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Man- David, inspector aud collector of poor, [and registrar for the
parish of Mary ton. School House
MaiT John, master Dorward's Seminary, 3 Chapel road
Marshall James, grocer and spirit dealer, 163 High st ; house, 23
Bridge st
Martin Charles, farmer, Logie-Pert
Maxwell Thomas, collector of police and poor rates, King st
Maxwell William, cooper, 9 Wharf st
Mearns Alexander, fish curer, Waterside, & farmer, Maryton
Mearns Ann, grocer, Feri-yden
Mearns William, shipmaster, 21 Palmerston st
Meflfau Andrew, i?a/?it!a)/Hoiti,Erskine st [st
Meffan David, tailor and clothier, 149 High st ; house, 27 Palmerston
Meffan Kobert, grocer and spirit dealer, 53 North st
Menmuir Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer. Hill side
Menzies James, master St. John's Free School, White's place. Links
Middleton Charles & Son, plumbers & coppersmiths, 64 New wynd
Middleton Da%id, boot and shoemaker, Ramsay st
Middleton David, tailor and clothier, 41 John st; house, 31 HiU st
Middleton Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 11 River st
Middleton George, plumber, &c. (C. Middleton & Son)» 4 Panmurepl
Middleton James, grocer. Logic
Middleton Margaret, newsagent, 9 Hill st
Middleton Thomas, plumber, 35 Market st
Middleton William, chimney sweeper, 38 Castle st
Middleton William, plumber, Ac. (C. Middleton & Son), 12 John st
Mill James, draper, 126 Murray st; house, Victoria bridge
Millar Alexander, gi-ocer, Logie-Pert
Millar Alexander, tailor, Logie-Pert
Millar Christian H. timber merchant (R. Millar & Sons), consul for
Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Balmain st
Millar Edward, timber merchant (Robert Millar & Sons), and consul
for North German Confederation, Balmain st ; house, Union pi
Millar James, surveyor of taxes, 108 High st
Millar Jane, Commercial Hotel, 88 High st
MiUar John, flesher, 133 Murray st ; house, 2 Baltic st
Millar Robert & Sons, timber merchants and saw mills, Balmain st
Millar Thomas, cattle dealer, 46 Bridge st
Milne Alexander, inspector of poor, Montrose, 15 Union st
Milne Alexander, joiner (Milne Brothers), 69 Melville lane
Milne Andrew, farmer, Logie-Pert
Milne Andrew, flesher, 25 Queen st
Milne & Touth, managers (C^iledonian Flour Mill Co.), Dock buildings
Milne Brothers, joiners, Balmain st
Milne David, ship carpenter, 3 Erskine st
Milne David, joiner, 85 Lower Hall st
Milne David, corn & flotu- dealer, 51 George st ; house, 34 Hill st
Milne Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 3 Commerce st
Milne George, miUer, Caledonia Mills, 3 Wellington st
Milne George, tailor & clothier, Higli st ; house. 145 High st
Milne George & Co. starch manufactui'ors, Bridge st
Milne James, joiner, 83 North st
Milne James, tailor it clothier, 3 Lower Hall st
Milne John, Castle Inn, 14 Castle place
Milne John, boot & shoe maker, 20 Castle place ; house, 154 High st
Milno John, corn merchant (John Milne & Sons), Bridge st
Mihie John & Sons, corn merchants, South Esk Ghainaries, Water
Milne Robert, joiner (Milne Brothers), 53 Melville lane
Milne Robert, farmer. West Mains of Rosemont
Milne Robert, farmer, Maryton
Milne Thomas, joiner (Milne Brothers), 35 Balmain st
Milne WiUiam, clothes broker. 14 New wynd
Mills Alexander, tailor & clothier, 4 Mm-ray st; house, 82 King st
Mitchell Alexander, farmer, Logie-Pert
Mitchell David, grocer & spirit dealer, 36 High st
filitchell David, inspector of Waterworks, 87 High st
Mitchell Helen, householder, 5 Erskine st
Mitchell James, manager, ?>() Commerce st
Mitchell James, stonemason & builder, 29 Christies lane
Mitchell Peter, manager. Market st
Mitchell Thos, boot & shoe maker, 9 Castle place ; ho. 16Bridge st
Mitchell William, whip and insurance broker and owner, and Italian
vice-consul, Dock buildings ; house, Hudson's square
Mitchell William, farmer, Logie-Pert
Moil- James, grocer, 2 Shore wynd
Moir James, ship carpenter, 27 Hill st
Moir James, fruiterer, 99 High at ; house, 61 Baltic st
Moir John, cart owner, 5 River st
Moir Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 11 Shore wynd
Moir William, farmer, Craig
Moir William & Son, grocers & spii-it dealers, 11 High st; house
Iviains of Usan '
MoUiRon James, curator, Museum, 39 Baltic st
JTonro John, glass merchant, 104 Murray st
Montrose Academy, Academy square. Links
Montrose & London Steam Shipping Co. Docks— James Huches
agent ° '
Montrose & Newcastle Steam Shipping Co. Docks— Frederick
Whiteman, agent
*' Montrose, Ai'broath and Brechin Review" Newspaper Office 97
High st— Alexander Dun & Co. publishers '
Montrose, Arbroath, London & Newcastle Steam Shipping Co 81
Ferry st — William Esplin, agent
Montrose Baking & Trading Society, 2 Melville lane ; branches 4
Castle st, 61 & 63 Murray st, and 13 Commerce st— Alexander
Murray, manager
Montrose Commercial Co. Coal & Lime Merchants, Meridian st—
Andrew Baxter, manager
Montrose Co-operative Association Limited, grocers, bakers,drapers
&c. 75 High st; tailoring department, 35 High st ; branches 2'^
Murray st ; tfc 37 Balmain st— John D. Donald, general manager"""
Montrose Foundry Co. engineers & boiler makers, River st— James
Mitchell, manager
Blontrose Gas Light Co.'s Works, Lower Hall st— Robert Renton
manager '
Montrose Insurance Association, 5 Dock buildings— James War-
rack, secretary
Montrose Insurance Association Reading Room, Meridian st —
James Warrack, secretary
Montrose Lime Co. Wot Dock— James Hughes, agent [secretary
Montrose Mutual Life Assurance Co. 107 High st— David Waldie,
Montrose Public Library, Town hall— John Clark, secretary and
Blontrose Rope & Sail Cloth Co. Melville lane— Jas. Low, manager
"Montrose Standard & Angus & Mearns Register" NewspaperOfflce
66 High st — Jacobina A. Macaskie, pubhsher
Montrose Starch Co.— Thomas Cowie & Son, proprietors, wheaten
starch manufacturers, Seagate
Montrose Steam Tug Co. Ferry st — Robert Gibbons, agent
Montrose Trades' Library, Market st— Wm. Coutts, secretary
Moore Charles, foreman, "39 Palmerston st
i\[ooro James, ship master, 91 Bridge st
Morecome John, farmer. Dun
Morris Archibald, boot & shoe maker, 57 Murray st
Morrison John, engineer, 36 Wharf st
Morton Thomas, broker, 25 New wynd
Mowatt James, grocer, Dun
Muckart Alexander, fruiterer, 119 Murray st; house. Lower Hall st
Mudie James, floor cloth manufacturer, Market st ; house, Pan-
mure terrace
Mudie John, grocer, 20 New wynd
Muir Thomas, coal merchant, Erskine st — Fredk. Wliiteman, agent
Murison David, grain & manure merchant, 9 & 10 Panmure place;
house, 18 King st
Murisou Jessie, householder, 12 Erskine place
Murphy James & Son, pawnbrokers, 17 ifc 19 Castle st
Murray Alexander, draper {George Murray & Co.), 145 High st
Murray Alexander, manager, Melville lane
Murray David, boot & shoe maker, 19 Mill st
Murray George & Co. draperF, 54 High st
Murray John, boot & shoe maker, Hillside
Murray Lauchlan, boot & shoe maker, 84 Castle st
Murray W^illiam, grocer, Hillside
Museum, Panmure place — James Mollison, curator
Mustard & Shearer, corn merchants, George st, &3Swan st, Brechin
Myers & Wills, solicitors, 8 George st
Myers George Cooper, solicitor & notary (Myers & Wills), town,
clerk, clerk to police commissioners, to turnpike trusts, and to
North Esk Fishery Board, master extraordinary of the High Court
of Chancery, and agent to Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assurance
Society, George st ; house, Peel place, High st
NAPIER James, joiner, 3 Kincardine st [agent
National Eanli of Scotland (Branch), 101 High st— Arthur Dickson,
National Guarantee & Suretyship Association, Limited, 79 High st
George C. Chalmers, agent
National Provident Institution— Alex. Mackie, 310 High st, agent
National Provincial'Plaue Glass Insm-ance Co.— R. S. Batchelor, 103
High st, agent — See advertisement
Neilson Alexander, rag merchant, & carting agent to the Caledonian
Railway Co. Baltic st; house, 4 Chapel place
Neilson Andrew, clerk, 5 Chapel st
Neilson Ann, dressmaker, 70 High st
Nichol Wiiham, farmer. Dun
NichoU David, hairdresser, 9 John st
Nicoll Andrew, engineer, 4 Erskine place
Nicoll George, grocer & spirit dealer, 4 & 6 Seagate
Nicoll Helen, dressmaker, 10 Wharf st
Niddrie David, game & general dealer, 4 Gibson's place
Noble Archibald, shipbuilder (Black & Noble), 75 Ferry st
Noble John, foreman, 91 Bridge st
North British & Mercantile Insurance Co.— Batchelor& Maconachie,
184 High st; & Charles Burneas, 31 High st. agents
North British Railway Company, Erskine st— William Esplin, agent
North of Scotland Bank (Branch), 114 High st — Robt. W^alker,ageut
Northern Agricultural Guano Stores, George st — Wm. Beadie.agent
Northern Insurance Co.— John Clark, 122 High st; George C.
Chalmers, 79 High st ; William Mitchell, Dock buildings ; & Arthur
Dickson, 101 High st. agents
OFFICER Thomas, confectioner, 91 High st
Oliphant John, town's officer & inspector of weights & measures
Town's buildings
PAROCHIAL Board & Rate Offices, 160 High st— See Public
Buildings, tf-c.
Patent Slip, Waterside — David Brown, superintendent
Paton James, insurance agent, 3 Erskine st
Paton Johu & George, flax & tow spinners, Chapel Works, Paton's
lane, & at Dundee
Paton John, manufacturer (J. & G. Paton), 11 Union place
Paton Thomas B. manufacturer (J. & G. Paton), Sunnyside House,
Hill Side
Patterson James, blacksmith, Dun
Peddie George, grocer, 11 South Esk st
Pert Alexander, tailor & clothier, 3 St. Peter's place
Pert WUiiam, shipmaster, 6 Erskine place
Petherick William, collector of customs, 9 Union place
Petrie Aixhibald, manufacturer, 43 Mill st
Petrie James, shipbuilder. Waterside ; house, 11 Erskiae st
Petrie Jessie, dressmaker, 33 John st
Petty David, cashier, 1 Chapel st
Pharoah Alexander, dyer & fancy repository, 118 Murray st
Phease John, shipmaster. 10 Gibson place
Phillips William, china & glass dealer, Murray st
Phin Alexander, chemist & druggist, 6 Castle place; ho. 136 High st
Phoenix Fire Insurance Co.— James K. Findlay, 81 High st, agent
Pitblado Charles B. clerk (Customs), 2 Erskine st
Places of Worship^Sfg Public Buildings
Police Office (Burgh), George st- James Wilson, superintendent
Pohce Office, Ferryden — Alexander Chyne, officer
Provident Life Insurance Co.— John Scott, 138 High st, agent
Public Baths (salt and fresh), Bridge st— Dftvid Marshall, attendant

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