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Will Adam, 27 Yeaman shore
Willison & Laing (builders), Candle lane
See Joiners^ Fininhings — Manufacturers .'if.
See Property t& Investment Societies.
Adamson James & Co. Victoria buildings,
East Dock st
Brown John, 96 Strathmartine road
Kidd David & Son, 20 Mid st
Lawson Alexander, 12 Craigie st
M'Leau John & Co. 1 South Union st
Small Robert &, Co.lTeainau sbore
Air John, 63 Black's croft
Anderson Mary, 42 Princes st
Annand David, 5 Albert st
Baird Peter, 50 Weilgate
Baxter David R. 143 HUItown
Bruce Petar, 92 Scourlag-burc
Campbell & Hendry, 42 Overgate
Campbell John, 286 Hilltown
Campbell Peter, 32 Westport
Campbell William, 162 Hawkhill
Cant David, 10 Dudhope Crescent road
Christie Robert, 85 Lochee road
Dalgety George, 104 Princes st
Dick .lames, 5 Church st
Dick William, 107 Hilltown
Dodds Diivid, 48 King st
Donald David, 140 Princes st
Duncan Archibald, 47 Constitution road
Duncan James, 148 Hilltown
Duncan James, 3 Victoria road
Duncan James, 119 Black's croft
Duncan John, IGl Perth road
Duncan W. & A. 125 & 129 Hawkhill
Ferguson George, 74 Scouringburn
Ferrier Alexander, Dudhope crescent
Grant William, 61 Ann st, 270J<i Hawkhill, &
36 Dudhope st
Gray Peter, 112 Rosebank st
Gray Peter, 5 Mains road
Gray Robert, 100 Princes st
Green Thomas, 96 Nethergate
Henderson Alexander, 156 Ann st
Jameson Robert. 191 Perth road
Kerr Elizabeth, 145 Ann st
Key James, 143 Cowgate
Key Thomas, 60 Dura st, & SSNorthEllsnBt
Lamb David, 97 Lochee road
Lawson Alezander, 19 HiUtovm
Lawson David, 24 Princes st
M'Coy Robert, 172 Blackness road
M*Intosh David, Dundonald st
M'Intosh James R. 18 Weilgate
Maiden Charles, 120 Rosebank st
Malloch John, 64 William st
Millar Geo. 226 Overgate, & 88 Sconringburn
Miller Robert, 87 Murraygate
Millers & Co. 78 Overgate
Milne David, 91 Hawkhill
Mitchell John, 80 Victoria road
Morrison David, 164 Scouringburn
Morrison William, 140 Hawkhill
Murray William, 20 Weilgate, 18 Hawkhill,
170 Perth road, 35 Ann st, & 1 and 3 Pole-
park road
Nicol David & Wm. 67 Albert st, & 110 Ann st
Niiioll Agnes, 276 Hawkhill
Nicoll Margaret, 20 Logie st
Nicoll Robert, 6lj Hawkhill
Niven David & Sons, 19 Crichton st
Niven John C. 186 Perth road
Pirnie James, 41 Ann st
Powrie W. & F, 163 Hilltown
Robb James, 195 Hawkhill
Robertson Barbara. 50 Union st
Ritchie James, 191 Hilltown
Ruthven Robert, 45 Albert st
Sercombe Samuel, 138 Scouringburn
Stark John O. 15 Constitution st
Stewart Alexander, 26 Polepark road
Turnbull George. 84 Annfield
Watt Alexander, 93 Victoria road
'Wbitton Alexander, jun 16 Pole-
park road
Whitton John R. 254 Perth real
Wilkie David & Co. 6 Tallv st
Wilkio John, 02 King st
Wilkio William, 84 Overgate
WilsioM James H. '^7 T'niou st
Wood Charles, '6 E ten bank, Ferry road
Wyee Helen, 12 Union st
Marked thus I are also Upholstorers.
(See also Upholsterers.)
Abbot William, King's road
+Aberdein James, 4-i Souih Tay st
Aimer Georye C. 20(3 Overgato
+Armitt & Grant, 81 MuvrayEate
BaiHio David R. ]U Auu st
Eatcbelor David & Son, Watt st
BaLcbelor Georg*; ili Sun. 112 Uaioa st
Blacklaws John, lui Nethergate
Ui-iyd James, 18 Nelhevgate
Buchanan Alexander ;au(l stair rail), 112
ClarkG & Wilaon, King's road
Connor Matthew, 105 Hilltown
Doig John, 35 Weilgate
Donald T. & A. Small's wynd
Findlay Charles & Co. 44 Rosebank st
Golson James, 85 King st
Gray John & James, 12 to 20 Perth road, &
1 Rose angle
f Hunter David (general house furnisher and
carpet warehouseman), 4 and 5 Tally st, &
Church lane — See adi'ertisement
Imlay Alexander, 132 Seagate
Justice Thomas (general bouse furnisher &
carpet warehouseman), 10 and 11 Tally st
— Sec. advertisement
Lamond & Melville, Small's wjTid
+Lowson H. & M. C. 20 Seagate
M'Donald & Muir, 18 Union st
Macfarlane Tohn, 2 "West wynd
M'Keith & Robertson, 105 Hilltown
+Melville & Co. 40 Ann st
JMethven & Norrie (and house furnishers),
124 Nethergate
Moliaon William, 32 Hawkhill.
Murdoch Alexander, Crescent lane, and 13
Crescent st
Murdoch WiUiam H. 76 Albert st
+NicoU Robert, Constitution road, and Com-
mercial 3t
lOgilvic James, 216 Overgate
Rea Robort, 22 Black's croft
Robertson Alex. 49 Victoria st
Robertson Peter (wholesale, and Venetian
blind manufacturer), 85 Hilltown
Samson David, 77 Overgate
Scott James A, Son, Sl^i Seagate; works,
42 Foundry lane, and 71 Black's croft
Shaw & Gregory, 6 Park place
Sime Peter (and shop fittings carefully
executed), 7 North Lindsay st — See advert
f Smith & Son. 81 Nethergate
Smith Charles, 12 Queen st
Smith T. & A. 41 Nethergate
Taylor James, 54 Victoria road
Westwood Joseph, 71 Nethergate
"Wiiiteliurst &, "UtTallace (upbol-
sterers &. g^eueral house, office,
and sbip furnishers, carvers,
g-ilders, and silvered plate g:lass
agrents, billiard rooms com-
pletely furnished), <L8, 50 &. 52
South Tay st; works, 34, 36 &
38 South Tay st— 5ee advertisement
on Map of Scotland
Whyte George D. Rattray st
fWil'^on Andrew, 141 Overgate
IWilson John, 109 Overgate
Wilson Robert. 4 South Lindsay st
Baxter Brothers, 7 King st, & Dens Works
Boase & Co. St. Andrew's st, Callender
Bcnvie WiUiam, 21 King st
Cowgate Calendering Company, 53 to 58
Cowgate — C. Philip, manager
Cox Brothers, 1 nseadow place ;
Camperdown Xiinen "Works,
/^hdiee ; 23a Portland street,
Manchester ; 1 Crown court,
Cheapside, London; & 97 TTnion
street, Glasgow
Dundee Calendering Company,48 St.Andrew's
st — John Fisher, manager
Gilroy Brothers & Co. 1 Lochee road, and
Tay Works
Grimond J. & A. D. 1 King st, & Bowbridge
Wurks. and Maxwelltown [Lochee
Heyde Julius & Co. 14 Cowgate; works,
Ladywell Calendering Company, Morrison's
court, Weilgate— Graham HiJl, managing
Norrie Cbarlos& Sona,Mc;ulowsido Calender
Works, Alhta-t square
SiTiclnir &, Mitchell. C;'. C:i\vgate
Strachan, iunmoud d (Jo. i-i.t^tportCaleader
Works, Cowgate
Trades Iiaae Calendering- Com"
pany iof Bundee , Xlmitefi'
Trades lane — "SWiSllem S.
Buciianan, manager
Victoria Tiie Road Calendering
CoTa-pAny (finishers and saclt
sewing:, (!tc. :, Victoria road—
Savid J. Iiow, manager - He,'
advert iaemcitt
.S'r. 't.-ed and Ciiy.ib Makers.
Sec Manufacturers of Jtiie Goods, dc.
Butcbart, Iiiudsay &. Co. &. coooa
and mauilla n» ittings &. patent
cord matting), Bundee Xiineu
"Works, Constitution st—Si'C ach:'
Cox Srotbers. 1 rvleadow place, &
camperdown ILinen "Works,
Lochee ; 1 croven court, Cheap-
side, London ; 23a Portland st,
.^lanchester ; and 97 Union st,
Son ei. Suncan (&. printed floor
clottas, mattings, &.C.), King's
Cross "W^orks, Lochee— See advt
Grimoud J. & A. D. 1 King st, & Bowbridge
Works, & Maxwelltown [Works
Marshall, Andrews & Brush, Kose Lane
nxatbers Brothers (jute carpet-
Ings, &.C.), Cowgate— vVe ai/nt
laitchel! &. J'ones i carpets- , mats,
mattings, &.C. i . 3, ^ &. 5 Couper's
alley- See aiii'ertisement
Paterson James, Heathfleld Works, HawkhUl
Sha-n-, Baxter Jc Co. Temple Mills, North
Tay st, and Annfield Wokks, HaivkUUl
— See advertisement
Taylor Andrew &. Co. rorebank
â– Works, Forebauk rd— See udiit
Thomson, Shepheri & Co. Seafield Works,
Taylor's lane, Perth road
See Contractors.
Buick James, 11 Bell st
Clark George, Lift
Dewars John, 78 Princes st
Donaldson & Buist, SO Union at, Kirk cntrj'
Galloway James, 35 Strathmartine road
Jaffray & Smith, 85 Strathmartine road
M'Leish John, Ash st
Tait Robert, 101 HiUtown
Spence Andrew, 9 Gellatly st
(Sec also Picture Frame Maliers.)
Al'Intosh Alexander, 121 Nethergate
IMurruy Thomas, lOti Nethergate
Roger George F. 57 & Sil Nethergate
VST-bltehurst &. 'Wallace (and sil-
vered plate glass agents j, il8,
50 &. 52 South Tay st— %e advert-
isement on Map of Scotland
Scott William A. 13 Shore terrace
Stewart William, 40 Barrack st
Wallace Gavine, 16 Dura st
(See also tlie Preceding List.)
Law William, King William's dock
Leslie Alexander, 105 Seagate
Miller James, 23 Victoria road
(See also Concrete Flooring, d-c. Manufac-
.\damson James & Co. Victoria buildiiigst
East Dock st
Johnston & Martin, 22 Bell st; stores, Ire-
land's lane — See advertisement
M'Lean John & Co. 1 South Union st
M'Bitcbie Alexander, 29 Temple lane

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