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UMMMERTREES is a parish and village— the latter, clean and
neat, is 84 miles s. of Edinburgh, the same distance s.e. of Glasgow,
23 N.w. of Carlisle, 13 s.e. of Dumfries, 10 s.e. of Lochmaben, the
same distance s. from Lockerbie, 6 from Ecclefechan, and 4 from
Annan, situated on the Glasgow and South-^Vestern Railway, for
site, contains a dilapidated eflSgy of Sir Simon Carruthers, long
since laird of Mousewald. Population in 1871, 647-
RuTHWELL is a parish and village— the latter about three miles
from Cummertrees; this place is a barony, and is privileged to
hold markets and fairs, but it is long since the inhabitants availed
which line there is a station at tlie village. The parish, which is ^.hemseves of these rights. It was in early days celebrated for the
about four miles in length by three in breadth, containmg about manufacture of salt ; but this art has not been practised for some
9,466 acres, is bounded on the north-east by the river Annan, and
on the south by the Solway Frith. It is a flat, fertile, and well cul-
tivated district, and is now well enclosed. The name is derived
from the Rritish words Cum-ber-tree, signifying the hamlet at the
short valley, and is sufficiently descriptive of the local situation of
the village. About a mile south-east of Cummertrees is Powfoot
time. Near the shore is the brow, well and hamlet, where Burns
spent several of the last weeks of his existence. The kirk and
Manse of Ruthwell stand about a quarter of a mile from that vil-
lage. The gardens of the Manse, which are extensive and laid out
with great taste, contain a very ancient Runic monument, in a good
state of preservation. The parochial school is at Claeencepield.
a fishing hamlet, situated on the shore of the Solway. Population j^^out a mile from Ruthwell, in the parish of Mousewald, is Mount
of the parish in 1871, 1,116. Kedar, where a monument has been erected to the memory of the
Dalton is a parish and small village between throe and four miles j^^^^ Henry Duncan, d.d., late minister of Ruthwell. The memorial,
from Cummertrees. The parish, which now comprehends the two ^yjiipj^ jg of stone, consists of an arclied base and pyramid forty feet
ancient ones of Meikle Dalton and Little Dalton, is four miles in ^^ height: on the base an inscription states that he was the founder
length by three in breadth, with about 6,886 acres. Its gener:-^ "^ - - - - - . -. , .
appearance is that of liigli cultivation, which has been extende
commons. Population
_. J in height; on t
Its general ^^ j-j^^ system of savings banks, and was born in 1774, and died in
1846, after being minister of Ruthwell parish for forty-four years,
when he closed in communion with the Free Church of Scotland.
A Free Church and school-house are situated here. The parish ol
Ruthwell has an area of 8,693 acres, and contained a population
in 1871 of 972.
-Letters from Annan arrive at five minutes past seven -morning,
over once unprofitable moors and
the parish in 1871, 577.
Mousewald is a parish and village— the latter about si.x miles
from Dumfries, lying between that town and Annan. The kirk,
wiiich is about a'quarter of a mile from the village, on an elevated
POST OmCB* Cummertrees, Janet Frood, Post Mistress
and arc despatched at Imlf-past four afternoon.
Nearest Money Order 0{^ce at Annan.
Post Office, Dalton, EUzabeth Swan, Post Jl/isiress.— Letters arrive from Lockerbie at twenty minutes past eight morning, and
are despatched at half-past three afternoon.
Nearest Money Order Opce at Lockerbie.
Post Omce, Mousewald, John Tweedie, Post Muster.— hettcva arrive from Dumfries at nine morning, and are despatched at five
minutes before four afternoon.
Nearest Mo7iey Order Office at Dumfries.
Post Office, Ruthwell, Hector Pagan, Post Mas fcr.— Letters arrive from Annan at twenty minutes before nine morning, and
are despatched at a quarter-past three afternoon.
Nearest Money Order Offiee at Annan
Brown James, Hardgrave
i Brown William, liotchill
I Dalziel Robert, Hatland hill
I Dobbie John, Middle Row
I Gass Thomas, Brae hill
Broach Mr. John (surgeon), Ruthwell
Brown Rev, Alexander, Mount Kedar Manse,
Buchanan Mrs. Mary. Kerlandhill [House „ , _ , ., ., - -n
Carruthers John Hetherington, Esq.Deubie i g^'^^^^ '^1^^^^' "^PP^^ AlmigiU
CaiTuthors Wm. F. Esq. Dormont, Dalton
Dickson Wm. C. Esq. Lockcrwoods
Dobie Wm. Esq. Glenholme, St. Mungo
Edgar Mr. John, Lockerwoods
Gillespie Rev. John, The Manse, Mousewald
Hetherington Thomas, Esq. Searigg
Hutton Arthur, Esq. Comlongan Castle
Hyslop lilrs. — , Lockerwoods
M'Donald Mrs. Helen, Rammcrscales
M'Farlane Rev. James, Ruthwell
Maun Robert, Esq. Rock Hall
Murray Mrs. — , ^lun*aythwaite, Dalton
Queensberry The Most Noble the Marquis
of, Glenstewart
Carruthers Mary, Ruthwell
Parochial Schools :—
Ciarencefield — James Scott, master
Cummertrees— Jolin Johnston, master
Dalton — John Wallace, master
Mousewald — James Stafford, master
Tuailtrow School— Jolin Irving, master
Austin James, Gill
Beattie James, Stenries
Bell James, Wintcrheugh
Bell James & David, Barros gate
Bird Thomas, Lower Muir, Trailtrow
Bryden Mrs. — , West Trailtrow
Carruthers Peter, Charles-field
Chalmers islrs. ~, Blackburn
Dobbie Alexander, Hitchell
Glendinning William, Edge
Hetherington George (heirs of), Upper Mains
Irving Herbert, Farm of Mains
Jeffrey Robert, Upper muir
Johnstone James, Upperwood head
Keltou William & Hanning John, Justin lees
Kennedy John, Netliertown
Lindsay George, Corryknows
Lorraine William, Limekiln
M'Kay David. Hurklt; dale
Murray John Allan, Infill lands
Rae Alexander, East Bowhill
Rae David, AVest Bowhill
Rae John, Broom
Roddick James, Bogues, Trailtrow
Roddick John, Trailtrow
Stewart Hugh & James, Holybush
Stewart James, RyehiU
Armstrong James. Foster Meadow
Bell James, AlmigiU
Hetherington Thomas, Searigg
I Hoggan James, Gillbrae
j Hutchinson John, Holmains
i Irving John, Cairn
i Irving John, Isle of Dalton
1 Jardiue Peter, Upper Dormont
I M'OuUoch John, Denby Mains
j 51'Lean James, Hindgill
i Marchbank James, Dalton greens
] Rae Benjamin, Muckle dyke
I Reid James, Gill Hall
> Tweedie Thomas, Whitecroft
' Wilson John, Halliday hill
Austin James, Irouhirst
BeU William. Holmhead
' Craik Thomas, Clcugh brae
Dobie Alexander. Calf Park
' Grierson Robert, West Mains
'■ Grierson Thomas, Woodside Mill
Haining John, Boghead
: Hill David, Beyoud-the-Burn
' Hutchison James, Townhcad
Irving George, Townfoot
Irving James, Landyke
Jardino Alexander, Breckonrae
Ken- John, Bluntfield
Sloan Archibald, Horseholm
Thomson John, Robbie-what
Todd Alexander, Broklehirst
Watson Thomas, Raffles
Affleck Alexander & John, Stank
Bell James, Ciarencefield
Bell John, Cocklicks
Bruce James, Longbridge Muir
Coulthart William, Greenfield
Gibson John, Summerfield
Gordon Robert, Comlongan Mains
Hill John, Bower House
Jackson Adam, Newfield _
Jackson James, Belh-idding
Johnstone Francis, North-bower [
Kelton James, TJnvaite
I\Iather William, Denbieyett
Murray James & Robert, East Howcreek
Murray John, Kirkbeck
I Boyd William, joiner & grocer, Ruthwell
I Broatch Isabella, grocer, Ruthwell
1 Brown Andrew, grocer & wheelwright, Flosh
j Calvert William, grocer, Dalton
I Carlyle John, grocer, Carrutherstown
[ Carruthers J. M. shopkeeper, Cummertrees
Carruthers William, cattle dealer, Bower
Houses, Ruthwell
Cowan William, joiner, Dalton
Dick Mary, shopkeeper, Dalton
Dickson John, blacksmith, Mousewald
Ferguson Robert, coal agent, Ruthwell
Graham Thomas, miller, Hayberry
Graham William, blacksmith, Cummertrees
Grierson Mrs. — , tailor, Ruthwell
I Grierson Thomas, miller & corn dealer &
j poor inspector, Woodside Mill, near Recks
1 railway station
Harkness John, smith, Newfield
Hen-lerson Joseph, grocer. Ciarencefield
Hetherington Hector, smith, Ruthwell
Jolmston James, tailor, Dalton
Johnston John, registrar of births, deaths &
marriages. Cummertrees
Linton Thomas, shoemaker, Dalton
Little Peter, joiner, Ruthwell
M'Lean Thomas, draper and tea dealer,
Marshall Francis, grocer and blacksmith,
Mundell Edward, shoemaker, Ruthwell
Mundell John, joiner, Mousewald
Pagan Hector, joiner, Ruthwell
Richardson John, coal agent, Ruthwell
Richardson Thomas, stonemason, Ruthwell
Scott John, shoemaker and shopkeeper,
Tweedie John, grocer & joiner, Mousewald
Tweedie John, blacksmith, Carrutherstown
Wallace John, registrar of biiihs, deaths &
marriages, Dalton ^^^____^_^
Campbell Margaret A,
White John (Castle Inn), Ciarencefield
Queensberry Arms),
Armstrong John, dogger, Carrutherstown
Boyd William, tailor. Cummertrees
and their ministers.
Established Churches:—
Dalton— Rev. Robert Donaldson
Cummertrees— Rev. WiUiam Johnstone
Mousewald— Rev. John Gillespie
Ruthwell— Rev. James BI'Farlane
i Free Chdrches: —
i Mount Kedar— Rev. Alexander Brown
Dalton— Rev. David Baton
Station, at Cummertrees— Edward H. Dal-
rymple, station master
Station, at Racks— James M'Call, station
Station, at Ruthwell— Robert Nelson, sta-
tion master

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