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Rodney David, confectioner, 9 South Union st
Rodney Margaret, shopkeeper, 17 Tyndall's wynd
Roger Alexander, builder & pavement merchani, 24 Willison st
Roger C. B. merchant, 3 Couper's alley ; house, 6 Perth road
Roger George F. photographic artist, 57 &■ 59 Nethergate
Roger James, confectioner, 192 Seagate
Roger Jane, dressmaker & linen di-aper, 11 North George st
Roger William, linguist, 86 Nethergate [Strathmartine
Rogers James, chemical and manure manufacturer, Rosemill,
RoUo Alexander, plumber, 10 North Tay st i
Rollo & Hendry, solicitors, 32 Bank st
Rollo David, solicitor (RoUo & Hendry), notary, and treasurer and
■ecretary to the Morgan Hospital, and joint agent to the Royal
Bank of Scotland, Lochee. ; and vice-preses of the Royal Faculty
of Procurators, Dundee, 32 Bank st; house, Bloomfield, Lochee
Rollo William, plumber & brassfounder, Meadow entry, Laing st ;
house, 10 North Tay st
Ronald John, keeper of Kinnaird Hall, Bank st
Rooke George boot & shoemaker, 53 Dudhope crescent, Lochee rd
Roper K. "W. &, Co, merchants, spinners, and
manufacturers of jute g-oods, ftl Cowg^ate —
See adoerthsnnent
Rorie James, m.d. medical superintendent of Royal Lunatic
Asylum; house, 3 C'raigie Bank place, Pitkerro road
Rosenstern T. & Co. mercbants,73 Cowgate— G.T.Godfrey, manager
Rosa A. R.BritishjWine maker, 13 Panmure st ; ho. 28 NorthGeorge st
Ross Alexander, traveller, 23 Victoria st
Ross Catherine, lodgings, 17 Nelson st
Ross Charles G. ageQt{(Jity of Glasgow Bank), 31 Reform st; house,
Daisy bank, Forfar road
Ross David, grocer & spirit dealer, 191 Cowgate
Ross George, wright, Muirhead, Liff
Ross Helen, grocer & spirit dealer, 109 Perth road
Ross Helen, dressmaker, 51 North Wellington st
Rosa James, inspector of works, 21 Airlie place
Ross James D. builder, &c. Rosefleld Cottage
Ross John, commission agent, 5 St. Andrew st
Rosa Robert, fruiterer & greengrocer, 211 Perth road
Ross Robert, spirit dealer, 8 & 10 Commercial st, Maxwelltown
Ross Thomas S. merchant, & agent to London & Lancashire Insu-
rance Co. 12 Cowgate; house, Balgillo terrace, Broughty Ferry
Rosa William, spirit dealer, 173 HiUtown
Ross William, saddler, 47 Victoria road
Ross William, fruiterer, 50 Rosebank st
Rough Alesander,^aker, 13 Hospital wynd
Rowan Edward, pawnbroker, 63 & 65 Overgate
Rowan Mary, grocer & spirit dealer. 66 Scouringburn
Roxburgh William, draper, 93 Hawkhill
Roy John L. engraver & die cutter, 70 Bell at
Roy Peter, farmer, Locklones
Royal Bank of Scotland (branch), 22 Castle st— George Mackenzie,
manager; G. W. Boase, cashier; (sub-branch) 97 Murraygate—
WiUiam W. Thomson, sub-agent ; {sub-branchi King st— Robert
M. Brodie, agent ; (sub-branch) R^'estport—Hem-y West, agent
Royal Exchange, Panmure st
Royal Exchange Insm-ance Office, Yeaman court Robert
Small and Co. agents
Royal Exchange Reading Rooms, Panmure st— Robert Starrock,
secretary and treasurer
Royai Infirmary, Barrac'i road — See Public Buildings
Royal Insurance Company — J. B. Anderson, 8 Panmure st ; Alex-
ander J. Warden, 1 King st; Matthew Blackie, 10 Panmure st ;
James E. Smith, :^3 St. Andrew's st ; RoUo & Hendry (fire), 82
Bank st; James Easson, jun. 19 Cowgate; and J. L. Sievewright,
4 Royal Exchange place, agents
Royal Liver Friendly Society, 18 Nethergate William F.
Longmuir, agent
Royal Lunatic Asylum, Albert st — See Public Buildings
Royal National Lifeboat Institution — James Hunter, jun. 5 Reform
street, secretary
Royal Orphan Institution, Ferry road
Rusk Robert, clothes broker, 3 Glarais st
Russell Agnes, shopkeeper, 30 Balgay st
Russell Alexander, fruiterer, &c. 108 Scouringburn
Russell & Son, chemists, 111 Nethergate
Russell Barbara, lodgings, 40 Union at
Russell David and Co. merchants and agents, 35 Cowgate ; house
Broughttj Ferry [jun. agent,
Ruusell H. & G. (London), merchants, 33 Cowgate — John Deuchar,
Russell James, druggist {D. Russell & Son), 47 South Tay st
RusseU James F. Roi/al Hotel (family & commercial), 54 Nethergate
Russell Margt. principal of Tay Street Institution, 47 South Tay st
Russell Thomas, blacksmith, 113 Mun-aygate
Rutherford David, coutracter. Ferry road
Rutherford Ellen, grocer & spirit dealer, 6 Temple lane
Rutherford Hugh, spirit dealer, 56 North Ellen st
Rutherford James, wine and spirit merchant, 7ft
nXurraygrate ; house, 5 Victoria road
Ruthven Catherine, grocer, &c. 4 Daniel st
Ruthven Robert, butcher, 45 Albert st
Ruthven Thomas, spirit dealer, 13 & 15 North Lindsay st
S. & T. WHIST Club, 104 Nethergate— J. F. Emslie, secretary
Sadler David, shoemaker, 169 Princes st
Sadler James, cooper, King William's dock ; house, 7 Victoria
square, Nethergate
St. Clair Alexander, pawnbroker and jeweller, 18 Nethergate ; house.
Newport^ Fife
St. Mary's Sisterhood (Episcopal), 10 King st
St. Patrick's Hall Young Men's Institute, Roger lane
Sftlmond & Fleming, wholesale grocers, 41 Commercial 8t
Salmond David, agent, 31 Isle's lane
Salmond Frank, civil engineer (J. & F. Salmond), 2 Airlie terrace
Salmond J. & F. civil enginura & suiweyors, 6 Higb st
Salmond James, civil engineer (J. & F. Salmond), 3 Constitution
Salmond John, newsagent, 63 Victoria road
Salmond Peter, confectioner, 50 Princes st
Salmond William, merchant (Salmond & Fleming), 6 Perth road
Salomon Julius, merchant, 19 Bain square ; house, 14 Windsor st
Samnugger Jute Factory Co. Limited (registered office), 45 Albert
square— Joseph J. Barrie, secretai-y
Samson Alexander & Co. merchants & manufacturers 75 Hillto\vn,&
11 Meadow place
Samson & Unna, merchants, 51 Meadowside
Samson Ann, householder, 5 Victoria road
Samson Ann, giocer, Ac. 67 Princes st
Samson Betsy, dressmaker, 5 Victoria road
Samson David, cabinet maker, 177 Ot 178 Overgate
Samson George, manufacturer (Hugh Samson & Sons), 8 William st
Samson George, tinsmith, &c. 4 Brown st
Samson George, shopkeeper, 5 St. Peter's st
Samson Hugh & Sons, manufacturers of hessians, sheetings, scrims,
&c. Hill Bank Factory, Jamaica st ; town office, 11 Meadow st
Samson James W. spu-it dealer, 1 Dens road
Saudoman David & Co. merchants, 27 Panmure st
Sandeman Frank S. j.p. merchant, spinner, & manufacturer of jute
goods, & cotton spinner, 23 Panmure st; mills, Manhattan Wokks,
Clepington, and Stanley Mills, Perthshire; house, Stanley
Sandeman George, clerk, 20 Forebank terrace
Saudeman Hugh, boot & shoe maker, 3U Rank st ; ho. 17 Airlie pi
Sandeman James W. spirit dealer, 2 Back st
Sandeman Jane, baker, 15 North George st
Sandeman John, clerk, 7 Ellen st
Sandeman Patrick and Co. chemists and druggists, High st
Sandeman Robert, house factor, 16 Nelson st
Sanderson Thomas, agent (British Linen Co. Bankers), 9 Douglas
terrace, Broughty Ferry
Sandison Christopher A. agent, Havelock place, Hawkhill
Saunders Jane, newsagent, 24 BeU st
Saunders John M. grocer and spirit dealer, 33 Alexander st
Saunders Peter, currier &. leather merchant, and
manufacturer of machine &. hand closed uppers,
8 to 14 nxid st ; house, S^rin^bank, Mloni&etb—
See advert
Saunders William, spirit dealer, 144 Murraygate
Saunders William G. Surgeon. 19 King st [cashier
Savings Bank, Euclid st— Robert Sturrock, actuary; John Miln,
Scarlett William, undertaker, 65 Scouringburn, 32 Hunter st, and
8 Ann st
Schleselman George, merchant & agent, 12 Panmure st ; house, 9
Sommerville place
Schmidt Henry E. Ph.D. professor of languages, 61 Reform st;
house, 4 Hunter place, Broughty Fei-ry
Schneider Johanna, householder. 45 South Tay st
Schneider William, clerk, 45 South Tay st
Schools — See Academies in Classification
Schultzen Eliza & Murray, boarding school, SI South Tay st
Scobie David, clerk, 13 Stirling st
Scott Alexander, manufacturer (H. & A. Scott), 370 Perth road
Scott Alexander, bootmaker {D. Scott & Son), 24 Euclid crescent
Scott Alexander, dairyman, Craigie strips
Scott Alexander, joint agent (Clydesdale Banking Co.), Ash Bank
ViUa, Neu'Xiort, Fife
Scott. Alexander C. ironmonger, 11 Osborne place
Scott & Counell, boot and shoe factors and commission agents, 78
& 75 Murraygate
Scott & Fernie, joiners & builders, Small's wynd
Scott & Fyfe, merchants & manufacturers of flax and jute goods, 16
Cowgate ; woi'ks, Tayport
Scott & M'Nab, shuttle & picker makers, 63 Dallfield walk
Scott & Stevenson, pawnbrokers, 130 Hilltown
Scott Andrew, grocer, 97 Ann st
Scott Charles, messenger, 48 Reform st
Scott David, boot closer, 8 Overgate
Scott David & Son, insm-ance agent & average stater, 62 Dock st ;
house, Newport, Fife
Scott David, registrar of births, deaths & marriages for the Third
district of Dundee, 26 Euclid crescent ; house, 8 Victoria place,
Scott David, tobacconist, 113 Ann st
Scott David, manufacturer, 9 Perth road
Scott David, manager, The Scottish Brunswick Rock Asphalte
Works; office, Elsinore place; works, 84 Seagate; house, 24
Forebank road
Scott David & Son, boot, &c. makers, 40 High st
Scott Ehza, eating house, 53 Forebank road
Scott Ehzabeth, spirit dealer, 13 Thorter row
Scott H. & A. manufacturers of hessians, sackings, &c. Tayfleld
Works, Seafield lane
Scott Henry, upholsterer, 107 Nethergate; house, 44 Seafield road
Scott Hugh, treasurer to Millworkers' Association, 81 Bank st; ho.
35 Wilkie's lane
Scott J. & Co. spirit dealers, 84 Lochee road
Scott James, manufacturer (James Scott & Sons), Hyndford Cot-
tage, Blackness terrace
Scott James, engineer, 31 Reform st
Scott James, ship owner, Craigie terrace, Ferry road
Scott James, shopkeeper, 73 Hill st
Scott James, flesher, 75 Caldrum st
Scott James & Son, joiners & cabinet makers, 42 Foundry lane
Scott James & Sons (late J. & W. Scott), manufacturers of power-
loom linen, hessiaua, tarpaulings, canvas, sheetings, &c. Mn>
Wynd Works, Hawkhill; town office, 7 Royal Exchange court
Scott John, merchant (Lindsay & Scott), 19 Airlie place
Scott John, ironmonger, &c. 29 Wellgate
Scott John, house proprietor, 51 Crescent st
Scott John, painter, 134 Princes st
Scott John, farmer, Blackhill Farm, Anorum road
Scott John, clerk, 4 Elyth st
Scott Maitland, coal dealer, 39 Croft*s lane
Scott Margaret, dressmaker, 24 Bank st
Scott Mary, tobacconist, 88 Nethergate
Scott Mary Ann, dress & mantle maker, 28 South Tay st

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