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EDINBURGH, &c. tEDfotfcttrg&sfitre.
Croall Peter & Son, coach builders, 61 Princes st
Croall Robert E. * Courant ' office, S Annandale st
Croall Wm. jun.&Co., coach builders, 17 Greeaside pi
Croan Patrick, flesher, 117 Grassmarket
Crocket David, grocer and wine and spirit merchant,
21 Tobago st [and 165 High ss
Crocket Thos. G,. basket maker, 4 Halkerton's wynd,
Croley William, chemist and druggist, 1 Dovvuie plact
Croil David, fruiterer, 61b North Frederick st
Crombie Andrew & Son, dyers, 19 Brown square
Crombie David, mechanical engineer, 22 India st
Crombie John, dyer, drysalter, and commission mer-
chant, 19 Brown square
Crombie Mark, old bookseller, 11 West Nicolson st
Crooks Isabella & Catherine, embroidery warehouse,
63d George st [Constitution st, Leith
Crooks George, merchant and commission agent, 28
Cropper William, painter, 1 India st [6 Elm row
Cross William, jeweller, &c. (Cross & Carruthers),
Cross & Carruthers, jewellers and dealers in antiques,
61 North Hanover st
Crossan William, boot and shoe maker, 85 West bow
Crossance J. & A., milliners, 29 Broughton st
Crouch Charles, victual dealer, 16 Shore, Leith
Crouch William & Son, watchmakers, jewellers, and
parcel conveyance "dice. 32 North Bridge st
Crow George, nia-oti, slater, & chimney sweeper;
4 Hamilton place
Crow William, tailor, 37 North bridge
Crowe James, tailor, 2 North Bridge st
Crown Agent's Office, Parliament square
Crown Family and Commercial Hotel, Duncan
Stewart, 11 Princes st. — See advertisement.
Crown Life Assurance Office, 45 & 141 George st
Crudelius Chailes William wood mei chant, Citadel;
house, Jessefield
Cruickshank Alexander & Sous, hosiers and shirt
makers, 57 & 61 George st
Cruickshank James, surgeon, 4 Nelson st
Ciniekshank John, cleik, 33 Bioughton place
Ciuickshanks & Roualdson, cabinet makers, M'Neil's
place, Leith walk
Cuddiford John, excise officer, 33 Rose bank
Cullen John, writer, 34 York place
Cullen Margaret, shopkeeper, 194 Cowgate
Cullen Peter, provision dealer, J85a Cowgate
Bumming & Son, trunk & portmanteau, brush, basket,
and packing box maker, Market st
Bumming Catherine, dressmaker, 61 Thistle st
Cumming Charles, physician, 17 London st
Cumming Jas, wine & spirit inrchnt, 7 Grass market
Cumming James, shoe maker, 11 Pitt st
Cumming Mary, lodging house, 4 Maitlaud st
Cumming William, tin smith, gas fitter, Mint close,
58 Highst
Cumming Wm. physician 8f surgeon, 18 Ainslie place
Eummings John, tobacconist, 8 St. Vincent st
Cunning William, smith & ironmonger, 38 Queen st
Cunningham Alex. giocer& spirit dlr, 13 Earl Grey st
Cunningham Alexander, secretaiy in the Commission-
ers of the Northern Lighthouses, 17 Coates crescent
Cunningham &. Co wine merchants, 17 Clyde st
Cunningham & Marshall, wine mercliaiits-,99 George st
Cunningham Andrew jun. wright, 58Tolbooth wynd;
h'use, 49 Charlotte st, Leith
Cunningham B. & E. milliners & straw bonnet makers,
Admiralty st, Leith [dealer, 19 Howe st
Cunningham Elizabeth, china, glass, and earthenware
Cunningham, Kra-er & Co. nurserymen and florists,
Comely bank — See advertisement.
Cunningham Geoige, shopkeeper, 13 Pleasance
Cunningham George (Bruce & Cunningham}, 21
South Castle st
Cunningham James, W. S. 50 Queen st
Cunningham Jane, lodging house, 5 Hope st
Cunningham J no. plumber & gas fitter, 45 Bernard st, L
Cunningham Jno, clerk ui the signet library, 2 Athol pi
Cunningham John & James, seed, linseed, cake, and
artificial manure merchants, 102 West bow
Cunningham Mary, lodging house, 4 Malta Green place
Cunningham Thomas, hat manufctr, 61 North Ikidge st
Cunningham Thos, clothes dealer, 23 St. Mary's wynd
Cunningham William, d. d. piofessor of theology iu
New College, 17 Salisbury road
Cunningham William, merchant (Cunningham and
Marshall), 39 Montague st
Cunningham W.A. (Cunningham & Co.) 86 Gt. Kingst
Cunningham William, joiner, Davidson's mains
Curie James, shoe maker, 40 Buccleuch st [overst
Curie James, pianoforte manufacturer, 52 North Han-
Curran Hugh, furniture dealer, 26 Blair st
Currer Adam, grocer and wine merchant, 79 Queen stj
house, 12 St. Vincent st
Currer Adam, farmer, Myreside, Gorgie
Currer and Dickson, grocers and wine nwchants,
7 Antigua st
Currie Adam, ship-master, 45 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Currie & Co., confectioners and general agents,
25 Geoige IV. bridge
Currie and Lamb, booksellers, 10 Hunter square
Currie Christina, dress maker, I St. James' square
Currie David, flesher, 26 Home st
Currie Heriot, engineer of ships, 4 Auburn place, I*.
Currie Isabella, spirit dealer, Rose hall
Currie James, shoe maker, 114 Rose st
Currie John, furniture dealer, 66 Cowgate
Currie John, gardener, Dalkeith road
Currie John, furniture dealer, 66 Cowgate
Currie Robt. boot & shoe maker, 76 Leith st
Currie Thomas, spirit dealer, 14 Market st
Currie Thomas D. secretary to the Otago Emigration
Company, 20 St. Andrew square
Currie William, cork manufacturer, 48 Water lane, L
Curror Adam, fanner, Myreside-bv-Moi ningside
Curror Datid, S. S. C. 13 Young st
Custom House, Commercial place, Leith
Cuthbert Alexander, manager of Younger's Brewery ;
house, 12 Union st
Cuihbert Clarkson, surgeon, 8 Spence's place
Cuthhert Daniel, grocer & spirit dealer, 36 Brunswick st
Cmhbert David, hardware & toy dealer, 121 Kirkgate L.
Cuthbertson Alex, news vendor, 106 Cau^ewayside
Cuthbertson Andrew Gray, merchant, 2 Dock place,
Leith ; house, 1 Raebnrn place [Leith
Cuthbertson Grace, grocer & spirit dealer, 4 Regent st,
Cuthbertson William, W.S., 66 Northumberland st
Cuthill Alexander, livery stables, car owner, and horse
dealer, East Assembly lane, Rose st
Czarnecki Arthur, commercial traveller, 3 Montague st
DA1LEY Mary, stay maker, 53 High st
Dale Euphemia, boot & shoe maker, 30 Jamaica st
Dalgetty Harry, S.S.C., 47 Minto st
Dalgleish & Forrest, auctioneers and furniture dealers,
4 St. Andrew square
Dalgleish David, flesher, 15 Bread st
Dalgleish David & Son, cork manufacturer.^, and tailors
and clothiers, 5 Drummond st
Dalgleish James, W.S., 14 Rutland square
Dalgleish James, gravel merchant, 77 Clerk st
Dalgleish John, wright, 42 Pleasance
Dalgleish John, coal and lime agent, North British:
Railway Station
Dalgleish Robert, flesher, 33 Fountain bridge
Dalgleish Walter S., vice principal of the Grange
House School — See advertisement
Dalgleish William, lodging house, 1 Melville st
Dalkeith Colliery Office, St. Leonard's depot,
and North bridge, and foot of Constitution st, Leith
Dall Thomas, accountant, 3 Abercromby place
Dall William & Co. china & glass merchants, 4 South
Hanover st; residence, 3 Abercromby place
Dallas E. W. photographer, 34c South Hanover st
Dallas James, shop keeper, 36 Abbey hill
Dalmahov Patrick,W.S.(Daimahoy&Wood) 69 Queen st
Dalniahoy & Wood, W.S., 12 Hill st
Dalry Cemetery, Dairy
Dalrymple John, tea & coffee merchant, 2 Princes st
Dahymple William, solicitor, 11 Pin st
Dalrymple William, jun. W.S., 11 Pitt st
Dalziel Ann, fiuiterer, 57 Bernard st, Leith
Dalziel Catherine, fishmonger, 36a North Frederick st
Dalziel Wm., engraver & p> inter, 4 East St. James st
Dalziell William, corn merchant, Quality court, Leith
Daniels Robert, tin-smith, 47 Water lane, Leith
Danish Consul General's Office* 26 Constitu-
tion-street, Lei ih
Danish Consulate Office, 34 Constitution st, Leith

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