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M'Call William, gunmaker, 5 Midd steeple
M'Callum Jobn, clotlies dealer, 'Zi High st
M'Caskie John, geucral dealer, 28 Brewery st
M'Caskle Robert, giime dealer, 37 Friar's vennel
M'Clure James, bootmaker 6 Nith place
M'Clure John, bootmaker, 5 English st
M'Courtrey WiUiam, bootmaker, 89 High st
M*Coy Jessie, shopkeeper, 6 King st
Macdonald Eugene, tailor & draper, 69 High st
M'Dowell William, oiiitor & historian, Kiugholm bank
M'George John, farmer, Waterside, Troqucer
M'George Robert, draper, 106 Friar's veuuel
M'Gill James, farmer, Roehill, Troqueer
M'Gill Robert, painter, 16 High st
M'Gowan James H. writer, 79 Irish st
M'Gowan Robert, juiner, Terregles st. Maswelltown
M'Gregor Agnes, shopkeeper, 29 English st
M'Gregor James & Son, confectioners, 157 High st
M*Holm Joseph, Oh-apes Inn, 16 Bridge st
M'Intosh Andrew, veterinary surgeon, Whitesands
M'lntjTG Janet, shopkeeper, 2 Howgate st. Maxwclltown
M'Kay W. G. tailor, 3 Queensberry square
M'Eay William C. warehouseman, 46 Lorebum st
M*Keachie David, farmer, Starryheuch, Troqueer
M'Keachie David, farmer, Barn hill, Terregles
M'Keachie David, farmer, Glen Mill, Terregles
M'Kenzie James, coal agent, 20 Queen's place
M'Kerrow J. fai'mer, Lincluden, Terregles
M'Kie Charles, sheriff clerk depute, 8 Queen's place
M'Kie Ellen, shopkeeper, St. Michael st
M'Kie James, baker, 3i High st
M'Kie Jessie, shopkeeper, 96 Friar's vennel
M'Kie Mary, dressmaker, 51 Friar's vennel
M'Kie Robert N. tailor, 3 Queensberiy square
M'Kill P. B. coal agent
M'Kinlay Sarah, shopkeeper, 1 High st
M'Kinnel James B. A. ironfounder, engineer, and implement
maker, Dumfries Iron Works— Ste advertisement
M'Kinnell Margaret, shopieeper, Glasgow st. Maxwelltovra
M'Kinnell Newall, plumber. Church st. Maswelltown
M'Kinnell WiUiam, coal agent, Glasgow st. Maxwelltown
M'Kinnell William, lodgings, 2 Queen's place
M'Kune Peter, spirit dealer, 45 South Queensberry st
M'Lachlan William, joiner, 47 Glasgow st. Maxwelltown
M'Lean J. C. clerk, Custom House, Bank st
M'Lean James, grocer, 7 Church crescent
M'Lean John C. watchmaker, 169 High st
M*Lellan John, slater, 60 North Queensberry st
M'Lellan JIargaret, shopkeeper, 22 Market st. Maxwelltown
M'Leod William, accountant, 48 Academy st
M'Mahon Michael, spirit vaults, 8 Nith place
M'Wahon Patrick, Salutation Hotel, 1 Market sq. Maxwelltown
M'Millan Elspeth, farmer, Mary Holm, Terregles
M'Minn Alexander, share broker, 27 High st
M'Moriue Robert, painter, 67 Friar's vennel
M'Murdo Robert, game dealer, 10 Glasgow at. Maxwelltown
M'Murray Alexander, farmer, Catherine Field, Dumfries
M'Nae Alexander, horse shoer, 35 Galloway st. Maxwelltown
M'Naught John, spirit dealer, 8 Friar's vennel
M'Naught William, grocer, 70 High st
M'Neill John, farmer. West Jericho, Dumfries
M'Neish James, clogger, High st. Maswelltown
M'Quhae Edward, tiusmith, 133 High st
M'Ronald Margaret, Ewe and Lamb Inn, Whitesands
M'Teer & Co. painters, 19 High st
M'Tier John, farmer, NetherwoodBank, Dumfries
M'Veigh John, linen dealer, Burns st
M'Veigh Patrick, linen warehouse, 57 EngHsh st
M'William & Co. ironmongers, 87 High st
M'William James, farmer, Hard Thorn, Terregles
M'William Thomas, farmer, Kirklands, Terregles
Malady Francis, china dealer, 69 College st. Maxwelltown
Mallam Abraham, gas manager, Shakespere st
Malcolm John, superintendent of borough police, 38 Bridge st
Manson M. staymaker, 11 Glasgow st
Marjoribanks, M'William and Robertson, drapers, 65 High st
Marshall James, taUow chandler, 36 Friar's vennel
Marshall John, agent, 127 High st
Marshall William, Surgeon, 27 Bucclench st
Martin David, tailor, 17 Friar's vennel
Martin John, tailor, 15 Old Bridge st. Maxwelltown
Mai-tin John, letterpress printer, 29 High st
Martin William, town clerk, and registrar of bii-ths, deaths, and
marriages for Dumfries district; otfice, Bnccleuch st
Mather Wilham, farmer, Mossband, Dumfries
Matthieson James, farmer, Braecroft, Terregles
Maxwell James, bookseller, 99 High st
MaxwGU James, gi'ocer and spirit dealer, 18 GaUowfty st. M
Maxwell Jane, grocer, 72 Glasgow st. Maxwelltown
Maxwell John, cooper, 66 Friar's vennel
Maxwell John, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages for
Troqueer district. King st. Maxwelltown
Maxwell Robert, King's Arms Inn, Glasgow st. Maxwelltown
Maxwell WiUiam, coal agent, Queen's place
Maxwell William, grocer, High st. Maxwelltown
Maxwelltown Parochial Board — John MaxweU, inspector
Maxwelltown School Board— R. K. Walker, clerk
Mechauics' Institute, Nith place— James Hiddlestone, librarian
Mein John, builder, St. Michael st
Meidrum Alexander & John J. farmers. Maiden bower, Dumfries
Metcalfe John, provision dealer, 47 English st
Miller Andrew, lath splitter, 48 North Queensberry st
Miller Andrew, shopkeeper, 57 St. Michael st
MiUer Joseph, fieslier, 3 St. David st
MiUer Robert W. tweed warehouseman, 9 Queen's st
MiUigan & Co. hosiery manufacturers, Bucclench st
Milligan Archibald, shopkeeper, 93 St. Michael st
MiUigan David, farmer, Callside
Milhgan David & Sons, fleshers, 6 Blidd steeple
MilUgan John, saddler, 5 Friar's vennel
Milligan John, wool and seed merchant, 6 Friar's vennel
Milligan Samuel & Son, grocers, 177 High st
MiUigan Thomas, grocer, Gastown
MiUigan WiUiam, writer, 9 Bnccleuch st
Mills Alexander, farmer, MiU hlU, Troqueer
Mission Hall, Church-street, Maxwelltown
Mitchell Catherine, provision dealer, 41 English st
MitcheU Hamilton, tinsmith, 76 Friar's vennel
MitcheU Janet, dressmaker, 106 St. Michael st
MitcheU John, music seUer, 27 English st
MitcheU Joseph M. farmer, Eurnscaith green
Moffat Agnes, lodgings, 26 High st
Moffat William, shopkeeper, 12 High st
Moffatt WiUiam, blacksmith, 11 College st. Maxwelltown
Moffatt WiUiam, draper, 116 High st
Mogerly Lewis, pork butcher, 63' Friar's vennel
Moir David, chemist, 8 Castle at
MoUins Alexander, Three Crowns Inn, 22 South Queensberry st
Montgomery Agnes, dressmaker, 15 Castle st
Montgomery John G. stationer, 85 High st
Montgomery William, mason, King st. Blaxwelltown
Moodie James, hosier, 34 English st
Moodie John, clogger, 32 Galloway st, Maxwelltown
Moore Mary, grocer, 116 St. Michael st
Moorhead Hospital, St. Michael st
Morrison Robert, grocer, 46 English st
Morton Jane, farmer, Aird, Troqueer
Muir James, tailor, 113 High st
Muir Jane, Farmers' Inn, 18 Whitesands
Muir Robert, writer, .38 Bucclench st
Muirhead Hugh, cattle dealer, 25 Queen's place
Muirhead William, stationer, 6 Castle st
Mullholland Bernard, greengrocer, 59 Friar's vennel
Mundell Peter, grocer, 51 High st
Murdoch John, bootmaker, 107 High st
Miu'doch WiUiam, clothier, 86 Friar's vennel
Murphy Hugh, farmer. Rose Bank and Midd Park
Murphy Hugh, tanner & currier & glue & silver plate mantlfacturef,
Mill t.t. & 43 Queensberry st
Murphy Peter, flesher, 20 English st
Murray Agnes, dressmaker. 4 Brewery st
Murray Jessie, baker, 173 High st
Murray John, watchmaker, 1 Midd steeple
Murray Patrick, surgeon, 49 Bnccleuch st
Mm-ray William, Turk's Head Inn & cab owner, 110 Iiish st
NAPIER Robert, brewer, 102 Irish st
National Bank of Scotland (branch), Bank st— David M'Kettrick &
J. M'GUl. agents
National Bible Society of Scotland (anxiliaryj, Irish st— James
Johnston, treasurer
Nelson Joseph, draper, 13 Queen's place
Newbiggin A. J. nurseryman {Thomas Kennedy & Co.), Kirkbank
Nililoe WiUiam, bootmaker, 142 High st
Nichol Henrietta, lodgings, 9 Irish st
Nicholson Robt. provision merchant, 40 High st. & 9 Queensberry st
Nithsdale Regatta Club, George st— John Lennox, secretary
Nodwell James, Shij) Inn, St. Michael st
Nodwell Samuel, spirit dealer, 72 English st
North British Assm-ance Co. Bank st— David M'Kettrick, agent
Northern Insurance Co. (fire & Ufe) 11 Castle st— John Corrie, agent
Northern Insurance Co. — John Corrie, 11 Castle st; WilUam Gun,
Castle st ; and R. K. Walker & Sharpe, GaUoway st. MaxweUtown,
Norwich & London Accident Insm'ance Co.— Robert Wilson, SI
Bucclench st. agent
Noviciate of Marist Brothers, Brooke st— Kev. Brother Alphonsug
superior and provincial
O'NEILL Mary, spirit vaults, 56 Glasgow st. MaxweUtown
Oney James R. tailor, 104 High st
OueV Thomas, seedsman. 10 Church crescent
Orr Robert, draper, 123 High st
O'SuUivan Catherine, clothes dealer, 30 South Queensberry st
Oughton & M'Kinlay, pastry cooks, 4 Castle st
PAROCHIAL School Board Office, 11 Queen st— John Dinwoodio,
Paterson Elizabeth, Swan Hotel, Bank st
Paterson George, coffee house, 92 High st
Paterson John, wood merchant, Corberry place, Maxwelltown
Paterson John, clerk, 23 Queen's place
Paterson Blargaret, Hoddam Castle Inn, 36 Whitesands
Paterson Robert, veterinary sui'geon, 24 South Queensberry st
Patterson Andiew, tailor, 103 High st
Pattinson James, draper, 55 St. Michael st
Payne Janet, lodgings, Brooke st
PhiUp EU, collector, ItJand Revenue, Irish st
Phillips Elizabeth, Admiral Duncan Inn, 6 South Queensberry st
Phoenix Insurance Co. 35 Irish st— George Rcid, agent
Pike James, dentist, 9 Irving st
Poole WiUiam, chemist, 63 High st
Poor Law Union Workhouse, Dumfries— John Robertson, govemer
Post, Money Order, Savings Bank, and Postal Telegraph OMce,
Queen st
Primrose and Gordon, writers, Bank at
Priinrose -lohn, writer, Bank st
Primrose WUliam, writer, Banlv st [agent
Professional Insurance Co. (life), 50 English st— John A. Smyth,
Provident Clerks' and General Guarantee Association, Limited, 69
High st— William D. Alder, agent
Prudential Assurance Co. Brooke st — S. Pridinan, agent
Purves the Misses, ladies' boarding and day school, .51 Irish st
Pyle John, Hare and Hounds Inn, and fishmonger, 10 King st
RAE James, photographer, 2 Stouewell place. Queen st

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