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Smith William, school board officer, Clepington road
Smith William, shopkeeper, 12U Albert st
Smith William, confectioner, 58 WiUiam st
Smith Wmiam, farmer, Balgarthno
Smith William S. cabinet maker (Smith & Son), 11 Balfour st
Smyth Alexander, house factor, 3 Barrack st; ho. 35 Dallfield ter
Snaddon Paul, spirit dealer, 29 Ann st
Snedshill Iron Co. iron manufacliUrers, 1, 3 & 5 Ward road— ^lColl
and Dunn, agents
Sommerville & Co. merchants, 30 Meadowside
Sommerville William F. merchant (Sommerville & Co.), Temple
Hall, Longforgan
Soutar George, grocer & spirit dealer, 2 Green market and -ifa
Crichton st ; house, 6 Croft's lane
Soutar Isabella, householder, 9 Gom-ie place
Soutar James, confectioner, 79 Perth road
Soutar Jane, lodging-house keeper, 17 Airlie place
Soutar Jedidiah, rope & twine maker, Magdalen green
Soutar John, draper, *21 Princes st ; house, 10 Maryfield terrace
Soutar H. baby linen warehouse, 29 Overgate & 43 Reform st
Soutar Margaret, spirit dealer, 151 Scouringbm*n
Soutar Margaret, draper, 160 Hawkhill
Soutar Mai*v, fruiterer & greengrocer, 209 Perth road
Soutar Mary, milliner, baby Unen, &c. 43 Reform st ; honse, 7«
Soutar Mary A. lodgings, 8 Garland place. Constitution road
Soutar Robert, furniture broker, 155 Overgate
Soutar AVilliam, wright, Kirton, Strathmartine
South Church Mission Hall, 72 Overgate
Soutter Georg^e &. Co. rope & twine makers, 90
Soutter Samuel, rope and twine spinner; all kinds of lines,
twines, and ropes, flax & hemp engine twines, ko. Havercroit
Rope & Twine IVorks, Baldovan Feus— 'Sec advrt
Spalding James, wine & spirit dealer, 151 Princes st
Spalding John, house factor, 68 Church st. North
Spanish Vice-Consulate— J. Julius Weinberg, 13 Panmure st, vice-
Spankie James, clerk, 9 Ure st
Sparks David, china, &c. dealer, 62 James st
Sparks James, merchant and commission agent, 68 St. Andrew st;
house, 105 Ferry road
Speakman James, clerk, 3 Buckingham terrace, Forfar road
Speed Alexander, solicitor & notary, 10 Reform st ; house, Campbell-
town place, Hawkhill
Speed &. Cowper, reed, camb & picker makers, 27 Albert square
Speed George, reedmaker (Speed & Cowper), Hilltown
Speed William, innkeeper, Blanor place, Perth road
Speedy William, shipmaster. Meadow entry
Spence Adam, shopkeeper, Mains
Spenco Alexander B. surgeon dentist, 6 Shore terrace
Spence Andrew, blacksmith & wright, 9 Gellatly st
Spence Charles, draper (James Spence & Co.), Coventry bank, Perth
Spence George, fruiterer, 1 Union st
Spence George, confectioner, 40 Polepark road
Spence George C. merchant (Smith, Spence & Co.), 10 Springfield
Spence Henry, blacksmith, 128 Blackness road
Spence James, draper & clothier, 99 BUlltown
Spence James & Co. linen, &.C. drapers, silk mercers and general
warehousemen, 20 to 30 Reform st
Spence John L. spirit dealer, 5 New Inn entry
Spiller William, grocer, 178 Ann st
Spindler James G. teacher of drawing & landscape painting, 31 Re-
form st, & 1 King st
Spindler John C. teacher of music, 81 Reform st
Spindler W^illiam A. civil engineer, 1 King st ; house, 31 Reform st
Spindler W^illiam C. teacher of music. 31 Reform st
Spreul Andrew, veterinary surgeon, 37 Yeaman shore
Sprunt Mary, apartments, 7 North Lindsay st
Squire ^Forrester, confectioner, 118 Blackness road
Staffordshire Fire Insurance Office — E. Guild, 1 Couper's alley;
John Ferguson, 3 Couper's alley ; David Maclaren, 81 Murray-
gate ; and Alexander M. Banks, 23 Dock st. agents
Stalker Jane, fruiterer & greengrocer, 101 Nethergate
Stamp & Tax Offices, 12 Bank st— John Gilbertson, surveyor
Standard (fire) Insurance Co. Limited — George C. Keiller, 33 Albert
square; Edward Howat, 13 Ward road, agents
Standard (life) Insurance Office — Shiell & Small, 5 Bank st ; Robert
Boyd, 20 Reform st ; D. S. AT. Littlejohn, 27 Bankst; A. G.
Fleming, North of Scotlond Bank — See advertisement
Standard marine Insurance Co. Xiimlted, IS Cow-
^.ite— "W. Suchan SS.ltctiie, ag'ent
Star (life) Insurance Co. — R. N. Stevens, India buildings, agent
Stark Alexander Xi. auctioneer, valuator, & g-eneral
Iluen factor, Royal Exclian^e Auction Rooms ;
liouse, IVSeadowside, TTewport
stark Helen, grocer & spirit dealer, 41 Dallfield walk
Stark John C. flesher, 15 Constitution st
Stark Richard, grocer & spirit dealer, 178 Scouringbum ; house, 4
Easson's angle
Steel David, potato merchant, 30 Greenmarket
Steel E. CnowN Family and Commercial Hotel, 41 Greenmarket,
and 1 Shore terrace
Steel James, fruiterer, 35 Hospital wynd
Steel J;\racs C. tea dealer, 15 Jligli st
Steel Margaret, householder, 5 Victoria road
Steel Niel, tea merchant, 61 Overgate; house, 6 Prospect place
Steele David, grocer & spirit dealer, 95 & 97 King st
Steele Margaret, householder, 9 W^ard road
Steer Edwin, confectioner, 14 Garland place
Stephen Alexander & Sons, wood & iron & composite ship builders,
Marine parade
Stephen Betsy, shopkeeper, 8 Raton's lane
Stephen David, clerk, 287 Hawkhill
Stephen George & Son, ironmongers & iron merchants, 29 Castle st
Stephen John G. representative of Henderson Brothers, shipping
agents, 1 Panmure st ; house, Monifieih
Stephen R. G. ironmonger (George Stephen & Son), 1 SomerviHe pi
Stephen William, ship builder (Alexander Stephen & Son), Brought^
Steven David &, Sons, waste merobants, Raglan st;
bouse, 1Z3 Princes st
Steven Helen, linen &c. draper, 74 Blackness road
Steven John, corn merchant, 57 Cowgate
Steven Peter, merchant & commission agent, 4 Couper's alley
Steven Peter, surgeon, 10 Tay square
Stevenson Alexander A James, bookbinders, 10 New Inn entry
Stevenson Brothers, dyers & French cleaners, 80 Murraygate ; works,
222 HiUtown „ ^ ,
Stevenson Francis, dyer (J. & F. Stevenson), 1 Nelson ter, Forebank
Stevenson Geo. dyer (J. & F. Stevenson), 1 WoodvUle pi, Maryfield
Stevenson George, manager of the Scottish Loan Company, 6 Mea-
dow entry
Stevenson J. &. P. dyers &. bleachers, Porebanlc
Dye \(rorks, Forebank road
Stevenson James, agent for William M'Kenzie, pubhsher (Qlasgow)^
14 Union st ; house, 287 Hawkhill
Stevenson James, dyer (J. & F. Stevenson), 17 Magdalen Yard road
Stevenson James, coach trimmer, 14 Barrack st
Stevenson Jessie, fruiterer, 165 Hilltown
Stevenson Mary, householder, Seafield road
Stevenson Robert M. musical instrument dealer, 65 Nethergate
Stevenson William, toll collector, Clayports
Stewart A. & J. baby linen establishment, 72 N ethergate
Stewart Alesander,"joiner & Venetian bhnd maker {PuUar & Stewart),
Blackness road
Stewart Alexander, clerk, 12 Graham place
Stewart Alexander, butcher, 26 Polepark road
Stewart Alexander, wine & spirit merchant, 50 Castle st
Stewart Alexander, last maker, 24 Todbui-n lane
Stewart Alexander M. clerk, 4 Croft's lane
Stewart Andrew, sub-editor, 2 Croft's lane
Stewart Andrew, linen draper (Robertson & Stewart), Albert
Cottage, Forfar road
Stewart Ann, spirit dealer, 108 Murraygate
Stewart Annie, teacher, 14 Thomson st
Stewart Brothers, jute spinners and manufacturers, hannaira
Works, Ogilvie'sroad
Stewart Charles, wholesale bootmaker, Murraygate, 4 Overgate, and
4 Commercial st^ house, 33 Magdalen Yard road
Stewart Charles, manufacturer (Stewart Bros.), 6 Constitution ter
Stewart Christina, milliner, 12 Ann at
Stewart D. & J. shopkeepers, Parkhead, Mains
Stewart David, iron merchant (John Wallace & Co.), 5 Dallfield ter
Stewart David, furniture broker, 10 & 12 Hunter st
Stewart David, spirit dealer, 59 Overgate
Stewart David, eating-house, 143 Perth road
Stewart David, clerk, 56 Croft's lane
Stewart David, agent, 1 Buckingham terrace, Forfar road
Stewart David, sohcitor, 61 Reform st ; house, 6 Constitution ter
Stewart David, grocer and spirit dealer, 109 Nethergate
Stewart David G. solicitor, clerk and notary and assessor to the
Guild Court of Dundee, clerk to the Guildry Incorporation
secretary to the Dundee Royal Infirmary; Royal Orphan
Institution, &c. 10 Meadowside; house, Broitghty Ferry
Stewart Duncan, grocer and spirit dealer, 101 Albert st
Stewart Ehzabeth, Eagle Inn, 1U8 Murraygate
Stewart George, householder, 9 Westfleld place
Stewart George, professor of music, 3 Stirling st
Stewart George, manager, 12 North Ellen st
Stewart Helen, householder, 26 Victoria st
Stewart Isabella, grocer, &c, 180 Hawkhill
Stewart Isabella, smallware dealer, 133 Nethergate
Stewart James, gi-ocer, 65 Ure st
Stewart James, bootmaker, 27 Main st
Stewart James, copper and tinsmith, 3 Gellatly st
Stewart James A. merchant (Stewart Brothers), 6 Constitution ter
Stewart James F. collector (Tay Ferries), 7 Yeaman shore
Stewart James F. clerk, 2 Windsor place
Stewart Jane, householder, 68 BeU st
Stewart Janet, shopkeeper, 28 Bell st
Stewart John, boot and shoemaker, 19 Chm-ch st
Stewart Jobn, surgeon dentist, 3 Soutb Iiindsay st ;
bouse, 68 rretberg-ate
Stewart John, salesman, 22 South Tay st
Stewart John, clerk, 23 Victoria st
Stewart John & Sons, nurseryman, 21 Nethergate
Stewart John A. artist, 65 Nethergate
Stewart Margaret, spirit dealer, 20 St. Clements lane
Stewart Margaret, spirit dealer, 185 Scouringburn
Stewart Margaret, confectioner, 161 HawkhiU
Stewart Mary, fruiterer, 12 Tally st
Stewart Mary, shopkeeper, 148 Hawkhill
Stewart Marv, shopkeeper, 42 Black's croft
Stewart Peter, japanner and painter, 108 Murraygate ; house, 24
Dallfield walk
Stewart Robert, spirit dealer, 42 Union st
Stewart Robert, clothier and hatter, 171 Overgate
Stewart Robert, eniigi-ation and insurance agent, 9 St. Andrew's st
Stewart Robert, spirit dealer, 135 Hilltown
Stewart Robert, tobacconist, 23 North Ellen st
Stewart Susan, eating-house, 9 Ann st
Stewart William, nurseryman (John Stewart S:^ Sons), Broughty Feri-y
Stewart William, boot and shoe maker, 36 Overgate
Stewart William, carver and gilder, 40 Barrack st
Stewart WiUiam, gi'ocer, 65 Ure st
Stewart William, grocer, 17 St. Salvador st
Stewart W^illiam, clerk, Balgay terrace
Stewart W'illiam, manager, 7 Ellen st
Stewart William, salesman, 16 South Lindsay st
Stewart William, eating-house, 147 Seagate
Stewart William & Co. spirit dealers ,22,Dudhope crescent

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