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PUBLIC BUILDINGS, &c.— continued.
Brechiu Road.
Governor — James Devlin
Matron — Isabella Devliu
Physician and Surgeon — Charles Findlay
Chaplain — Rev. Johu Gillies
Porter— David Cramond
Arhirlot — Wm. Goldie, inspector & collector
Arbroath, 22 Hill at— James Adam, inspector
and collector
St. Vigeans, 25 Spink st — David Ford,inspeotor
and collector, and sanitary inspector
For Arhirlot — William Goldie, registrar
For Arbroath, Public Hail — Alexander Web-
ster, registrar; James Leslie, assibtant
'For St. Vigeans— WilliRm Crockart
Abbey— George W. Donald, keeper
Angus Agricultural Association, 4Kirkwynd
—Alexander M. Thomson, secretary
Arbroath Cemetery,, East Muirland— John
Nicol, snperiutendeut
Arbroath Commercial Association Reading
Rooms, Shore — James Boyd, secretary
Arbroath Horticultural Society, C2 High st —
William Alexander, secretary
Arbroath Public Library, 64 High st— Thos.
Mason, librarian
Arbroath Town Mission Board, 131 High st
— J. M. M'Bain, treasurer
Bible Society (National Auxiliary) — William
Rollo, treasurer; R. W. Philij), secretaiy
Coast Guard Station, Auchmithie — William
Blacksill, officer in charge
Coast Mission Hall, High st
Corn Exchange, Market place
Custom House, 11 Shore— William Walker,
collector and surveyor
Gas Works, Ponderlaw st— David Terrace,
manager ; George Wightman, collector &
Harbour Office, Shore— Wm. Brown, master
Inland Revenue Office for Stamps, Income,
Property ar.d Assessed Taxes, Town Hall,
High st— William K. Macdonald, sub-dis-
tributor & collector
Life Boat, East Grirasby— William Cargill,
secretary; Ales. Gilbert, coxswain [keeper
Market House, Market place— Johu Balmer,
Masonic Hall, 23 Hill st
Masonic HaU, Park st
Mechanics' Institute News & Reading Room,
Market place— Frank Smart, secretary
Monthly Tract Society, 11 >High st— William
Rollo, treasurer
Museum & Antiquarian Society, Public Hall,
High st— David Smith, secretary; J.
M'Bain, treasurer; D. Goldsmith, curator
Patent Slip, the Harbour
Pilot Office, Shore— Alex. Gilbert, master
PoUce (jffice. Market place— John MUne,
superintendent [keeper
Public Hall, 62 High at— Daniel Goldsmith,
Rifle Volunteer Corps Orderly room, Market
place Panton, staff sergeant
St. Thomas's Hall,L(irdburn
Sherifl" Clerk's Office, 75 High st— A. D. An-
derson, depute
Shipwrecked Mariners' Society, 1 Shore —
Jamea Boyd, secretary
Signal Tower {Bell Rock), Lady loan— James
Jack, keeper; Wm. Quine& Peter Carrie,
Stamp Office, Town HaU— W^illiam K. Mac-
donald, sub-diatributor
Subscription Reading Room, 64 High st—
James Weir, secretary
Temperance Hall, 22 John st
Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall— William K.
Macdonald, town clerk
Town MibBion— J. M'Bain, treasurer; David
Miller, sec ; Michael Jacob, missionary
Trades' HaU, Commerce st — John Fair-
weather, keeper
Weighing Machines, East Grimsby, Arbroath
Steel Yard Company, 25 HiU st— George
Miln, secretary
Weights & Measures Office (Burgh), Graves
end — William Dove, inspector
Station^ Keptie st— James Ramaay, station
master [master
Station, Colliston— John Hampton, station
Office, KepUe street—
Carting and Fonoarding agents, Wordie & Go.
Railway station— James Morgan, agent
Goods agent to the Caledonian Railway Co.
Thomas Campbell
Goods oTi^j/— North British RaUway Co. Rail-
way station
Carting and Forwarding agents, 3. & P. Cam-
eron-James Allan, agent
Goods Station, Caledonian and London and
North Western Railway Company's Rail-
way station— Robert Lindsay, agent
To FRIOCKHEIM, M^iUiam Boyle, Tuesday
and Friday, from Market place
To MONTROSE, James Carey, Friday from
29 MUlgate
1 HE parish of Adchterhocse lies in the south-west cornei' of ture, Aberntyte, Kettins.Lundie and Fowlis, Liffand Benvie. The
the countT, about seven miles N.w. from Dundee, its post town, and village is situated on the ridKe at an elevation of about ISO feet
on the south of the Sidlaw hiUs, bounded on the east bv Tealing, above the Tay, of which, with the whole of the intermediate countiy
on the south-east by Mains and Stratbmartine, on the south by Liff, to the east, and particularly to the south and south-west, it com
on the west and south-west by Lnndie and Fowlis, on the north- mands an uuinteiTUiitod prospect. Near here, situated in a deU
west bv Newtyle, and on the north and north-east by Glammis. are the ruins of a chapel said to have been erected by Malcolm IV.
There 'is a parish church (erected in 1776), also a Board school, in 116i, for a community o£ Cistercian monks. Castle Hiintly is the
The road from Dundee to Meigle (in Perthshire) passes through the only building ol any note in the parish, and forms a noble siiecimeu
parish, which comprises 5,708 acres, chiefly of arable land. Sand- of an old baronial residence. ; it was erected about the micdie ol the
stone rook lies at or near the surface of ahnost the whole extent of fifteenth century, by the second Lord Gray, of Fowhs, who named
the pariah. The parish of Auchterhouse contained a population it after his lady, a daughter of the Earl of Huntly, and who had
in 1871, of 721. ■ large possessions in the Carse ; its walla are ten feet tuick, and tho
LuNDiE parish lies in the western part of the county, and at the j height of the round tower is 116 feet ; the view fi-om the top is much
head of the valley of the Dightey, bnuuded on the north by the ! and deservedly admired, commanding extensive and beautitui pros-
Sidlaw hills, which divide it from Kettiiis and Newtvle, on the east ; pects of the Fife coast, with theOchils and other lottiermonntaiu3,&o
by Auchterhouse. and on the south and west by Fowlis Easter ; I The parish church is conveniently situated, as is also a parochial
Admiral Lord Viscount Duncan, whose name is familiar to every i school. The soil of the parish varies in quality, but upon the whole is
reader of British history, lies interred in tne churchyard of this I exceedingly productive: There is also an abundant supply ot stone
parish. The parish of Fowlis Easter, in Perthshire, was united to { ot good quality, used in the erection of Castle Huntly and the pld
Luudie in 1618 ; its length is abont 8 miles, and its breadth IJ-j 1 Tower of Dundee; the latter erected about the end of the twellth
miles, commanding a beautiful view of the Carse of Gowrie, near en tnry, and isnow in course of restoration. Mylnefield is asmall
the eastern extremity of which it lies, the Frith of Tay, and the village in the parish. A fair is hold every third Saturday m Juye
opposite shores of Fife; in point of situation, and for natural (o.s.l chiefly for the sale of cattle. Acreage of the parish, 8,638;
beauty, and rich and varied scenery in every direction, few places population in 1871, 1,753.
can excel it. Conjointly the district forms a well-cultivated and Tealino parish, situated five inlles north from Dundee, its post
productive tract of country, embellished with plantations and town, and lying on the south side of the Sidlaw chain, is about sil
irrigated by several small lakes, of which Lundie Loch is one. The ' mlies in length, and three in breadth ; it is watered by the small
church of Fowlis, wliich was founded by Sir Andrew Gray, for a river Fithie, a tributary stream to the Dighty.whichseparatesitlrom
provost and some pr.l'ondaries, is still perfectly entire, although it the united parish of Mains and Strathmartine on the south, and is
was buUt in the year 1113. The parish abounds in grey freestone ! bounded on the east and west by MuiToes and Auchterhouse, and a
of good quality, and in 1871 had a population of 691. I line drawn nearly along the summits of the hills above mentioned
LoNGFORGAN is a parish (county of Perth), 5 miles from Dnndee, I would divide the parish from Glammis on the north. In this parish
its post town. It varies from one to four miles ih breadth, anduuie j are found grey slate, moorstone, and freestone. -John Glass, founder
miles in length, forming the eastern boundary of the Carse of of the sect appropriately designated " Glassites," was minister of
Gowrie, and extending along tho Tay ou its southern extremity for Tealiug anterior to his open separation from the Church of Soot.
more than four- miles. It is surrounded on three sides — by Inch- 1 land. Acreage of parish, 7,227 ; population in 1871, 879.
POST OFFECE, AcicHTEBHonsE, Helen Christie, Post Kts(?-css.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Dundee) at half-past nine
morning, and arc despatched thereto at ten minutes past two afternoon.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Ddndee.
Post 0£Bce, LoNGEosGAN, WUliam Ness, Post Jlfaster.— Letters from aU parts arrive (from Dundee) at a quarter-past eight
morning, and are despatched thereto at a quarter before three afternoon.
The nearest Money Order O^ce is at Dundee.
Post OfBce. Tealing, Ann Sheriff, Post Jtfis/rcss.— Letters arrive from all parts (from Dundee) at a quarter before nine morning
and are despatched thereto at half -past two afternoon.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Dundee.
Post Office, Lundie, Jamieson Duncan, Post Jlfosfer.— Letters an-ive from all parts (from Dundee) at ten morning, and are des-
patched thereto at a quarter-past ten morning.
The nearest Money Order Offices for Lundie and Fowlis Eabtee are at Lochee.
*f* Letters for Fowlis Easteb and the above places should be addi'essed near Dundee.

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