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FIRE, &c. OFFICE kGET^TB— continued.
Scottish Widows' Fund & Life Assurance
Society— Geo. Cooper Myers, 8 George st
— See advertisement
Standard (life)— James Mudle, Savings
Bank & Market st
Sun— Robert Walker, 114 Higli st
Yorkshire— Geo. Cooper Myers, George st
Anderson Joseph, Apple wynd
Brannan CatheriQe, 24 & 26 South Esk st
Brownlee George A. Waterside
Johnston Joseph & Sons (& salmon fishers),
America st
Maxwell John, Waterside
Mearns Alexander, Waterside
Scott William, Wharf st
Sutherland David, 99 & 101 Bridge st
[See also Linen Manufacturert.)
Aberdein, Gordon & Co. (& tow), Union St.
Mm ^ ^
Gordon Alexander & Co. Commerce at— Jas.
Paton John & George (& tow). Chapel Works
Richards & Co. (& jute). Mill st— Charles
B. Holland, manager
Adamson James, 14 MelviUs lane
Donaldson William, 15 Bridge st
Drummond \\'illiam,7 John st. & 65 Ferry st
Erskine MnrRaret, 222 High st
Ewau Isaac, 90 Castle st
Findlay Alexander, 24 High st
Fowler David. 24Newwynd
Gibson Jani'S, 113 Murray st
Gibson William, 163 High st
Hunter James, 17 Castle place
Low Peter, 83 High st
Millar John, 133 Mun'ay st
Milne .-Vlexander, 25 Queen st
Scott Robert, 14 Ferry si
White James, 93 Murray st
Audsley John, 43 Ferrv st
Boyek George & Son, 67 & 69 High st
Johnston David & Co. 5 Castle st
Moir James, 99 High st
Muckart Alexander, 119 High st
Scott Adam, Bridge st
See Smallware Dealers.
Batchelor St, Maconachie, 180 High st
Morton Thomas, 25 New wynd
White James A Co. 124 High st
Gibson William, 153 High st
Low Peter, 33 High st
Niddrie David, 4 Gibson place
See Corn Merclmnta and also Seedsmen,
Marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers.
(See also Shopkeepers.)
•Adams William (wholesale & retail grocer
wine & spirit merchant), 135 High st
♦Allan James, 86 High st
•Anderson Alexander, 3 High st
Baird David, Craigo
Batrd William, 173 High st
•Boyek George & Son, 67 & 69 High at
•Campbell Robert, 152 High st
•Christie Betsy, 1 Bridge st
Cobb James, Rossio Island
•Camming Duncan, 22 i 24 Mill st
CatbberfWniiain a,. 25 Murravst
Davidson Robert, 1 Hill st
•Davidson Wallace, 2s Wliarl st
•Dunbar Charles, 13 High st
*Duncan David, 67 Castle st
Duncan John, North Esk road
*Dmie Charles, 184 High st
Evans Eliza, 12 Upper Hall st
*Fearn James, North Esk road
Fenton Elizabeth, 73 Castle st
Findlay James, 67 Murray st
*Fotheringham .AJexander, 141 High st
Gardyiie William, 55 Murray st
•Gibbous Robert, Armitt's bldgs. Ferry st
Gordon John A. 10 New wynd
Gouk Ann, 9 Commerce st
Jarron David, 5 Ferry st
Keir Isabella, 78 Murray st
*Lamb David, 2 Castle st
■^Lamb George, 28 High st
Largie David, 34 Mill st
Loggie Joseph, 12 India at
*Low George, 110 High st
Low Susan, Railway place
M*Donald James, 13 Queen st
♦Mackie Peter, 20 Mill st
M'Murray Robert, 1 >> harf st
Marquis Elizabeth. North Esk road
♦Marshall James (and seedsman), 162 High st
'Meffan Robert, 68 North st
*Menmuir Alexander, Hillside
Middleton James, Logic
Millar Alexander, Logie-Pert
Miller Hannah B. 170 High st
♦Mitchell David, 86 High st
Moir James, 2 Shore wynd
*Moir Robert, 11 Shore wynd
•Moir WilUam & Son, 11 High st
Montrose Baking & Trading Society, 2 Mel-
viUe lane, 40 Castle st, 61 & 63 Murray st,
and 13 Commerce st— Alexander Murray,
Montrose Co-opeeative Association
Limited, 75 High st, 22 Murray st, and 87
Balmain st — John D. Donald, manager
Mowatt James, Dun
Mudie John, 2(1 New wynd
*Nicol George, 4 & 6 Seagate
Pyper Alexander, 22 Ferry st
Reith William, North Craigo
Ritchie Alexander, 120 Castle st
♦Ross William, 96 Castle st
•Samson William T. 49 Ferry st
Scorgie John, 44 South Esk st
Scott George (wholesale), St. Mary's road
Scott James, Ferryden
Smith George & Son, Loanhead
Soutar James, Noi-th Esk road
Talbert William, Hillside
Taylor WiUiam A. 47 Murray st
•Thomson Robert, 51 High st
•Valentine David, 11 Castle place
•Valentine George, 6 & 8 Baltic at
•Valentine William, 58 Murray st
Watt Mary, 67 Murray st
•Webster John, 119 High st
Young Elizabeth, 37 Ferry st
Young James, 4 St. Peter's place
Alexander Adam, 23 New wynd
Burness Thomas, 17 South Esk st
Butchart James, 1 Castle place
Kerr Andrew, 100 Murray st
Macintosh William, 15 Castle st
Nichol David, 9 John st
Cuthbort James & Co. 82 Murray st
Fulton Robert. 134 Hi!;h st
Lyall David, 16 High st
Drummond William, 44 Baltic st
Hay David {& horse dealer;, 65 Bridge st
Rae & Balfour ( job & post horses for hire,
carriages, waggonettes, &c, on reasonable
terms). New wynd— &e advertisement
Tavendale John, Lower Hall st
Lumsden Marv, 78 High st
Lyall David, 16 High st
Mill James, 126 Jlurray st
Wilkie John & Matthew, 78 High st
(See also Innkeepers under the head Spirit
Dealers, d:c.)
Eagle, James Stewart, 1 South Esk st
Queen's Hotel (commercial and
family -and billiards), Jobn
Hookford, 113 Kigb st
Railway Hotel, Andrew ACeffan
Brskine st '
Royal Hotel, Mary M'Call, 97 High st
Star Hotel ifaituily, commercial
and posting , Tames ±>avidson,
53 Hig-li street, and SliJew wynd
See FirCf &c. Offi-ce Agents, also Marine In-
surance Associations, d^c.
(See aUo Engineers, £ also Boiler Makers,)
Sougrlas David &. Son, IVXelviUe la
Kinks Foundry Co. (and engineers
and boiler makers , Iiinks
Montrose Foundry Co. River hl— James
Mitchell, manager
Lackie David, 89 High st
Millar Robert & Sons, Balmain st
Whimater William S. & Sou, 115 High st
Gardyne Alexander, Ferryden
Lackie David, 39 High st
Robertson James, 59 High st
Samson James, 112 Murray st
Whimster William S. & Son (& iron mer-
chant) 115 High st
Marked thus + are also Builders.
Atteridg© Hercules, 107 High st
Bowman Charles, Loan head
tBrand & Wadie, George st
CairncrosB Charles, 56 Baltic st
Duncan William, 10 Market st
Fettis &, 5teplien,24 Kower Hall
Findlay Robert, Muirside, Craigo
^Gordon Allan, 16 Baltic at
Graig David, Old Montrose
tHird James & Son, Panmure row
Johnston Jas. Upper Gallery, Logie-Pert
Low David, Meridian st
Low James, Market st
Low Jobn, Bruce Mill, Dan
Milne Brothers, Balmain st
IMilne David, 35 Isower Hall st
Milne James, 83 North st
Napier James, Kincardine st
Roberts JTohn, ^1 Kincardine st
tSmith George (and builder), Brougham
place. North Esk road
Smith James, Dun
Exchange Reading Room, Town Hall
John Clark, treasurer & secretary
Ferryden Reading Room— James West»
Montrose Insurance -Association Read-
ing Room, Meridian st — James Warrack
Montrose Public Library, Town Hall^
John Clark, secretary & librarian
Montrose Trades' Library (open on Tues-
day and Friday evening from half-past 7
till half-past 9), Market street— William
Mitchell , treasurer ; William Coutts, secre-
tary & librarian
Montrose Commercial Co. Dock buildings —
Andrew Baxter, manager
Montrose Lime Co. Wet dock — James
Hughes, manager
Smith Thomas & Co. Railway station
Anderson James & Co. (& sillt mercers), 1?
High st
Dakers James, 35 High st
Emslxe William, 83 High st
Fairweather William, 21 Wharf st
Graham Robert, 1 High st
Johnston & Co. 208 & 212 High st
Johnston George, 11 Castle place
Johnston Robert, 43 High st
Low Charles, 15G High st
LyaU, Son, & Fell' 95 High st
Mill James, 126 Mm-ray s:j

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