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mnes N by w from I m,^, Parhameutary borough and seaport, 334
18 oDscure. Miutland, the historian of Edinbureh entered into i
found r' from P/wn'^'^f '""^ "*'^,™= transfeSTytte 's"axon
'oun rv in twtn r °' ""'V^ "'° ^='™'= °'""''- i° 'l^eir own
coiintry—m the like manner as European emigrants desirmate cities
and towns on the continent of America; others and Sna them
s^'nifvTn'g" 'ifwi t"' b'1 ™'' B«.wick'is dedu'eed from B?,™:^
81 nitying a yi lage belonging to a manor ; " while a third party
with more feasibility„deriycs it from bar and wick " a castle on the'
bend of a river.' Berwick was fortified and d^ endeS by a ga°risou
at a very remote period of British history; it became the clifef
town of the district, and was t)ie centre, on various occasions of
^v.°/t"'"'.''='^' H''"'^?<<^"™=- " Btands'on the north side of the
river Tweed, about naif a mile from the spot where that stream
empties itsel into B t rwick bay. Prior to the year 1551 Benvfc"
was alternately in the hands of the English and Scotch but it was
then erected into a free burgh or distinct liberty, in some measurl
independent of either ki,itr,lnm_i,,„; ., J.-,,' ,._...'' .P^''."?
• ; r , . " ^'^^ uuif^Li or instinct liberty, m some niea^nre
ioircaUed". Berwick', ^'"^frTl-J^B - -"^'l <L?r"t aXched
and the iri,„ ^?™"='' bounds," stretching about three miles north,
and the like di tance up the Tweed. It may be added that it is
described as a arge and populous town so larly as the reign of
David I. of Scotland-mentioned as a place of redoubtab o strength
u the time of Osbert, one of the last kings of NoXumberllnd and
18 assumed to be the point where the Danes landed in one of theT,
excursions under Hubba in the vpoi- qot """''"'"! "ueoi tneii
■was annexed to the see of Durham by Ed^ai ■ h^t tl „ „■« '^"'^^"'^
after resumed, in consequence ITtll in'g? titude^of &1%!Z
bert, who had been consecrated bishon of tint «„ w n- x ;
Scotland, who, in 1714, had joined HeMyVtbL sons Yn^Tlr °'
was taken prisoner near Alnwick, .and 7onduc?ed^nMpinf . f °'
Henry, who obliged him to pay homage for the whole of ScothSd'
and as a security he was forced to deliver un tl,e fnrt „f ?5'"'''^.";''
together with aU the principal forts of Scotland Tnl 'of ,i7\*-
of England and Scotland, with Edward I a^semhle.l.tn" ■\^H^
determine the claims of Robert Briic» an';! fohn k r =^' '^'iV""'''*"
wh^ch eXn'd^er"Sf4'jJI"''Yhf ;';fs':;n'r°'',,"'\''?,1 ""« "'
of the kingdom of Merse ; it "ranL on a gS den,P-;°°'F''' ','"™ '^"'^ '"""'^ the offlcJof m.ayor ^re m1"tt™S; «;^'' a dermen who
strength, and is now merelyan attraeHve ohWt t^ « "^ been of great the first circuit of county ciurt towns' urn e?th^'f f^^^^d in
ortb-E.astern I ments.' %lotSc^ s r,f ''^frf.T.L^ ^^f,^
The large embankment at the south end of the brid^'e five ^-Sl n '■
feature in the commerce of the po?t whUeThn t of „ "' "" '"P^'te^t
are published here, viz. the "Berwick A,uw?' ^."^ f<:y"^T>^T>eTS
^^Ssd^"^<r^#^'^t?i^«''«--^"^-N -■•
a?e 'ortiicT bai"^! s, ^^.':^^ ss?s W™1r/c"o' ^^^ (^'^^^
aud comfortable establishments ' "* '*"='' "'^ ^mplete
including the parapets; its breadth hetwol^Vi ' ^I'*'.^ "^^hes,
allowing a double line of rails to be laid Th.^fn P'^.^Pf '^^^ 24 feet,
of stone, with the except on of theTn^eJnart ofThf,"",'" '"^Y^'^^
is brick laid in cemenf. There a^eXur?ne° m^rira'^^TtS
Unftfd^^e-'; ^°' •''""1'"=^''"'""»' "«° ■«P^'>~'«"«"°f "0^
I ■ f f f — — "-"^- iuuic itre aoonE one milliou and
Sfbriek\'hayeTerpyc°e*rtt"ar"Ss'"The™"i"'^ * ''■^'f tb"e7t;ran5 t'eachraXllTtl,°eV'"'"'"° T'^'^' '"^^ -^"lar-iJs-of
water at high tide is 23 feet The Sesf^n of tP"^'?!' '^?P"^ °' "^e "oration), two Nationarschno1sf-,t l ^""'^^ "^S paid by the cor-
and the parapets are adorned niuJlTl,°K^}'lP'}¥'' '^ '^'eKant, for infants a Brit^s^''' ?°L™iV" ^°J7 ^"i^ °°'= '"S eirls, and one
water at high tide is 23 feet. The desYm of "tRrK^-r " ■ P^'J °' '""^
springs of the arches are\f polislied stone, bu^ thf r'S T of ']he
J=y'|r^?|[°'^i— ,S;.XS?S-,i!£^ P^^P^f^u;r;S^Sit!^-4.gh an
it was consia«ed dcrahle for the accotamodationl} l^l^^t i li^pS^^^Si^^ ^^^-1; ™. ^i87M^^i
alt^rn\r;1ltr;''l'^j„^? f -''."f/^- %",•* T" '°'- '''' <"'"''' «™ry
that for

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