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Arnott Mr. Peter C. (surgeon), Oliig Bt
Auld Rev. Alexander, Olrig
Bain Mrs. — , Bank st
Black Mrs. — , Rose st '
Brims James, Esq. {factor to the trustees of
George Traill, Esq. of Eatter, and to the
trustees of James Williamson, Esq. of
Banniskixk;, Janet st
Brodie Miss Harriet, Princes st
Brodie the Misses — , Olrig st
Bruce Mr. Robert, Traill st
Bum Rev. David, Janet st
Caithness the Right Honourable the Earl of,
Barrowgill Castle
Cameron Mr. Duncan, Commercial Bank,
Olrig street
Campbell Mrs. Isabella, Princes st
Counell Eev. John 0. Princes st
Craig Mrs. Anne, Janet st
Craig Mr. David B. Dunnet st
Craven Mr. John (surgeon). Princes st
Dunbar Mr. Lewis, Caithness st
Dunbar William, Esq. Brawl Castle
Ferryman Augustus H. Esq. Freswick House,
Ftndlay Eev. Charles Stuart, Princes st
Forsyth Mr. Eobert, Juniper bank, Thurso
Fraser Eev. Hector, Halkirk
Galloway Mr. James W. Eotterdam st
Gerry Mr. James, Vue Firth House
Gillieson Rev. Archibald Hamilton, The
Manse, Olrig
Henderson Alexander, Esq. of Stemster
Henderson John, Esq. j.p. OrmUe Lodge
Henderson the Misses — , Eotterdam st
Jolly Eev. Archibald, Dunnet
Keith Mr. Peter, Princes st [Thurso
Logan George, Esq. j.p. Thurso East Cottage,
Macdonakl .Mr. Charles, Brabster st
Macdonairt 'Ir. WUliam, Pennyland
M'Beath Mr. .James, Castletown
M'Beath Euv. John, Castletown
M'Kenzie 3Irs. Christina, Janet st
M'Kay DouaW, Esq. TraUl st
M'Lean Eev. Alexander, Halkirk
Mill Mrs. James, Princes st
Miller Mrs. — , Sinclair st
Miller Rev. John Stewart, Manse, Thurso
Miller Mr. William, Barrack st [Dunnet
Mowat Eev. Donald, Free Church Manse,
Munro Eev. Donald, Shebster
Murray Rev. James, Eeay
Paterson Mrs. Betsy, Janet st
Paterson Robert, Esq. (of Birthwood), Ratter
Prentice Rev. Archibald, Princes st
Purvis Mrs. — , Princes st
Purvis Mr. James, Lochend, Dunnet
Pm-vis Mr. William, Thm-distoft
Scott Rev. J. Scarfskeriy
Smclair Sir John George Tollemache, Bart.
M.P. (of Ulbster), Thurso Castle
Sinclair Su- John Rose Gordon (of Dunbeath),
Barrack House [ness st
Sinclair Miss Maria, Freswick House, Dur-
Sinclair Sii- Eobert Charles, Bart, (of Uurkle),
Achvarsdale Lodge
Smith Mrs. Ann, Princes st
Smith James, Esq. of Ohig
Smith Mr. John, Eose st
Smith Mr. John Grant (surgeon), Grove lane
Sutherland Mr. David, Macdonald square
Sutherland Mr. David M'Gregor, M.D.
Swanson Mr. John, Bank st
Tail Mr. William Beid, J.P., c.E. Mina Villa
Taylor Mr. John, Durness st
Taylor Eev. Walter Eoss, Manse, Thm'so
Traill Jas. Christie, Esq. CastlehUl, Castle-
Trotter Mrs. — , Princes st
WilUamson the Misses — , Shrubbery bank
Female Schools : —
Barrock, Dunnet — Christiana Campbell,
Castletown (supported by Miss Traill)—
Miss — M'Kay, mistress
Free Chuech School, Thurso — William
Docherty, master ; Margt. PanUne, mistrs
Infants' School, Castletown (supported by
Miss TraUl)— Diana M'Kay, mistress
Millek's Institution, Sinclair st. Thurso-
James Waters, rector; James Grant,
second master
Public Schools :—
Calder, Halldrk— James M'Isaac, master
Dunnet— Eobert Campbell, master
Greenland, Dunnet— John S.Whyte.master
Halkirk— Donald Meiklejohn, master
Harpsdale- James Taylor, master
Liem-ay— vacant
Murkle— A. M'Phail, master
Olrig— Angus Gunn, master
Eatter— Edward Paterson, maeter
Public Schools— conMnued.
Eeay— John Gunn, master
Spittal— Alexander Purdie, master
Stroma— WiUiam Mowat, master
Tarn— Alexander D. Sinclair, master
Thurso— Eobt. Meikle, master ; Donaldina
M'Kay, mistress
Weydale— Peter M. Eoss, master
Russell Sibella (and boarding), Durness st
Thup.so Benevolent Institution, Oh-ig st—
Elizabeth Thorn, mistress
Gunn James, Traill st
M'Kay Alexander, Olrig st
Manson Andrew, Olrig st
Slnclaii- Francis F. Princes st
(See also Fire, etc. Office Agents.)
Brims & Macdonald (to the Scottish Trade
Protection Society, and for Stubbs' Mer-
contile Office), Caithness st
Cowan Hugh (for the -'Northern Ensign"
newspaper), High st
Forbes Henry (for J. Gregory & Sons, agricul-
tural implement makers. South Shields, and
William Craig, implement maker. Old Mel-
dinm), Sinclair st
Gunn James (general), Traill st
M'Beath Alexander (general). High st
M'Kay Donald (local agent for the Crown
Lands in Caithness-shire), Thurso
M'Kidd James (for Walter A. Wood and
Hornsby's mowing and reaping machines),
Millbank, Thurso— See advertisement
Manson Andrew (commission and emigra-
tion), Olrig st
Sinclaii- D. & H. (for Lloyd's and the North
of Scotland Steam Navigation Company),
Eotterdam st
Spence John (for Lloyd's), Dunnet
Swanson John (general). Bank st
Campbell John, Castletown
M'Beath Alexander, High st
Manson James, High st
Swanson Bessie, High st
Swanson John, Durness st
Gunn James, Traill st
M'Beath Alexander, High st
Campbell John, Castletown
Coghill Alexander, High st. and Olrig st
Harper John, Bank st
Laing William, Oh-ig st. and Princes st
Munro James, Ulbster terrace
Sutherland & Manson, Shore st
Waters Alexander, Barrack st
Aberdeen Town & CountyBank (Branch),
Traill st — draws on the parent bank, Aber-
deen, and the Loudon Joint Stock Bank,
London — Robert Bruce,agent ;John Eaillie,
British Linen Company's Bank (Branch),
Macdonald square— draws on the parent
bank, Edinburgh, & Smith, Payne & Smiths
& Bank of England, London — David
Sutherland, agent ; W. A. Reid, accountant
— Sec advertisement
Commercial Bank of Scotland (Branch),
Oh-ig st — draws on the parent bank, Edin-
burgh, & the London & Westminster Bank,
London— John Henderson, agent ; Duncan
Cameron, assistant agent ; Alexander Cog-
hill, accountant -, A. G. Sinclair, teller ; sub-
branch, at Castletown- Alex. M'Donald,
agent — See advertisement
National Bank of Scotland (Branch),
Rotterdam st — draws on the parent bank
Edmburgh, & Glyn MUls, Cm-rie & Co.
London— James W. Galloway, agent ; John
Waters, teller
Savings BaVk, Olrig st— John Henderson,
treasurer ; Alexander Coghill, actuary
Cambell Alexander, Achscrubster
Cambell Hugh, Reay
Coghill John, Murkle
Dunnet Donald, Castletown
Grant John, Sinclau- st
Hendry John, GlangoUy
M'Crae John, Castletown
J'Kay Donald, Dunnet
M'Kay Donald, Riverside
M'Kay John, Corsback
M'Kay John, Cowgate lane
Shearer WiUlam, Forss
Sinclair Benjamin, Olrig
Sutherland Gordon, Downreay
Sutherland Isaac, Princes st
Sutherland William H. H. Barrack st
Swanson George, Cowie lane
Malcolm John, Rotterdam st
Russell Agnes, TraUl st
Banks George, Eatter
Brotchie David, Sutherland cottages
Brotchie John, High st
Cormack Sinclair, Castletown
Dm-ham James, Olrig st
Forbes George, High st
M'Kenzie William, Traill st
M'Leod Donald, High st
Manson James, Princes st
Manson Peter, High st
Mowat Da-vid, High st
Mowat James-, Halkirk
Shearer William (and leather merchant),
Eotterdam st
Sutherland Wm.(& leather cutter), Swanson st
Swanson Donald (and leather merchant),
High st
Swanson George, Castletown
Swanson John, Macdonald square
Swanson William, Traill st
Bain John, Rose st
Budge James, Dunnet
Elder Alexander, Bank st
M'Kenzie Donald, Shore st
Manson George, Murkle
Morgan John & Co. Eose st
Munro Adam, jun. Barrack st
Mum-o Adam, Barrack st
Mumo William, Shore st
Swanson Alexander, Princes st
AUan William, Thurso East
Bain James, Oh-ig st
Burnett Thomas, Swanson st
Calder Donald, Castletown
Gunn Donald, Castletown
M'Beath James, High st
Moore William, Traill st
Coghill John, High st
Gunn WiUiam, Grove lane
Industrial Co-operative Society, Swanson
st— George Stark, manager
Manson Andrew, Olrig st
Christians Annie, Grove lane
Manson James, High st
Munro James, Swanson st
Waters Wilhelmina, Campbell st
Keith Francis, Durness st
Leslie James, Bank st
Munro Donald, Barrack st
Sutherland George, Millers lane
Baines Miss — , Rose st
Calder Miss — , Princes st
CoghUl Misses — , Princes st '
Cormack Margaret, Rotterdam st
Henderson Donaldina. Barrack st
M'Kay Mrs. — , Eose st
M'Kay Mrs. — , Traill st
M'Kay Jane (& milliner), Olrig st
M'Leod Barbara, Eotterdam st
MUler Miss—, High st
Mitchell Catherine, Eose st
Shearer Cecilia & Elizabeth, Brabster st
Shearer Jessie, Cowie lane
Swanson Alexis, Shore st
Swanson Catherine, BaiTack st
Bremuer William, Traill st
Cowan Hugh, High st
Manson John, Traill st

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