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JJOCHEE Ig (in important and highly prosperous village on the the village, and the other nt Campehdown, about a mile north. In
east border, and in the united parish of Liff and Benvie, situated the immediate neighbourhood are several quarries of excellent
one and a half miles north-west from Dundee, and forms part of freestone, which have been wrought for a long period. The stone
the royal burgh of Dundee. It occupies a large space, being inoou- from these quarries was used in the construction of the Houses of
tiiiuous and dispersed, and presents the appearance of being a Parliament, the Dundee harbour, and is sent to foreign countriep.
busy seat of manufactures. It contains several mills and factories The greater part of the inhabitants are employed at the works
for the spinning and manufuctui'ing of flax, jute, &c., goods, the above alluded to. The places of worship are Saint Luke's Es^tab-
principal of these being Campordown Linen Works, belonging to
Messrs. Cox Brothers. These extensive works, which are the
largest of this kind in Gr at Britain, cover a space of about twenty-
four acres, and give enipioyinent to about 5,0l)0 persons in tho
various processes of jute spinning, dying, bleaching, calendering,
power and hand-loom weaving in all the various fabrics, including
lished Church, the gift of Thomas H. Cos, Esq., a Chapel of Ease,
Free Cliurch, Episcopalians. Baptists. Roman Catholics and United
Presbyterians; the tatter congregation (Rev. A. B. Connel, m,a.),
finding their place of worship t-jo small, have erected a handsoma
ediflco at a cost of £5000 to £(3000. It is in the Middle Pointed Gothic
style, and measures seventy-one feet by fifty-eight feet inside, and
hemp aad jute carpeting, jute carpet printing, and jute twine and thirty-three feet high. It has a gallery extending round three sid(?8,
rope spinning. Tlieeo works have a lower with a splendid peal of , and altogether it is seated for l,Oi)0 persons; behind the churcii are
fine toned bells, and excellent clock with four dials, which are ] class room, vestry, waiting room, &c. Externally the chuvcU has
illuminated at night. There is also a chimney shaft of about 300 ; a handsome appearance, having a large five-light window in south
feet in height, which receives the whole smoke from the works, and i front, ovtjr the central doorway ; while at the south-west angle ia
for ornamental architecture and usefulness is not surpassed. The ■ a tower and spire rising to a height of one hundred and thirty feet
Dundee and Newtyle branch of tlie Caledonian Railway passes ^ abovo the ground. The tower contains a line peal of eight bella,
through the village, and is connected by a branch which runs into \ by Messrs. Mears & Stainbanks, of London. They were the first
these works for the conveyance of all goods to and from it In j erected on any church in the burgh of Dundee. They were pre-
sented by Messrs. Cox Brothers, al a cost of £400 to £500. Jame3
Maclarcn, Esq., architect, Dundee, furnished tho designs. There
are branches of the Royal Sank of Scotland, City of Glasgow Bank
and NortU of Scotland Bank, as well as Post Office Savings Bank.
In 1871 Locheo contained a population of 10,812
addition to the above the Messrs. Cos Brothers have also lar_
works, giving employment to a largo number of Europeans and
natives iu India, situated on the river Hooghley, at Calcutta,
where they dry and pack their jute by hydraulic presses, previous
to being shipped to their works here. There are two stations con-
veniently situated for the inhabitants of the neighbourhood, one in
POST OmCB. High street, Lochee, John Robertson, Post Master.— 'Letters from all parts arrive {from Dundee) at twenty
minutes before seven and twenty minutes before eleven morning and twenty minutes bLfore six evening, and are despatched
thereto at twenty minutes past eight morning, one noon, ten rainutas before five afternoon and ten minutes before eight evening.
Money Order and Telegraph Ofice and Savings Bank.
Bain Mr- Henry, The Mains
Beams Rev. Francis, High st
Bird Rev. James, High at [High at
Cameron Rev. Thomas D. Buccleuch place,
Camperdown the Right Honourable tho Earl
of, Camperdown
Clark Mr. James, Rose Cottage, Ancrum rd
Cleghorn Mr. William, Logie House
Connel Rev. Archibald B. m.a. Uxrion place
Cowper Mr. Robert, Freer cottages, High st
Cox George A. Esq. J. p. Boechwood, and
InvertrossacKi, Callender, Perthshire
Cox James, Esq., J. P. Clement park
Cox James C. Esq. J. p. Beechwood
Cox Thomas H. Esq. j.p. Duncarse, and
Maulesden, near Brechin
Cox William. Esq. j.p. Foggyley, & Snaigow,
Dunkeld, Pert}i4hire
Dodds Rev. Thomas B. Free Church Manse,
Harefield road
Donald Mr. James, Elmwood House [road
Douglas Mr. David, Myrtle Cottage, Ancrum
Dow Mr. David, Marchbanks
Dowall Mr. William P. Pitalpin House
Drysdale Mr. Alexander, Dudhope
Easson Mr. David (factor to the Earl of
Camperdown), Drybufgh
Kasson Mr. George, Balgay terrace
Easson 5Ir. John, Balgay terrace
Fleming Mr. Alexander G. SB}^ Balgay ter
Forsyth Rev. James, Scott's place. High st
Galloway Mr. James H. Union Bank Cottage
Gait Mr. John M. Mary's Villa
Gourloy Henry, Esq. j.p. Balgay House
Guthrie Mr. Alfred, Tollbank
Hay Mr. James, Ryehill Cuttage, Logie et
Helfrich Rev. Conrad, High st
Inglis Rev. Andrew, Balgay terrace
Iveiller Mr. Peter, 2 South Church st
Kerr Mr. Thomas, Gowanbank
Mackechnie Mr. Jas. Union Bank, Tofthill
M'Leod, Rov. Peter, 8 Stewart st
Marshall Mr. James S. Dryburgh "Villa
Milu Mrs. — , Pitalpin House
Miln Mr. Patrick, Brae Cottage, Ancrum rd
Milne Rev. George, Ashton Cottage
Moucur Rev. William, Muirhead
NeishMr. David, Alfred place, High st
Ogilvie Mr. William M. Bank House, High st
Potter Mr. John, 137 South road
Sirae Peter M. Balgay terrace
Simson Mr. Alexander, Gowanbank
Spankie Mr. John, Tofthill
Rollo Mr. David, Bloomfield, Harefield road
Thompson Rov. John, The Parsonage.Highst
Williamson Rev. H(miy 13 Couper st
Wilson Mr. John, Gowanbank
Wright Rev. William, 212 South road
Wylie Rev. John, Ancrum road
Yeaman Mr. David, Lilac bank
Board School, Ancrum road— John Gibson,
master; Jane Thomsuu, mistress
Campeedown Linen Works School, High
st -James J. Littlejohn, master; Jane
Airth, mistress
Deaf and Dumb Institution, Dudhope Park
— Alexander Drysdale, superintendent;
Susan Drysdale, matron
EsTABcrsHBD Church Sohool, Li£f road-
Alexander Dorward, master
LocHEE Select School — David Neish,
master; Barbara Batchelor, mistress
United Presbyterian School, Balgay st—
John B. Kennedy, master
Bisset Mary, 83 High st
Lynus Henry, 105 South road
Pickard Alexandei-, 101 South road
Stewart Jane, 9 Mill at
Sturrock Helen, 146 High st
Elder Alexander, 8 Mid st
Gait John M. 163 High st
Goodfellows David M. U9 High st
Hamilton John, 97 High st
M'Gregor Duncan, li> Bank st
Miller John, 166 South st
Muirhead James, 159 South road
Perrie Jam^s, 173 High st '
Smart Stephen, 22 Bank st
Sutherland William, Bank st
City of Glasgow Bane (Branch), 100 High
st ; head office, Glasgow — draws upou the
London Joint Stock Bank, London—John
F. Bell, agent
North OF Scotland Bank (Branch); hoad
office, Aberdeen — draws on tlie Union
Bank, London— Alexander G. Fleming dc
John M'Lagan Wedderburn, joint agents
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), 95 High
B'- ; head office, Edinburgh — draws upon
Coutts & Co. London — David Rollo and
WilUam M. Ogilvie, joint agents—S'ee adtH
Savinos Bank, 95 High st — William M.
Ogilvie, treasurer & secretary
Bruce James, 30 Mid st
Foote Douglas, 12 Burnside st
Lowe David, 1 High st
Low John, 159 High st
Mortimer John, 78 Ancrum road
Stark William, 125 Liff road
Brown Peter, 79 High st
Donald Alexander B. 128 High st
Luttie James, Bank st
Cameron William B. 7 South st
Edward James H. 93 High st
Fraser Jumes, Locliee road
Harley Thomas, 56 High st
Kelly Wilham. 86 High st
Luke George, 105 South road
M'Ewau John, 77 High st
M'Leish Alexander, 78 High st
Robertson Andrew N. Church st
Robertson James, 31 Logie st
Robertson James, 3i Mid st
Smart John, 36 Logie st
Stewart Thomas A- Son, High st
TurnbuU William, 53 Mid at
Butchart & Danziel (monumental), Logia st
Crichton William R. Liff road
Robertson David, Elder's lane
Simpson Thomas, 13 Rose st^
Wilson John, 36 South road
Wilson Thomas, 133 South road
Crichton William J. Liff road
Wilson Thomas, South road
Monro George, 102 High st
Peebles John, 103 High st
Anderson Peter, 40 Logie st
Johnston John C. Stewart st
Kane Henry, 102 South road
Lawson William, G8 High st
Breslin Hugh, Railway Wharf
COK Brothers, Camperdown Xsinen ' Broch Peter, 21 Balgay st
■Works, and 1 aseadow place,
Dundee ; 65 Cro'Si^n court, "beap-
side, J.oudoii; 2:3a Portland st,
Mu'-cA-ster J and 97 U'liion st,
Heyde Julius & Co. Mid Street Works
Cameron George, St. Ann's st
Hutchison David, 13 Whoi-ter bank
James David, Muirtnn Cottage
Muir Thomas, Railway Wharf — Willlapi
Browu, agent
Richardson George, Railway Wharf
Wooler John, 18 Burnside st

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