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UCKIE is a town and flourishing fishing station, in the parish of , net manufactory, and a large distillery at Inchgower. The places
Rathven, 20 miles w. from Banff, 7 e. ftom Fochahers, and 6 w.from of worship are the parish church at Rathven, a chapel of ease at
Cullen, situated on both sides of the burn (or brook) of Buckie ; one ! Buckie (which is to be replaced by a new one adjoining the present
part belonging to John Gordon, Esci. of Cluny, the other to Sir ; structure), a new Scottish Espiscopal chapel, a neat edifice with a
Robert Glcndouwyn Gordon, Bart., of Letterfourie. The inhabitants spire 96 feet high, costing about £2,000. which was opened and dedi-
are mainly engaged in fishing, and are famed throughout Scotland ' catcd by the Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney, November 1st, 1876,
for their industry and hardihood in braving the perils of theii-avoca- ; a large Roman Catholic chapel, a United Presbyterian, and a Free
tion; as a natural consequence their services are eagerly sought at ' church, a handsome building in the Elizabethan style. In 1871
the several herring- fishing stations on the Moray Frith. A sheriff ; Buckie had a population of 3,803 persons.
small debt circuit court is held four times a year, in Maich, June, | Pobt GonDON is a village on the sea coast, about a mile w. from
September and December, on days appointed "by the sheriff. A great i Buckie. Its inhabitants are exclusively occupied in fishing and the
improvement in Buckie, is Buckie (Cluny) harbour, now in course ship coasiing trade ; they employ stake and bag nets for the capture
of construction at a cost of about .£oOV)lJO, at the solo expense of of salmon, whichare hereabuudant, being in the immediate vicinage
Jobu Gordon, Esq. of Cluny. There are two harbours, an inner and of Spcymouth. A largo quantity of corn was formerly shipped
an outer one ; the inner will have a depth of ten feet at low water, , annually from this port. The harbour here is commodious, and the
the outer one a depth of about two feet at low water, making the greater part is built of Portland cyment concrete, at the Bole expense
depth of the iormi;r one at high water twenty-one feet, and will of the Duke of Richmond and Gordon, the now work was commenced
jointly have an area of eight acres, and capable of being extended. : in 1873, and is now completed. A narrow rivulet separates this
The lengji of quay wall available for discharging vessels will be '■ village from that of Port Tannachy. Population in 1871, 970.
about 2,500 lineal feet; the whole is entirely constructed of Poitland I Portessie is a small coast village, about a mile k. from Buckie ;
cement concrete, and when finished will have a greater depth of ] it is of some consequence as a boat building and fishing station,
■water than any harbour rorthof Leith. The work wajs commenced i Population in 1871, 877.
in April, 1874, and it is expected to be completed in the early part The parish of Rathven extends about 10 miles along the coast of
of 1878; the resident engineer for the works is Mr. James Barron, of the Moray Frith, by from 3 to 5 in breadth. The greater portion of the
Aberdeen. Near the harbour there is ample space fortheaccommo- j land is hill, moss and moor, but the more level parts near the sea
dation of traders, curers, &c. belonging to the above proprietor, | are arable and fertile, being greatly enriched by sea manure; and in
which is already laid off in streets, and fues are arranged for the some parts the eye is relieved by the appearance of thriving planta-
accommodation of the fishermen and seafaring community. The i tions. Throughout the district the supply of limestone, sandstone
existing harbour was formed in 1857 at the joint expense of Sir R. and slate is abundant, and the memorials of antiquity are numerous,
(t. Gordon Bai-t. and the British Fishery Board, situated at Nether I the Danish '* cairn" being the niost general. The population of
the entii-e parish of Rathven in 1871, was 10,199.
Enzie is a quoad sacra parish, 22 miles w. of Banff. The parish is
partly in Rathven and partly in BelUe. A church of the Establish-
ment, a. Free church, and two Roman Catholic chaijcls are the places
of worsliip. Population of the parish in 1871, 2,251.
Buckie, and is built with stone, but has not the facilities necessary
for the trade of Buckie, which may be said to be steadily upon the
increase. There are three branch banks, viz., the City of Glasgow,
the North of Scotland Banking Co. and the Union Banking Co.,
three rope and sail manufactories, a tobacco manufactory, a fishing
IPOST OFFICXS, Buckie, Alexander Hendry, Post Master.— Lcttem arrive from the North and South at forty minutes Before
eleven morning ; from the South at ten minutes before three afternoon ; and from the North and South at forty minutes before six
afternoon, and are despatched to Banff, Portsoy, &c. at twenty-five minutes past nine morning; to North and South at ten minutes
before two afternoon ; to Cullen at twenty minutes before five afternoon ; and to North and South at ten night.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office Enzie, Mary Taylor, Post Mistress. — Letters arrive from Fochabers at twentj"^ minutes before ten morning, and
forty-five minutes past four afternoon; from Banff and Buckie at forty-five minutes past two afternoon, and are despatched to
Fochabers at ten minutes past six morning, and forty-five minutes past two afternoon ; and to Banff and Buckie at forty minutes
past nine morning.
Registered Letter O^ce only.
Post Office, Port Gordon, William Thomson, Post Jtfas^cr.— Letters arrive from Fochabers at twelve noon, and seven evening,
and are despatched thereto at one afternoon, and nine evening.
Money Order and Telegraph Offiee and Savings Bank.
Wall Box, Portessie. — Letters arrive from Buclue at twelve noon, and seven evening, and are despatched to Bucltie at
thirty minutes past twelve afternoon, and thirty minutes past seven evening.
Barclay Rev. Charles, Enzie
Brown Rev. Stuart, New Buckie
Buchanan Rev. James, Rathven
CarmichaelDuncan,Esq. M.D.J. p.New Buckie
Clapptrton Rev. William, Nether Buckie
Duguid William, Esq. m.d. j.p. New Buckie
Gordon John, Esq. of Cairnfield [fourie
Gordon Sir. Robert Glendouwyn, Bart,Letter-
Green Rev. George G. si.a. New Buckie
Hector William, Esq. j.p. Hilton
Hutchison John, Esq. j.p. New Buckie
Kyle Rev. John James, Preshome, Enzie
Leslie Rev. James R. New Buckie
Loggie Rev. William, Auchenhalrig, Enzie
Macdonald John, Esq. j.p. New Buckie
Maclean Alexander R. Esq. Nether Buckie
Mersou John, Esq. j.p. Nether Buckie
Millar Rev. Alexander, New Buckie
Robertson William, Esq. j.p. Cuttlebrae
Shanks Rev. Robert, New Buckie
Shearer John, Esq. New Buckie
Simpson William, Esq. j.p. New Buckio
Turner Robert, Esq. j.p. Arradoul
Webster John, Esq. j.p. New Buckie
Wilson Rev. James, Enzie
Young Alexander, Esq. j.p. Nether Buckie
Female Industrial School (Mrs. Gordon,
of Cluny), New Buckie— Margaret Dunn,
Female School, Arradoul— Elspet Gray,
Female School, Portessie— Jane Annand,
Public Schools:—
Buckio— James Buchanan, master; James
M'Kechnie & John Arnott, assistant
masters ; Mary Mathieson, mistress
Enzie— James Campbell master
Port Gordon— Mr. Lawson. master; Cathe-
rine Gordon, mistress
Rathven— James S. Paterson, master
Sheilburn— E. A. Fowler, mistress
Roman Catholic School, Nether Buckie—
William Hornby, master
Fowler Jan?e3, New Buckie
M'Kenzie William, Nether Buckie
Coul John, Nether Buckie
Crombie James, Nether Buckie
Cuthbert William, Buckie
Duncan William, New Buckie
Forbes William, New Buckie
Gibb George, Nether Buckio
Grant William, Portessie
Green James & Co. Nethi?r Buckie
Hendi-y Thomas, Port Gordon
Legg John, Portessie
M'William George, New Buckie
Murray Alexander, Buckie
Paterson Alexander, New Buckie
Paterson George, Buckie
1 Donaldson William, New Buckie
j Ingram William, Port Gordon
1 Kemp Alexander, New Buckie
M'Beath George, New Buckie
Mackie John. Nether Buckie
M*WilUam John, New Buckie
Milton James, Nether Buckie
Paterson G. & W, New Buckie
Thomson James, New Buckie
City of Glasgow (branch), Buckie— draws
on the London Joint Stock Bank, London-
John Macdonald, agent
North of Scotland Banking Co. (branch),
Buckie—draws on the parcntEstablishment
Aberdeen ; and the Union Bank, & Barclay
& Co. London- John Shearer, agent j Port
Gordon Branch- David Reid, agent
Union Banking Co. (branch), Buckie— draws
on the'head offices Glasgow, Edinbm-gh,
& Aberdeen, & Glyn, Mills & Co. London-
John Mer.son, agent
Smith Peter, New Buckie
Thomson John, Port Gordon
White Charles, Rathven
Winchester Alexander, Nether Buckie
Wincheater Alexander A Son, Nether Buckie
Winchester James, Nether Buckie
Wood George, New Buckie
Young Alexander, sen. Nether Buckie
Bremner Alexander, New Buckie [Buckie
Hillocks John (& marine stores), Nether
Black George & Sons, Buckie
Davidson Charles, New Buckie
Elrick Alexander, New Buckie
Gray John, Rathven
M'WiUiam Alexander, Port Tannachy
Geddes John, Nether Buckie
M'Donald & Webster, Nether Buckie
M'William John, New Buckie
Merson James, Portessie
Cowie John, Buckie
M'Intosh William, Portessie
Sinclair John, Buckie
Slater Alexander, Portessie
Slater George, Portessie
Smith George, Portessie
Smith William, Portessie
Thain Alexander, Buckie
Smith Sidney, Portessie
Thomson John, Nether Buckie
Webster & Carruthers, New Buckie
Young Alexander, Netber Buckie
Wilton Alexander, Inchgower Distillery,
Inchgower, near Buckie

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