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Chaplin James, schoolmaster, 14 Union place
Christie Alexander, boot maker (Christie & Co.), 154 High st
Christie & Co. boot & shoe makers, 127 High at
Christie Eefcsy, gi-ocer & spirit dealer, 1 Bridge st
Christie George, farmer, Logie-Pert
Christie James, baker & confectioner, 31 Ferry fit
Christie Jane, householder, 13 Railway place
Christison David, clothier & woollen di-aper, 166 High st
City of Glasgow Insurance Co.— Laurence S.Smith, Dockbldgs.agent
Clark Alexander, painter and decorator, 31 Bridge st; house, 22
Bridge st
Clark Andrew, sail maker (A. & J. Clark), 6 Chapel place
Clark Andrew & John, sail makers, Commerce st
Clark David D. watch maker, 9 Bridge st ; house, 222 High at
Clark John, sail maker (A. & J. Clark), 12 Commerce st
Clark John, farmer, Seafield, Montrose
Clark John, tobacconist & emigration agent, 122 High st
Clark John, boot & shoe maker, 6 Castle st
Clark John E. examining ofiflcer, Customs, Railway place
Clegg Charles, coppersmith, 14 High st
Clydesdale Banking Co.(Branch)— George C. Myers, High st, agent ;
William Jolly, accountant
Cobb & Taylor, soda water & lemonade manufactm-ers, 87 High st
Cobb James, grocer, liossie Island
Collie Alexander, tailor, &c. 22 High st
Co-operative Association, Limited ("Montrose), grocers, bakers and
drapers, 75 High st— John D. Donald, manager; branches, 22
Murray st, 37 Balmain st ; tailoring department, 33 High st
County Fire Insurance Co.— John Scott, 138 High st, agent— See advt
Coupar Andrew, farmer, Logie-Pert
Coutts Jane, post receiving house, Hillside
Coutts William, clerk, 9 St. John's place
Cowie Alexander, boot & shoe maker, 6 New wjmd
Cowie Andrew (trustees ofj, farmer, Logie-Pert
Cowie David, farmer, Maryton
Cowie Hugh (ti'ustees of), farmers, Logie-Pert
Cowie John, farmer, Ardoch of Gallery, Logie-Pert
Cowie John, farmer, Logie-Pert
Cowie Thomas & Son. Montrose Starch Co. Seagate
Cowie WiUiam, farmer. West Mains of Hedderwick
Cowper James, farmer. Dun
Cos John, chimney sweep, Apple wynd
Orabbe Jane, Berlin wool and fancy repository, 139 Murray st
Craig "W^illiam, farmer, Maryton
Craigie John, shipmaster, 15 River at
Crockart David, writing master, Academy, Academy sq. Rose Hill pi
Cromar John, shipbuilder, 27 Balmain st
Crown Insurance Co.— John Scott, 138 High st, & Alex. M. Watt,
24 Lower Hall st, agents
Cruikshank Augustus W. farmer. Dun
Cruikshank Thomas, farmer, Dun [Iving st
Camming Duncan, grocer & spirit dealer, 23 & 24 Mill st ; ho. 39
Custom House, Dock buildings— William Petherick, collector;
Charles P. Pitblade, clerk ; John Clark, examining officer
Cuthbert Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 12 High st
Cuthbert George, stonemason & builder, 29 Queen st
Cuthbert James, tobacco manufacture, 19 Castle place
Cuthbert James A Co. hatters, 82 Blurray st
Cuthbert William L. grocer & spirit dealer, 25 Murray st
DAKERS David, shipmaster, 81 Wharf st
Dakers James, general draper, 35 High st
Dalgarna Joseph, gardener, 71 Mill st
Dalgetty William, teacher of dancing, 23 Murray st
Davidson Andrew, blacksmith, Gallery of Pert
Davidson Catherine & Margaret, Berlin wool repository, 113 High st
Davidson David P. bookseller & stationer, 4 Castle st
Davidson George, blacksmith, North Water bridge
Davidson James, boot & shoe maker, Ferryden
33avidson James, Star Hotel [family, comznercial
and posting), 53 Kig-h st, &,l^ew wynd
Davidson John, schoolmaster (White's School), White's place
Davidt^ou John, brewer & maltster, 34 Ferryden
Davidson John, farmer. Dun
Davidson Robert, grocer, 1 Hill st ; house, 44 New wynd
David=!on Wallace, grocer & spii'it dealei-, 28 Wharf st ; house,
129 Bridge st [High st
Davie Francis, gun and fishing tackle maker, 68 High st ; house, 49
Dawson David, Umon Inn, 216 High st
Deans WiUiam, district reporter (Dundee Advertiser), Union st
Dempster David, herbalist, 117 Murray st
Dempster Robert, shipmaster, 4 Railway place
Denmark, Norway & Sweden Vice-Consulate, Balmain st— C. H.
Millar, vice-consul
Dickie Margaret, householder, 40 Bridge st
Dickson Arthur, solicitor & notary (Burness & Dickson), and agent
to the Montrose Branch of the National Bank of Scotland, for the
heritors of St. Cyrus & Parochial Board of Montrose, School
Boards & Scottish Union Insurance Co. 81 High st ; ho. 101 High st
Dickson David, farmer, Logie-Pert
DicUsnn James, farmer, Logie-Pert
Doig James, confectiouer,32 High st ;
Donald John D. manager, 93 Bridge st
Donaldson J. & H. smallware dealers, 62 High st
Donaldson William, flesher, 15 Bridge st; house, St. John's place
Doward's House of Refuge, Links— Walter Soutar, superintendent
— See also Ptihlic Buildings
Douglas David, iroufounder (David Douglas & Son), 85 South Esk st
3>0Ti^ias £)r.LVid •&. Son irontounders, KXelville lane
Douglas Geo. ironfounder (David Douglas & Son), Melville Cottage
Drummoud David, shipmaster. 8 King st
Drummond M;igdalen, glass & china dealer, 44 MuxTay st
Drummond Wm. flesher, 65 Ferry st, & 7 John st ; ho'. 76 Murray st
Drummond William, horse hirer & undertaker, 44 Batic st
Drylees Brick Works, Dubton —WiUiam Tm-ner, manager
Dunbar |A.lexander. blacksmith, Old Montrose
Dunbar Charles, grocer & spirit dealer, 13 High st
Duncan David, grocer & spirit dealer, 67 Castle st
Duncan George, brick & tile manufacturer, Puggeston, Dun
Duncan James, photogi-aphic artist, 136 High st ; house, High st
Duncan Janet, shopkeeper, 106 Murray st
Duncan John, grocer & spirit dealer, Brougham place
Duncan Peter, registrar for bhth?, deaths & marriages, Eosehill
Duncan Eev. Robert, The Manse, North Esk road
Duncan WUUam, joiner, 10 Market st ; house, 18 Orange lane
Dundee Advertiser Office (branch), 76 High st— WiUiam D«an«.
district reporter
Dunlop Vans Andrew, farmer,, Dun
Dunn Alexander & Co. pubUshers of the " Montrose Review,' 97
High st— Charles B. Taylor, manager
Durie Charles, grocer & spirit dealer, 184 High st
Duthie & IngUs, coach builderfl. Chapel st
Duthie James, coach builder (Duthie & Inglis), 86 Market at
Duthie John (heirs of), farmer, Logie-Pert
EDINBURGH Life Assurance Co.— James Ross, 12 Castle st;
Wm. Davidson, IS^a High st ; and P. Duncan, 16 High st, agents
Edward James & Sous, tailors, John st
Edward Kenneth, boot & shoe maker, John st ; house 12 Orange la
Edward Thomas, watchmaker & jeweller, 148 High st ; house, 27
Bridge st
Edward William, millwi-ight, Logie-Pert
Edwards Alexander, tailor & clothier, 6 St. Peter's place
Edwards David, farmer, Home Farm of Charlton
Edwards John, blacksmith, Usan
Edwards William, blacksmith, Craig
Bmslie William, draper & linen & woollen manufacturer, 83 High
st, and North st; house, 25 King st [High st
English & Scottish Law Life Assurance Office— Thomas Barclay, 80
Erskine James, shopkeeper, 3 Carnegie st
Erskine Margaret, flesher, 222 High st
Esplin William, coal agent, and agent to North British Railway Co.
& Montrose, Arbroath,:London & Newcastle Steam shipping Co. 81
Ferry st ; house, 197 High st
Evans Eliza, grocer & spirit dealer, 12 Upper Hall st
Evans Robert, road surveyor, Victoria bridge
Ewan George, blacksmith. Dun
Ewan Isaac, flesher, 90 Castle st; house, 31 Bridge st
Exchange Reading Room, Town Hall— John Clark, secretary
FAIRWE.ATHER James, stafi' sergeant, F. & K. Militia, 9 Wel-
lingtOU st -rr 1, 1
Pairweathcr Robert K. plumber & gasfitter, 1 Lower Hall st
Fairweather William, linen & woollen manufacturer, 21 Wharf st
Farquhar John, blacksmith, 10 Upper Hall st
Favquharson Alexander, Hoiith Esk Inn, 37 Wharf st
Fearn James, grocer i spirit dealer. North Esk road
Foil David L. draper (Lyall, Son & Fell), Castle place
Fenton Elizabeth, grocer & spirit dealer, 73 Castle st
Ferrier Joseph, shipmaster, 13 Balmain st
Ferguson Daniel, rag merchant, 47 George st ; house, 30 Ferry >t
Fettis & Stephen, joiners, 24 Lower Hall st
Findlay Alexander, flesher, 24 High st
Findlay David, boot & shoe maker, 16 Murray st
Findlay James, grocer, 67 Murray st ; house, 46 King st
Findlay James, ship carpenter, 81 Balmain st
Findlay James R. solicitor & commissioner for taking affidavits in
the Supreme Court of Judicature, Victoria, Australia, and agent
for the Phosnix Fire & Scottish Equitable Life Assurance, 81 High
st; house, 7 George st t j- »
Findlay John, rope maker (Adamson & Findlay), 9 India st
Findlay John, spirit dealer, Ferryden
Findlay Maria, shopkeeper, 75 Castle st
Findlav Robert, joiner, Muirside, Craigie
Findlay WiUiam, clerk, 29 Palmerston st
Fleming William, boot & shoe maker, 118 High st
Forbes Mrs. — , farmer, Lamond faulds
Forbes WiUiam, shipmaster, 19 Palmerston st
Ford James & Son, builders & stonemasons, Georgo st; house,
Melville lane
Forfar & Kincardine Militia Artillery (Depot & Stores), Panmure
barracks — See Public Buildings, djc,
Forf.ar David, shipmaster, 25 Hill st
Forsyth James, biUposter, 8 High st
Foreman James, boot & shoe maker, 17 Ferry st
Fotheihigham Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 141 High st ;
house, 10 Canmore st
Fowler David, flesher, 24 New wynd ; house, 24 Commerce st
Fraser George, shipmaster, 14 Railway place
Eraser Sarah, milliner & dressmaker, 174 High st
Fraser William, upholsterer, 174 High st
Froud JIargaret, householder, 6 Erskine st
Fulton Robert, hatter, 184 High st
Fyffe John, miUer, Duns Mill, Dun
GARDYNE Alexander, ironmonger, Ferryden
Gardyne William, gi'ocer, 66 MuiTay st
Garland Andrew, farmer, Logie-Pert
Gas Works (Montrose), Lower Hall st— Robert Renton, manager;
Alex. M. Watt, secretary & treasurer
Gauld George, accountant, 210 High st [consul
Gorman Empire Vice-Consulate, Balmain st— Edward Millar, vice-
Gibbons Robert & Son, ship chandlers & ship owners, & agents for
the Montrose Steam Tug Co. Limited, for the Royal Insurance Co.
& for Lowson's canvas {Arhroaih), 55 Ferry st
Gibson — , farmer. Dun
Gibson James, flesher, 113 Murray st
Gibson Jane, shopkeeper, Carnegie st
Gibson William, flesher & game dealer, 153 High st
Gillam William, station master, Dubton
Glegg Charles, brassfounder & coppersmith, 14 High st
Glopgie & Taylor, plumbers, &c. Georgo st
Glog-ie WilMam, plumber (Gloggie & Taylor), 34 Market st
Goodfellow James, confectioner, 49 Feri-y st

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