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The Names of the NOBILITY, GENTRY and CLERGY immediately follow this List, forming a separate one in
Alphabetical order. For Officials attached to the Public Buildings, Offices, <&c. see list at end of Classification of Trades.
ACCIDENT AL Insurance Co.— Adam Winla-R', High st ; B.G.Sinclair,
Ness st ; & John Weallans, Silver st. agents
Adamson Christiana, shopkeeper, Castlegate
Ainsley Christian, teacher of music, Ravensdowne
Ainsley John, stonemason, Norliam
Ainsley William, tobacco manutacturer, Bridge st
Ainsley William, boat builder, Spittal
Ainsley The Misses — , ladies' school, Ravensdowne
Aird Thorns, coal merchant, Railway station, Berwick
Aird Thomas, farmer. South Ord
Aitchison Jane W. shopkeeper, Tweedmouth
Aitchison John H. agent to Hope & Co. corn & manure merchants,
Leithy Silver st; house, Law House, Coldingham
Alder Thomas, wine & spirit merchant, Tweedmouth
Alder 'William, wine & spirit aiercl]Lant, Hide bill;
house, Halidon
Allan Brothers, timber merchants, Tweed Saw Mills
Allan James, Esq. j.p. timber merchant (Allan Brothers), Ava Lodge
Allan Thomas, Esq. j.p. timber merchant (Allan Brothers), Horn-
cliffe House
Allan Thomas, Rtshig Sun Imi, Tweedmouth
Allan William, farmer, Newburn hill, Norham
Allan William, coal merchant, Railway station, Berwick
Allan William, agent, Castlegate
Allen John, miller, AUerdean Mill, Ancroft
Allison William & Sons, cabinet makers, Tweedmouth
Allison William, Foundry Aruis Inn, Tweedmouth
Anderson Jane, Victoria Inn, Norham
Anderson John, Rose tC- Thistle Inn, Walkergate lane
Anderson John, bird & animal preserver, Castlegate
Anderson I^Iark, Crown d' Anchor Inn, Church st
Anderson Robert, lodging house, Spittal
Anderson William, Anplers' Cottage Inn, Castlegate
Anderson William, district manager for Langdale's Chemical
Manure Co. Limited, Sandgate
Aixhbold George, basket maker, Tweedmouth
Archbold Martha, plumber & gasfitter. Hide hill
Armstrong John, poUce constable, Scremcrston ,
Atkinson Mary, /slack Bnll Inn, Silver st
Atkinson Thomas, shopkeeper, Castlegate
Atkinson Thomas, baker, Spittal
Auction Mart, Bell Tower Field
BALDWIN Thomas, plumber, High st
Barker Benjamin, teacher of music, Castlegate
Barker Benjamin, clerk, Church st
Barlow Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Church st
Batha. Spittal— John Bm-n, proprietor
Batters The Misses—, boarding school, Quay Walls
Bell Henry, basket maker. Church st
Bell Hugh, farmer. East Ord
Bell Matthew, house agent, Spittal
Bell Robert, farmer, Billy La^, Tweedmouth
Bell William, Miners^ Arms Inn, Sunnyside, Tweedmouth
" Berwick Advertiser" Office, Western lane— H. R. Small, publisher
Berwick & Tweedmouth Gas Light Co. Spittal— John Hall, manager
*' Berwick Journal " Office, Church st — Gibson F. Steven, publisher
Berwick Salmon Fisheries Co. Limited, Quay aide— George L.
Paulin, secretary
" Berwick Warder " Newspaper OfBce, Sandgate— George Macaskie,
•'Eerwickshu'6 News" Office, Church st— Gibson F. Steven,
Beveridg"e &. Strotber, drapers & clothiers, Castlegate
Beveridge George, butcher, Tweedmouth
Beveridge George & James, farmers. Royalty hill, Norham
Beveridge John, salt & whiting merchant, Sandgate
Beveridge William, tailor (Beveridge & Strother), Tweed st
Bickerton R. &. Sons, agricultural engineers and
implement manufacturers. Old Tweed Imple-
ment ^iTorks, Tweedmouth, Berwick-on-Tweed
Bickerton Richard, engineer, &c. (R. Bickcrton&Sons), Tweedmouth
Billings John, lodging house, Spittal
Bingham John, shopkeeper. Low Greens
Bishop & Co. confectioners. High st [downe
Black George, spade, &c. manufacturer (T. Black & Sons), Ravens-
Black George (late G, Black & Co!), boiler maker, Tweedmouth
Black James, farmer, Cheswick, near Ancroft
Black Thomas & Sons, spade, shovel & fork manufacturerB, Ssn
"View Works
Blackett Thomas, agricultural implement maker, Scremeraton
Blackball James, insurance agent, Castlegate
Blakey Robert, farmer, Greens
Blakey William, farmer, Baldersbury
Bogue William, lodging house, Spittal
Bone John, farmer, Cheswick buildings, Ancroft
Border Brewery Co. brewers & maltsters and serated water manu-
factm-ers. Silver st. and Tweedmouth— Andrew Foulds, manager
Borough Gaol, Wallace gi*een — William Whinna, governor
Borough Treasurer's Office, Church st— A. R. Lowrey, treasurer
Borthwick Johnston, Coble Inn, how Greens
Burthwick Johnston, jun. herring curer, Low Greens
Boston Robert, fish curer, Spittal
Boswell IsabeUa, china, &c. dealer, Western lanp
BoswfcsU Ruth, china & glass dealer, Castlegate
Bowhill Elizabeth, lodging house, Scotts place
Bowie Hugh, watch, &c. maker, Walkergate lane
Bowie Thomas, shopkeeper, Walkergate lane
Bradbury George, herring curer, Tweedmouth
Briggs John, stonemason, Norham
Bri^taam &, Go. agrricultural implement makers,
iron & brassfounders and annealed iron manufactui-ers, Tweed
Imple^tent Works, Castleg:ate
Brigham John, agricultural implement maker, &c. (Brigham & Co,),
Brigham John, jun. agent for Staffordshire Fire and Imperial
Union and Accidental Insurance Companies, Castlegate
Brig-bam William, tailor & clothier, Castlegrate
Britannia Insurance Co. (fire) — Alex. R. Lowrey, Church st. agent
British Linen Co.'s Bank, Bridge st— Robert Douglas, joint agent
with WiUiam Douglas, of Coldstream — See adi>ertisement
Briton I\redical & General Life Insui-anceCo. — Alexander R. Lowrey,
Church st. agent
Broady Annie, shopkeeper, Chapel st
Broady Thomas, clothes broker, Walkergate lane
Brotherton John, tailor, Wallace green
I Brough John Robert, commercial traveller, Church st
I Brown Albert J. cashier to the Scremerston and Shoreswood Coal
Co. Tweedmouth station
I Brown Alexander, cabinet maker, Castlegate
jBrown Alison, Sir Francis Burdett Inn, Castlegate
jBrown Colville, physician & surgeon. Quay walls
I Brown Elizabeth, milliner. Bridge st
[ Brown George, joiner, &c. Tweedmouth
I Brown Jane, shopkeeper, Chm-ch st
j Brown John, farmer, Ancroft
i Brown John, Plough Inn, Folly, Norham
; Brown John, farmer, Gainslaw Blill
J Brown John, plasterer, Cosens lane
Brown Robcrfc. butcher, Castlegate
Brown Thomas, watchmaker, Hide hill
Brown William, locomotive superintendent. North-Eastern Rail-
way, Tweedmouth station
Bruce Alexander, baker, Spittal
Bruce David, fishmonger, High st

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