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here, but not to so great an extent as formerly, the inhabitants
being now chiefly employed at the different chemical and iron
works on the canal bank. There are coal and ironstone mines also
in the nei^^'bhourhood. The monetary transactions c)f the burgh
are facilitated by branches of the City of Glasgow Bank, the
National Bank of Scotland, and also a branch of the National
Security Saviujjs Bank. Few places possess more eligible advan-
tages for iuland conveyance than this; that great undertaking the
Forth and Clyde canal, passing through the town, affords a speedy
and certain trarsit to the east or west coast of Scotland. The
Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway, opened in the spring of 1826,
and which extends to Airdrie, joining the Ballochnie Railway about
a mile from that town, is within six miles; this line also joins the
Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway. The Edinburgh and Glasgow line
passes over the Monkland and Kh-kintilloch, a mile and a half south
of the town, and at this place is known as Leszie Junction.
Kirkintilloch is a fi*ee burgh of barony ; its first charter was conferred
by William the Lion, dated at Forres; it was granted to William
Gumming, of Cumbernauld and Kirkintilloch, and was subsequently
confirmed and its pri\'ileges enlarged. The town is governed by a
senior and junior magistrate, otherwise bailies, ten councillors,
treasurer, and town clerk. The bailies possess the power of
deciding in civil causes within the liberty of the burgh. The town
has a police establishment, under the regulation of commissioners
appointed by the provisions of the General Police Act (1862) of
parliament for the government of towns. Gas wor'is have been
erected by a private company for lighting the town. The court-
house and gaol, which form a substantial building at the cross, is
ornamented with a tower and spire, containing a fomr-faced clock.
A justice of the peace court is held once a month — on Saturday; a
burgh court every Monday, and a sheriff small debt circuit court
on the first Thursday of March, June, September, and December.
The parish church, which was built in 1644, and id in the form of a
cross, stands near the centre of the town. The other places of
worship comprise two Free churches, a chapel of ease, erected by
Bubscription in 1836, an original Burgher chapel, an United Presby-
FOST OmCE. Cowgate, Kirkintilloch, Margaret M'Intosh, Post ilfistrcsa.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Glasgow)
at seven and thirteen minutes past ten morning and thirty minutes 'past five evening, and are despatched thereto at thirty minutes
past nine morning, five minutes past twelve noon, ten minutes past three afternoon, and thirty minutes past sis evening.
Money Order and Telegraph Ojjice and Savings Bank,
Post Office, Lenzie Junction, James Mitchell, Post Master. — Letterti from all parts arrive (from Glasgow) at forty-five minutea
before seven and ten morning and five evening, and are despatched thereto at thirty minutes past nine morning and ten minutes past
four and seven evening.
Mo7iey Order 0£ice aytd Savings Bank.
terian chapel, and Slethodist and Roman Catholic meeting-houses.
\ Fairs are held on the second Tuesday in May, and October 20th
I for cattle and horses. The following public institutions in the
I neighbourhood are worthy of special notice, viz.: — The Barony
' Parish Lunatic Asylum, at Woodilie, Lenzie, in connection with
I the Barony Parish, Glasgow, was opened on 22nd Octoljer, 1875.
' The style of the extensive buildings is Klizabethan, the architects
I being Messrs. James Salmon & Son. The whole range is over 700
; feet long and 450 broad, and they occupy about 6>2 acres of
j ground. Their cost has been £150,000. The estate altogether
I extends to 167 acres, and was bought by the Barony Parochial
■ Board, in 1S52, at the price of £oQ per acre. The principal external
1 featm-es of the Asylum are two massive and handsome towers, each
rising to a height of 150 feet from the centre of tho buikling, and a
; very elegant fleche which surmounts the chapel, which is seated
i for 400 persons. Its principal window is fitted with three divisions
i of stained glass, representing Faith, Hope, and Charity, the work
i of Mr. Ballantine, of Edinburgh. Tho dining hall is also a very
j commodious apartment. In it 400 persons can he supplied at one
I sitting. The recreation hall, on the second flat of the building, is a
; room about 90 feet long by 60 feet at the broadest part, and isticted
! with a spacious platform for musical and dramatic entertainments.
I There are in all 110 single rooms for patients. Thu admiuistrativo
j department, which at present can accommodate 400 inmates, has
been so arranged that it can be easily extended so as to provide
I iQv 800 or 1,000 patients. The Glasgow Convalescent Home is
, situated at Lenzie, about half a mile to the south-east of the Rail-
' way Station, and is capable of containing C2 patients. The sub-
scribers to the Home have the privilege of recommending the
general public as patients. The Broomlnil Home,, for the relief of
incurables for Glasgow and the West of Scotland, is situated at
Kirkintilloch, and spends for the aid of such persons in theii" own
homes £1U0 a month. Tho entire parish of Kirkintilloch comprises
an area of 7,146 statute acres, and in 1871 had a population of 8,257 ;
the town at the same period had of this number 6,139.
Alexander — , Esq. Elm Bank, Lenzie
Arnott Mrs. — , Bloomfield
Auchterlonie Thomas B. Esq. Fern Dean
Bamber James, Esq. Grecian Villa, Lenzie
Junction [tion
Beith James, Esq. j.p. Bothlin, Lenzie June-
Bennett George, Esq. George Field, Lenzie
Bexfield Henry, Esq. View Field
Blakely Mrs, — , Merkland
Bonnyraau Rev. James, Kirkintilloch
Borland — , Esq. Lillies Lea, Len/ie Junction
Bow Mrs. — . Thistle Bank, Lenzie Junction
Brown Rev. A. M. St. Andrew's Free Manse
Brown Mrs. Mary, of Oxgang
Brown Richard, Esq. Milverton, Lenzie
Junction [Junction
Brownlie Thomas, Esq. Spring Bank, Lenzie
Buchanan Mrs. — , Greenwood, Lenzie
Buck — , Esq. Moss Bank, Lenzie Junction
Butters Archibald, Esq. Van Mildart, Lenzie
Cameron John, Esq, South Bank House
Campbell D, Esq,Heathfield,Lenzie Junction
Caven Rev. James, the Manse
Chambers Mrs. — , Lnggie bank
Chalmers William, Esq. Lee Bank, Lenzie
Junction [Junction
Ohrystal James, Esq. Arden Lea, Lenzie
Clark Wilham, Esq. Glen Holm, Lenzie
Claikson Mr. — , Eversley, Lenzie Junction
Clogston Miss Beatrice, Lenzie Junction
Clogston Mr. James, View Field, Campsie
Cooper James, Esq. Broadcroft
Cruickshank K. Esq. Norwood, Lenzie Junc-
tion [Townhead
Dalrymple James, Esq. j.p. (of Woodhead),
Davie John, Esq. Glengar, Lenzie Junction
Downie James, Esq. j.p. North Bank
Duncan Mr. George, East Bank Hall
Duncan Mr. James, Tweeher
Dunderdalo Cji'il, Esq, Waverley Park
Erskine — , Esq. Moss Bank, Lenzie Junc-
tion [Junction
Farquhar John, Esq. Tower Bauk, Lenzie
Findlay Mrs. — , Woncarrow House, Bellfield
Fishill — , Esq. Heath Bank, Lenzie Jnnction
France Charles, Esq. Auchendale, Lenzie
Freeland Miss Agnes, of Westermains
Gardner James, Esq. Bank House, Kir-
Gillespie R. Esq. Regent square, Lenzie
Junction [Junction
Qourlio John F. Esei. East Bank, Loacio
Govan Jas. Esq, Mary Field, Lenzio Junction
Gow Leonard, Esq, j.p. Hayston
] Graham Rev. Robert. St. David's Manse,
I Bellfield
j Healy Joseph, Esq. Glen Head Lodge,
! Lenzie .Junction
Howell Edward, Esq. Ingle Bank, Lenzie
Button Jas. Esq. Mansfield, Lenzie Junction
j Hj'slop John, Esq. Regent square, Lenzie
Junction [tion
Jack — ,Esq, DuddingstonVilla, Lenzie Junc-
Jackson — , Esq. Northwood, Lenzie Junction
Johnston — , Esq. Gladdens, Lenzie Junction
Johnson John, Esq. Oak Field, Lenzie
'■ Kerr Mr. — , Regent square, Lenzie Junction
Kirby Rev. Henry H. Lenzie Junction
Kirkland Mr. James, Rose Bank, Lenzie
■ Little Mrs. — , M'Lean Villa
Logan — , Esq. Rose Bank, Lenzie Junction
Low Mr. James, Lilly Bank, Lenzie Junction
Lysons Captain E. H. B. Hope Villa, Lenzie
I Junction
I M'Ewan —, Esq. Moss Bank, Lenzie Junction
M'Gregor Peter, Esq. Lenzie road, Kir-
; kintilloch
' M'Leish Arclubald, Esq. Carrington Lodge,
* Lenzie Junction
' M'Leod D. Esq. Strathallan, Lenzie Junction
■ Macquarrie Donald, Esq. Pomona Villa,
I Lenzie Junction ,
I Marr Thomas F. Esq. Lenzie Junction
\ Marshall James, Esq, Glen Bank, Lenzie
j Junction
I Marshall John Dick, Esq. j.p. Broadcroft
I Miller Rev. A. Kirkintilloch
> Miller Rev. William, U. P. Manso, Lenzie
/ Junction
: Mitchell Rev. John, U. P. Manse
Mitchell Thomas, Esq. Glen Bank, Lenzie
j Junction
I Moodie Rev. John, Moodiesburn
I Moritz Herman, Esq. Sunny Brae, Lenzie
Munro Murdoch, Esq. Gallow hill
, Murdoch—, Esq.CedarVilla,LenzicJunction
' Norman John, Esq. Beachmont, Lenzie
Park Rev. John, Cadder Manse
Paterson Alexander, Esq. Green Knowl,
Lenzie Junction
Paterson J. H. Esq, Glen Bank, Lenzie
; Junction
. Pattison Alexander, Esq. Lomond Lodge,
I Lenzie Junction
Paul — , Esq, Bellravie, Lenzie Junction
Perry W. L. Esq. Thistle Bank, Lenaie
Rankin Mr. James, View Field
Reid Richard, Esq. Cowgate
Roberton John, Esq. j.p. Merkland
Rogers — , Esq. Moss Gill, Lenzie Junction
Saudiman David, Esq. Lenzie Tower
Sandiman Richard, Esq. Blair Villa, Lenzio
Scott Johu,Esq.Auchinloch, Lenzie Junction
I Sinclair Rev. Robert A. Lenzie Junction
Skinner — , Esq. Moss Bank,LenzieJunction
I Sproat J..D. Esq. Middle Muir, Lenzie
i Junction
Stables James, Esq, Cowgate
Steel Rev. John, Free Manse
Stephen WiUiam, Esq. View Field, Lenzie
! Junction
Stewart — , Esq. Eden Bank, Lenzio Junction
Stewart Mrs. — , of Barbeth
Stewart Mr. James, of Grayshill
Stirling William, Esq. Garngaber Villa,
Lenzie Junction
TurnbuU Robert, Esq. Ruberslaw, Lenzie
Walker J. K. Esq.Woodburn, Lenzie Junction
Wallace William, Esq. j.p. Auchiuvole
Wallace Rev. William, Solgarth
Watson Thomas, Esq. Kirkintilloch
Watt Alexander, Esq. Lenzie Junction
Whitelaw Alexander, Esq, Gartshore
Wright James, Esq. j p. Myrtle bank
Young R. B, Esq, Moorville, Lenzie Junction
Board Schools: —
Gartshore — Isabella M'Lean, mistress
Kirkintilloch— Thomas Scott, master ;
^Vilhelmine Bruce, mistress
Kirkintilloch — Andrew Stewart, master;
Miss Aitkeu, mistress
Waterside— George Andrews, master; Mis«
Brown, mistress
Xienzie Academy, 3jenzie Junc-
tion, near dasg"OTV— Mr. Donald
Macquarrie, head master (Edinburgh Uni-
versity) — See advertisement
M'Rorie Thomas, Kerr st
Roman Catholic School, Union st— Miss
Fern, mistress
Schoficld Mrs, — (young ladies'), Glen Bank
College, Lenzie Junction
Smith John, High st
Brand Thomas, High st
Crawford John, Oowgato

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