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JUUSS is a small romantic village, in tlie parish of its namo, 69 |o£LGnnox, who was a biahop and coufessor, and pffered martyrdom
miles w.N.w. from Edinburgh, 28 n.w. from Glasgow, 13 n.n.w. i ^bout the vear 520, at a place below Luss, ou the side of the lake,
fiom Dumbarton, 10 ^■.N.w. from Eonhill, and 9 N. from Heleusbm-gh; i ^riiei-o n large cairn of stones was raised to his memory. He was
most delightfully situated on the western margin of the justly- ; ijuried in the parish church, and was long regarded as the tutelar
famed Loch Lnmond. The only business of consequence is the saint of this part of the country. A fair is held hereon the third
Camstraddan and Luss slate quarries, from which considerable 1 Xuesdav in August. Acreage, 2i,206. In 1871 the parish contamed
quantities of blue slate are obtained, and conveyed to distant j ^ population of 730.
pai-tB of the countiT by means of siuaU sailing vessels on Loch ^ ^^^j^ (nioi-e properly Arroquhar) is a parish lying between
tomond and down the river Leven If healthiness of situa ion and ! Loch LoSond and Loch Long, bounded on the south by Luss. It
beauty o scenery be desirable few places possess equal ^^IvaU" . ^^cu^o^o^^^^^^^ ^ -.'^ ^ ^^^ by three in breadth. The
tages with Luss; but that which renders it a place ^/P^.^f mount : extends neaii>^ ^ head of Loch Long, is ten miles
luterestisthonobleloch, on the margin of whose peUucidw^^^^^^ nortrfrom L^^^^^^ and a half west fi'om Tarbet.
It reposes, surrounded by some of the most inviting and delightful nortu ^^"f^ .-^o V, "7i.+,- "";„ is-?! ^or.
scenery in Scotland. In summer, tho numerous pleasure parties Acreage, 2o,858. Popul..tioum is/i, i>^o.
crowding here impart a gaiety of appearance to the lake, which, if j Tarbet is a much famed inn and small village ou Loch Lomond,
possible, heighten the interest of this charming spot. Steamboats about eight miles north from Luss, and, to distinguish it from
sail every day (Sunday excepted) from the south end of the loch, Tarbert, on Loch Fine, in Argyleshire, is generally designated
calling at Balmaha, Luss, Tarbet, Inversnaid, the foot of Ben ; Tarbet-ou-Loch Lomond. This place, which is much visited by
Lomond, &c., returning the same afternoon. Here resided the Rev. tourists, is considered the most pleasing and romantic spot on
and learned Dr. Stuart, who translated the Bible into the Gaelic Loch Lomond, and Ben Arthur, or " the cobbler," is best seen near
language; and on tho opposite side of the loch, near Drymen, to the inn. The distance between Loch Lomond and Loch Long is
lived for a considerable time Lord Napier, the inventor of here about one mile and a half, and the arrangements for conveyance
logarithms. A fine view of Loch Lomond, with its numerous in summer are such that a person may Icavo Glasgow, proceed by
islands, is obtained from Stronehill, a considerable elevation about rail to Balloch, embark in the Loch Lomoud steamer, and sail to
half a mile north of tho inn. About two and a half mUes south Tarbet, walk or ride across the isthmus to Arrochar, where a
from Luss is Rossdliu House, the seat of Sir James Colquhoun, i steamer is ready to start again for Glasgow, down Loch Long, and
Bart., of Luss. It is a handsome building, with a fine portico, I up tho Clyde. The " Inveraruan Hotel " is situated at the head
seated on a low point of land, surrounded on three sides by Loch ot the loch, one mile and a half from Ardlui, the latter place being
Lomond. The church was dedicated to Saint Mackeasog, a native 1 the terminus of the Loch Lomond steamers.
POST OFFZCS, Luss, Donald M'Gallum, Post Mas fer.— Letters from all parts arrive at five minutes past three morning,
and are despatched at three afternoon.
Post Office, Arrochar, Coll Turner, Post ilfosfer.— Letters from all parts arrive at four morning, and are despatched at ten
minutes past two afternoon.
Money Order and Telegraph OJlce and Savings Bank.
Post Ofi&ce, Abrochar Village, Donald M'Naughton, Post JUTasfcr.— Letters from all parts arrive at half-past seven morning
and are despatched at forty-five minutes past two afternoon.
Brown Misses — , Blarannich, Arrochar
Bruce John, Esq. Ardlui
"Campbell Rev. Duncan, Manse, Luss
Colquhoun Sir James, Bart. J. p. (Lord
Lieutenant— of Luss), Rossdhu House
<^olquhoun John, Esq. Arrochar House
Colquhoun Major (factor to Sir James
Colquhoun, Bart.), Arrochar
Colquhoun William, Esq. j.p. Rossdhu
Dewar Rev. James, m.a. Arrochar Village
Hendry Mr. Barclay (surgeon), Arrochar
Kippen Rev. James, Arrochar
M'Murrich Mrs. — , Mansfield Cot. Arrochar
M'Murrich James, Esq. (of Stuckgowan),
Arrochar [Arrochar
IVIayer George, Esq. Stuckgowan House,
Montgomerie Miss — , Daldarach, Arrochar
Stewart Rev. Neil, Lu^s
Wilson Mrs. — , Oak Bank, AiTOchar Village
Walker Adam, AuchintuUich, Vutra
Williamson Robert, Aucbintulhch-na-mowc
M'Farlaue Dugald (& Qcsher),
M'Farlane Jane, Arrochar Village
Millar L. Luss
Templcton Malcolm, Luss
Turner Coll (& draper), Arrochar
Board School, AiTochar — A. J. Dewar, \
master; Mary Calder, mistress i
Board School, Luss— John M'Whannel, '
master; Margaret M'Kerralber, mistress '■
"M'Farlane Nicol, Arrochar Village I
H'Millan James, Arrochar \
Paterson James, Luss
Brodie Malcolm, Garbal
Colquhoun George. Mid Russ and Shemoro
Galbraith James. Edintaggart
Grieve Robert, Glenfalloch
Lang George, Little Dumfin
Lennox Roljert, Shantrun
M'Ai'thur John, Calendonan
M'Farlaue Duncan, Camstraddan
M'Farlane Peter, Row, Luss
M'Indoe James, Glenmolochan
M'Nab Donald & Co. Duchlage
Montgomery William. Mickle Damfin
Ritchie Robert, Culag
Templeton Malcolm, Luss
Marked thus * are Posting Houses.
(See also Vintners.)
Ardlui Hotel, D. Sinclair, Ardlui
^Arrochar Hotel, John Macnab, Arrochar
Balloch Hotel, Foot of Looh Lomond, Geo.
M'Dougall, proprietor— See adwrliscment
Inverarnan Hotel, Edward M'Callum, In-
Inversnaid Hotel, Andrew Elaii-, Inversnaid
Luss Hotel, Robert M'Nab, Luss
Rowardennan Hotel, Benjamin Jarratt,
Tarbet Hotel, A. H. 2iTacpherson, Tarbet
and their ministers.
Established Church, Arrochar— Rev. Jas.
Dewar. m.a. [Campbell
Established Church, Luss — flev. Duncan
Free (Gaelic) Church, Arrochar — Rev. Jas.
Kippin, m.a.
Free Church, Luss— Rev. Neil Stewart
Parish Library— John M'Whannel, librarian,
and registrar of births, deaths & marriages
Carmichael J. & D. Arrochar
M'Farlane Peter, Halfton, Luss
Phillips James, Luss
; M*LelIan John, Arrochar
i Walker John, Halfton, Luss
Walker Robert, Redhouse
M'Farlane John, Nether Inveruglas
Macnab John, Arrochar Village
Dodds James, baker, Arrochar Village
Gordon James, forester, Borden, Luss
Gray James, corn miller, Dumfin
M'Naughton Donald, tailor, Arrochar
Paton J. saw miller, Luss
Templeton Malcolm, slate merchant, Cam-
straddan & Luss Slate Quarries
Coaches in connection with the Loch
Lomond Steamers, from Inverarnan Hotel,
head of Loch Lomond, every afternoon at
two, during summer
OBAN, Coaches in connection with the
Loch Lomond Steamers, from Inveraruan
Hotel, head of Loch Lomond, every morn-
ing at eleven, during summer
To INVERARY and OBAN, a Coach from
the Tarbet Hotel, every morning at a
quarter-past ten, on the arrival of steamer
from Balloch, in connection wit'i t-'.c train
from Stii'ling, Edinburgh, Glasgow and
intermediate places, during summer goes
through Arrochar, Glencoe and Cairndow
The nearest Station to Tarbet is Balloch^
distance seventeen miles. For conveyance
thereto see Steamers to Balloch
To BALLOCH (whence passengers are for-
warded to Stirling, Edinburgh, Dum-
barton and Glasgow) tho Loch Lomond
Steamers ply upon the Loch";from a quarter-
past six in the morning until seven and
eight in the evening during summer, and
four times a week during winter, calling at
Balmaha, Luss, Rowardennan, Tarbet, In-
vensnaid, Ardlui and Balloch
To GLASGOW, from Arrochar, every day
during summer months, Sundays excepted
I EW (ov East) KILPATRICK is a parish partly in this county, ' Sir George Campbell, Bart., of Suceotli, U the principal seat in tho
anil partly in that of Stirlingshire; its extent is upw.irds of six neighbourhood worthy of notice. Population of New Kiloatriok
miles from north to south, by a breadth of from two to four miles, ! parish in 1871, 6,033.
anil contains 12,051 acres. Tho Forth and Clyde canal intersects it MiLNGAvrr: fpopularly Jllillguti) is a thriving manufacturing
in its northern part, entering the district ou crossing the Kelvin, village, and the principal one in the parish ;J New Kilnatricl:, hut
by a stup:;iitlous .iqueauct bridge. The district was separated from locally situated in the county of StirUag. 12 miles n.'froui Duci-
Old Kilpatrick, which bounds the parish on the west, in the year Iiarton, 5 E. from Duntocher, 21 S.V?. from Stirling. 7 k.k.i",'. from
1649. The church is six miles north-west from Glasgow, and is a ' Glasgow, 51 w. from Edinbui-^, and 2 miles from Sew Kilpatrick.
neat building, erected in 1807. Garscube House, the residence of In the village are a large printworks and a paper mill, and in the
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