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Prudential Assurance Co — "William H, Thomson, 20 Castle st, agent
QUEEN Insurance Co — George Thoruton, 83 Castle st, and George
Stracban, County buildings, agents
Quigley John J. draper, 30 Castle st
EAILWAY Accident Assurance Co— Darid A. Barry, 56 East High
st, agent [way, agent
Railway Passengers' Assurance Co— D. M. Graharu 1 Little Cause-
Railway Stations — See Conveyance by Railway, end of Classification
Ramsay David, farmer, Fenuah, Rescobie
Ramsay.John, reed & camb maker, 55 West High st
Ramsay Peter, farmer, Cotton of Tnrien, Rescobie
Ramsay Robert, farmer, Labothie, Inverarity
Rauken James A. chemist & druggist, 19 East High st
Roa David, farmer, Murryknowos
Rea Elizabeth, farmer. North Mains of Kinnettles
Rea Elizabelh, farmer. Home Farm, Kinnettles
Rea Nicol, farmer. North Lackaway
Rea WiUiam, draper, \iVz West High st
Reid Joseph, clerk, 4 New road
Reid Peter, confectioner, 51 Castle st
Reid Peter, toy & fancy goods dealer, 86 Castle Bt
Reid's Hall, Castle st-George Webster, keeper
Rennie Ann, baby-linen & nnderclothmg dealer, 92 Castle st
Rennie Charles, vintner* spirit dealer. West High at
Rifle Volunteer Depot, The Vennel— Capt. Alei. Whitton, adjutant
Ritchie Alexander, cashier, 7 Sparrow croft
Ritchie James, veterinary surgeon. Gate Bule Kmcalarum
Robb David tov * basket dealer, 22 East High st ; ho, 18 Back wynd
Robb John, vintner & spirit dealer, 3 Osnaburgh st
Robb William, shopkeeper, 12 South st
Robbie Charles, shopkeeper. North st
Robbie James, farmer. Lawn head
Robbie John, farmer, Caldhame Farm
Robbie William, Railway Hotel, Market place
Roberts Ann, shopkeeper, 122 East High st
Roberts Isabella, vintner, 1 St. James's road
Roberts James, foreman. White hills
Roberts John, tailor, Douglas town, Kinnettles
Roberts John, jun. draper, &c. 8 East High st
Roberts Joseph, farmer, Govals, Inverarity
Robertson Mrs. -, Eaqle Hotel, 103 West High st
Robertson Alex. Esq. sheriff depute, Banholme Lodge, Glamm road
Robertson James, farmer. New Hill, Rescobie
Robertson James, fishing tackle maker, 80 East High 6t
Robertson Peter, fish & game denier. 89 Castle st
Robertson Thomas, farmer, Hatton, Inverarity
Robertson William, grocer & spirit dealer, Lunanhead
Robinson James, joiner, Burnside, Rescobie
Rodger David, painter & paperhanger, 21 West High st
Rorison Bev. Vincent, The Parsonage, The Vennel
Ross James, schoolmaster, Lunanhead
Rough George, farmer, Wardmill, Rescobie
Bough Thomas, farmer, Bitterwell
Royal Bank of Scotland, 20 East High st— David Steele, agent-
Sec advertisement
Royal Insurance Co.— J. & A. Craik & Co. Manor place, and John P.
Anderson, 24 Little Causeway, agents
Rutherford William, manager. Mill bank, Victoria st
S.ADDLER James, confectioner, 31 East High st
Salmon Peter, farmer. Little Lour, Inverarity
Sampson James, farmer. Carrot, Inverarity
Savings Bank, 9 West High st— William Lowson, actuary
Scott Andrew, tailor, 10 Little Causeway
Scott James, joiner, Birkward, Rescobie
Scott James, flosher, 64 East High st
Scott James, auctioneer & grain merchant, 74 East High st. and
Railway station; house, 4 Academy st
Scott John, farmer. Mains of Brigton
Scott Robert, farmer, Milldens, Rescobie
Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Co.— Robert W. Anderson, 24
Little Causeway and Donald Mackintosh, Town House, agents —
See advertuevwnt
Scottish Fire Insurance Co.— William Shepherd, 39 Castle st. agent
Scottish Imperial Insurance Co. — Robert Bruce, 159 East High st.
agent — See advertisement
Scottish National Insurance Co. — Young & Gray, The Ciosagent
— .See a(ii»er(t«emen(
Scottish Provident Institution — William & John Don & Co. St.
James's road ; Alexander MacHardy, Council chambers ; and
Frederick W. Moles, British Linen Co.'s Bank, agent
Scottish Provincial Insurance— John .\bel,-3 The Cross, agent
Scottish Union Insurance — William Lowson, 9 West High Bt. and
Alexander MacHardy, Council buildings, agents — See advert
Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assurance Society — Robert Wliyte,
Court buildings, agent — See advertisement
Sharp William W. coal & lime merchant, 23a Victoria st
Slic'pherd David, slater, -Academy st
Shepherd James, farmer, Kingsmuir
Shepherd William, bookseller & stationer, SO Castle st
Sheriff Small Debt Court, Marketmuir — Alexander Simpson, sheriff
depute; George Strachan, bar officer
Simpson Alexander, sheriff clerk depute. New road
Simpson James, spirit dealer, 11 E.ist High st
Simpson James, farmer, Hatton of Carse
Simpson Pet-ar, clerk, Woodlands Cottage, White hill
Simpson Thomas, clerk, Gowan bank
SUeell George^ Market Hotel, 19 Zoar
Sii.a't George manager, 22 St. James's road
Smith David, seedsman. Chapel st ; house, 20 Newmonthiil st
Smith Dempster, spirit dealer, 62 North st
Sinitli Georgina, boarding school, -4caderay pt
Siiiith James, schoolmaster, 13 Arbroath road
Smith Jolin, farmer, Bank ileiid of Lour
Smith John, sciioolmas'er. Newmonthiil
feiiiitli Lewis, grocer & spirit dealer, ltJ2 East High st
Smith Peter, farmer, Greenhoad, Rescobie
Siiv'th Robert, grocer. 11.3 East High st: house, Victoria st '
,Suutaf Jam(;s. farmer, .>hund of Kinnettles
Sovereign (life) Assurance Co.— Geo. Strachan, County bldgs, agent
Standard (life) Insurance Co.— David Steele, 30 East High at, agent
— See advertisement
Stamp Oflice, The Cross— James Young, distributor
Steel Alexander, saddler & harness maker, 67 Castle st ; house,
spring bank. The Vennel
Steele David, farmer, Slatefleld
Steele John, draper & silk mercer, 1, 3, & 5 Castle st
Steele John jun. manufacturer (John Steele* Son), 64 East Highst
Steele John & Son, linen manufacturers, St. James's road
Sterhng James, superintendent of police (Borough), 36 West High at
Sterling William, vintner. Back wynd
Stewart David, householder, Melbourne Cottage, The Vennel
Stewart David M. manager. Castle st
Stewart James, boot & shoe maker, 10 Osnaburgh st
Stewart Joann, Stewart's Inn. 82 East High st [High st
Stewart Thomas, coach buUder (Thomas Stewart & Co.), 104 West
Sewart Thomas & Co. coach builders, 100 West High st [wynd
Stewart Wilham, joiner, blacksmith & implement maker, 10 Back
Strachan George, sheriff's officer for the Burgh, County buildings
Strachan Isabella, shopkeeper, Kingsmuir
Strachan John, joiner i cabinet maker, 84 Castle st
Strachan John, watchmaker & jeweller, 45 Castle st ; house, New-
monthiil st
Strachan Susan K. spirit dealer, 21 i 22 Back wynd
Strang Charles, hair dresser,8 West High st; housa,5 Vennel cottages
Sun (fire & life) Assurance Co. — Wm. Gordon, 22 East High
street, agent
TARBAT Alexander, shopkeeper, 163 East High st
Tarbat David, boot oi shoe maker, 1 East High st ; ho. 23 Castle Bt
Tarbat Wilham. tailor & clothier, 17 West High st [James's road
Taylor James, solicitor & town clerk. Council buildings; house, St.
Taylor James, farmer, HiUhead Farm
Taylor William, watch i clock maker, IS East High et
Thorn Charles, bill poster, 3 Chapel st
Thom George, farmer. Mid & West Dod
Thoiu William, farmer, Auchterforfar
Thorns Willimine B. seminary, 5 Little Causeway
Thomson Alexander, foreman. North st
Thomson David, cattle dealer, Melbourne Cottage, The Vennel
Thomson John A. agent, Caledonian Railway Company, New st
Thomson WiUiam, blacksmith, Douglas Town, Kinnettles
Thomson William, registrar of births, deaths & marriages for the
parish of Forfar, 3 West High st
Thomson WiUiam H. bookseller & stationer, 20 Castle st
Thornton George, solicitor, 83 Castle st
Thornton Thomas, boot & shoo maker, 84 West High st
Todd Alexander & Co. tailors, ic. 31 East High st
Torry Adam O. farmer. East Mains of Bellaway, Rescobie
Tosh Robert, ironmonger & seedsman, 16. IS & 20 West High st
Town Clerk's Office, CouncU chambers— James Taylor, town clerk
Town Hal], The Cross
Trotter .Alexander M. coUector & inspector of poor, i registrar of
births, deaths, & marriages. School House, Inverarity
Tyrie George, farmer, Rescobie
Tyrie Geo. reed & camb maker, Couttie's wynd ; ho. 102 East High st
Tyrie John, shopkeeper. Market place
UNION Bank of Scotland (branch)— Wilham Lowson, 9 West High
st, agent
W.\DDELL Bernard, coach builder. 2 Little Cansewav
Walker Alexander, bookbinder, 75 East High st
Walker WiUiam, farmer, Burnside Farm
Walker WilUam farmer, Hetherstacks, Rescobio
Warden David, draper (Hendry & Warden), The Manor
Warden William, drnper, &C.25 East High at ; house, 9 Broad's croft
Waterston WiUiam, Union Hotel, 36 Castle st
Waterston WUliam, Watcrston's Hotel, 31 Castle st
Watson William, farmer, Ochterloney, Rescobie
Watterston David, grocer & spirit dealer, 81 West High st
Webster & Farquharsou, joiners &. builders. Chapel st
Webster David, hall keeper. Castle st [Cottage
Webster George, joiner, cSrc. (Webster & Farquharson), Broomloof
W'ebster Wilham, agent. Market place
Wedderburn M'Lagan, surgeon, 71 East High st
Welsh Andrew B. farmer, .\uchter
West Port Association, grocers, &c. 60 West High st— G. Smart, mgr
West Town End Association, grocers, 118 "rt'est High st— James
Low, manager
Vi'hamond David, cabinet maker, and upholsterer, 116 East High st:
house, 15 Canniore st
Whyte & Freeman, solicitors County buildings
Whyte David, potato, coal, lime and manure merchant, 11 Market
place, and 1 The Cross
Whyte John, tanner, currier, A Icnther merchant. Castle st; house,
Briar Cottage, Glamis road
Whyte Robert, solicitor (Whyte and Freeman), Eastbourne House,
Little Cause ,vay
Wilkie James, grocer. Lunanhead
Wilkie John, secretary of newsroom. Town Hall
Wilkie John, clerk, 8 The ^'ennel
Wilhs WiUiam, County nnrf Cummereiul Hotel, 7 Castle st
Wilson .\lexandor, spirit dealer. 79 East High st
Wilson James, blacksmith, Blackgate, Pitscandly
Wilson James, blacksmith. Ward of Turin, Rescobie
Winning Thomas, superintendent. Railway Works; ho. Market pi
Winter George, farmer, Botymire, Inverarity
Wood .Alexander, farmer. Home Farm, Invereighty
Wood James, coal merchant, 63 West High st
Wood John, toy dealer, 77 East High st
YE.iMAN Jane, miUiner, 87 Castle st
Young & Gray, solicitors. The Cross, High st
Young .\ndrew, toy dealer, 1 Glamis road
Young David, wood carver. New st
Young David, spirit dealer, Arbroatli road
Young James, solioit,5r, (Young i Gray), The Cross
Y .ung Men's Christian Association, Council buildings— Frederic)!
'.v. .>fok'S, secretary

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