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Boyle John, furniture broker, 11 Alexander st
Boyle William, grocer & spirit dealer, 122 Scouringburn
Boyle 'William, clothes broker, 10 Barrack st
Boyne Ann, diaper, 5 Eden bank
Boyne William, house factor, 11 Kinloch st
Boyne Wm. painter & decorator, 31 Cowgate ; house, 17 Graham pi
Boyter Alexander. snufl'A tobacco dealer, 38 Castle st
Bradford James, cooper, 7 Meadow st
Bradford Jobn 5. cbina, g^lass, and stone'ware
zuerchant, 3 Oreen market; ra^, rope, &, waste
paper mercliant, IS to 30 Baltic st; &. Cleping;-
ton Steam Vl/aste V/'orks* ikrklay st; bouse, 2
Albany terrace
Brady & Stewart, stationers, 96 Netliergate
Brady Ann, grocer, 19 North Wellington st
Brand John, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Strathmartine road
Brandt & Luhrs, flax merchants, 37 Albert square
Brazils Vice-Consulate, 20Panmurest — Thomas Collier, vice-consul
Brebner James & Alexander Blonfries, Dundee Institution, South
Tay st
Brebner James, principal of the Dundee Institution (Brebner A
Monfries), Scotswood terrace
Brechiu Jamea B. bookbinder, 65 High st
Brecken Rose, confectioner, 71 Scouringbui'n
Bremner David, joiner, Ash st
Bremner Robert, furniture broker, 51 Hilltown
Brew William, grocer & spirit dealer, 39 Nethergate
Briggs Thomas and Co. cotton spinners {Manchester), 68 Cowgate —
John C. Macdonald, agent
Briggs William, Asphalte Works, East Dock Bt
Brimner James, wine and spirit merchant, 16 Dock st; house, 18
Airley place [manager
Britannia Fire Insurance Co, 5 Ref -rm st — D. C. Mitcholi, district
British & Foreign Marine Insurance Co. 3 Royal Exchange place-
George A. M'Laren, & David Bruce & Co. agents
Britisb and Fore&grn Metaline co. metaline manu-
facturers for engine packing, &.c .Royal Bzcliangre
court; works, Virallace court, ASurraygate — J!^ee
British Equitable Life Insurance Co. — Peter Robb, 13 Mid st. and
David Mitchell, 5 Reform st. agents
British Imperial (life)— William P. Longmuir, 18 Nethergate
British Legal Life Insurance Co.— James Galloway, 15 Victoria
road, agent
British Linen Co. bankers, 83 Murraygate — Thomas Sanderson
joint agent ; sub-branch, Westport — James Ii-eland, agent — See
Brodie Brothers & Co. linen manufactuvers, 33 Cowgate, and Tay-
mouth Linen Works, ('ariiousiie
Brodie James, feur, 4 Albert st
Brodie James & William, shoemakers, 93 Perth road
Brodie James C. farmer. Brackens .
Brodie John, merchant (Brodie Bros. & Co), Bonnybank House
Brodie Margaret, boot & shoe maker, 260 HawkhiU
Brodie Robert M. solicitor, King st
Brodie W. Lyon, merchant (Brodie Bros. & Co.), Bonnybank House
Brodie W, Lyon & Go. merchants & manufacturers, 33 Cowgate
Brough Ales, manufacturer (Storey, Erough & Co.), 4 Laurel bank
Brough Lawrence, tobacconist, 9 Cowgate
Brow Margaret, lodging house, 15 Blid st
Brown Agnes, shopkeeper, 1 Annfield place
Brown Agnes, confectioner, 1 Ireland's lane
Brown Alexander, shopkeeper, 44 Princes st
Brown Alexander, draper, 55 Victoria st
Brown Alexander M. confectioner, 20 Arbroath road
Brown Alice, lodgings, 36 Nethergate
Brown & Barclay, merchants, 23 St, Andrew st
Brown & Simpson, iron shipbuilders, Victoria dock, Marine parade
Brown & Todd, boat builders, Camperdowu dock
Brown Andrew H. corn merchant. Horse Water wynd
Brown Brothers, boot & shoe manufacturers, 12 Rose st
Brown Daniel, custom house officer, 70 Ure st
Brown David, merchant, 3 Craig st
Brown David, plumber, &c. 55 South Tay st
Brown David, spirit dealer, 23 Overgate [Strawberry bank
Brown David, commission agent, 6 South Union st ; house, 14
Brown uavid B. auctioneer, 74 High st ; house, 18 Nethergate
Brown Elizabeth, draper, 92 Annfield road
Brown Elizabeth, fraiterer, 39 North Ellen et
Brown George, clerk, 11 Mayfield terrace
Brown Helen, spirit dealer, 19 Victoria road
Brown James, coal dealer, Ramsey's pend
Brown James, clerk, 6 Dallfield terrace, Dudliope st
Brown James, clothes broker, 90 Hilltown
Brown James, farmer. Mills of Pitkerro
Brown James, shopkeeper, 21 Elizabeth st
Brown James R. householder, 124 Seagate
Brown John, baker, 102 Scouringburn
Brown John, shipbuilder (Brown & Simpson), & shipowner, Ne^vport
Brown John, boat builder (Brown & Todd), 13 West Dock st
Brown John, builder, 96 Strathmai-tine road
Brown John, agent to Blackie & Sons, publishers {Glasgow), 37
Union st ; house, 17 Glamis st
Brown Joseph, brewer, 10 Craigie st
Brown Lydia, milliner, dressmaker, & baby linen dealer,99 Overgate
Brown Misses — , ladies' school, 13 Osborne place
Brown Mary, draper, 19 Lyon st
Brown Patrick, dealer in watches and jewellery, 199 Overgate
Brown Robert, jun. bootmaker, 33 Reform st ; ho. Newpori, Fife
Brown Thomas, inspector of poor, Liflf and Benvie Parochial Bofird,
37 Nethergate; house, Balgay terrace, Logic st
Brown Thomas, blacksmith, NineweUs, Invergowrie
Brown Thomas, farmer, Emmock
Brown Thomas E. merchant (Thos. E. Brown & Co.), 4 Gowrie pi
Brown Thomas E. & Co. merchants, 5 St. Andrew st
Brown Thomas & Son, painters & paperhangers, 174 Perth road
Brown William, ship carpenter, 45 Victoria road
Brown William, dairyman, 2 Westfield place
Brown Wm. jun. salt merchant & commission agent ,18Greeninarket;
Brown William, shopkeeper, 5 Elizabeth st
Brown William, householder, 69 Rustic place
Browniee William &. Robert, joiners. Small's wynd
Bruee Alexander, joiner, 47 Elizabeth st
Biuce & Campbell, blacksmiths, 45 Forebank road
Bruce & Luckie, engineers & boiler makers. King William dock
Bruce David, ship broker, &c. (D. Bruce & Co.), 4 Douglas terrace,
Brought!/ Ferry
Bruce David, spirit dealer, 24 Wellgatc
Bruce David & Co. ship & insurance brokers & ship owners, mana-
gers to the Dundee Seal & Whale Fishing Co. & agents to the
Scottish National & to the British &. Foreign Marine Insurance
Companies, 8 Royal Exchange place and East Dock st
Bruce David G. house agent, 67 Seagate ; house, 24 Euclid crescent
Bruce Elizabeth, lodgings, 176 Perth road
Ijruce John, architects, &c. 31 Bank st; house, Newport, Fife
Bruce Joun D. solicitor, 116 Seagate
Bruce Marv. milliner & dressmaker, Ford's lane
Bruce Peter, flesher, 92 Scouringrburn ; house*
Heathfield. lane, Hawkhill
Bruce Peter, shopkeeper, 27 Strathmartine road
Bruce Robert, clerk, 10 Paton's lane, Perth road
Bruce William, spirit dealer, 47 Caldrum st
Bruce William, nouseholder, 10 Janefield place
Bruce William, engineer (Bruce & Luckie), 7 Victoria st
Bruce Wilham, mill manager, 202 Scouringburn
Brush Samuel, merchant, (Marshall, Andrews & Brush), Rose lane
Bryden John & Sons, bellhangers, brassfounders, & Venetian blind
makers, 83 Bank si. & at Glmpoiv, Edinburgh & Perth
Brymer Bavid,blacksinitb, 70 Constable st
Brymer Robert, joiner, 32 Commercial st
Brymer Thomas, milliner, 161 Scouringburn
Brymer William, traveller, 6 Victoria square, Nethergate
Buchan David, baker, 85 Perth road
Buchan David, miller, Invergowrie Mill
Buchan Isabella, shopkeeper, 81 Princes st
Buchan John S. house proprietor & agent, 24 Bank st; house, 12
Strawberry bank
Buchan Sarah C. school teacher, 7 Ward road; house, 35 Cowgate
Buchan Thomas, auctioneer,24 Bank st ; house, 12 Strawberry bank
Buchan William Y. flax merchant, 35 Cowgate
Budd William G. spirit dealer, High st
Buddo Robert, agent, 42 Candle lane
Buchanan Alexander, stair railer & cabinet maker, 112 Murrygate
Buch.anan William S. manager, Trades Lane Calendering Company,
Trades lane
Bulk & Reoch, coach builders, 59 Yeaman shore
Bulk George, coach builder (Bulk & Reoch), 2 Ogilivie's road
Bulk James, blacksmith & wright, 11 Bell st
Bulk Thomas, spirit dealer, 77 Seagate; house,! King's road
Bulk VV. & H. rope & sail makers & ship chandlers, 19 Dock et
Bulk Wilham, sail maker, &c. (W. & H. Bulk), 295 Hawkhill
Buist Alexander J. merchant (Don Brothers, Buist & Co.), Rereg
Mount, Brouglity Ferry
Buist Barbara, tobacconist, 58 Princes st
Buist Mary, upholsterer, 16 Castle st
Bunch Peter, confectioner, 141 Hawkhill
Burden James, spirit dealer, 45 Union st
Burgess Geo. merchant, 2 Royal Exchange place; ho. 222 Perth road
Burgess Wm. inspector of weights & measui-es, &c. 29 North Lindsay
st ; house, 8 Graham place
Burgh or Bailie Court, Town House — See Public Buildings
Bmgh Surveyor's Office. West BcU st — Wm.Mackison, c.e. surveyor
Burlie David, blacksmith, Fairmuir ; ho. Fairly pi, Clepington road
Burnet David, wine & spirit dealer, 1 & 3 Stirling st ; house, 88
Rosebank st
Bm-nett George, merchant ('George Burnett & Co.), Brouglity Ferry
Burnett George & Co. merchants, 29 Albert square
Burns Annie, draper. Constable place, West Ferry
Burns G. & J. {Glasgow), steamship owners, 11 Panmure st — Robert
Mitchell, agent
Burns John, tailor, 4 Arbroath road
Burridge Janet, lodgings, 37 Nethergate
Burry Robert, blacksmith, Bluirhead, Liff
B u shall & Co. tea dealers, 68 Wellgate
Butchart Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 57 Overgate
Butchart Ot Dalziel, sculptors, Logie st
Butchart George, baker, 64 Wellgate
Butchart James F. manager, 23 Hill st
Butchart James R. basket maker, 30 Overgate; house, 110 Princes st
Butchart John, manufacturer {Butchart, Lindsay & Co.), 14 Pan-
mure terrace
Butchart John, schoolmaster, Clepington road
Butcbart, Xiindsay & Co. spianers and manufac-
turers of liemp carpeting", cocoa and manilla &.
patent cord matting^, Uessxans pocketing's, &Cb
2>undee Iiinen 'Works, Constitution st— 'See adut
Butchart Mary, dressmaker, 3 Long wynd
Butchart Peter, mill manager, 31 Cotton road
Butchart Robert, vintner, Eirkhill, Liff
Butchart Robert, grocer, &c. 18 Logie st
Butchart William P. merchant (Morisou, Anderson & Butchart), 9
Wellington st
Butter Alexander, cashier, 7 Cowgate
Butter Andrew, slater, 9 Ward road ; house, 6 Garland place
Butter James, spirit dealer, 84 South Tay st; house, 8 Tay square
Butter Market, 12 Butchart row
CABLE John, jun. commercial traveller. Rustic place
Cable John, clerk, 4 Rustic place. Constitution I'oad
Cable John, householder, 4 Balfour st [Perth
Caird & Co. yarn bleachers, 19 Cowgate; works, Cromwell Park, nr.
Caird George, teacher, 14 Thomson st
Caird James K. manufacturer of canvas, hessian, &c. 19 Cowgate, &
Ashton Works, HawkhiU; house, 8 Roseangie, Magdalen Yard rd
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