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Simpson Alexander, accountant and insnranco agent, 51 Reform st ;
houBQ, East Newport, I'ife
Simpson Andrew, clerk, '20 Dadhope Crescent road
Simpson Daniel, shopkeeper, 4 Main st
Sjmpson David, master mariner, G li.iglan st
Simpson Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 80 Caldrum st
Simpson James, householder, 20 Bell st
Simpson James, accountant, 6 Kaglan st
Simpson John, draper, 58 Wellgate; house, Broufjhty Ferry
Simpson Robt. shipbuilder (Brown & Simpson), William st, Tayport
Simpson William, poultry, &c. dealer, Cliurch lane; house, 75 Ann-
field road
Simpson W^illiam, gi'ocer. Si Ann st
Simpson William, architect, 14 Now Inn entry ; house,32 Springfield
Simson Alexander, confectioner, 86 Ann st
Simson Wm. B. merchant and commission agent, 1 Couper's alley
Sinclair & Mitchell, sack makers and calenderers, 66 Cowgato
Sinclair Beatrice tr. school, 5 St. Andrew's st
Sinclair George, spii'it dealer, 288 Hilltown
Sinclair George, grocer and spirit dealer, 5 Victoria road
Sinclair James, sack maker (Sinclair i Mitchell), Broughty Ferry
Sinclair John, commission merchant, 9 West Dock st; house,
Broughty Ferry
Sinclair, Moorhead &, Co. merchants and manutactui'ers of jute
goods, 81 Murraygate
Sinclair Patrick A. grocer and spirit dealer, 65 King st
Sinclair Robert, m.b. surgeon, 1 South Tay st [road
Sinclair William, joiner (Crichton& Sinclair), Derby Cottage, Forfar
Singer iXbel IVXanufacturin^ Co. sewing xuadiine
makers, 128 Tfetbert^ate, and at Perth, Cupar-Fife,
Kirkcaldy, Arbroath, Montro&e and Forfar -^ "Robert Xiees,
manag'er— Sg£ advertUement
Sinnette James, surveyor to Lloyd's, 44 Candle lane
Skea James, fruiterer, &c. 113 Hawkhill
Skinner Helen, householder, 5 Rustic place
Skinner James, mill manager, 25 Crescent st
Slater Emily, tobacconist, 58 South Tay at
Slidders David, carting contractor, Caudle lane
Slidders James, agent to Mutter, Howey &. Co. 24 Cowgate ; house
47 Yeamau shore
Slimraaa & Robertson, lath renders, 4 Wellington st
Slimman Geo. lath splitter (Siimman & Robertson), 17 Graham pi
Small Adam, hatter, 2 Reform st, and 5 Westport; house, 24
Garland place
SmaU Alexander, baker, 41 Hawkhill
Small & Boase, spinners and manufacturers of hemp & tow yarns
and makers of seaming, roping, and other twines, 64 St. Andrew's
st, and at JEIawkslaw Works, Leven, Fife
SmaU Andrew, spirit dealer, 41 Scouringburn
SmaU David, clerk of works, 20 Peter's court, Cowgate
SmaU David, j.p. solicitor (Shiell & Small^ and justice of peace
clerk for Forfarshire, 5 Bank st ; house. Gray House, Lon/iforgan
Small Hugh, shopkeeper, 104 Albert st
SmaU Isabella, dressmaker, 29 Peter st
Small James, clothes broker, 118 Overgate
SmaU James, grocer &, spirit dealer, 73 Albert st
Small James, commission and insurance agent, 19 Ward road;
house, SO Midst
Small John, spirit dealer, 38 Hunter sfc
SmaU Robert, traffic superintendent (Caledoniau Railway), 48 Mag-
dalen Yard road
Small Robert &. Go. coal, lizna, biick, 4-. drain pipe
and cement mcrcUants, S^itfour Hrick "WorJti!,
. fjU'ucurs- ' i-ar Peilk , agents for the Scottiaii Scii-
perial &, Hoyal Bxcnang-e Iiisurance Comr^anies
Y'oaman court, Veanaan shore
Small Tliomas, boot & shoe maker, 23 Hilltown
SmaU William, confectioner, 7 Barrack st
SmaU William J. solicitor (Shiell and Small), clerk to the commis-
sioners of property and income tax for the Dundee district of
Forfarshire, 5 Bank st ; house, Gray House, Lonpf»rgan
Smart Alexander S. manager, 10 Milubauk road
Smart Bremner, joiners. Blackness road
Smart David, clerk, 230 Perth road
Smart George, saw maker, 7 Ireland's lane
Smart George, clerk, 30 Raglan st
Smart George, joiner {Smart & Bremner), 28 Kincardine at
Smart Geerge, tobacconist, 54 ^Vellgate
Smart James, tobacconist, 2 Crichtonst ; house, 10 Reform st
Smart James, joiner, 30 West wynd
Smart Jessie, draper, 135 Princes st
Smart John, boot & shoe maker, 36 Logic st
Smart John, dairyman, 61 Hospital wynd
Smart John, blacksmith. Old Craigie
Smart John, provision dealer, 7 Constitution st
Smart Robert, tailor. Ford's lane
Smeaton James, furniture broker, 3 Hunter st
Smeaton John, confectioner, 26 Scouringburn
Smibert lilary. householder, 124 Seagate
Smieton David A. manufacturer (J.Smieton »S: Sons), Broughty Ferry
Smieton Harry A. manufacturer {J.Smieton & Hons), Broughty Ferry
Smieton James & Sons, merchants and manufactm-ers, 63 Cowgate ;
works, Carnoustie ; and at London and Manchester
Smieton Thos. A. manafacturer (J. Smieton & Sons), Broughty Ferry
SmiUie Helen, grocer, St. Mary st
SmiUie Mary, dressmaker, 38 Commercial st
Smith Agnes, spirit dealer, 4 Caldrum st
Smith Alexander, merchant, 35 Cowgate ; house, 1 Viewforth place
Smith Alexander, grocer, 45 Union st
Smith Alexander, joiner {Smith & Chabners), West Park road
Smith Alexander, manager, 17 Jauetield place
Smith Alexander, sack maker, 68 James st
Smith Alexander, engraver, &c. (Douglas & Smith). 14 Seafield road
Smith Alexander M. commission agent, 2 Royal Exchange place;
house, 16 Fleuchar st
Smith & Chalmers, joiners, 29 Tait's lane
Smith & Russell, blacksmiths, 101 HiUtown .„, ^, ., „ , „„,
Smith & Son, cabinet makers and upholsterers,* 81 Nethergate, and
1(»4 Overgate ,
Qniifh Andrew builder, 51^0 Yeaman shore „ ,, ,
sS th aSSIw CO "l merchant (Smith, Hood & Co.), 360 Perth road
Smith Indl-ew, caWnet maker (T. & A. Smith), 39 Magdalen Yard rd
Smith Ann B. grocer, 77 Cowgate „„„,u%!n
Smith Ann O. householder, 8 Gowiie place, Hawkhill
Smith Archibald, joint secretary (Life Association of Scotland),
India buildings ; house, Victoria road
Smith Bernard, clothes broker, S-i Jamea st, Maxwellto« i.
Smith Bridget, dressmaker, 13 Urquhart st
Smith Catherine, householder, 26 Victoria Bt
Smith Catherine, shopkeeper, 144 Overgate
Smith Catherine, spirit dealer, 34 Hilltown
Smith Charles, cabinet maker & joiner, 12 Queen st
Smith Charles, clerk, Wolseley at
Smith Christina, householder, Ford 3 lane
Smith Daniels, clerk, 12 Garland place
Smith David, grocer, Ac. 46 Polopark road
Smith David, baker, 50 Scouringburn
Smith David, salesman, 62 K-emback st
Smith David, merchant (J. & W. Smith), 2 Pnu'^we te"f «
Smith David & Son, merchants and manufacturers, 42 St. Andrew s
Smith David sJ'merchnnt (Smith, Spence & Co.), 16 Airlio place
Smith David M. shipmaster, 108 HUltown
Smith Edward, clerk, 287 Hawkhill
Smith Ehzabeth, fancy depository, 130 Nethergato
Smith George, manager, 9 Mid st
Smith George, bootmaker, 69 Perth road
Smith George C. mauager, 13 Park lane
Smith Harry, clerk, 6 Tait's lane
Smith Helen, confectioner, 166 Hilltown
Smith Helen, shopkeeper, 188 Overgate
Smith Heneago H. clerk, 2 Craig st
Smith Henrv & Co. merchants, flax spinners, & power-loom manu-
facturers of hessians, sacking, baggmg, &c. 10 Panmure st. and
Pole Pakk Woeks
Smith, Hood & Co. coal merchants, 3 Yeaman shore_
Smith Isabella, householder, Constable Cottage, West I'erry
Smitb J. &. "W. merchants; linen, flax, bemp and.
jute material for paper and felt manufacture,
spinning-, &o. ; paper stock and paper makers;
supplies for home and export, 10 Shore terrace;
warehouses, Exchange at—See adr,;itisfmeiit
Smith J. P. clothier, 21 Reform st. & 81 West poi-t; house, Scots-
wood terrace. Blackness road
Smith James, bank teller, 2 Panmure terrace
Smith James, shopkeeper, 18 Hawkhill
'Smith James, farmer, Jeanfleld . , .,. j
Smith James, china & stoneware dealer, 7 Arbroath road
Smith James, miller, Fallaws MiU, Strathmartine „",V'""'
Smith J.imes, merchant (H. Smith & Co. , Fern bank, Dudhope
Smith James, veterinary sm-geon and blacksmith & farnei, Canttto
lane & 85 West wynd; house, 91 Seagate
Smith James, farmer. Mains of Gray
Smith James, clerk, 86 Lochee road
Smith James E. merchant, 2S St. Andrew st ; house, 2 \iewfoith
Smitli"jamos'R. manufacturer (Hardie & Smith), 301 Perth road
Smith Janet, shopkeeper, 80 Black's croft .
Smilh John, furniture broker, 15 Urquhart st
Smith Johu, ale & porter merchant, S Castle lane , _ ,
Smith Joini C. commission and insurance agent, Royal tscUange
court: house, Kilnburn place, iVfiuijJort „„ ^, . .
Smith John G. baker, 113 Nethergate; house, 29 Union st
Smith John S. reporter, 10 Panmure st
Smith Joshua, spirit dealer, 35 & 37 Dudhope st
Smith Joshua, bootmaker (Miller & Smith), Ni-wpori
Smith, Laing & Co. flax spinners, 7 Royal Exchange court; wolks
near Cupar ^ Fifeshire
Smith Margaret, grocer, 213 Hawkhill
Smith Blui-tlia, general draper, 56 Hawkhill
Smith Mary, toy dealer, 32 Dui-a st
Smith Mary, spirit dealer, 119 Scourinaburn
Smith Marv, boot & shoe maker, 77 K-ing st
Smith Mary, hosier, 28 Victoria road
Smith Mary J. P. teacher, 37 North Ellen st „, . ,^ , t
Smith Matthew, grocer, 53 Foundry lane [West Dock st
Smith Mitchell, provision merchant, 41 Yeaman shjre; house, li
Smith, More & Fay, solicitors & notaries, 24 Meadowside
Smith Mungo, manager, Ffederick place, Downfield
Smith Peter, grocer, 4 Kinnaird st
Smith Peter, shopkeeper. S6 Caldrum st
Smith Peter, grocer, &o. 2 Polepark road ,. , . ,
Smith IRohert, sohcitor (Smith, More & Fayl. \iotoria place,
Bronghtti FetTif ^
Smith Robert, merchant (J. & W. Smith), 2 Paumurc terrace
Smith Robert, shipmaster, 26 Victoria st
Smith Robert B. grocer, 86 Princes st c, t, .
Smith Silvester, corn agent, St. Andrew st ; house, bt. Koque s
Cottage, West Ferry ,„ ,^ [place
Smith, Spence & Co. merchants & manufacturers, 1 Royal Exchange
Smith T. & A. cahinet makers, 41 Nethergate
Smith Thomas, merchant (H. Smith & Co.), Ashwood, Harecralg
Smith Thomas, farmer. Mains of Fowlis
Smith Thomas, greengi-ocer, 36 Hawkhill
Smith Thomas Y. spirit dealer, 2 Ogilvies road
Smith William, hatter, 47 High st ; house, 20 Forebank terrace
Smith William, wiue & spirit merchant & spii-it dealer, 6, 9 >i 11 tue
Vault ; house. Union Cottage, Newport, Fife _
Smith William, boot & shoe maker. 29 Overgate, 67 Scouringburn,
and 36 High st; house, 5 Parker st
Smith William, stationer, bookseller, bookbinaer,
paper ruler, printer &. lithographer, 15 aar a ok
st ; house, Newport, Fife
14 -789

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