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Marked thus f are also Account Book Manu-
Brechin James B. Go High st
IDurham John & Son, -19 High st
tForsyth John, 123 JMurraygate
ICidd 'William (and paper ruler),
113 Wortbgate
fSmitii 'William (&, paper ruler',
15 Barracii: st
IStevenaon Alexander & Jamea (and paper
rulers), 10 Now Inn entry
Tbomson Alexander &. Sons, 22
Bank street
Winter, Duncan & Co. 8, 10 & 12 Castle st
(Scsalso Stationers, and also Newspaper, itc-
Alexander William, 124 Princes st
Bradv & Stewart, 90 Nothergate
CantJames (old), 14 Crichton st
Carmeut Jamea, 19 Reform st
Cawfield Bridget, 40 Forebank rd
Chalmers Peter, 138 HawkhUl
Coraane Robert, 110a Princes at
Dick Jessie & Margaret, G2 Wellgate
Doig Margaret, 90 King st
Ewan Alexander, 26 VVeat port
Gordon James, 40 Hawkhill
Graham James, 163 Ovorgato
Green John, 46 Scouringburn
Innes David, 205 Perth road
Kldd 'Vt^illlam, 112 STetbergrate
Langlands Robert, 18 Peter st
Littlejohn Janet, 14 High st
Lundie Ann, 8 Nethergate
M'Gregor David W. 110 Murraygate
M'Gregor Hector, 14 Overgate
Meason Margaret, 162 Ann st
Middleton Auuo, 12 High st
Montgomery George, fU High st
Morris George, 92 Murraygate
Norrie William, 79 Nethergate
Penman James (Edinburgh), 35 Cowgate —
Alex. P. Hird, manager
Smitli 'Virilliain, 15 Sarracfc st
Winter, Duncan & Co. 8,10 & 12 Castle st
Adam David, 39 Elizabeth st
Ainslio Archibald, 26 Green market
Aird James, 7 Union st
Anderson George, 90 Princes st
Anderson William E. 16 Union st
Baxter David S. 80 Annfleld road
Bayne & Duckett, 48 High st
Black James, 51 Nethergate
Black John, 19 Lochee road
Blair David, 55 Hilltown
Bowes John Y. 40 West port
Bovd David, 52 Dudhope st
Broadie Margaret, 260 Hawkhill
Brodie James & William, 93 Perth road
Brown Brothers (wholesale), 12 Rose st
Brown Robert, jun. 33 Reform st
Chalmers William, 17 Overgate
Clark George, 66 Dura st
ConneU John M. 26 & 28 Nethergate
Crabb Alexander, 17 North Wellington st
Cramb David & Sons, 16 Nethergate
Crawford & Co. 53 Overgato
Cuthbert John, St. Peter st
David John, 78 Albert st
D3mp3ter William, 78 Victoria road
Dick R. & J. (gutta percha). 21 Overgate
Duncan John, 09 Lochee road
Duncan Michael S. 75 Princes st
Dundee Boot & Shoe Co. 104 Overgate and 11
Victoria road
Eadio Robert, 29 Overgate
Fairweather A. & S. 46 King st. and 1
Crichton st
Falconer James, 43 William st
Farrell Thomas, 170 Blackness road
Ferguson John, 11 St. Andrew st
Fiiiiater James, 103 Ann st
Forbes James, -38 Black's croft
Fraser Thomas, 94 Rosebank road
Eraser Thomas, 11 Arbroath road
Gairn John, 203 Overgate
Gordon David, 23 Wellgate
Grant John, 4 JIain st
Grant John C. 18 Kidd st
Gray John, 10 Overgate
Green & Bennet, 107 Overgate
Kamilt^on Jameslwholesa'e manu-
facturer). 61 RSurraygate
Handyside George, 85 High at
llondersou H.'& Sons (wholesale boot upper),
Ladybank Leather "VV'orks
High John, 7 Wellgate
Inches David, Dundonald st
Inches John. 34 Barrac:: st
I; vino Joseph, 179 Hilltown
Johnston David, 43 GeUatly st
Ker.ichsr JamLS, 57 Dudhope crescent
Kidd George, 44 Church st, Maxwelltown
Kidd C eorge 'W. ( wbolesale manu-
facturer ,4!l &. 43 Sosebanli st;
sale sbops, 5 Criobton st. c«. 69
&. 71 naurraygate
Kiddie Robert, 44 Charles st
Learmonth John & Son, 51 Wellgate, 9o
Overgate, &. Ladywell place; and Well-
meadow, Blairgowrie & Newport; manufac-
tory, Tay st
Logic John, 32 Overgate
Low James, 6 Albert st
Lowden William, 28 Victoria road
Lowrie Robert, 24 Dudhope st
M'DonaUl Peter (slippsrs), 120 Overgate
M'Ewan John, 30 SmaU's wynd
M'Ewan John & Son, 78 King st
M'Gregor John, 7 Church st
M'Leod Angus, 2 Raglan st
M'Naughton Isabella, 113 Overgate
Maun ^Villiam, 13 Mains road
Manners Mary Ann, 84 Overgate
Marr Thomas, 17 James st
Martin Peter, 15 Ellen st
Mathieson Murdoch, 186 Hawkhill
Meldrum William, Black's croft
Mollis David, 16 Alexander st
Mollis David D. (slippers), 5 King's road
Melville David, G West port
Middleton George, 154 Hawkhill
Mill Thomas, 51 Victoria road
Millar Margaret B. 117 Murraygate
Miller & Smith, 48 Reform st. & 130 Lochee rd
Miller Andrew, 61 Wellgate
Mitchell Alexander, 22 Ann st
Mitchell James, 24 Arbroath road
MoUison James, 173 Overgate
Morris John (whoiesalo), 104 Hilltown; sale
hops, 83 Ann st, 206 Hilltown, 9 Albert st,
aiul 13 Scouringburn
Nieol Walter, Downlield
Nieoll William G. 103 Princes st
Norwell Joseph (carpet), 162 Overgate
Ogilvv William, Strathmartine
Owlor Peter (wholesale), 27 Commercial st;
sale shops, 29 West port, 87 Scouringburn,
and 91 Murraygate
Parker Michael^ 180 Overgate
Pearson Da%'id, 72 Victoria road
Potter Alexander, 76 Murraygate
Pratt David, 192 Overgate
Pringl^Thomas, 120 Hawkhill
Rankine Jane, 14 Ann st
Richardson WiUiam, 32 Polepark road
Robbie & Mann, 33 High st
Rooke George, 53 Dudhope crescent
Sadler David, 169 Princes st
Sandemau Hugh, 30 Bank st
Scott &. ConneU (wholesale boot
and shoe factors), 73 and 75
Scott David A Son, 40 High st
Scott James, 29 Lawrence st
Scott Wilham. 3 Wellgate
Selbie Frank, 63 Albert st
Sharp David, 41 Victoria road
Short Edward, 182 Hawkhill
Small Thomas, 23 HUltown
Smart John, 36 Logic st
Smith George, 69 Perth road
Smith Mary, 77 King st
Smith William, 29 Overgate, 67 Scouring-
burn, aud 36 High st
Stewart Charles (wholesale), Commercial st ;
sale shops, 4 Murraygate & 41 Overgate
Stewart John, 19 Church st
Stewart William, 36 Overgate
Stirton Robert, Invergowrie
Sunter Robert, 40 Alexander st
Suthe'land James, 49 & 113 Hawkhill
Taylor Andrew, 188 Seagate
Tompleman WiUiam, 52 Bell st
Thomson Thomas, 3 St. Peter at
Walker WiUiam, 12 Princes st
Wliyte William, 84 Dudhope Crescent road
Wilkie Stewart, 122 Albert st
Wills Robert, 56 Princes st
WylUe Alexander, 103 Hawkhill
Yule David, 141 HUltown. & 66 Church st
Bryden John & Sons, 33 Bank st, and at
Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Pc)f/i— Alexander
Westwood, manager
Sonald John, ^ and 6 Gardner's
Farquharson John, 36 Barrack st
Fvffe James, 95 Nethergate
ilVnd D.avid, 10 & 13 Rosebank road
Johnston James, 16 SmaU's wyu,l
Low & Duff (fittings for plumbers, gasfittera,
and hydraulic and steam work), 146 Over-
gate — See advertisement
Mitchell Alexander & Son, 1 and 5 Magdalen
Yard road
Mitchell & Wighton, 92 Seagate
Moss Samuel, Hean's lane
Nucator Peter, 20 Meadowside
Ramsay David & Co. 27 Trades lane
RoUo William, Meadow entry
Thomson John, jun, 42 Castle st
Scott David, 8 Overgate
Sheach William, 7 Overgate
{See also Irond: Brassfotmders, it also Copper-
Alexander James, SI Overgate & 14 Bank st
Barnie John, King WUliam's dock
Brown David, 55 South Tay st
See Tinplate V/orkers, d'c.
Marked thus t are also Maltsters.
+Ballinira!2 &. Son (ale exporters,
maltsters, and hop merchants),
Pica jancsSie'wery,3<ochee road
Henderson John, Dens st
I Welister Andrew and Son, Craigie Brewery,
Lyon st
Whitton James J. Whitton's lane, 32 King st
Wills Margaret D. 49 Dudhope st
Adamson James & Co. Victoria buildings,
East Dock st; works, Xnchcoonan, near
Lindsay & Anderson (fire clay and sanitary
tube), 1 South Union st; works, Dunferm-
line — John M'Lean & Co. agents— See ad-
Small Robert & Co. Y'eaman shore and Pit-
four Bhick Works, Gtencarse, near Perth
Anderson WiUiam (and builder), 10 Shore
terrace and East Dock at
Linder, Luke & Co. (& builder), 21 Step row
Rosa A. R. 13 Panmure st
See Clothes Brokers also Furniture Brokers.
Dundee Institution fob the Blind, 60
Dalltteld walk— John W. Garraway, rangr
Minto William, 33 Barrack st
Mitchell M. i- E. 78 HawkhiU
Nicholson James H. 40 Castle st
Oxley WUUam & Co. 4 Willison st
(Sec ako Builders under the head Joiners,
alto Contractors, and also Stone Carvers, dr.)
Adamson W. & J. 88 Rosebank st
Anderson WiUiam (& bricklayer, 10 Shora
terrace, and East Dock st
Baxter James, 29 Rosebank st
Brown John, 96 Strathmartine road
Caird WiUiam, 63 Yeaman shore
Chalmers B. & J. 31 Ash lane
Connel & Duncan, 11 WiUiam st
Cunningham Alex. Downlield, Mains
Fleming David & Son, Sugavhouse wynd
Gentle James, 23 East Dock st ; woi'ks, 15
Step row, Perth road
Hay John & Charles, Albert st
Kidd David & Son, Mid st. Chapelsliade
Laird John, Balgay terrace
Lawson Robert, 347 Blackness road
EiaTSfson Thomas iSt. Son i and con-
tractors), 5 Keform street, and
Coitpar Angus
Lickley Robert, 220 Perth road
Mair Andrew, 7 Osborne place
Mann & Doig, 9 Brskine st
Mann & Myles, Step row
Peter James F, 5 Mount pleasant
Robertson William & Son 20 Nelson st
Roger Alexander, Willison st
Rosa James D, Rosefield st
Smith Adam, olji Yeaman shore
Rturrock & Sherriff, 63 Constitution road

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