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AG'E^^TH— continued.
Findlay James, 7 George st
Gibbons Robert & Son (to A. Lowson, canvas
manufacturer, Arbroath, and for Montrose
Steam Tug Company), 55 Ferry st
Hall James (and secretary to the Scottish
Legal Burial Society), North Eak road
Hughes James (to Montrose & London Ship-
ping Company, & Montrose Lime Com-
pany), Docks [Maryton
Lyall Charles (to the Earl of Soathesk),
Mitchell William (commission), Dock bldgs
Nelson Alexaii Vr (and carting agent to the
Caledonian iiailway Co). Krskine st. &
Chapel place
Rait A. E. & Co. (commission), 14 Erskine st
Russell James (for Phoenix Dyeing Co. Glas-
gow, and Coutts & Sons' Acetic Acid,
Glasgow), 55 High st
Smith Lawrence S. (to the Shipwrecked
Fishermen & Mariners' Society), Do:;k
Steven Margaret (to John Henderson, dyer,
Broughty Ft'rrij), 143 Murray st
Walker Robert, 36 High st
Warrack James & Co. (to Lloyd's, for David
Japp & Co.'s manures, •&. to the \Miite Star
& Allan lines of steamers), 3 Dock bldgs
Watson Mary (to J. Pullar & Sons, dyers,
Perth), 72 High st
IRmitexuan Frederick (to l^ont-
roso £l Newcastle Steaxu Ship-
ping Company),©! Ferry street,
Wilkie J. & M. (for Wheeler & Wilson's sew-
ing machines), 78 High st
Williamson ( Robert (commission),26 Bridge st
I Union Bank of Scotland (Branch), 183 High
st; head office, Glasgow— diaws on Coutts
& Co. and Glyn & Co. London— Andrew
Greig, agent; William Herald, accountant
Savings Bank National Security, John
st— open on Thursday and Saturday even-
ings, from half-past sis to half-past eight,
and on Friday morning from nine till
twelve — James Mudie, actuary & cashier
Aitkinhead & Mason, 57 High st
Batchelor & Maconachie, 180 High st
Burnett Andrew C. 90 High st
Christie James, 31 Furry st
Langlands John, 73 & 75 Murray st
MacQueen George, 2 Lower Hall st
Montrose Baking and Grocery Co-opera-
tive Association, Limited, 75 High st, 22
Murray st, & 37 Balmain st — John D.
Donald, manager
Montrose Baking & Trading Society, 2 Mel-
ville lane, 40 Castle st, 61 &. 63 Murray st,
and 13 Commerce st— Alexander Murray,
Ritchie Alexander, 120 Castle st
Scott William (& biscuit), 16 Ferry st
Smith James, 204 High st
Taylor Peter, 2 Castle place
Thomson Skene, 7 High st
Watt Mary. 37 Murray st
Wood James, 127 Murray st
Aberdeen Town & County Bank (Branch),
210 High st; head office, Aberdeen— draws
on the London Joint Stock Banking Co,
London — Alexander Mackie, agent; George
Gauld, accountant
Bank of Scotland (Branch), 31 High st;
head office, Edinburgh— draws on the Bank
of Scotland, Bank of England, Smith,
Payne & Smiths, and Coutts & Co. London
— Charles Burness, agent ; Alexander
Craigie, accountant
British Linen Company (Branch), 79 High
fit ; head office, "Edinburgh — draws on
Smith, Payne & Smiths, London — George
Chalmers, agent; Thomas Scott, accoun-
tant — Sec adi>ertiscinent
Clydesdale Banking Cojipany (Branch),
High st ; head office, Glasgow — draws on
the London & Westminster Bank. London
George Cooper Myers, agent; William Jolly,
Kational Bank of Scotland (Branch),
101 Highst; head office, Edinburgh — draws
on Glyn &. Co. Coutts & Co. and Bank of
Scotland, London — Arthur Dickson, agent;
George Kyd, accountant
North of Scotland Bank (Branch), Hi
fligh at; head office, Aberdeen — draws on
the Union Bank of London, & Barclay
Bevan & Co. London — Robert Walker,
agent: Alexander Lindsay, accountant
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), 65 High
st; head olfice, Edinburgh ; draws on the
Ro5*al Bank of Scotland, lS: Coutts & Co.
London — Thomson A Savege, agents ;
Thomas Bishop, accountant— 5'ee advt
Laing James, 18 High st
Balfour Johanna, 120 Murray st
Crabbe Jane, 139 Murray st
Davidson Catherine & Margaret, 113 High st
Law Margaret, 123 High st
Pharoah Alexander, 118 Murray st
Wo'id John, 44 High st
Balfour John, New wynd
Balfour William, Langley Smithy, Dun
Balneaves William, South Esk st
Bowick John (and machinist), Market st
Brown James & Co. Mill lane and Docks
Davidson Andrew, Gallery, Logie-Pert
Davidson George, North Water Bridge
Dunbar Alexander, Old Montrose
Edwards John, Bortland, Usan
Edwards William, Craig
Ewan George, Dun
Farquhar John, 10 Upper Hall st
GfirdyiiC Alexander, Ferryden
Guthrie Alexander, Craigo
M'Intosh William, Stracathro
Maekie John, Baltic st
Patterson James, Dun
Sband Francis, George st
Shand John, New wynd
Stevondale James, Docks
Straclian Alexander, Loan head
Valentine WiUiam, North Esk at
White Andrew, Duninald, Maryton
Aberdein, Gordon & Co. Sunnyside Bleach
Jack & Mustard, Logic Mill
Richard ^t Co. Craigo Works
Still Alexander, 54 FeiTy st
Waddel George, Bridge end, Wharf st
Burn Alexander & Son, Waterside
Scott A. &. J. F iasiiin^ boats.
pleasure yachts 6, sblp's boats),
Kiver st
WaddcU George, Wharf st
(See also Engineers and also Ironfouiidcrs.)
Black & Noble, Commerce st
Links Foundry Co. Links
Burnett Alexander (& music & pianforte
dealer), 128 Murray st
Davidson David P. 4 Castle st
Grant William (Bible & tract depot), Town
House, High st
Hunter ^eorg^e (&. music , B7
VfLxxvTBy st
Kerr George, 1 Chapel place
Leighton James, 94 Murray st
Walker George (& bookbinder, & music &
pianoforte dealer), 48 High st
Bain William, North Craigu
Barclay James, 85 Murray st
Carnegie James. 23 Ferry st
Carr John, 47 Ferry st
Christie & Co. 127 High st
Glark John, 6 Castle st
Cowie Alexander, 6 New wynd
Cuthbert Alexander, 12 High st
Davidson James, Ferryden Craig
Findlay David, 15 Murray st
Fleming WUliam, 118 Hiyh st
Foreman James, 17 Ferry st
Grant Alexander, 122 Murray st
Grant J. & A. 9S Murray Bt
Irvine Charles, 82 High st
Kemlo Thomas, 12 The Mall
Kenneth Edward, John st
Leighton John, 131 Murray st
Middleton David, 10 Ramsay st
Milne John, 20 Castle place
Mitchell Thomas, 9 Castle place
Morris Archibald, 57 Murray st
Mun-ay David, 19 Mill st
Murray John, Hillside
Murray Lauchlan, 84 Castle st
Silver Jas. Kirktown of Logie-Pert
Sinclair Donald, 62 Murray st
Smart James & Sons, 85 High st
Smith George & Son, Loan head
Smith John, Hillside
Spark Alexander, 10 High st
Strachan Alexander, 6 Queen st
Valentine & Wishart, 130 High st
Wilkie John, 7 Bridge st
Glegg Charles (& copper smith), 14 High st
Lackie David, 89 High st [New wynd
Middleton Charles & Sons (& zinc workers),
Davidson John, 34 Ferry st
Ross 'William & Oo. (&, xnaltsters) ,
Zaocbside Srewery, Sfortii Ssl£
Dryloy's Brick, Tile & Pottery Works— Wm.
Turner, manager
Duncan George, Puggeston, Dun
Bruce David, 144 High st
Samson James, 112 Murray st
(See also Builders under the head Joiners.)
Balfour William, 22 Jolm st
Cuthbert John, 29 Queen st
Ford James & Son, George st
Mitchell James, 29 Christie's lane
Reoch John, Wharf st
Robertson David, 1 Wellington place
(See also Upholsterers.)
Atteridge Hercules, 107 High st
Burns David, 154 High st
Grieve Alexander, 6 Murray st
J'app r. J. &. S*. (uplaolsterers &
dealers in manufactured tim-
ber), Baltic Street Steam Cab-
inet "Works
Lowdon Thomas M. 55 to 57 Bridge st
Sorieli Jolin[and undertaker], 63
Bridge st
See Linen Majiiifacturcrs.
Burnett William, Ferryden
Cairncross Charles, 56 Baltic st
Low James, 27 Market st
Barclay John, 193 High st
Burrell George, 116 High st
Phin Alexander, 6 Castle place
Reid John, 21 High st
Savage James, 27 High st
Cox John, 8 Apple wvnd
Middleton William, 38 Castle st

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