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OWNERS— con(ij!!M(J.
Murray David (& pavement), near Railway
station, aud Myrestone, Guthrie and
Ordiehill Quarries
Waterstou James, Balmashanner Quarry
Alexander George P. 51 East High st
Hunter Charles, 8 Couttie's wynd
M'Lagan AVedderburn, m.d. 71 East High st
Murray WiUiam F. 50 East High st
Marked thus * are Clothiers.
•Boath David, 6S Castle st
*Dick Alexander, 8014 West High at
Dick George, Glamis road
*Diok V. illiam, 114 West High st
•Gibson John, 2G Castlo st
Glen John, Kinnettles
Guild AleXMDder, jun. 42 Castle st
•Guild William, 27 West High st
Hackney James, 31 Back wynd
Halkney Alexander [&. clotbler),
130 East H:g;li st
•Hendry & Warden, 14 East High st
Jamieson John & Co. 25 Castle st
•M'Nab Robert, 160 East High st
Mann Joseph, 121^ Little Causeway
•Motcalf Michael, 7 & 8 Osnaburgh st
•Mitchell Peter, 11 Castle st
Paterson Peter, 36 East High st
Roberts John, Douglas Town, Kinnettles
Scott Addrew, 10 Little Causeway
Tarbat William, 17 West High st
Todd Alexander & Co. 31 East High st
(See aUo Qrocerg,)
Barry David A. 87 East High st
Clark Thomas, 121 & 125 East High st
Dyce Margaret, The Cross, High st
Waterston William, 36 Castle st
Sec Joinere, and also Cabinet Makers.
See Solicitors,
Public Buildings, Offices, ^c.
Whyte John (& currier & leather merchant),
Castle st
Anderson James, Railway station
Ewen James {& saw mills), Victoria at
Johnston Alexander & Sons (and saw mills).
Service road
Clark & Fyfe, Couttie's wynd
Howie Alexander, East High st
M Beth & Milne, Green st, East High st
Malcolm William, 32 West High st
Milne Alexander, 1 West High st
Neave James, 43 East High st
and their ministers.
Established Churches: —
Rescobie — Rev. Dr. John Esdaile
High si — Rev. Robert Stevenson, M.A.; Rev.
George J. Caie, assistant
St.James's, St. James's rd — Rev. JohnWeir
Kinnettles — Rev. Robert Turner
Inverarity— Rev. Patrick Stevenson
Episcopal Church, High st— Rev. Vincent
Free Churches; —
New road— Rev. Alexander Gumming
Green st— Rev. Robert Ross
Kinnettles— Rev. Thomas J. Patteson
Baptist Chapel, Manor st— Rev. Richard
Coxgeegational Church, Osnaburgh st-
Rev. Donald M'Corkiudale
United Presbyterian CHAPEL,Littl6 Cause-
way—Rev. Peter Wright
Roman Catholic Chapel, 96 East High st—
Rev. PatricK Fay
Donald Alexander L. 8 Castle st
M'Kay Madeline, 15 Castle st
M'Kay JIadoline. 15 Castle st
M'Leish David, 87 Castle at
Munro James, 50 West High st
Reid Peter, 86 Castle st
Robb David (and basket), 22 East Hi"h s:
Thomson WiUiam H. 20 Castle st
Wood John, 77 East High st
Young Andrew, 1 Glamis road
Johnson Alexander & Sons, Service road
Mollison William, 126 East High st
Anderson James, S3 West High st
Guthrie David, 22 Castle st
Lyon William, 104 East High st '
Ritchie James, Gateside, Inver.arity
See Spirit Dealers, &e.
Marked thus * are Jewellers.
Adamson William, 11 Osnaburgh st
•Clark John A. 74 Castle st
Falconer Daniel, 18 Castle st.
Gray James (clockmalter), 23 Glamis road
Nevay William, 6S Castle st
•Strachan John, 45 Castle st
•Taylor William, 13 High at
TouKh David, New st
Town Hall, High Steet.
Provost and Ciiief Magistrate— 3ohu Fyfe.Esq.
ffuiiies— James Grant, Andrew Lowson, and
Peter Reid
Coitncillors — Eleven
ZVcnsurcr— Vi^illiam Fotheringhnm
Toicn Cfcri— James Taylor
Town Cliamberlain—Alexaniai MacHardy
Justice 0/ Peace Cleric Dci>ute—V/m. Gordon
Police Trea;surer di Collector— Aiex. MacHavdv
Procurator Fiscal— Uobovi Whyte [Dtmile'e
Assessor and i'liiuej/or— Thomas M. Black,
Superintendent of Police and Billet Master—
f' James Sterling
Inspector of Weights <£- il/ensuiPS— Jas.Sterling
Town's OJicer— William Rew
parish of FORFAR.
Cieik/or the Borough— John C. .Vndersou
Clerk fur the Parish— Donald Macintosh
Ojlicer—.Joim Booth
Al-broath Road.
Medical Officer— Di. M'Lagan, Weddenburn
Matron — Ann Cochrane
treasurer— David Steele
Secrefanes— James Young & James Gray
Dispease?-— James A. Rankin
.\rbroath Road.
(JoBCmor- Charles Wilson Lennio
Matron — Isabella Lennie
Secretary and Treasurer — George Arthur
Chaplain— 'Rev. Peter Wight
Sarj;eo?i— Charles Hunter
Market Muir.
Governor — Henry Harrison
Matron — Mrs. Harrison
Chaplain — Rev. Karry Stuart
Surgeon— George P. Alexander
Clerk of Committec—U. W. Anderson
CouHty Offices A. Officials.
Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Forfar
lirst Tuesd.ay of March, May, and August,
and last Tuesday of October.
Right Hon. the Earl of Strathmore and
Ixinghorne, Lord Lieutenant
Right Hon. Earl of Southesk, K.T.
Right Hon. Earl of Airlie, K.T
Right Hon. Earl of Camperdown
, Fig'it Hon. i:.ui of Fife
' Right Hon. Earl of Homo
Right Hou. Efli'l of Kintore
Right Hou. Eai-1 of Minto
Right Hon. Earl of Northesk
Right Hon. Lord George Gordon
Right Hon. Lord J. F. G. Hallyburtou
Right Hon. Lord Kinnaird
Right Hon. Lord Rosehill
Right Hon. Lord Wharucliffe
Right Hon. W. E. Baxter, of Kinualdium, m.p.
Hon. John Arbuthnott
Hon. Captain G. Douglas
Hon. Hugh H. Duncan
Hon. C. Carnegie
Hon. John Carnegie, r.n.
Sir John Ogilvy, of Baldovan, Bart.
Sir Charles Metcalfe Ochterlony, of Ochter-
iony, Bart.
yir Thomas Munro, of Liudertis, Bart.
Sir George Kinloch, of Kiuloch, Bart.
Sir J. Campbell, of Stracathro
Francis Aberdein, of Keithock
John Adamson, of Caroston
G. LUoyd Allison, Dundee
Alex. Anderson, of Longhaugh
Patrick Anderson, merchant, Dundee
R. Arkley, of Ethiebcaton
Robert H. Arkley, Dun House
George Armitstead, Errol park
P. Bairnstather, of Dumbarrow
George Balliugall, Cookstou, Airlie
E. A. Baxter, younger, of Kincaldrum
Alexander Bell, Baluuitb, Dundee
James Mackie Black, Kirriemuir
John Berry, of Tayfield, Newburgh
Thomas Bell, merchant, Dundee
John Clerk Brodie, of Idviea
Thomas Brodie, younger, of Idvies
A. Jefferson Buist, ZVIonifieth
Edward Caird, of Fiuart, Dundee
J. A. Campbell, younger, of Stracathro
George Canning, Edinburgh
Peter Carmichael, of Arthurstoeu
John Carnegie, of Redhall
J. R. Strachan Carnegie, of Tarrie
Claud Cathcart Carnegie, younger, of Tarrio
P. A. W. Carnegy, of Lour and Turrin
W. Carnegie, of Dunlappiu
Charles Clark, Dundee
William Cobb, Mains of Pintray
John Collier, Panlathie
Lieut-Col. C.B. Constable, of Wallace Craigio
Robert Collier, Balmossie
David Corsar, The Elms, Arbroath
Wm. H. Corsar, Cairnie House, Arbroath
James Cox, Locbeo
Thomas Hunter Cox, of Maulesden
William Cox, Dundee
A. W. Cruickshank, of Langley park
P. Chalmers, of Aldbar
James Cunningham, Dundee
John Cutlar, Dundee
W. O. Dalgleisn,of Mayfield, Dunn
James fe.' Darling, of Lednathio
J. A. Dickson, of Woodville
John Dickson, Carnoustie
John Don, banker, Brechin
William G. Don, St. Margaret's Brouffhty
, Ferry ^ ^
David Duke, Brechin
G. Duncan, The Vine, Dundee
John Duncan, of Parkhill
Alexander R. Duncan, younger, of ParkliiU
Wm. Duncan, merchant, Brechin
David Easson, factor for the Earl of
Charles Edward, Dundee
James Edward, of Balruddeiy
J. E. Erskine, of Linlathen
John Ewan, of Connonsyth
H. B. Ferguson, Dundee
William Forrest, of Easter Ogil
James Forrest, Kirriemuir
Frederick Fotheringhnm, of Ardargie
P. A. Fraser, of Hospitalfield
John Fyfe, of Kingston
Andrew Gamincll, of Whitewell
Col. Charles Grcenhill Gardyne, of Finiivon
T. M. B. GardyuG, of Middleton
P. M. Geekie, Cortacby
J.B. Gibb
A. Geekie, of Baldowrio
George Gilroy, Jlonifiefch
Alexander Gordon, of Ashludie
Henry Gourlay, Dundee
Thomas M.Grant, of Craigo
James Grant, Pitscandly House, Forfar
Joseph Griraond, Broughty Perry
Col. David Guthrie, Carlogie
Captain William Guthrie, of Balmuii-
John Guthrie, of Guthrie
John Guthrie, m.d. Carcston
James Guthrie, banker, Brechin
James Guthrie, Carse Gray
William HaiTis, Dundee
George Hall, Montrose
Captaiu F. Hawkins, Leamington
WiUiam Hay, town clerk, Duudee

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