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AGEN T3— COilMISSION— conUuued.
Eitcliie John, S3 Commercial st
Robertson James W. (and for P. H. Muntz &
Co.'s yellow metal), 46 Castle st — See advt
Eoss John, 5 St. Andrew st
Busscll David & Co. 35 Cowgate
Simson William B. 1 Couper's alley
Sinckiir John, i) Dock st
Small James, 19 Ward road
Smith John C. 1 Royal Esohange court
Sparks James, 68 St. Andrew st
Stiven John & Son, 15 Cowgate
Stiven Peter, 4 Couper's alley
Strathern John, jun. 53 Yeaman shore
Strong W. ct S. 34 Dock st
Sfcronner James M. 1^^ Crichton st
Sturrock John, 5*2 Barrack st
Thain & Co. St. Andrew st
Thomson John, 10 Shore terrace
Warden Alexander J. 1 King st
Warden John W. 1 King st
Whyte Henry, 11 Meadow st
Wilkie Alexander, 37 St. Andrew fit
Wilson Adam, 33 Dock st
Winter John H. SO Dock st
{See aho Agents—Cominissidny and also Fire,
Jice Agents,}
Alexander David {shipping), 26 St. Andrew st
Allan John (to the Midland railway), 31 Pan-
mure st
Anderson George (for J. PuUar & Sons,
Perth), 66 Ann st
Batchelor J. & Sons (to the Atlas Parcel
Express), 24 Union st
Bruce David >& Co. (ship & commission), S
Royal ExclMUj,^e place, and East Dock st
Bachan John S. 24 Bank st
Burns G.&J.{tct i ho Canard Line of Steamers),
11 Panmure st
Buddo Robert (to Christie, Veitch & Co.
Leith, manmo manufacturers), 49 Dock st
Caithness Francis (to Caledonian Railway
Co.), S South Union st
Caldwell Alexander (for M'Phun & Son,
publishers, Glasgow), 8 Charles st
Cameron J. & P. (to the North British and
the Midland Railway Companies, for-
warding agents, contractors and general
carriers), 40 St. Andi-ew st— David John-
ston, agent
Campbell Alexander B. (to A. FuUarton &
Co. publishers, Edinburgh), 30 Dock st
Cant James (for Sutton's, parcel carriers), 14
Crichton st
Crighton William (for Lloyd's, and for Muntz
Metal Co. Limited), 1 Commercial st
Dawson David R. (to the Guiou Line of
Steamers), India buildings
Dewar & Christie (cotton yarn), 11 Cowgate
Dodds & Bathie (& Uve stock salesmen), 19
High st
Dove William (yarn), 28 Panmure st
Duncan Peter M.(to the Wearmouth Colliery
Co.), 27 Dock st
Ellis WiUiam (machine), 24 Euclid crescent
Fleming Peter (emigration), 44 High st
Grant Hugh (to Wordie & Co. carriers), 25
Dock st
Henderson Bros, (shipping), 1 Panmure at
Inglis Jeffrey T. (to Vivian & Sons, London,
copper smelters, and to H. H. Vivian &
Co, iiirmingham, metal merchants), 33
Dock st
Johnston David (to J. & P. Cameron, car-
riers), 40 St. Andrew's st
Kerr Peter (emigration), 23 Dock st
Longmuir William F. (to the Royal Liver
Friendly Society), 18 Nethergate
Lowrie William M. 3 Park terrace
Machan John (to the Shipwrecked Fisher-
men and Mariners' Society), 53 Dock st
Mlntyrc Peter (live stock), 1^^ Crichton st
Mackay Robert (to the London Printing and
Publishing Co. Limited), 6 High st
Mackenzie William (to Jessop, Paton & Co.
bankers. New York), 13 Panmure st
Melville Walker S. 5 Couper's alley
Midland Railway Co. (forwarding), 31 Pan-
mure st — John Allan, ageiit
Mitchell Charles D. (to Tolmie & Son, Trade
Protection office, Glasgow), 31 Bank st
Mitchell Robert (to G. & J. Burns, Cunard
Line of Steamers), 11 Panmure st
Montgomery George (to the Globe Parcel
Express), 64 High st
Mutter, Howey & Co. (to the North British &
the East Coast Railway Companies), 24
Cowgate — James Sliddcrs, agent
NicoU John (to Gumhrecht & Petri, mer-
chants, Hamburglt), 27 St. Andrew's st
Ogilvy George A. 51 High st
Patterson James (and agent to Perry & Son,
safe makers, Bilston),lS Albert square
Plenderleath Henry (goods agent to the
Dundee and Newcastle Steam Shipping
Co.), 1 Commercial st [Dock st
Quosbarth, Pettersen & Co. (shipping), 38
Rattray John, 51 Tay st
Ritchie Alexander, 10 Lawrence st
Robertson D. & W. (for Elliott's Patent
Sheathing;aud Metal Co. Limited), 14 to 18
Exchange st
Robert son James W. (for P. H. Muntz & Co.'s
yellow metal), 46 Castle at— .See advert
Sa'lmond Peter (for J. Pullar & Sons, dyera,
Perth), 50 Princes st
Shiell & Small (agents for the Earl of Dal-
housie and Sir John Ogilvy, Bart, m.p. ;
agents and factors to Lord Kinnaird,
Rossie ; James Guthrie, Esq. Craigie ; &
W. E. Baxter, Esq. m.p. Kiucaldrum), 5
Bank st
Slidders James (to Mutter, Howey & Co.
railway carriers), 24 Cowgate
Smith Alex. M. (Young's Paraffin Oil Co.),
2 Royal Exchange place
Sterling Robert M. D. (to Travers & Sons,
London), 19 West Dock st
Stevenson James (for William M'Kenzie
publisher^, 14 Union st
Stewart Robert (Emigration and Insurance),
9 St. Andrew st
Sturrock Robert (for Cockburn and Camp-
bell, wine merchants, Edinburgh), 55
Reform st
VTallace Jolin &. Co. (to Fried
Krupp. Essfn, Prussia, for boiler
plates, &. to John Bllbby, Sons &.
Co, Lwerpool, for ing:ot and sheet
copper), 5 Royal Exctian^Q
court— .SVe uduefthem''rit
Wilson Henry & Co. (to Cammell & Co.
Limited, Cyclops Steel Works, She^eld),
183 Seagate
Wordie & Co. (carriers and forwarding
agents to the Caledonian Railway Co.), 25
Dock st— Hugh Grant, agent
Valentine James (photograplieP
"by special appoiotment to the
Queen, and publisher oi photo-
graphic views of Scotland), 23
High st, A. 15ft Perth road
IWanless Andrew, 1 Crescent lane
i Watt Alexander, 43 A-rbroath
See Concrete, d-c. Manufacturers.
Anderson John (valuator), 14 New Inn entry
Angus William, 71 High st
Bell J ohn C. 7 Cowgate
Brown David B. li High st
Buchan Thomas (valuator), 24 Bank st
Campbell Felix, 77 Overgate
Dodds & Bathie (agricultural), 4 Refonn st
Eraser James, IS Nethergate
Graut Charles, 3 New Inn entry
Harris & Faii-weather, & 8 Bank st
Harris Charles, '22^ Nethergate
Henry & Beatts, 57 Reform st
KeiUers Juhu (iish), 10 Fish market
Leaburn Michael (tish). 1 Fish market
Lord George H. 6S Cowgate
M'Caffrey John W. 169 Overgate
M'lutyre Peter, (agricultural & cattle sales-
man), 1^2 Crichton st
M'Kenzie William, 150 Overgate
Marshall James S. 14 St. Clement's lane
Martin Jas. (valuator), 10 St. Clement's lane
Rattray John (valuator), 51 Tay st
Ritchie Mango, 51 Overgate
Robertson A. & P. M. 24 Bank st
Robertson John (valuator), 202 Overgate
Shepherd Joseph (valuator), 111 Cowgate
Stark Alexander !■. Royal Xlx-
chan^e Auction Rooms, nxea*
(See also Wine and Spirit Merchants).
George Robert, Church st
Guild Edward, 8 North Tay st
M'Cormick John, 55 Union st
M'Gregor John (retail), 10 Paterson st
Murphy William, Walton st
Ramsay Alexander, 24 Charles st
Smith John, 3 Castle lano
Smith William, 9 The Vault
Willsher George, 96 Murraygate
Macdonald George D. (public analyst), 41
Reform st
Alexander Wm. (town), 36 North Lindsay st
Bairner Thomas, 3 Long wynd
Bisset G. J. 5 Reform st
Blackadder Robert, 29 Bank st
Bruce John, 31 Bank st
Edward & Robertson, 8 Bank st
Hunter Robert, 29 Bank st
Hutcheson Alexander, 4 Reform st
Ireland & M'Laren, 81 Murraygate
Johnston Alexander, 20 Reform st
Keith Robert, Gl Reform st [Bell st
Macltison WiUiam, Police chambers, West
Maclaven & Aitken, 24 Bank st
Maclaren John, 41 Reform st
Ower Charles & Leslie, 82 Bank st
Robertson John M. 33 Albert square
Simpson William, 14 New Inn entry
Young it Meldrum, 41 Reform st
Marked thus f are Portrait Painters, and
thus I are Photographers.
lAbbott James, Constitution road
■fCollins Hugh, 10 Shore terrace
+Couie Robert, 4 Airlie terrace
tDonald Alex. 17 Wellington st
JGibb James, 51 Victoria st
iCrego Donald, 45 Nethergate
tHardie James, 50 Victoria road
ILee Arthur, 38 Barrack st
Low W. & P. 132 Nethergate
tLowden William, 10 Constitution terrace
tMorrison Robert, 1281^2 Nethergate
+ Prophet John R. 59 Wellgate
Robertson John, Miller's wynd
tRodger George F. 57 Nethergate
tRoger Alexander, 65 HawkhiU
Spindler James G. H. (landscape), 31 Reform
st, & 1 King at
tStewart John A. 65 Nethergate
Gibson Joseph, 33 Dock st
Howie Duncan, 1 Commercial st
Scott David & Son, 62 Dock st
Baxter Marjory H. 171 Princes st
Campbell Helen, 133 Ann st
Cockburn & Co. 136 Nethergate
Sailly Daniel (and ladies* under-
clothing^ and remnant ware-
house , 61 &, 63 Nethergate
Duffas Catherine, 11 Wellgate
Fraser John, 53 Nethergate
Juffers Isabella, 47 Wellgate -
Mackay Helen, 235JTi HiUtown
Ramsay Emily. 5 Scouiingbum
Souter Mary, 43 Reform st
Stewart A. & J. 72 Nethergate
Sutherland John, 30 HawkhiU
Williamson Jessie, 145 HawkhiU
Young David, 22 Caldrum st
Anderson David, 69 Princes st
Anderson David, 120 HUltown
Anderson Peter, 32 North Lindsay at
Beattie John, 308 Perth road
Bissett James, 152 Ann st
Black David, 61 King st
Black John & Son, 61 Albert st
Black John 0. 12 HawkhiU
Brown John, 102 Scouringburn
Buchan David, 85 Perth road
Butchart George, 64 Wellgate
Christie EUzabeth, 90 HawkhiU
Cochrane James, 5 Mid wynd
Cooper Alexander, 66 Black's croft
.Coupar WiUium, 51 Perth road
Coupar WiUiam, MiUer's wynd
Couper James O. 30 Princes st
Cunningham Thomas, 96 Victoria road
Durkie David, 54 Ann st, and 78 Dura st
Elder David G. 62 Scouringburn, and 16G
Blackness road
Elder James, 153 Princes st
Findlay WiUiam, 34 Dudhope st
ForeweU WiUiam, 144 HiUtown
Forrester Alexander (& biscuit), 117 Nether-
gate, and 15 Wellgate
Grindlay David, 37 Dudhope crescent
Guthrie George W. 41 Constitution road
Hume David & Son, 17 Dock st
Kelman George, 5 Glamis st, & 116 Ann st
Kermick Stewart, 37 Lochee road

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