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of the industrious class is weaving. The Lomond hilh in this dis.
trict are shaped like a cone, the eastern Lomond, which is the most
regular and beautiful is about 1,650 feet above the level of the
sea, and appears to have b-en fortified. The west Lomond is .
higher, and has on its top a large cairn or heap of loose stones. !
The places of worship are a Parish chui'ch, a Free church, and a '
chapel for Independents. The Parish church was erected some
years ago, through the liberality of the late O. T. Bruce, Esq. at an
expense, it is said, of ;e7,000. It is a handsome structure, sur- j
mounced by an elegant spire; and to perpetuate the memory of i
this gentleman a monument has been erected on Nett Hill, near ,
the Lomonds. aud can be seen at a great distance. A very hand- 1
Bome fountain was likewise constructed in the centre of the town
by the above gentleman, who did much to contribute to the welfare j
and improvement of this place. A very handsome memorial has ;
been erected in the square behind the Palace by the executors of ;
the late Mrs. Bruce, to the memory of her father, Colonel Kobert ,
Bruce, and her uncle, John Bruce, from whom she inherited tbe I
estates of Nethill, Falldand Wood, and Grangehill, near Kinghorn. |
The parish school has been very considerably enlarged and im- 1
proved by the School Board since the passing of the act. There arfi
other schools, including one for infants. Fairs were formerly held
in the parish on the second Tuesday in January, third Thursday in
March, second Monday in May, third Friday in June, first Thursday
in August, last Tuesday in September, and Friday before Edinburgh
Hallow fair in November ; but since railways became general
through the country, these fairs have fallen into disuse. The
parish of Falkland embraces 8,265 acres, and in 1871 contained
a population of 3,069 persons, of whom 1,1-14 were in. tte royal
Newton of Falkland is a hamlet about midway between Falk-
land and Freuchie, where there is an extensive trade carried on in
Freuchie is a village, in the parish of and about two miles e.
from Falkland. The Unen manufacture is carried on here to a con-
siderable extent, the inhabitants being principally employed in
weaving linen goods. An United Presbyterian and a quoad sacra
church are in the village ; the latter, recently erected, is a very
fine edifice. There is also a public school. Population in 1871,
Siri3-POST' OPFICEj Falkland, Rubina Reddie, Post Mistress. — Letters from all parts arrive (from Ladybank)at twenty
minutes after nine morning, one afternoon, and twenty minutes past seven evening, and are despatched thereto at ten minutes
before six morning and twenty minutes past three afternoon.
Money Order and Telegraph Offi,ce and Savings Banlc.
Sub-Post Of&cSj Feettchie, David Webster, Post Master. — Letters from all parts arrive {from Ladybank) at nine morning
and seven evening, and are despatched thereto at ten minutes before six morning and twenty-five minutes before four afternoon.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Falkland.
■''** Letters for Newton of Falkland and the abovo places should be addi-essed " Jiear Ladybank."
Aytoun Mrs. Eliza W. T. Purin
Bain Mr. Andrew, Freuchie, Falkland
Barrack Rev. John, FallUand
Forsyth Andrew, Falkland
Mitchell James, Freuchie
Reekie John, Falkland
Reid David, Falkland
Birrell David, Esq. (of 'wester Conland), I ^^phen^o" Jo^i"' Falkland
Eonthrone Mr. Ales. Newton of Falkland
Bumside Mrs. Janet, Kilgowrie 1
Cameron Miss Janet, Freuchie j
Christie Rev. David, Falkland '
Cusin Mr. James J. Chapelyard, Falkland
Dickson Mr. \Vm. J. m.d. Canonbm-y House, :
Falkland I
Duncan Mr. Alexander, Falkland j
Gray Rev. John, Freuchie
Guland Wm. Esq. j.p. ii.D. Falkland |
GuUand Mr. Charles, Falkland >■
Gulland Mr. Charles, jun. Falkland '
Herdman Mr. B. A. Falkland Wood, Falkland [
Jackson Charles, Esq. j.p. Falkland ]
Johnson Geo. Esq. (of Lathrisk), Falldand i
Kilgour Mr. William, Falkland : ^_
Lumsden Thomas, Esq. Millfield House, i
Falkland I
Mackenzie Rev. Alexander, Falkland
Murrav Major Wm. Falkland v-'ood
Page Mr. William, Falkland
Wallace Mr. John, Newton of Falkland
Wilson Mrs. Ann, Falkland
Wood Major Wm. Falkland Palace
Webster David, Freuch-e
I Wright Henry, Falkland
Bont^lirone Alexander, Mewton
Old Brewery, i'Jewton of E'alk.
S^eiklejohn V7il3iam, C^len Sffew-
ton Srew^ery, Uevirton of S'alSs-
Wood Wm. Dunshalt Tilery, Falkland
Constable George, Freuchie
Fernie Alexander, Falkland
Jackson Alexander, Falkland
Jackson Robert, Falldand
Page William, Falkland
Board Schools:—
Falkland, John Richardson, master
Falkland (Infants'), Jane Fraser, mistress
Freuchie, J. O. Clark master; Elizabeth
Fraser, mistress
Private School, Falkland— Barbara Norrie,
I Birrell James, Freuchie
I Bruce George, Freuchie
i Duncan David, Falkland
' Fernie Alexander, Falkland
I Forsyth Walter, Falkland
I Lawson Adam, Falkland
Miller John (for E. M'Clure & Sous, dyers,
Cupar-Fife), Falkland
Reddie Rubina (for J. Pullar & Sous, dyers,
Perth), Falkland
Baird James, 3c'alkland
Duncan Joseph, Freuchie
Equitable Co-operative Society, Freuchio-
David Baxter, manager
Morgan Robert, Freuchie
Steedman Wm. {& confectioner), Falkland
City of Glasgow Bank (Branch), head
office, Glasgow — di'a v\ s on the London
Joint Stock Bank, London — Chas. Gulland
& Son, joint agents
Annan David, Freuchie
Braid David, Freuchie
Braid Geoi'ge, Bridge end, Freuchie
Porter ISTiUiam, E'alklaad
Robertson David, Falkland
Adarason George, Freuchie
Berwick Da^id, Freuchie
See Woollen Manufacturers.
M'Clure E. & Sons (Cupar-Fife), Falkland-
John Miller, agent
Pullar J. & Sons (Perth), Falkland— Rubina
Reddie, agent
Anderson James, Falkland road, Freuchie
Bosomworth John, Dunshalt
Anderson James, Falldand road
Arnot Thomas, Newton of Lathrisk
Arthur George, Hangingmire
Bain Andrew, Freuchie
Barclay Robert, Drums
Baxter George, Myreside
Birrell David, Wester Conland
Bonthrone Alex. Newton of Falkland
Cuthbert David, Templeland
Cuthbert John, Freuchie miU.
Duncan Charles, Netherdrums
Duncan David, Falldand
Duncan John, Belreivie
Duncan William, Kilgowrie knowe
Fernie Alexander, Falkland
Henry Robert, Little Freuchie
Herdman E. A, Falkland wood
Landale James, Woodmill
Leishman Alexander, Freuchie
Leishman John, Freuchie
Lumsden James, Freuchie
Lumsden Thomas, Millfield
M'Cash James, Pittulloch
Morgan John, Kilgour
Ohphant Andrew, Gowrie cottage
Pryde Andrew, ?ilill waters
Reid Walter, Falkland
Robertson W. & D. Upper Urquhart
Smith James, Falkland
Thorn Andrew, Cliannell hall
Alliance (fire & life)— Charles Gulland,
jun. Falkland
Assurance Company of Scotand— Charles
Gulland, jun. Falkland
County (fire)— Alex. Duncan, Falkland.—
See advertisement
Imperial (fire)~J. Binns, 74 High st
North British and Micrcantile — Major
William Wood, Falkland place
Northern — Alexander Duncan, Falldand
Provident (life)— Alexander Duncan, Falk-
Scottish Eqditable (life) — Jas. Wallace,
Falldand. — See advertltiement
Scottish and Provincial (fire & Ufe)~
Thomas Sutherland, Falkland
Gourlay Jane, Falldand
Grant George, Freuchie
Leishman Alexander, Freuchie
Barnett John, Falkland
Finlay Archibald, Freuchie
Grant David, Freuchie
Robertson George, Freuchie
Marked thus -^ are also Spirit Dealers.
'"Anderson George, Falkland
Anderson John, Freuchie
Bethune James, Falkland
*BirreU David, Nev.'ton of Falkland
Clark David, Newton of Falkland
'^Cockburn Jane H. Falkland
Co-operative Society, Freuchie — James
Miller, manager
Co-operative Society Limited, Falkland-
Alexander Reid, manager
Donn James, Freuchie
Equitable Co-operative Society, Freuchie—
David Baxter, manager
-Finlay Alexander, Freuchie
Halkcrstone Euphemia, Freuchie
■f^Heggie Thomas, Falkland
^Livingstone William, Freuchie
^Lumsden James, Freuchie
Miller Matthew, Falkland
Moodie Elizabeth, Falkland
"^ Reekie David, Falkland
Urquhart John, Falkland
Walker John, Falkland
{See also Spirit Dealers, tC-c.)
Bruce Arms Hotel (commercial and family),
John Craw, Falkland [laud
Commercial Hotel, George Anderson, Falk-
Lomond Hotel (Commercial), John Middle.
ton, Freuchie

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