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Mitchell Charles D. solicitor & notary, 31 Bank st; house, 4 Buck-
ingham terrace, Marytield
Mitchell David, china, glass & rag dealer, 47 Hawkhill
Mitchell David, meal & flour merchant, 6 Daniel st ; ho. 28 Union pi
Mitchell David C. district manager of Britannia Fke Insurance Co.
and general insurance agent, 5 Reform st; house, 3 Parker st
Mitchell David R. merchant (Mitchell & Jones), 4 Garland place
Mitchell David W. B. m.A. house governor and head master, Morgan
Mitchell Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 104 Seagate
Mitchell Elizabeth, confectioner, 83 Victoria rd
Mitchell George, grocer & spirit dealer, 26 High st ; house, 7 Park pi
Mitchell H. B. merchant (H. B. Mitchell & Co.), Terrace House,
Mitchell H. B. & Co. merchants, 38 St. Andrew st
MitcheU IsabeUa, spirit dealer, 176 HiUtown
Mitchell James, corn merchant, 83 Exchange sti ho. Maryfleld ter
Mitchell James, tobacconist, 74 HawkhiU
Mitchell James, boot & shoe maker, 24 Arbroath rd
Mitchell James, manager, 33 Stu-Ung st
Mitchell James, grocer, 47 Church st t^ , .
Mitchell James, ship and insurance broker and owner, 85 Dock st;
house, broughty Femj [terrace, BroughUj Fcrru
Mitchell James, seed crusher (James Mitchell & Co.), 3 Douglas
mitcbell James 6, Co. sei-d crushei a, • U n fiiu-i s, tic. and
paveiii' nt merchants, otHce, B Beform street; and Affle. k
Seed Cushini; Woiks, Itlonikie Station; and Affleck
Pavement Quarries, RBonikie— /See udvertisement
Mitchell John, dairyman, Downfleld, Mains
Mitchell John, llesher, 80 Victoria rd
MitchellJohn, merchant, 8 Cowgate; residences, Polepark House,
and at Arngask, Fifeshlre
Mitchell John, jun. merchant (Mitchell & Graham), Polepark
House, Fleuchar Craig
Mitchell John A. coal merchant, 6 St. Andrew at ; house, 6 Craigie
terrace. Ferry road
Mitchell John, ironmonger, &c. 185 Princes st
Mitchell John, hairdresser, 73 HiUtown
Mitchell John, manager, Dalhonsie terrace
Mitchell John, clothier (J. D. Adams & Co.), SO Lindsay st
Mitchell M. ^i: E. basket & bedding warehouse, 78 Hawkhill
Mitchell Margaret, midwife, 89 Hospital wyud
Mitchell Mary, grocer, 71 Princes st
Mitchell Mrs. — , spirit dealer, 37 Princes 8t
Mitchell Mrs. — , grocer, 71 Princes st
Mitchell Patrick, sack maker (Sinclair & Mitchell), Broughty Ferry
Mitchell Peter, grocer, 147 High st ; house, 84 Balay ter, Lochee rd
Mitchell Robert, agent for G. Ik J. Burns, steam shipowners, &c. 11
Panmure st
Mitchell Robert H. house factor, 147 Ann st
Mitchell Stewart, house factor, 5 Queen st; house, 45 Victoria rd
Mitchell Thomrs, fruiterer, 136 Murraygate
Mitchell Thomas, grocer & wine & spirit merchant, & agent to W. &
A. Gilbey, wine merchants (London), 11 Union st; house, 21
Airlie place
Mitchell WilUam, plumber, 69 Cowgate
Mitchell William, spirit dealer, 1 Larch st
Mitchell William, house proprietor, U North Wellington st
Mitchell AVilliam, cub proprietor, 49 Larch st
Model Lodging House (for males), 97 Overgate
Moilel Lodging House (for females), Victoria rd
Moir Ann, greengrocer, 143 Seagate
Moir David, sen. clerk, 17 Maryfleld terrace
Moir Edward, manufacturer (John Moir & Son), J^ciojjort, Fife
Moir Frederick B. spirit dealer, 8 Bell st
Moir John, manufacturer (J. Moir .it Son), 10 William st, Forebank
Moir John & Son, manufactureas of hessians, canvas, t&c. 27 Cow-
gate; works, East Dock st
Moir the Misses — , school teachers. 79 Albert st
Moir Philip, commission agent, 5 Bain square
Moir William, agent (Bank of Scotland), Bank House, Bank st
Mollison David S. confectioner, 330 Overgate
MoUison James, manager of the Tay Ship Building Company,
Marine parade; house, 5 Rustic place
Mollison James, boot & shoe maker, 173 Overgate
Mollison VPilham, joiner & cabinet maker, 22 HawkhiU
MoncrieffEuphemia, householder. 2 Viewforth place
Moncrieff Henry, missionary, 38 Victoria st
Moncriefi" James, baker, ] Eden bank
Moncrieff Jemima, householder, f, Victoria square
moncrieff R. &. "W. manufacturers by steam poTirer
of jute and linen fabrics, 3 India buildings, and
Wletbven 'Works, isaetbven, Fertbsbire
Moncur Alexander, groci-r, 32 King st
Moncur Alexander, manufacturer (Alexander Moncur &. Son), 281
Perth road
Moncur Alexander & Son, manufacturers of sackings, bags, &c.
Victoria Works, Ure st [283 Perth rd
Moncur Alexander H. manufacturer (Alexander Moncur & Son),
Moncur David, hardware dealer, 23 Strathmartine rd
Moncur David, grocer, &c. Milnbank rd
Moncm- James, house agent, 2 WUkie's lane
Moncur James, sack maker (Glass & Monour), Monifieth
Moncur Mary Ann, grocer, 53 King st
Moncur William, china, &c. dealer, 123 HawkhiU
Monfries Alex, head master (Dundee Institution), 382 Perth rd
Montgomery George, bookseller &, manufacturing stationer, 64 High
st ; house, Brewhead House, Lif
Montgomery James, bootmaker, 125 Black's croft
IVEoodie David mercbant and manufacturer of
sacks, bags, &.C. S Bain square; bouse, 12 Ann-
field road
Moodie David & Co. bleachers & yarn merchants, IBalmuirfield;
office, 49 Meadowside
Moody-Stuart & Robertson, accountants, 81 Bank st [Airlie pi
Moody-Stuart Robert (accountant (Moody- Stuart & Robertson), 4
Moon Charles, surgeon, 94 Nethergate
Moon David S. surgeon, 12 King st
Moon James Stocks, silk mercer (Moon, Langlands & Co.), Eden-
field, Cupar, Fife
Moon,Langlands"& Co. general drapers, silk mercers, clothiers and
carpet warehousemen, 40 Nethergate and 23 to 27 W^st port
Moore and Weinherg, merchants (Belfast), 13 Paumure st
Moore Daniel, ticket writer, ti Barrack st
Moram Margaret, householder, 26 Tait's lane, Hawkhill
More Thomas, grocer, 69 Overgate
More Thomas, solicitor {Smith, More & Fay), 24 Meadowside
Morgan Kosphal, Forfar road— Sec Public Buildings
Morgan John, confectioner, 185 Perth road
Morgan Kichard D. tailor & clothier, 9 Exchange st
Morison, Anderson & Butchaii, flax and jute spinners and manu-
facturers of sheetings, hessians, &c. Wallace Works, Dens road,
and St. Roque's Works, Constable st
Morison Robert, clerk, 16 North Ellen st
Morison William R. merchant (Morison, Anderson & Butchart),
Broughty Ferry
Morris Alexander, basket maker & cooper, 82 Nethergate
Morris Charles, master mariner, 4 Mid st
Morris George, bookseller, &c. 92 Murraygate ; ho. 5 Somervilla place
Morris Htlen, mantle maker, 69 Reform st
Morris Isabella, hosiei', &c. 137 Hawkhill
Morris Isabella, dressmaker, 19 Kincardine st
Morris James, cooper, 88 Overgate
Morris James, china & glass dealer, 106 HawkhiU
Morris Jolm, schoolmaster, inspector of poor, and registrar of
births, deaths and marriages for parish of Mains and Strath-
martine, School House, Mains
Morris John, basket manufacturer, 17 Long wynd
Morris John, boot & shoemaker, 33 Ann st, 260 Hilltown, 9 Albert
st, andl3 Scouringburn ; works, 114 Hilltown
Morris John G. clerk, 30 North st
Morris Mary, householder, 6 Victoria square
Morrison David, flesher, 164 Scouringburn
Morrison David, manager, 4 Park terrace, Blackness road
Morrison David, clerk, 2 Graham place
Blorrison George, drill instructor, S Mid st
Morrison John, manager, 27 Watt st
Morrison John, draper, 18 Hospital wynd
Morrison Robert, clerk, 16 North EUen st
Morrison Robert, photographer, 128>i Nethergate
Morrison Robert B. clerk, 2(J Forebank terrace
Morrison Ronald, householder, 2 Bruce st
Morrison William, flesher, 140 HawkhiU
Morrison WiUiam B. merchant, 30 Cowgate; house, 6 Lome terrace
Mortimer Robert, joiner, &c. 93 Overgate
Morton George, grocer & spirit dealer, 39 Nethergate
Morton George, wine & spii'it merchant, 26 & 28 North Lindsay et ;
house, 25 Strawberry bank
Morton James, tailor and clothier, 19 Union st
Morton Jessie, dressmaker, 118 Albert st
Morton Jonathan A. bricklayer (L. Linder & Co.), 21 Step row
Moss Robert, fruiterer, 211 Perth road
Moss Samuel, brassfoundor, 9 Heanslane; house, 70 Blackness road
Moutrie Robert, customs otiicer, 40 Anufield row
Muckersie David, teacher, 10 DaUfield ten-ace
Muckersie James, grocer & provision dealer, 212 Lochee road
Mudie & NicoU, milliners and dressmakers, 170 Soouringburn
Mudie & NicoU, ironmongers & tinsmiths, 113 Princes st
Mudie Andrew, grocer & provision dealer, Dudhope crea, Lochee rd
Mudie George, confectioner, 4 Main st
Mudie Grace, shopkeeper, 83 Arbroath road
Mudie James, shipmaster, 51 Crescent st
Mudie James R- accountant »& stock, &c. broker, 3 Royal Exchange
com-t; house. East Newport
Mudie John, shopkeeper, 18 Mid wjmd
Mudie John, schoolmaster, 5 Victoria road
Mudie John, hairdresser, 81 Overgate
Mudie P. Spence, manufacturer (Boase & Mudie), Broughty Ferry
Mudie Peter, blacksmith, Strathmartine
Mudie Robert A. & Sons, coal merchants & shipowners. East Dock st
Muir George, tailor. 71 High st
Muir Hannah, shopkeeper, 59 Perth road
Muir John, fruiterer, 14 HiUtown
Muir John, shopkeeper, 37 Croft lane
Muir Robert, hairdresser, 89 Castlest; house 80 Nethergate
Muir Thos. coal merchant, 63 Yeaman shore — Robert Patton, agent
Munro Ann, shopkeeper, 36 Hawkhill
Munro Brothers, ironfounders and engineers, Temple Foundry,
Park place, and at Arbroath and Forfar
Munro David, gi-ocer, 75 Lochee road
Munro David, ironmonger, 13 Crichton st
Munro Donald, spirit dealer, 68 St. Andrew st, and 118 Seagate;
house, 20 Cowgate
Munro Elizabeth, grocer and provision dealer, 11 Green market
Munro John, blacksmith, Barries square, Scouringburn
Munro WUliam, hnen draper, 117 HawkhiU
Muntz P. H. & Co. yeUow metal manufacturers, 46 Castle st— J.
W. Robertson, agent — Sec advertisement
Muntz's Metal Co. Limited, 1 Commercial st~Wm. Crichton, agent
Murdoch Alexander, china, glass, &c. dealer, 79 Wellgate
Murdoch Alexander, cabinet maker and joiner, 13 Crescent lane
Murdoch Andrew J. commission agent, 35 Cowgate
Murdoch Thos. merchant (WiUiam L. Boase & Co.), 2 Dalhousie ter
Murdoch William H. cabinet maker, 76 Albert st
Murison James, merchant, 40 St. Andrew st; house, 8 Windsor st
Murison Patrick, manufacturer (Thomson, Shepherd and Co.),
Seafiold Lodge
Murison William T. flax and jute merchant, 3 Royal Exchange pi;
house, 4 WeUington st
Murphy WiUiam, bottler, Walton st
Murray Agnes, shopkeeper, 11 Eden bank
Murray Bridget, shopkeeper, 26 Polepark road
Murray Edward, clsrk, 2 Rosefield st
Murray James, manager,. 22 Dallfleld terrace

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