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Public Sulldlns:s, Offices, dto.
and their ministers.
Established Churches: —
Leslie — Rev. David W. Runciman and Rev.
R. W. Mackersy
KinglasBie — Rev. Audrow Johnston
Free OHtrKOHEs:—
Leslie — Rev. John Logan
ICinglassie— Rev. John Spiers
United Presbyterian Churches: —
<East),LcHlie— Rev. Benjamin Mavtin, m.a.
(West), Leslie— Rev. Archibald Alison
Town Hall, High st.
Senior Bailie — Alexander Whitson
Junior Bailie — William Russell
Burgh Trea^jirer — George Jarvis
Town Cferfc— William A. Taylor
Town O^cer— William Robertson
Prtfrore— Thomas Bruce, Eaci.
Joint Patronesses— The Right Hon. the Coun- Police Office, Kinglnssio— JohnTaylor.offlcer
toss of Rothes and the Hon. Mrs. Douglas '■ Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages
■■ " —John Swan, for Leslie; John Brown,
for Kinglassie
Water Works, Leslie — John Swan, collector;
Thomas Lister, secretary
PresiVJoit— The Hon. G. W. Leslie;;
i Viee-Prcsident — Charles Anderson, Esq.
Treasurer r6 Secreiarj/— Duncan M'Leod
PatroM— Roger Sinclair Aytoun, Esq.
Patroness — Mi-s. Aytoun
PresicUint—Mr. John Mitchell
I Viee-President—Mi. James Renton
Treasurer tC- Secretary— Mr. John Brown
Gas Works, Leslie— John Allan, collector;
Thomas Lister, secretary
Inland Revenue Office, Leslie— Henry JoUie,
sub-distributor of stamps and collector of
Leslie Cemetery Company, Limited, Leslie
—Robert Archibald, secretary
Leslie Institute Library, Leslie— William
Robertson, librarian
Parochial Board & Rate Offices- William
Robertson, inspector of poor and collector
of rates, LesUe; John Small, inspector &
collector for Kinglassie
Police Office, Leslie— Ludovick 01ark,offlc8r
To MARKINCH, from the Green Inn, Leslie,
three times each day, to meet the trains
Station, Prinlaws (west end of the town)—
David Yule, station master
Bankers and Auditor— Messrs. Wm. Elder &
Arthur Russell
To KIRKCALDY, John Mnir, daUy, and
William Clement and Thomas Campbell,
Tuesday and Friday
To MARKINCH, John Muir, daily
JjEVEN is a town in the parish of Scoouie, nine miles fi'ora
Kirkcaldy, four from Wemyas, and threQ from Largo, situate on the
coast of the Frith of Forth, on the mouth of the rivor Levun, fi'om
•which tJie place takes its name. The town consists of three prin-
cipal streets, irregularly built, but contains some good houses, with
several lanes and detached mansions. A number of elegant villas
are situated at the Links, a little to the eastof the town, and sovcx'al
handsome mansions are in the neighbourhood. A branch railway,
called the Leven and East of Fife Line, from Thornton station on
the Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee section of the NorthBritish Rail-
way, gives the town the benefit and facility for that mode of transit;
this branch railway is now extended east to Anstruther. The town
has also the benefit of a harbour, but it is not much resorted to in
consequence of the bad entrance and limited accommodation at the
quay. TJio entrance and harbour are, however, capable of im-
provement. The principal imports are flax, tow, barley and timber.
The town is greatly improved, and its trade augmented; so that
Leven may now te pronounced one of the most thriving of the
small towns in the county of Fife. Over the Leven, and couuecting
this town with the village of Inner Leven, is a handsome stone
bridge. The staple trade of Leven is the preparation and spinning
of flax, the weaving of linen, and seed crushing, the mills of the
former, especially, employing a considerable number of hands. The
Durie ironfouudry, a concern long established, is very extensive,
and produces specimens of work that may compete with any of a
similar kind in Scotland ; the proprietors of these works, Messrs.
Henry iiaUom' and Co., manufacture both for the home trade and
exportation. Close to the town are the Hawkslaw Works of Messrs.
Small and Boase, hemp and flax spinners, who employ ui>wards of
400 hands. A bone-dust mill, corn mills, bleach fields, the manu-
facture of bricks and tiles, and rope making, are the other leading
branches carried on here and in the vicinity. There ai'e three
branch banking houses, and several fire and life agency otiices.
During the summer months, Leven is the resort of a number of
respectable families from London, Edinburgh, and the interior, for
the benefit of sea bathing. The Caledonian Hotel, the principal of
the kind, affords superior accommodation eitherto families, tourists,
or commercial gentlemen ; to it has been added a large posting
POST OFFICE, Bank street, Stephen Youden, Post ilfrt*^(rr— Letters from Edinburgh and the South, North, East, and Euck-
haven arrive at ten minutes past nine monaing, and from Edinbm-gh at ten minutes past twelve noon and at seven evening, and are
despatched to Edinburgh and the South and North at half-past six morning, to the East at half-past eleven morning and at half-past
one and four afternoon, and to the East of Fife at eight morning and six evening.
Money Order and Telegraph Offi.ce and Savings Bank.
establishment. Leven is a burgh of barony, and has now a chief
and junior magistrate. The purposes of lighting, cleaning, and
water are carried out in the burgh by commissioners appointed
under the General Police Act lor Scotland, which was some time
ago adopted here. The sherifl' holds a small debt circuit court here
every three months, namely, the Friday after the second Monday in
January, April, and July, and Friday after the first Monday of Octo-
ber. The Greig Institute is a substantial building, of chaste design,
erected in 1873 by public subscription. It contains news room,
libi'ary, billiard room, and class room for technical subjects under
Government examination. The scheme originated as a People's
Institute, and its name and history are associated with Mi. Greig,
of-Glencarse, who gave the site and ^1,000 towards the building
fund. There are a number of handsome houses and cottages on the
Links at the south part of the town, where there are some fine open
downs, on which several golfing societies excercise in that healthy
amusement, and annually play for gold and silver medals. There is
also an excellent bowling green at the Links. In the summer time
the district is a great resort for sea bathing, and many of the
inhabitants let their houses furnished for the season. Population
given with the parish.
ScooNiE is a parish on the west coast of the county. It is bounded
on the north by Kennoway, on the south by the Firth of Forth, on
the east by Largo, and on the west by Wemyss, Its length from
north to south is five miles, and its greatest breadth is two miles
and a half. The sm-face inland rises with a gradual ascent to an
elevation of 600 feet, and thsre are several heights which command
extensive views of the Fu'th of Forth and the Lothians. The land
generally is in a high state of cultivation. The minerals are ochre
and coal. It contains the town of Leven, which is a burgh of
barony. The parish church stands close to the town, a Free church
an United Presbyterian, and an Episcopal chapel are the other
places of worship. Faiis are held on the second Wednesday in April,
*^- first Thm-sday in July, and the third Wednesday in
October. The parish comprises an area of 4,091 statute acres, ;ind
bad a population in 1871 of 3,168, of this number, 2,491 were returned
for the town of Leven.
Abercrombie Mrs. Jessie, Viewforth House
Adamson Mrs. Janet, Abber Hill, Inner Leven
Akitt Mrs. Isabella, Inner Leven
Anderson the Misses — , Hawkslaw House
Anderson Mrs. Elizabeth, Shoiehead
Anderson Mr. James, Norton House
Balfour Mrs. Agnes, Leven bank
Barclay Sir. John, Elm park
Beale Miss Margaret, Shorehead
Black Mr, William, Links
Boase iilr. Edw.ird, Hawthorn bank
Boswall MissEUzabeth, Boiville
Brodie Miss Isabella, Links place
Campbell Mr. Douglas, Maple Lodge, Links
Christie Captain Robert, Dui-ie House
Cornfoot ^Ir. James, m.d. Leven
Creeke Mrs. Isabella, Durie st
Duncan Rev. John, Manse
Ferguson Rev. Donald, Free Manse
Fisher Rev. Robert, Inner Leven
Hall Rev. William E. Parsonage
Hammond Mr. George, Viewforth place
Hyslop Rev. John S. u. p. Manse
Inglis Mrs. Janet, Links
Mack Miss Catherine, Trinity place
Mack Mrs. Isabella, Trinity place
M'Naughton Mr. John, Glenlyon House
NicoU i\rr. David, Durie st
NieoU Mr. David, jun Durie st
Peter Henry Tandy, Esc^. j.p. Kirkland
Peter Henry Thomas, Esq. Kirkland
Peter Mrs. John, the Cottage, Kirkland
Peter Miss Mary, Manor House, Kirkland
Russell Mr. David, Silverburn
Shann Mr. George, Links
Smith Mr. James H. Durie st
Smythe Mrs. — , Pleasance
Wallace the Miasee — , Park hill
White Mrs. Euphemia, Links
Wilkie Mr. Andrew, Higli st
Youden Mr. Stephen, Elm Villa. Links
Public Schooi.s:—
(East), Links— Daniel Stalker, master
(V/est), Viewforth place— William Calder,
Elder Eliza, Trinity place
Anderson Isabella (for P. & P. Campbell,
! dyers, Perth), 5 Mitchell st
Balliugall Christina (for J. M'Hattie, dyer,
I Kirkcaldy), 8 Bridge st
i Niven James (for J. Pullar & Sons, dyers,
1 Perth), High st
; Porter Thomas, Leven
Bogie Ann &. Margaret, High st
: Brown Elizabeth, High st
j Moyes Isabella. High st
Doig James & Co. South st
Galloway John, 12 North st
Leven B'aking Co. 42 High st-
Peaftie James, High st
Robertson Robert. High st
■Alex. Baird,
Adam Agnes (for R. & J.
Edinburgh), High st
City of Glasgow Bank (Branch), Durie st ;
head office, Glasgow — di'aws upon London
Macnab, dyers, Joint Stock Bank, London— James H.
Smith, agent; Duncan Dun, accountant

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