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Balourvie is situated on an eminence about half a mile fromand Perth, ineluding the Grampian hills. The village of Kennowny
Windygates, its post town, in the parish of Markinch, about three is situated about four miles from that of MarUinch and three from
miles east from tiie latter place, and one mile south from Kennoway. Leven, at the head of a beautiful and romantic glen, the sid^s of
The inhabitants are principally employed at the llax spinning mills which are xii'ecipitous and rocky, and contain caves, which were
of Messrs. G. and W. Beveridge and the distillery of Messrs. John probably used as places of refuge and retreat for marauders in
Haiti and Co. Agriculture is carried on extensively. The land in , ancient times. Handloom weaving and agriculture appear to be the
and around Balcurvie is under a high state of cultivation. There is ! principal pursuit of the inhabitants. The places of worship com-
a public school here. I prise a church of the Establishment, a Free church, and a chapel o£
Kennoway parish, which lies to the east of Markinch, is three j the United Presbyterians. There is a public schcol, a subscription
miles long and two broad, situated on an acclivity arising from the j school, and a post-office. Popiilation of the parish in 1871, 1,703,
south to the north ; it embraces 3,965 acres. It is bounded on tho and of the village, 835. About two miles from Kennoway, and one
north by Kettle, on the south by Womyss, on the east by Scoonie, | and a half from Markinch, is the village of Star, in the former
parish. It has a public school and post-office. Agriculture alono
supplies occupation for its inhabitants. Ponulation of Star in
1871, 306.
and on the west by Mai-kineh. It commands a delightful and exten
aive prospect, from its southern side, of the Frith of Forth, its
islands, and the Lothians; while, from its northern extremity, the
view extends over the greater part of tje counties of Fife, Angus,
POST OFFICE, Markinch, Thomas Gibson, Post Master. — Letters from Edin burgh and the South arrive at eight and half
past eleven morning and six evening. From Dundee, Perth, and the North at eight morning and twelve minutes past live evenfng
and are despathed to Edinburgh and the South at twenty minutes past seven morning, two afternoon, and five evening. To Perth
Dundee, and the North at five minutes before eight morning and at twenty minutes before six evening.
Money Order and Telegrajih Ojjlce and Savings Bank.
Post OfiQ<ce, Ealoonie (Milton of), Thomas Black, Posi Master. — Letters from all parts arrive (from Markinch) at half-pas
nine morning and at four afternoon, and are despatched thereto at half-past nine morniiig and four afternoon.
The nearest Money Order, dc. Offi.ce is at Markinch Station.
Post OSce, Star, Andrew Aitken, Post ilfas (er.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Markinch) at half-past nine morning,
and are despatched thereto at twenty-five minutes past six morning.
The nearest Money Order and Telegraph 0;^c€ and Savings Bank is at Markinch.
Post Office, "Windygates, Peter Smith, Post Master.— hettevs from all parts arrive (by R.S.O.) at half-past eight morning and
at half-past six evening, and are despatched at seven morning and five afternoon.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Kennoway, William Thomson. Posi Master.— Loiters from all parts arrive (from Windygates) at ten morning and
eight evening, and are despatched thereto at six morning and four afternoon.
The nearest Money Order, d'c. Office is at Windygates.
Post Office, Thornton, Isabella Miller, Post 3Iistress. —Ijeiters from all parts arrive (from Kirkcaldyi at twenty minutes
past ten morning, and are despatched thereto at three afternoon.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Kirkcaldy.
*** Letters for Milton of Balgonie,Woodside, Coalton of Balgonie, and Star, should be adth-ossed Jiear Markinch ; for Windygatea
FiFESHiRE; for Kennoway and Balcurvie, near Windygates, Fifeshire ; for Thornton, near Kirkcaldy.
Anderson Mr. James, Balgonie Cottage,
Balfour John, Esq. Balbirnie, Markinch
Ballingal ;\Ir. Wm. (factor for the Balbirnio &
Balgonie estates), Sweet bank
Ballingal Mr. Niel, Melville Cottage, Coalton
of Balgonie
Bethune Admiral C. D. c.b. Balfour
Beveridge Miss Janet, Cockburn House,
Birrell Mr. Thomas, Halfleld, Kennoway
Brown Rev. Robert, Markinch
Bruce Thomas, Esq. (of Arnot), Kingsdale
House, Windygates
Campbell Rev. Alexander B. Markinch
Carmichael Mr. Mitchell, Windvgates
Craig Mrs. Christina, Woodbine Cottage.
Cullen Mr. James, Viewforth Cottage,
Dixon Mr.Peter,Balbirnie Cottage, Markinch
Douglas Rev. Daniel, Kennoway
Duncan Mr. John, Bellevue Cottage,
Gibb Mr. Thomas, Markinch
Graham Mr. Thomas, Kennoway
Grant Mrs. Mary. Durie vale, Windygates
Greig Mr. George, Balcurvie
Grosset Mr. William, Balbirnie, Markinch
Haig John. Esq. j.p. Cameron House,
Hunter the Misses Mary & Andrlna, Slarkinch
Hutchison Mrs. Margaret & Jessie, Coalton
of Balgonie
Inglis John, Esq. of Ballinkirk, Markinch
Kilgnur William, Esq. (of Balgrie and Loan-
head), Kennoway
Landale Miss Agnes, Woodbank, Windygates
Lawson Mrs. John, Lalatlian, Kennoway
Lawson Thomas, Esq. Carriston. Kennoway
M'Alister Rf^v. Donald M'K. Kennoway
Macdonald Mr. George, nr.n. Markinch i
M'Duff Miss Margaret (of Balgonie), Milton
M'Innes Mr. James, Markinch
M'Queen Rev. Peter, Thornton
Miller Mr. John, Milton. Bal,':;onie
Miller Mr. William M. Nookton House,
Mitchell Mr. Wm. Alburn, Knowe, Markinch
Normand Mrs. Robert, Eelvidere House,
Paterson Mrs. Marion, Georgefielcl,Mai-kinch
Peat the Misses Catherine, Ann and Mar-
garet, Markinch
Reid Miss Magdalen, Alburn, Knowe
Robertson Mr. James, Nottingham Villa,
Rose Rev. James L. Markinch
Sanderson Mrs. J. Kenmount, Kennoway
Beaton Miss Isabella, Kennoway
Simpson Mrs.Jane.Brunton House,Markinch
Sparks Mr. W. Viewfield House, Windygates
Speedie Mr. Thomas, Haugh House,
Stewart Rev. David, Kennoway
Stuart Mrs. Catherine (of Balgonie), Milton
Cottages. Milton
Tod Mrs. Jane, Coalton of Balgonie
TuUis Mr. Robert, Auchmuty, Markinch
Tullig Wm, Esq. Rothes Cottage, Markinch
Wallace Mr. Geo. Newton Hall, Windygates
Board Schools: —
Markinch — William F. Haxton, master;
Alexander Scott, assistant ; Bliss Ers
kine, mistress
Balcurvie .Windygates —Alexander Robert-
son, master; Agnes Oswald, sewing
Coalton of Balgonie — James Rankin,
master; Margaret Gray, mistress
Kennoway— James H. Forrester, master;
Eliza Hasten, mistress
ICirkforthar Fens — Jane Thom, mistress
Milton of Balgonie — Thos. Black, master,
Christina Black, sowing mistress [tress
Preston Balbirnie — Isabella Oswald, mis-
Star — James Boucher, master; Helen
Boucher, sewing mistress
Thornton— Wm. Tm-ner, master ; Helen
Deas, mistress
Lady Balfour's School, Markinch — Jessie
Coutts, mistress
Subscription School, Kennoway — Jane
Miller, mistress
Bell David, Coalton of Balgonie
i Co-operative Society, Limited, 3Iarkiuch— 4
{ John Rcid, manager
{ Gould Isaac, Markinch
I Mortimer Henry, Kennoway
! Russell John, Markinch
[ Smart Andrew, Milton of Balgonie
I Taylor Lawrence, Markinch
I Tuilis Isabella, Kennoway
CoiMarERciAL Bank of Scotland (Branch),
Markiucli ; head ofllce, Edinburgh — draws
on the London & Westminster Bank, and
Coutts & Co. Loudon — John Foote, agent;
Robert Garriock, accountant — See advt
Smart William, Coal hill,! Markinch
Thomson Robert, Thornton
Walker John, Coalton of Balgonie
Balfour Alexander & Co. (& yarn merchants)
Balgonie Bleachfield, Markinch
Carmichael Mitchell (and yarn merchant)
Haugh Bleachfield, Windygates
M'Innes, Carmichael & Co. (and yarn mer-
chants and caleuderers), Sythrum Bleach-
field, Markinch
Speedie John & Co. (and yarn merchants)
Lochty field, Thornton '
Tullis Robert & Co. Rothes Bleachfield
Markinch _ '
Conacher David, Markinch
Ballingal John, Markinch
Bennett Andrew, Kennoway
Birrell William, Kennoway
Clialmers Robert. Markinch
Co-operative Society, Limited, Markinch-
John Reid, manager
Dallas James, Kennoway
Gilmour John, Markinch
Henderson John, Kennoway
Jack James, Markinch
Johnston James, Thornton
Kellock John, Thornton
Lawson Joanna M. M^u-ldncli
Maule Thomas, Thornton
Melville George, Keunoway
Miller David, Kennoway
Scott James, Markinch
Thomson Robert, Mai'kinch
Wilkie William, Markinch
Givan George, Cameron, Windygates
narrower A Law, Thornton
Houston James, Milton of Balgonie
Houston James, Windygates
Imria Andrew, Markinch
Maokie Alexander, Kennoway
(See also Joincn.i
Bethuno Andrew, Markinch
Dewar Archibald, Markinch
Henderson Robert, Markinch
Henderson William, Markinch
Conacher David, Markinch
Cant James & Co. Thornton
Anderson Grace, Keunoway
Dalrymple Magdalen, Markinch
Miller James, Markinch

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