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Henderson James, Wick & Pulteneytowt^
Saw Mills, Union st. Pulteuey
M'Ewen Alexander, Caithness Steam Saw
Mills and Cabinet Wouks, Wick — See
Sutherland David, Pultencytown, Wick — 9ee
Bain Thomas, High st
Giinn William, High st
Miller Sinclair, Wick
Osborne Henry, Wick
Sinclair Robert, Union st. Pulteney
Banks William, Old Harbour, Lwr. Pulteney
Coghill David, Union st. Pulteney
Georgeson Daniel, Old Harbour, Lower
Saudison D. & Co. Telford st
Waters Donald, Pulteneytown, Wick
Steven J. Co. Bank row, Pulteney
Steven Josiah, Rose st. Lower Pulteney
Banks William, Wick
Bremner .lames, Lower Pulteney
Bruce John, Harboui"
Coi-mack James, Breadalbane terrace
Crawford James, Breadalbane ter. Pulteney
Georgeson D. »& Co. Wick
Gow John, Wick
Henderson James, Pulteney
Leith David & Co. Wick
Leith John, Wick
Louttit Daniel & Co. Lower Pulteney
Louttit James, IvirkhUl House
Mackay John W. Wick
Miller William, jun. Bridge st
Ross Robert, Wick
Simpson David R. High st
Sinclair Alexander, Wick
Sutherland George & Co. Wick
Tulloch James, Wick
Waters Donald, Wick
(See also Grocers and General Dealers.)
Bain William, Harbour quay
Brims Alexander, Dempster st
Bruce Jr.net, High st
Bruce Mary, Lower Dunbar st
Coghill Violet, Louisburgh
Cormack Elizabeth, Harbour
Craig James, Francis st
Dallas Isabella, High st
Dennison Ann, M' Arthur st
Dunnet William, Vansittart st. Pulteney
Farquhar John, Breadalbane ter. Pulteney
Flott Catherine. Louisburgh
Forbes Jane, Telford st
Green Margaret, Bank row, Pulteney
Gunn Alex. Bank vow. Lower Pulteney
Jack Isabella, Blillers lane
Keith William, High st
M'Adie Petcriua, Sulton st
M'Intosh William, Miller 'st. Pulteney
M'Kay ^/larfiavet, Dempster st
Macpbail Jranes, Moray st
Mansnn Catherine, Telford st
Ross Ann, High st
Small James, Kinnaird st
Swanson Da\id, George st
Taylor E. Breadalbane terrace
Charleson John, Ackergill
Hoocl Joisz2 HicmuEnental sculptor,
headstones, tomfcs crosses, &,c.
in granite, marlsie or stone to
order], "Wiek— /S'('<? advertisement
Miller William, Smith ter. Pulteney
Tait Magnus, Coach road
Tait, Reid & Co. Fraucis st
Alexander Alexander, High st
Alexander John, High st. Wick
Banks George, Francis st. Upper Pulteney
Mitchell Alexander, Canisbay
Marked thus * are also Clothiers.
Bain WilUam, High st. Wick
*Bruce WilUam, High st
Calder Charles, Tellord st. Lower Pulteuey
"Corner Alexander & Son, High st
Georgeson George, High st
Georgeson William, Kirks lane
Georgeson William, Macleay terrace
^Hamilton Angus, Dempster st. Upper
Kirk George, High st
Loag Hugh, Bridge st
M'Adie George, Bridge St. Wick
*M'KenziG Peter, High st
■^ Manson James, Stafford place, High st. Wick
Miller Alex. Argyle square, Upper Pulteney
*Noble John, Bridge st. Wick
*Ross Daniel, Union st. Louver Pulteney
*Smith William, Bridge st
Sutherland Adam, High st
Henderson James, Rose st. Pulteney
M'Ewcn Alexander (& cabinet manufacturer
and home & foreign timber merchant),
Steam Cabinet Works and Saw Mills,
Wick — See advertisement
Sutherland David (& steam saw mill pro-
prietor). Union st. Lower Pulteney — See
Grant James, Bridge st. Wick
Spark John & Wm. Salton st. Lwr. Pulteney
Bain Thomas, High st
Bruce Barbara, Back Bridge st. Wick
Campbell George, Smith ter. Pulteney
Cliarlesou Donald, Harbour quay
Dunbar Bcnianiin, Thurso st. Up. Pulteney
Forbes Jane, Back Bridge st
Ganson John, Ross st. Lower Pulteney
Grant Robert, Bridge st
Green James, Salton st. Bank row, Lower
Henderson Janet. High st
Leith J;; . .. Telford st. Pulteney
Miller Ju... . Moray st. Upper Pulteney
Morrison William, Keiss
Stephen Jessie (Shore Inn), High st
Steven Josiah, Rose st. Lower I^ulteney
Thompson Donald (Masons' Arms), High st
Wares Ales. Breadalbane ter. Pulteney
Wares Donald (Crown Inn), High st
Arnold Charles (dealer). Bridge st
Cormack Francis, Sinclau* ter. Pulteney
Goodlad John & Sons, High st
Roberton John, Breadalbane crescent
Sinclair James, High st. Wick
Sutherland Alexander G. Bank row, Lower
Sutherland George, Breadalbane crescent,
Pulteney and High st. Wick
DouU George, Breadalbaas crescent
Gow William & Son, Dempster st. & Francis
st. Upper Pulteney
Gunn David, Bridge st
Kelly A. F. Market place, Wick
Nicolson William, High st
Steven Josiah, Rose st. Lower Pultc-iey
Thomson J. & W. Louisburgh
Marhed thus ''' are also Notaries.
*Cormack David, Bridge st
^Leith R. S. W. Bridge st
Mackay John Waters, High st. Wi6k
M'Lennan Malcolm (and procm'ator fiscal),
High St. Wick
■'^Miller William (and town clerk, clerk of
supply for Caithness, commissary clerk,
clerk to the Pulteneytown Improvement
Commissioners, clerk of the peace, clerk
to the Prison aud Lunacy Boards of
Caithness, and clerk to the Caithness Ror.d
Trustees), County buildings, Wick
♦Miller William, jun. (registrar of bu-ths
deaths and marriages lor the parish of
Wick, collector of rates, assessor for tho
parliamentary borough of Wick, and
secretary and treasurer to the School
Board of Wick), Bridge st. Wick
Nimmo John M, (and loc il factor for tlio
estates of Forsc and Stirkoke), Bridge st.
■'Smith William Patersou, Bridge st. Wick
^Sutherland Geo. Miller, Bridge st. Wick
Sutherland John M'Kay {and clerk to the
commissioners of assessed taxes of
property and income, and clerk to the
heritors of Wick), High st. Wick
Bain Donald, carrier, High st
Dundas Jessie, dairy, Dempster st
Flett Henry, upholsterer, Union st. Lower
Miller Daniel, inspector of works, Breadal-
bane terrace, Pulteney
Shearer David, engineer and millwright,
Burn st. Pulteney
Smith James, surveyor and assessor of taxes
for the counties of Caithness and SuthLr-
land, George st. Wick
Smith Wm. plasterer, Argyll sq. Pulteney
Public Buildings, Offices, &c.
and their ministers.
Established Churches : — .
Wick — Rev. Alexander Clark, m.a.
Canisbay — Rev. James M'Pherson
Pultencytown — Rev. Dutf BI'Donaid
Keiss— Hev. Robert Stobie
Watten— Rev. WiUiam Reid
Free Churches:—
Wick— Rev. George Benny
Canisbay — Rev. Roderick lU'Gregor
Pulteneytown — Rev. George Stevenson
Keiss — Rev. Robert J. Gunn
Watten — Rev. Alexander Gunn
Presbyterian (United) Church — Rov. John
St. John's Episcopal Chapel, Upper Pul-
teney — Rev. George Sutherland
Baptist Chapel, Union st. Pulteneytown
independent Church, Wick— Rev. David
Evangelical Ukion, Victoria place, "Wick
—Rev. Gilbert R. Faterson
Roman Catholic Chapel— Rev. Wm. Maun
Bridge st. Wick.
S/(cr(2?— George Hunter Thomas, Esq.
Sheriff Suhstiiuic — HamiltonRusfiell,Esq. v/.s.
Procurator Flseal — Malcolm M'Lennan, Esq.
SkcriJ^ C/cj7j— Robert M'Lachlan, Esci.
Bexley terrace, Upper Pulteney.
Collector and Landing Surveyor — Wm. Gunn
Harbour place, Pulteney.
Supcrintev dent— Admiral G. Rutherford
Harbour Master — V/ilUam Payne
Clerk and ( usliier William Crow

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