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BAKERS — continued.
3Kidd Andrew G. 70 King st, 179 Princes sti
185 Overgate, 124 Murravgate, 153 Scom--
ingburn, 31 Hilltown, 34 North EUen st, &
13 Constitution st
Kiddie Andrew, 68 Blackness road
Laird Alexander, 127 Hilltown
Langlands Peter & George, 310 HawkhiU
Lindsay & Low, East Dock st ; 184 and 20
Scouringbui-n ; 62 Dura st ; 166 Perth rd;
20 Polepavk road; 40 Dudhope st ; 47
"William st ; and 85 Ewar st
Lindsay John, 45 Arbroath road
M' Arthur John, 71 Hawkhill
M'Comb John. 195 Perth road
Macdonald Willim, 6 Greenniarket
M'Dougall John. 11 & 13 Barrack st
M'Gavin David, 208 HawkhiU
M*Intosh H. & S. 23 Scouringburn
M'Kinlay John, 113 Cowgate
M'Leod David, 186 Seagate
M'Math J. & W. 206 Seagate
N'Nab Daniel S. 163 HawkhiU
Masterton David, 30 Barrack st
Mathers James P. 105 Murraygate
Mathers Robt. M. 5 Cowgate, & 21 Victoria rd
Meekison James, 16 Hilltown
Melville Robert, 8 Black's croft
Milne James, 11 Scouringburn
Moncrieff James, 1 Eden bank, Ferry road
Pullar Samuel, 46 Overgate
Reid Robert, 108 Princes st
Robb Alexander B. 3 Brown st
Robertson John, 137 Perth road
Robertson John, 48 Bell st
Robertson John K. 73 Lochee road
Robertson WiUiam, 212 HawkhiU
Rough Alexander, 17 Hospital wynd
Sandeman Jauo, 15 North George st
Scrymgeour John, 4 Nethergate
Shepherd Catherine, 6 St. Clement's lane
Shepherd David, 117 Hilltown
Small Alexander, 41 HawkhiU
Smith David, 50 Polepark road
Smith John G. 113 Nethurgate
Wallace Alexander, 9 Church st
Wallace David, 88 Charles st
Whvte William, 141 Princes st
Williamson WiUiam, 137 HiUtown
Aberdeen Town & County Bank (Branch),
5 Albert square ; head office, Aberdeen —
draws upon London and Joint Stock Bank,
London — James Low, agent ; George
Angus, accountant
Bank op New Zealajnd (Branch), 12 Mea-
dowside ; head office, London — J. and J.
Ogilvie and Reid, agents
Bank of Scotland (Branch), Reform st;
Lead office, Edinburgh— draws on Coutts
6 Co. Bank of England, Bank of Scotland,
and Smith, Payne & Smiths, London —
WilUam Moii', agent; William Freeland,
accountant; 1 Victoria st (branch) — Robt.
Walker, agent
British Linen Company (Branch), 83 Mur-
raygate ; head office, Edinburgh— draws on
Bank of England, and Smith, Payne and
Smiths, London — Thos. Sanderson, agent ;
James Martin, accountant ; sub-branch,
Westport ~ Jaraes Ireland, agent — See
" advertisement
City of Glasgow Bank (Branch), 27 and 29
Reform st; head office, Glasgow — draws
upon London Joint Stock Bank, London —
WUliam Stiven & Charles G. Ross, agents;
George D. Grimston, accountant ; Cattle
Market branch, open on Tuesday
Clydesdale Banking Co. (Branch), High
st ; head office, Glasgow— draws upon
London ii Westminster Bank, & Barnett,
Hoares & Co. London — Duncan Sidey and
Alexander Scott, joint agents; John B.
Lennox, accountant
Commehcial Bank of Scotland (Branch),
63 & 65 Reform st ; head office, Edinburgh
— draws upon London and Westminster
Bank, & Coutts & Co. London— Henderson
& Cochrane, joint agents; John Lowson,
accountant — See advertisement
National Bank of Scotland. (Branch)^ 71
Reform st ; head office, Edinburgh ; Lon-
don office, 37 Nicholas lane— draws onGlyn,
Mills & Co. Union Bank of London, and
Coutts & Co. London — John Hender-
son, agent; John Colville, accountant;
branches, 115 HiUtown — Richard C, Reid,
agent ; 248 Perth road, John W. Duncan,
National Bank of New Zealand (Branch),
1 Bank st ; head office, London— PattuUo
& Thornton, agents
North of Scotland Banking Co. (Branch),
24 High st; head office, Aberdeen — draws
upon the Union Bank of London— Alex-
ander G. Fleming— See advert (agent)
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), 22 Cas-
tle st ; head office, Edinburgh— draws upon
own offi.ce, London; Coutts and Go. and
Banknof England, London— George Mac-
kenzie, manager; G. W. Boase, cashier;
John Ewart, acconntant; sub-branch, 97
Murraygate, Wm. W. Thomson, sub-agent;
James Simpson, accountant — See advt
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), 96 King
st — Robert M. Brodie, agent— See advt
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), West-
port — Henry West, agent — See advert
Union Bank of Scotland (Branch), 2 Pan-
mura st ; head office, Glasgow — draws
upon Glyn & Co. London—David S. Fer-
gusson, agent; Thos. Saunders, accountant
Dundee Savings Bank, 2 Euclid st (open
daily, Saturday excepted, from 10 a.m. till
3 p.m.; on Saturday, from 10 a.m. till 12;
and on Wednesday and on Saturday even-
ings, from 5 to 8 Robert Sturrock,
actuary; John Miln, cashier
Oregon & Washington Mortgage Savings
Bank Limited, 27 Bank st — Thomas
Littlejohn, secretary
Butchart James R. 30 Overgate; workshop,
31 Overgate
Cooper John, 81 Nethergate
CressweU Thomas (dealer), 125 Nethergate
Dundee Institution for the Blind, 60
Dallfield walk— John W. Garraway, mgr
Menzies James (dealer), 20 Albert st
MitcheU M. & E. 78 HawkhiU
Morris Alexander, 82 Nethergate
Morris John, 17 Long wynd
NicoU David, 79 HiUtown
NicoU James, 12 Overgate
Petrie James, 5 Tindal's wynd
Dundee Institution for the Blind, 60
DaUtield walk— John W. Garraway, mgr
M'NicoU Alexander, 91 Nethergate
IWitcliell &. Jones (&. liair, wool
&. feather merchants , 3, 4 &. 5
Couper's alley ; \irorks»3W[eado\F
st— sef a/ivertisement
MitcheU M. & E 78 HawkhiU
Thomson William, 78 Nethergate
'Wliiteliurst&.'Wallace, ( & general
bouse furnishers, &,c.), 4:8, 50
&. 52 South Tay st—See advert-
isemeut on ninp of Scotland
{See also Plumbers, d-c.).
Adamson WiUiam, 49 Nethergate
Bryden John & Sons, 33 Bank st, and at
Glasgow, Edinburgh and Peri ft— Alexander
Westwood, manager
Dickie James A. 21 Barrack st
MitcheU Alex. & Son, 1 & 5 Magdalen Yardrd
Peebles Andrew, 87 Nethergate
PuUar & Stewart, 13 Greenfield pi— See aduf
Henderson H. & Sons, Ladybank Leathee
>\orks, Victoria road
"Walker -William &. Co. (&,flax&,
Sndia rubber hose pipe, and
mechanical leather of all
kinds,, 33 South Tay st-See
iidvei titieinfnt
See Fancy Goods Repositories.
M*Arthur John, jnn. 12 Bank st
Lamb Sarah, 8 Criohton st
Kidney James, 24 Bank st
Pearson WUliam, 8 Bank st
Henderson Patrick, 48 Barrack st
Adie John, 28 Commercial st
Arthur WiUiam, 11 West Henderson's wynd
Brown Thomas, Ninewells, Invergowrie
Barclay John, 119 HiUtown
Bruce & CampbeU, 45 Forebank road
Brymor David, 70 Constable st
Buik James, 11 Bell st
Bm-tio David, Fairmuir
Edwards George, 28 Crescent lane
Doig — , Kirlcton of Mains
Finlay James, 19 New Inn entry
Foote iVlesander, 41 Rosebank st
Galloway James, 35 Strathmartine road
Gardner Alexander G. 166 Overgate
Herschel & Richardson, 88 Dura st
Hutchison John, 14 Mid st
Jack John, 10 Croft's lane
Jafifray & Smith, 35 Strathmartine road
Kay Alexander, Invergowrie
Kennedy William, Watson's lane, HawkhiU
M'Intyre WUliam, Kirk entry, WeUgate
Mackie James, 136 Princes st
M'Lean Charles, 31 Overgate
M'Leish John, Ash st
Milne WiUiam, 18 Overgate
Mudie Peter, Strathmartine
Neave David & Co. {sliij)),KingWilliam's dock
NicoU & Jack (ship), \ictoria dock
NieoU G. H. & Co. 18 Bank st
isficoll J. &. -W. 103 Perth road
Paris Allan, 82 Cowgate
Philip Andrew, Liff
Russell Thomas, 112 Murraygate
Scott Thomas, 17 Union st
Smart John, Craigie
Smith & RusseU, 101 HiUtown
Smith James, Candle lane, & 35 West wynd
Soutar WiUiam, Mains
Spence Andrew, 9 GeUatly st
Spence Henry, 128 Blackness road
Watson A. & G. Ramsay's pend
Whitett Alexander, 46 HiUtown
Williamson Alexander, 205 Hilltown
Wilson David & Sons (ship), Victoria dock
Marked thus * are Yarn Millers.
Black William, Harestane Bleach
Works, IKCains
*Boase & Co. S3 St. Andrew st, Claverhouse
Bleacb field and Trottick MUl
Caird <lt Co. (yarn), 19 Cowgate; works,
Cromwell park, near Perth
*Cargill & Co. 33 Cowg-ate, and
Dundee Bleach Works, Iiong-
*Carmichael John, Baldovan Bleachlield
Cox Brothers, 1 Aleadow place ;
Camperdowu £inen Works,
Lochee; 1 Crown court. Cheap-
side. London; a3a Portland st,
Manchester ; and 97 Union st,
Kidd William, 22 Cowgate; works, Panmnre
M'Intyre Brothers, SO Meadowside, and
Baluniefield Bleach Works
M'Intyre WiUiam A. & Co. 29 Cowgate, and
Donglasfield Bleachfield
Moodie David & Co. 49 Meadowside; works,
Balrauir Bleachfield
Norrie Charles & Sons, 23 Albert square;
works, Forfar
Stevenson J. iSi. X* Forebank Dye
"Works, Victoria road
*Tawse WUliam, West Mill, Mains
Hughes Frank & Co. King WilUam's dock
Martin James, King William's dock
Phillips Charles, 37 Dock st
Brown & Todd, Camperdown dock
I^ivie 33 avid ( established 3 3
years, every description of
boats for Xioch fishing', shoot-
ing and racing , King: V^illiam's
Binice & Luckie, King WiUiam's dock
Carmichael James &. Co. "Ward
Foundry, Session st— -SVe advert
Gourlay. Brothers & Co. Dundee Foundry,
East Dock st
Pearce Brothers (and marine), LUybank
Foundry, Arbroath road
Thompson William B. (maker of marine and
land boilers). Tay Foundry, Maryfield, &
Caledon Ship Yard
See Shipt d:c. Store Merchants.

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