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Stantlard Insurance Co. (life)— George S. Bryson, 191 High st. and Turner Robert, spirit dealer, Pathhcad
Archibald Macdonald, jun. Links, agents — See advertisevi€7it
Standard Property Investment Co. 242 High st— Alexander Thoni-
son, secretary
Stark David, farmer, Wester Bogie
Stark David, flax spinner (Swan Brothers), West Fergus place
Stark John, plasterer, Cowan st
Stiirk Robert, rope manufacturer, 155 High st
Stark William* shopkeeper. Glebe park
Stoedman James, grocer, &c. Links
Steedman John, gardener & fruiterer, Links
Steedman Michael, joiner, Westbridgo
Steel John, spirit dealer, Auchtertool
Stenbouse Andrew, dyer, &c. ILinks
Stenhouse Robert, draper, Pathhead
Stewart Charles, tobacco manufacturer (C. Stewart & Co.)) Milton rd
Stewart Charles, bootmaker, 245 High st
Stewart Charles & Co. tobacco & snuflC manufacturers, 319 High st
Stewart James, spirit dealer. 379 High st
Stewart John, lineu manufacturer (R. Stewart & Son), 72 High st
Stewart John, baker, &c. Bevcridge place
Stewart John, bookseller, I*athhead
Stewart Peter, artist and dra\Pin^ master ; studio,
Public buildingrs; house, Talbert place -^S'ee iiduert
Stewart R. &. Sou, linen mauufacturers, 6ft Hi§rla st
Stewart Thomas & Peter, rag, paper, & waste merchants, Cowan st
Stocks John Iiaing-, brewer iS:, maltster, "Westbridgre
Bre^very 5 house, Xnvertlel bank— »SVe aavertisement
Stocks John T. Esq. j.p. manufactm-er (Robert Stocks and Co.),
Osborne House
Stocks Robert &. Co. bed tick manufacturers, &.c.
Abden Factory, Iiinktown, Kirkcaldy- /S^e advt
Stocks William, shox)keeper, Links
Storrar David, chemist, &c. 238 High st. & Mid st. Pathhead
Strachan and Livingston, publishers of the "Fife Free Press" and
" Kirkcaldy Times," Hill at
Strachan James, journalist (Strachan & Livingston), Pathhead
Strachan John, tioor cloth manufacturer (Hendry, Whyte and
Strachan), Tower ViUa
Stuart Alexander, ale and porter dealer, Thistle at
Stuart Jamea, town officer and inspector of weights and measures,
Town Hall
Stuart James S. m.d. surgeon, 183 High st [librarian
Subscription Library, Assembly rooms, High st — Robert Bryson,
Sun Insurance Co. (hi-e )— George S. Bryson, 191 High st. and Alex.
Beveridge, agents
Superintendent of Works Ofi&ce, Town Hall— David D. Arnott,
Sutherland Mary, dressmaker, Gallatown
Sutherland William, tailor, Kirkwynd
Swan Brothers, flax spinners, Coal wynd, & Paek Mills, and at
Swan George, draper & manufacturer (G. Swan & Co), Glasswork st
Swan George & Co linen di'apers & manufacturers of woollen, cot-
ton and linen, 34 High at — See advertisement
Swan Patrick Don, Esq. provost (Swan Bros.), St. Brycedale
Syme John, refreshment rooms, 163 High st
Symington James, watch & clock maker, 60 High st
TAIT, Chorley & Co. floor cloth manufacturers, Caledonia Floob
Cloth Works — See advertisement.
Tait J. floor cloth mauufctr. (Tait, Chorley & Co.), Viewforth Villa
Taylor Andrew, gi'ocer, &c. Sinclairton
Taylor David, grocer, &c. Liuktown
Taylor Thomas, photo gi-ap her, Sinclairtown
Taylor William, stone carver, Kirk wynd
Taylor William J. station master, Railway Station
Tennant Charles & Co. manufacturing chemists, 511 Highst — David
M'Naughton, agent
Tennant John, brush manufacturer, Linktown
Terrace James, engineer and drawing master, Pathhead
Theatre Royal, Oswald wynd
Thomson Alexander, solicitor and notary, 242 High st
Thomson Brothers, ironmongers, &c. 42 High st. Pathhead
Thomson David, butcher, Pathhead
Thomson Euphemia W. shopkeeper, 292 High st
Thomson George, photogi-apber, 82 High st. and billiard room and
bowling alley proprietor, Rose st
Thomson James, gardener, Glebe park
Thomson James, tailor. Links
Thomson John, yarn merchant, 204 High st ; house, 133 High st
Thomson John, treasurer to the Kirkcaldy Property Investment
Society, 17 Rose st ; house, Townseud place
Tod James, gi^ocer, &c. Links
Tod Robert, grocer, &c. 55 High st
Todd Agnes, shopkeeper, Gallatown
Tod David, chair web manufacturer, Links
Tod David, joiner, Gallatown
Tod Peter, grocer, &c. 330 High st
Tod William, spirit dealer, Sinclairtown
Torrance John, plumber, <&c. (J. & W. Torrance), Newtown
Torrance John and William, plumbers, gasfitters, and tin & copper-
smiths, 82 High st. & at Whyte's causeway— See advertisement
Torrance William, plumber, Ac. (J. & W. Torrance). Newtown
Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall— Alexander Gibson and William
Roy Spears, town clerks
Town Hall, High st— James Stuart, town officer
Turner John, gi-ocer, &c. 169 High st; house, Towusend place
Turner Robert, baker, Pathhead
UNION Bank of Scotland (TBranch), 135 High st— John Neil M'Leod,
agent ; Francis Hislop, accountant
Union Insurance Co. (fire) — David Gay, 191 High st. agent
Urquhart James, shopkeeper. Links
VANNET Peter, spirit dealer, 399 High st
Victoria Insurance Co. (life)— George Thomson, 82 High St. agent
WADDELL George, carrier, Auchtertool
Walker Agnes, ladies' school, Kirk wynfl
■Walker James, draper, 246 High st
Walker James, collector of shore dues, Harboui' head ; ho. Fergus pi
Walker Jolm, boot & shoe maker, Links
Walker R. L. A Son, drapers and clothiers, 272, 290, & 845 High st
Walker William, bootmaker, Pathhead
Wallace David, boot and shoe maker, Sinclairtown
Wallace David, blacksmith, Hill st
Wallace James, shopkeeper, Pathhead
Wallace James, blacksmith, Newtown
Walls William, grocer & draper. Links [lector
Water Works Commissioners' Office, ToUboth st — J. Johnstone, col-
Watson George, boot & shoemaker, 2S3 Higli st
"Watson 'William, ironmonger, 232 Hig-h st
Watt James, farmer, Clentry, Auchtertool
W^ebster Andrew, engineer, Argyle square, Sinclairtown
Wi-bster David, confectioner, Pathhead
Weepers James, spirit dealer, Sinclairtown
Weights & Measures Office, Town Hall— James Stuart, inspector
Weir David, tailor, Pathhead
Weir John, gi-ocer, Sinclairtown
Weir William, grocer, Sinclairtown
W^eir William, cork cutter, Charlotte st
Wellcoat Joseph, cab & coach proprietor, 108 High at
Wemyss James, family grocer, ^c. ao Higb st
Wemyss Robert, hnen manufacturer, Abbotshall Mills: house, Links
West Alexander, bootmaker, Links
West William, bootmaker, 67 High st
Westwater Andrew & Co. Hnen manufacturers, Links
Westwatcr Thomas,teacher, West Fergus place
Wostwood Peter, bootmaker, 267 High st
White Alexander Espie, floor cloth manufacturer ^Tait, Chorley ih
Co.), Bennochy [^gt
White James, salt manufacturer, Dunnbiier Salt Woeks,360 High
Whitton David, blacksmith, 465 High at
Whyte Agnes, grocer, Gallatown
Whyte Ann, milliner, Thistle st
Whyte David, farmer, Bennochyroad
Whyte Geo. floor cloth manufacturer fHendry, Whyte & Strachan),
Marchmont [igx High st
Whyte James, agent for the National Bank of Scotland (Branch),
Whyte John, spirit dealer, &c. 324 High st
Whyte Thomas, grocer, Links
White Thomas & Son, drapers, 154 High st
Whyte William, shopkeeper, 291 High st
Wilkie Thomas & Co. grocers, &c. 158 High st
Wilkinson James, spii-it dealer, Gallatown
Williamson Andrew, tailor, 197 High st
Williamson David, solicitor, Tolbooth st ; house, Albert terrace
Williamson Frances & ihiry O. ladies' school, Townsend Cottage
WiUiamson John, ironmonger, &c. 20 High st
WiUiamson John, blacksmith, Burleigh st
WUliamson John, faimer, Bogie Mains
WiUiamson William, accountant. Commercial Bank of Scotland
(Branch), High st
Williamson William, yarn merchant and insurance agent, Rose
st; house, Wemysslfeld '■^^.-u/t
Wilson Alexander, householder, 43 High st ^--Jft-ja-fl .
Wilson David, ironmonger, &c. 13 High st ' ■ - ■ ■
Wilson David J. agent to the Bank of Scotland (Branch), 226High st
Wilson Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 293 High st
Wilson Peter, confectioner, Pathhead
Wishart Alexander, fruiterer. Links '^ '
Wishart D. & M. joiners & builders, Pathhead '^.^
Wishart James, manufacturer (Ireland & Wishart), Loughborough rd
Wishart James, china & glass dealer, Links
Wishart John, joiner & cabinet maker, Links
Wishart William, rope manufactm-er ,iGRllatown; house, Parkhead
Wishart William, boot & shoemaker, Links
Wood James, plumber & gastitter, 334 High st
Wright Alexander, draper, Sinclairtown
Wright George, bootmaker, Sinclairtown
Wright John, manager to the Patent Floor Cloth Co.Limited.Hiffh St
Wnght William, farmer, Pathhead
"Wylie R. & -w. seed crusliers and oil and cake
merchants^ Kirkcaldy Oil and Qake "Works
WyUe Robert, seed merchant (R. & W. Wylie), Albert terrace
WyUe William, seed merchant (R. & W. WyUe). Albert terrace
YOUNG Andrew, china & glass dealer, Links
Young Andrew, rag dealer. Links [Links
Young Andrew R. eartlienware manufacturer (D. Methven & Son),
\ouug Simon, slater, Charlotte st
Young WiUiam, fruiterer, 256 High st
Young William, boot & shoe maker, 322 High st
Yille Wilham, grocer & spirit dealer, 411 High st; house,Townsend pi

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