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POST OFFICEp High street, Alloa, Mnrgaret Norrie, Post Mistress.
Arrival of I^Iails.
From Edinburgli and the South, Glasgow, Stirling and the North of Scotland at five and foi-ty minutes past eight moruing, and forty
minutes past five evening.
From Dunfermline at five and ten morning, and at forty minutes past five evening.
Despatcli of IVSails.
To Dunfermline at twenty-five minutes past eight morning, and at twenty-eight minutes past five and thirty minutes past nine
To Stirling and the North at half-paet seven and forty-five minutes past nine morning, and twenty minutes past fsur afternoon, and
half-past seven and half-past nine evening.
Local Mails arrive at forty minutes past six morning and ten minutes past sis evening, and are despatched at twenty-six minutes
past nine morning.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, South Alloa, John M. Loggie, Post Master.— hetiers arrive from all parts (from AUoa by Ferry) at half-past eight
moruing and half-past four afternoon, and are despatched at half-past eight morning and at half-past four afternoon.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Alloa.
Post Office, Sauchie, Adam Young, Post IHf^sfcr.— Letters arrive fi-om all parts (from Alloa) at forty minutes past six morning
and at seven minutes past ten evening, and are despatched at forty minutes past five afternoon.
: The nearest Money Order Offices are at Alloa and Alva.
'^** Letters for South Alloa and Sauchio should be addressed near Alloa.
Post Office, Cambus, Catherine Duncan, Pes* il/(S(?-css.— Letters an-ive from all parts (from Stirling) at fifteen minutes past five
and at half-past ten morning, and are despatched at twenty minutes to eight and ten minutes to ten evening.
Money Order Ojjice.
Post Office, Tullibody, James Oliver, Post ilfas(er.— Letters an-ive from all parts (from Stirling) at eight morning and at ten
minutes to one afternoon, and are despatched at six and at twenty minutes past nine morning and at seven evening.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Cahbus.
*** Letters for Cambus and Tullibody should be addressed near Stirling.
AbercrombyRight Hon. Lord. Aii'threy Castle
Adamson Mr. T. Grange place
Archibald Mr. Andrew, 1 Mars place
Arnot Mrs. Margaret, View Forth
Arrol Mr. Archibald, Millgrove
Bailey John A. Esq. River view
Bailey Joseph, Esq. Claremont
Bailey William, Esq. j.p. Gracedieu
Baker Blr. John, 18 Forth st
Bald Miss Janet, Brae House
Brydie Mr. Matthew, 17 Mar st
Brydie Mr. Thomas, 17 Mar st
Bryson Rev. Alexander, Manse
Buchanan Mr. Robert, KcUie place
Calder Mr. James, The Walk
Carmichael Mr. John, 3 Mars hill
Carmichael Mr. William R. Craigward
Christie Mrs. Jane, Bedford place
Craigie Misses Henrietta & Eli?;.!) Forth st
Donlevy Rev. James, Clackmannan rd
Duncanson the Misses—, 12 Forth bank
Ewing Mr. John, Ashbom-ne Cottage
Forrest Miss Nancy C. Grange place
Fotheringham Mrs. Isabella, Nether Carse
Frame Mr. Adam, Kellie place
Frame Mrs. Thomap, Kellie place
Galloway Mr. Alexander, Forth vale
Gibson Mr. George, Kellie place
Gilkison Mr. Robert, Tullibody House
Haig Mrs. Hugo, Greenfield House
Hallen Rev. Arthur W. 7 Grange place
Hervey John B. Esq. Schaw Park
Kirk Mrs. Isabella, Kellie place
Kirk James, Esq. .t.p. High st
Knox Mrs. Janet, 4 Mars hill
Knox Mr. Robert, Woods^de
Laing Mr. Richard, Linden House, Walk
Lambert the Misses Margaret 01; Mary Anne.
Gaberstou Park
Lochhead Mr. John, Devon House
M'Dowall Rev. Peter, 5 Mars hill
M'Dowall Mr. Robert, 17 Forth st
M*Ewan Mrs. Ann, 15 Forth st
M'Ewan Mrs. Margaret, 5 Forth st
M'Farlane Rev. Duncan, Kellie place
M'Lean Rev. Daniel, 54 Drysdale st
M'Lean Mr. William, Cambus
MacWatt Mr. David, Bedford place
M'WTiannel Rev. Alexander, New Sanchie
Maitland Mr. Charles, BaS3 Crest Houso
Mar & Kellie the Right Honourable the Earl
of, Alloa House
Melvin Mr. John, 1 Claremont
Mitchell Andrew, Esq. j.p, the Walk
Mitchell Mrs. Margaret, 19 Mar st
Moir Archibald, Esq. j.p. 7 Mars hill
Moir Mr. James, Grange place
Moil- Mrs. Janet, 13 Bedford place
Morrison Miss Blary A. Smithfield House
Moulray Robert, Esq. Cambus House
Munro Rev. John D. Church st
Nicol Mr. Alexander. Bedford place
Paton Alexander P. F. Esq. Claremont
Paton Miss Catherine, Cowden Park
Paton Mr. David, Claremont
Paton Forrester, Esq. Claremont
Paton John Thomson, Esq. j.p. Norwood
Paton Mrs. Mary, 15 Liar st
Pearson the Misses Margaret and Sophia,
24Marst '
Peebles Mr. James. Grange place
Philp Mr Robert, 8 Bedford place
Procter Mr. Robert, West KeUie place
Ramsay Mrs. Jane, 5 Grange place
Scott Rev. James M. the Grange
Strang Miss Jane, 10 Bedford place
Thomson Mr. Andrew, Seafield
Thomson Mr. David, Claremont
Thomson John F. Esci. J.p. Hutton Park
Thomson Sir. William, Claremont
Turcan Mr. Robert, Keilarsbrae House
Wallace Mr. James, 25 Mar st
Wallace Kev. James, King st
Wallace Mr. John G. West Kellie place
Wallace Mr. William, Whins House
Wingate Miss Margaret G. Millbank
Wylie Mrs. Jeanie, Birkendale
Younger Mr. George, lo Bedford place
Younger Mrs. Jane, 1 Bedford place
Alloa Academy, Ludgate — Rev. Duncan
Macfarlane, master; James Couper, James
Lament & Miss BI'Leod, assistants
Board Schools: —
j Bedford place, Burgh— William D. Bruce,
LL.D. master; Catherine Y'oung, mistress
Old High st — James K. Brown, master
Sauchie — James W. Paterson, master
Tullibody — John Wood, master
I CoLLiEEY School, Sauchie— David Mitchell,
1 master
Endowed School (Paton's), Greenside st—
I Robt. Stevenson , master ; Duncan M'Intyre
J & Mary Camming, assistants
j Episcopal School, Castle st— William H.
I Locker, master ; Emma L.Jjocker, mistress
Home fou Destitute Childp.en, Broad st
— Jane Cunningham, matron
Juvenile & Infants' School, Ludgate —
Annie Young, mistress
Muir John, Greenfield place
Subscription School Sauchie— Thomas
Mon-ison, master
Thomson & Stewart, Mar st
Young Eliza & Mary (boarding), Westray
Frame Thomas & Son, 48 Mill st
Melvin John & Son, Mar st
Baston Bavid, ftS Htgli st
Frame Thomas & Sou (v.-iluators), 43 Mill st
Melvin John & Son (valuators). Mar st
Thomson Alexander, 24 Bank st
Alloa Baking Co. 8 Candleriggs— John
Stewart, manager
Co-oPEBATivESooiETiES,Highst— Archibald
Ewing, manager; Sauchie— Wm. Hunter,
Gow Robert, 9 Mill st
Lamb William, 55 Mill st
M'Kay John, 29 Mill st
Mason William, Shilling hill
MiUar John, 7 Broad st
Muirhead William & Sons, 13 Candleriggs
Oliver James, Tullibody
Stewart E. & P. 10 Mar st
(See also Fire, <6c. Office Agents).
Burns John (sewing machine), 21 Candleriggs
Connelly John (to the Scottish Legal Bm-ial
Society), 24 Shilling hill
Fischer Hans (commission & forwardiug).
South Alloa
Frame Thomas & Son (house), 43 Mill st
Hansen & Lange (commission & forwarding),
Keltic John (to the Alloa Coal Co.), Shore
Mori son Stephen N. (emigration Ac.), 35 Mill st
Ommundsen Adolph (commission, forwar-
ding and coal), Shore
Pago John (wool), 4 Shilling hill
Preston Catherine (for Phosnix Dyeing Co.
Glasgow), 44 High st
Saunders & Black (for P. & P. Campbell,
dyers, Pfr/;i), 67 Mill st
Scott Margaret (for J. & A. Cassie, dyers,
Edlnhitrqh), Junction place
Stu-ling Thomas (for J. Pullar & Son, dyers,
Per(;i), Mill st
Tait John C. (for tho Alloa & Leith Packet
Co.), Shore
Wallace James (for the Scottish Trade
Protection Society and the Alloa Building
& Investment Society, &c.), 25 Mar st
Wilkie P. & J. (shipping and foi-warding),
South AUoa
Wordie & Co. (for the Caledonian Railway
Co.), 19 High st
Clydesdale Banking Co. (Branch), U Bank
st— headoffice,Glasgow— di-awsouBarnett,
Hoares, Hanbury, Lloyd & Co. 62 Lombard '
St. oi London & Westminster Bank, London
—Alexander Monteath, agent; Alexander
Hende.-son, accountant
Bank st— head office, Edinburgh— draws on
the Loudon &, Westminster Bank, and on
Coutts & Co. Loudon— Archibald & James
Moir, agents; Jas. P. Christie, accountant
— See advertisement
National Bank op Scotland (Branch),
High st— head oiHco, Edinburgh— draws
on Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co. & Coutts and
j Co. London— David MacWatt, agent:
I John Duncan, assistant agent
^ Royal Bank or Scotland (Branch), 2(5
! High st— draws on head office, Edinburgh
; —J- Gregory Wallace, agent— See aiiiieii
Union Bank of Scotland (Branch), Marst
i —head office, Glasgow— draws on Glyn,
j Mills, Currie & Co. London— Thoa. Brydie
& Son, agents
.Alloa Town Missions Savings Bank,
Bank st— open Wednesdays from six to
' eight p. m.— Archibald Moir, treasurer
I - , -I
Cock David, 50 Mill st
; Crawford John, IS High st
I Donaldson John, Tullibody
Gall William, Drysdale st
Jeffrey Archibald, Shore
; Johnston John, Primrose st
Johnston John, Sauchie
1 Robertson Robert, Jamaica st
j Wingate & Lowe, 23 Mill st
^andells 'William (bookseller,
I statioiiar&,l}ookTim<les';,S.3Mlll
' street
Lothian James, 29 Candlerigg st
; Mill Alexander, 46 Mill st
, Morison Stephen N. 35 Mill st
I Pearson Andrew, Drysdale st

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