steel plate
manufacturers, smiths, engineers, machine makers
and iron founders, Lothian road [Earl Grey st
Greig Elizabeth, milliner and straw bonnet maker, 59
Greig George, gardener, Huntly st
Greig George, inspector of poor for the city parish, 25
Greenhill gardens
, Greig Gemge M. portrait painter, 10 SouthChariolte >-t
i Greig James, writer, 9 Abercromby place— Office, 11
I Queen st
j Greig James & G'. china dealer, 1 Low Market st
I Greig J. ship master, 36 Albany st, Leith
I Greig John, baker, 7 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Greig John (James Dickson & Sons), Inverleith place
I GreigJohu & Sanies, coach lace mauufacturers,(>lHighst
] Greig John # Son, letterpress printers, 6 Old Physic
Gray James & Son, smiths, furnishing ironmongers Greig Marion, lodginghou«c, 6 Brunswick st L oale st
and manufacturers of the improved kitchen ranges, | Greig Peter M. (James Dickson & Sous), 22 Annan-
&c, and patent stove grate manufacturers to her! Greig William, baker, 2 Jamaica st
Majesty, and manufacturers of iron bedsteads, 85 j Greilier Brothers, clock and fancy warehousemen, 80
George st — See advertisement j Adam square and Arcade, South St. Andrew St
Gray Janet, shopkeeper, 13 Leven st j Grollche Edward, shop keeper, Thistle st
Gray John, bookbinder, 3 East Assembly lam), Rose st.GRESH am Life Assurance Office, 16 Dundas st
Gray John, grocer, 53 Broughton st ! Grey Alexandei veterinary surgeon, (A. Grey & Son),
Gray John, ladies' shoe manufacturer and umbrella; 31 Pleasance
maker, 73 George st \ Grey Alexander & Son, veterinary surgeous, 31 Plea-
Gray John, vintner, 37 Leven st \ san«e and 19 Rose st
Gray John,grocer,wine and spirit merchant,19Dublin stj Grierson Andrew, W.S., 15 St. Andrew square
Gray J oh uncommercial Hotel, 14 Commercial place,Lj Giierson John S. smith, Broughton market; ware-
i house, 19 South Hauover st
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