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The Names of the NOBILITY, GENTRY and CLERGY immediately follow this List, formimj a seimrate one in
Alphabetical order. For Officials attached to the Public Buildings, Offices, (&c. see list at end of Classification of Trades.
ABERDEEN Town & County Bank (Branch), 210 High st— Alox.
Mackie, agent; George Gaold, accountant
Abei'dein Francis, spinner (AberdeiUj Gordon & Co.), Mall Park
Aberdein, Gordon & Co. flax spinners, Union Street Mills
Bissett Margaret, householder, 34 Wharf et
Black & Noble, iron ship builders, engineers, uud boiler makers,
Commerce st
Black Peter, shipmaster, 13 St. John's cottages
Accidental Death Insurance Co.— Thomas Barclay ,80 High st.agent Black Peter B. shipbuilder (Black & Noble), 11 St. Peter's place
Adams James, harbour master, Hill st j Borthwick James, staff sergeant-major, F. and K. Militia, 15
Adams Thomas, spirit dealer, 4S Market st [Bridge st Wellington st
Adams William, grocer and spirit dealer, 135 High st; house, 77 ) Bowick James, foreman, 26 Melville lane
Adamson & Findlay, rope makers, Christie's lane I Bowick John, blacksmith, Market st
Adamson James, rope maker (Adamson & Findlay), Melville lane 1 Bowman Ann, householder, High st
Adamson James, flesher, 14 Melville lane 1 Bowman Charles, joiner, Loanhead
Adamson John, painter & paperhanger. Bridge st > Boyek George & Son, confectioners & restaurateurs, 67 & 69 High st
-■ - . , gQ^gjj George, confectioner (G. Boyek &■ Son). Keith House
j Brand & Wadie, joiners, and steam saw mill owners, George st
I Brand Catherine, householder, 7 Wellington st
I Brand Isabella, householder, 27 Palmerston st
; Brannan Catherine, fish curer, 24 & 26 South Esk st
1 British Linen Company's Bank (Branch), 79 High street— George C.
Chalmers, agent ; Thomas Scott, accountant— See advertisement
. Brown Alexander, farmer, Dun
I Brown Clementina, lady superintendent, Gayfield House, Hillside
Aitkinhead & &iason, architects, 57 High st
Alexander Adam, hairdresser, 28 New wynd
Alexander Alexander, farmer, Logie Pert
Alexander John, shipmaster, 5 Erskine st
Alexander Robert, clerk, 7 Wellington st
Allan James, farmer, Mids of Kinuaber, Montrose
Allan James, grocer and spirit dealer, 86 High st
Allan Michael, Blark Horse Inn, 81 Murray st
Allan William, miller, Kinnaber Mill
Anderson Alex, agent to Royal Liver Friendly Society, 2 Reform st ' Brown David, superintendent, Patent Slip, 7 Railway place
Anderson Alex, grocer & spirit dealer, 3 High st; house, 50 High st Brown James & Co. blacksmiths, 21 Mill lane
[High st
1 house, 14
Anderson Eliza, householder, 27 Palmerston st
Anderson James, staff sergeant, F. & K. Mihtia, 17 Wellington st ■
Anderson James, draper (James Anderson & Co.), 67 John st '
Anderson James & Co. di-apers & silk mercers & clothiers,!? High st
Anderson Joseph, fish cui'or, Apple wynd
Arbroath & Montrose Freight Association, Dock buildiuga— James
Warrack, secretary
Arkley Robert S. farmer, Dun
Asaenibly Rooms, High st— A. Greig, secretary
Atteridge Hercules, joiner & cabinet maker, 107 High st
Audsley John, fruiterer, 43 Ferry st
BAILLIE Margaret, organist, 5 Castle place '
Bain William, boot & shoe maker, North Craigs
Baird Ann, grocer, North Esk road '
Baird David, grocer, Craigo
Baird Thomas, shipmaster. Rose Bank Cottage, North Esk road i
Baird William, grocer, 172 High st
Baird William, wincey, &c. manufacturer, 9 Murray st
Balfour Agnes, post receiving house. North Water bridge, Logie-Pert
Balfour Johaun, milliner, dressmaker, and baby linen dealer, 120
Murray st ; house, 41 Kincardine st
Balfour John, horse hii-er & veterinary surgeon (Rae & Balfour),
New wvnd
Balfour Robert R. clerk, 27 Palmerston st
Balfour William, stonemason & builder, 24 John st
Balfour William, blacksmith, Langley Smithy. Dun
Balneaves William, blacksmith, South Esk st
Bank of Scotland (Branch), 31 High st— Charles Burness, agent
Barclay James, boot & shoe maker, iS5 Murray st ; house, 6 King st
Barclay John, chemist & druggist, 198 High st !
Barclay Margaret, householder, 2 Erskine st [Brayock I CAIRD David, tailor, 82 Castle st
Barclay Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 81 High st ; house. Inch j Caimcross Charles, joiner, 56 Baltic st
Barclay Thomas, solicitor, procurator before the Sheriff's Court, i Calder Elizabeth, spirit d^-aler, Ferryden
depute justice of peace clerk for Montrose, and treasurer to the ' CaledoniauFlour Mill Co. Dockbuildings— Milue& Touth, managers
Montrose Harbour Trust, 121 High st; house, 80 High st j Caledonian Insurance Co.— Charles Burness, 31 High st, ageut
Batchelor & Maconachie, auctioneers and live stock salesmen and ; Caledonian Railway Co. Erskine st — James Wilkie, ageut; William
furniture dealers, and agents for North British and Mercantile Petrie, goods manager
Insurance Co. of Scotland, ISO High st [donia st Campbell David, English master, Montrose Academy ; ho. 43 John st
Batchetor Robert S. auctioneer (Batchelor & Maconachie), 3 Cale- Carnegie James, boot & shoe maker, 23 Fewy st
Baths, Bridge st— David Marshall, attendant
Baxter Andrew, manager, 26 Hill st
Baxter John, grocer, Ferryden
Beadie WilHara, agent, Christie's lane
Beattie David, foreman, 11 Wellington st
Beattie William, farmer, Waterside
Birse Francis (trustees of), farmer, Logii-Pert
Birse William, tailor & clothier, 89 John Bt ; house, 14 High st
Brown Mary, lath splitter, 12 Reform st
Brownlee George A. lish curer. Waterside; house, 27 Palmerston st
Bruce David, brush manufacturer, 144 High st
Bruce David, farmer, Hillhead of Hedderwick
Burgess William, ship carpenter, 10 Erskine st
Burgh Police Office, George st— James Wilson, superintendent
Burn Alt-xaJider & Son, boat builders. Waterside
Burness &■ Dickson, solicitors and notaries, 81 High st
Burness Charles, agent (Bank of Scotland), 31 High st
Biiruess James, plasterer, 19 Murray lane
Burness John, m.d. Seaton of Usan
Binrncss John & Henry, cartihg agents (North British Railway Co.),
5 and 7 Baltic st
Burness Thomas, hairdi*esser, 17 South Esk st
Burness Wilham, tailor, 196 High st
Burnett Alexander, bookseller & stationer, 128 Murray st ;
Burnett Andrew C. baker and confectioner, 90 High st
Burnett David, spirit dealer, 106 Murray st
Burnett David, farmer, Dryleys, Montrose
Burnett William, millwright and machinist, Ferrj-den
Burnett William, shopkeeper, 2 Panmure row
Bums David, cabinet maker, 154 High st
Burrell George, chemist and druggist, and agent for W. and A.
Gilbey's wines, US High fit
Butchart James, hairdresser, 1 Castle place ; house, 46 Bridge st
Butchart Margaret & Co. swallware dealers, 81 Murray st
Butcher Isabella, householder, 26 High st
Byars William, solicitor, 186 High st; house, 5 Panmure place
Byers David, jun. farmer, Craig
, Carr Alexander, coffee house keeper, 73 Ferry st
I Carr John, boot & shoe maker, 47 Ferry st
Carr John, photographic artist, 13 Bridge st; house, 143 Murray st
Chalmers George C. agent to Montrose Branch of British Linen
1 Co.'s Bank and Scottish Provident Institution, Northern Fire and
National Guarantee and Suretyship Association, and Accident
I Insiirnnce Association of Scotland, 79 Hi-jh st
Chalmers John, watch maker & jeweller, 20 High st
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