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SUNDRIES— continued.
Clark Alexander, Eosemill, Strathmartine
Clark James, 18 Dudliope Crescent road
Connell Margaret, 34 Bell st
Connelly John, 10 Daniel st
Coupar Ann, 123 Princes st
Cox James, Wolsey st, Clepington
Craig Andrew, 41 Church st
Craik Isabella, 26 Strathmartine road
Creagh James, 13 Edward st
Croll William, 16 Arbroath road
Cruden Stewart, 8 Dudhope Crescent road
Cunmngham Catherine, 3Kinnairdst
Cunningham Mary, 26 Milubftnk road
Curtis William, Mains
Da-rid Jane, 158 HiUtown
Davie Mary. 88 Black's croft
Dawson Helen, 15 Arthur st
Donaldson David, 80 HiUtown
Dorward James, 182 Hawkhill
Drimmie Allan, 23 Barrack st
DuCf Frances, 100 Piinces st
Duffus William, Baldovie
Duthie Mary, 24 Catherine st
Emery Robert, 41 Dudhope crescent
Evans Ezekeil A. 9 Temple lane
Ewan Alexander, 165 Hawkhill
Farrier Mary, 2a Back st, Coldsida
Faulkner William, 36 Rosebank st
Ferguson John, 2 Forfar road
Finlay David, Fairly pi, Clepington roEd
Finnin Michael, 83 Loohee road
Fisher Alexander, 125 Rosebank st
Flood Edward, 12 Mortimer st
Foote Christina, 49 Perth road
Forbes David, 22 Craigie st [road
Forbes David, 1 Lindsay's buildings, Lochee
Forrest Alexander, Mains
Forsyth Charles, Downlield
Fraaer Ann, 118 Princes st
Galloway Jane, 182 Seagate
Garry Christopher, 2 Commercial st
Gethins Thomas. 88 Constable st
Gibson Agnes, 153 Soouringbum
Gordon John, 6 Dura st
Gow John, 92 Ovorgate
Gracie William, 42 Catherine st
Graham James, 13 Edenbank, Ferry road
Grant George, 27 Small's wynd
Grant Thomas, 11 Albert at
Gray Andrew, 49 Caldrum st
Gray Isabella, 63 Caldrum st
Gray William, 10 Caldrum st
Greig Alexander, 38 Larch st
Gresty John, 4 North George st
Grieve Margaret, 6 Eden bank, Ferry road
Guild George, 7 Erskine st
Hagan Mary, 84 HiUtown
Haggart James, Downflold
Harrison William, 64 James st, Maxwelltown
Henderson Elizabeth, 34 Pennycook lane
Perth road
Hood George, 102 Ann st
Howe Violetta, 7 Robertson st
Hutcheson Elizabeth. 9 Rosebank road
Ireland William, 46 North George st
Irons William, 80 BeU st
Irvine George, 30 Dura st
Irvine David, 34 Dudhope Crescent road
Jack William, 42 Commercial st
Jackson James, Lily bank road
Johnston Isabella, 14 Small's wyud
Johnston John, 86 Dudhope st
Justice David, 9 Rosebank road
Keenan Charles, 23 Derby st
Kennedy William, 54 Constable st
Kenney Catherine, Fairmuir
Kerr Patrick, 86 Black's croft
Laing Ann, 48 Alexander st
Lamb Paul, 72 Hawkhill
Law Margaret, St. Peter st
Lee Helen, 18 Temple lane
Liddell James, 60 William st
Lilburn James, Ann st
Lindsay Margaret, 19 Harriet st
Louden Agnes, 38 Small's wynd
Low Mary, 78 Black's croft
M'Cafferty Elizabeth, 149 Princes st
M'Cauley Elizabeth, 2 Pennycook lane
M'Donald Alexander, 170 Hawkhill
M'Donald James, 103 Rosebank st
M'Govern Ann, 14 Union st
M'Govern Edward, 20 Small's wynd
M'Inroy Alexander, Mains
af'Intosh Betsey, 36 Back at
M'Isaac Alexander, 86 Ferry road
Mackay William, 75 Rosebank st
M'Kenzie James, 64 Mains road
M'Kenzie James, 189 Ann st
M'Kenzie Hugh, 13 Raton's lane
M'Larcn William, 15 Erskine st
M'Laren AVilliam, 6 Main st
M'Lean Euphemia, 19 Baxter st
M'Leay Farij,uhar, 129 Nethergate
M'Leod John, 30 Dudhope Crescent road
M'MiUan Michael. 168 HawkhiU
Macready John, 11 North Wellington st
Marshall John, 90 Annfleld road
Marshall Walter, 34 Hawkhill
Martin Hugh, 8» Hawkhill
Mason Henry, 98 Overgate
Mechan Elizabeth, 87 Black's croft
Meek Matilda, Lilybank road
Menzies James, 15 Albert st
Menzies Jessie, 86 Rosebank st
Mill .James, 30 Charles st
Millar David, 35 Dudhope crescent
Millar James, 147 Strathmartine road
Millar Thomas, 100 Rosebank st
Miller James, 23 Victoria road
Miller JIary, 17 Mid wynd
Milne David, Lilybank road
Milton James, 67 Caldrum st
Mitchell Agnes, 9 North George st
MitcheU EUzabeth, 104 Seagate
Mudie Grace, 32 Arbroath road
Mudie Johu, 13 Mid wynd
Muir Hannah, .59 Perth road
Munro Ann, 26 Hawkhill
MuiTay Agnes, 11 Eden bank. Ferry road
Murray Robert, 31 Crescent st
Mutter Peter, 127 Cowgate
Napier Majory, 182}2 Hawkhill
NicoU William, 87 Victoria road
Nerval Elizabeth, 99 Perth road
Ogilvie Mary Ann, 26 Charles st
O'Neill Francis, 3 Black's croft
Osier Helen, 30 Ogilvie's road
Paterson James, 20 Elizabeth st
Pattullo Elizabeth, 148 Princes st
Phin Susan, 161 Ann st
Pope James, 52 Foundry lane
Ramsey William, 150 Hawkhill
ReidAuu,34Dura st
Reid Mary. 16 Hunter st
Reynolds Ann, 6 Blackness road
Ririe Ann, Lochee road
Ritchie Ann, 28 WelUngton st
Ritchie William, 28 Arbroath road
Robbie James, 83 Dura st
Robertson Agnes, 82 Dudhope st
Robertson Ann, 19 Mains road
Robertson Betsy, 23 Temple lane, West port
Robertson George, 82 Ann st
Robertson James, 23 Dudhope crescent
Robertson William, 23 Small's wynd
Rodney Margaret, 17 Tyudall's wjmd
RusseU Angus, SO Milnbank road
Samson George, 5 St. Peter st
Scott James, 78 Hill st
Sharp Christina, 27 Hawkhill
Sharp Peter, 14 Dudhope Crescent rd
Sharpe Andrew, 43 Dudhope crescent
Sim Donald, 130 Princes st
Simpson Daniel, 6 Main st
Small Hugh, 104 Albert st
Small William, 5S Dudhope st
Smith Helen, 188 Overgate
Smith Henry, 82 Dura st
Smith James, 18 Hawlihill
Smith Janet, 80 Blacks croft
Smith Peter, 86 Caldrum st
Smith William, 120 Albert st
Spence Adam, Mains
Stephen Betsv, 7 Raton's lane
Stewai-t D. & J. Parkhead
Stewart Mary, 148 Hawkhill
Stewart Mary, 42 Black's eroft
Stirton Robert, Invergowrie
Strachan John, 100 Hawkhill
Strachan Robert, Mains
Sutherland Sophia, 188 HawkhiU
Sutherland Thomas, 190 Hawkhill
Swan James W. 80 Hill st
Taylor Ann, 1 Lyon st
Thompson Agnea, 25 Church st
Thomson James, 86 Princes st
Thomson Jessie, 15 Mains road
Thomson William, 10 Main st
Tiffrey Mary, 101 Overgate
Todd Helen, 57 Alexander st
Vallcley John. 13 Diiniel st
Walker George, 15 St. Salvador st
Walker John, 8 Union st
Walker William, 38 Alexander st
Walton Ann, 42 HawkhiU
WeaWng Thomas, 49 Arbroath road
Wiggins John, 31 Stirling st
Wilkie Adam, 91 Black's croft
Wilkie EUzabeth, 114 Seagate
WilUamson Daniel, 27 Lilybank road
WiUiamson Elizabeth, 27 Ann st
WiUs Margaret, 172 Seagate
Wilson Agnes, 10 James st, Maxwelltown
Wilson Elizabeth. 58 BeU st
Wilson Margaret, 41 Nelson at
Wood Jane, 126 HawkhiU
Young Mrs. — , 87 Princes st
ISer. also Piclrer Makers.)
Prazcr David & Son, 201 HiUtown
Ireland Jolm, 7 Ireland's lane, BeU st
Langlands George (patentee & maker of the
patent weftdi-ag for shuttles), 161 HiUtowu
— See advertisement
M'Leod Alexander, 138 Hilltown — See adveit
menzies John & Sons & shuttle
ni<'Ui>tir>g <n;iker8), Ordie mills,
Redg;orton, near Perth -fiiee advt
Scott & IVi'Nab, 53 DaUfiekl walk
Scott William C. (& wool merchant), 114
Lochee road
See Linen and General Drapers.
Anderson George, 57 Hilltown
Buttar Andrew, 9 Ward road
Crabb D.& W.(& slate merchants},25 Brown st
Bean Tohn [ Welsh &: ^STestmore-
land slates, by rail or vessel,
slabs, cisterns, A,c. ' , Blackbtmi^
Duncan Alexander, 29 Stirling st
Fyffo John W. & Co. 14 Bank st
Fyffe William, 32 Blackness road
Gauld & Labru^n, Laburn st
Law John, 46 Foundry lane
Martin David, 43 Victoria road
Pant Mawk Slate & Slab Co. (registered
office), 15 Ward road — See advertisement
Petrie & Porter, 37 Lower Pleasance
Philip & Hutchison, 67 Seagate
Ramsay & Reid, 9 Meadow st
StoiTier Allan, 241 HawkhiU
Craig James, 1 Victoria road
Crowlie John P. (wholesale), 23 Castle st
Gove Christina, Wolsty st, Clepington
Leslie & Halley, 199 Hawkhill
M'Donald Alexander J. 134 Murraygate
M'Walter James, 35 North Ellen st
Mather Isabella, 49 Constitution road
NeilsoQ Jane, 102 Albert at
Stewart Isabella, 133 Nethergate
Barrie Peter, SO Bell Street lane
Cautrell & Cochrane (Dublin and
Sc//as/^25Panmure st— 'William
Caw, ag:ent
Davidson John, 96 Blackness road
Duncan William, 277 HawkhiU
Dundee Crated Water Co. 20 Magdalen Yard
road — Henry Blackwood, manager
M'Kenzie James, 20 Temple lane
NicoU David, 22 Balgay st
Reid Drysdale F. Union place, Perth road*
Marked thutj i are also Notaries.
f Agnew Alexander, 11 Reform st
Anderson &■ Gardner, 19 Higli st
Earnet James W. 1 Bank st
IBaster John Boyd (& procurator fiscal),
Courthouse buildings
f Baxter Walter (vice & deputy consul for the
United States of America), 81 Murraygate
fBennet David, 7 Ward road
fBisset Gray, 12 Bank st
+Boyd Robert (& agent to the City of Glasgow
Bank, branch, Neicport), 20 Reform st
Boyos Thomas J. G. 13 Ward road
Brodio Robert M. 98 King st
tBruce John D. 116 Seagate
tCalder & Paterson (& joint secretaries and
solicitors to the Dundee Provident Property
& Investment Co. and to the Pant Hawr
Slate & Slab Co. — registered office), 15
Ward road
Gumming Andrew W. (& secretary io the
High School, & clerk to the School Board
of Mains & Strathmartine), 1 Bank st
Currie Walter T. (ShieU & Small, deputy
justice of peace clerk for the County, com-
missioner for taking affidavits in the
supreme courts in Ireland, and secretary
to the Dundee Corn Exchange), 5 Bank st
Dunbar William B. soUcitor and assistant
procurator fiscal for the Dundee district
of Forfarshire), Court House buildings
+Duncan David, iun.41 Reform st
Gibson Alexander, 6 High st
fGibson Henry {& comuiissiouer fur taking
affidavits iiitho Supreme Court of Judica-
ture in England), 61 Reform st

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