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MISS 3. a. SMITE, Post Mistreil.
Arrival of tbe xaalls.
From Macduff at fifteen mlnuteB past six morning. .„ , i
From Aberdeen, Edinburffli, Fyvie, Inverurie, Eothie, and Tunff, at ten morning. „i. . j „ ,v„„ „* .„„*_
Fiom Elgin! Difltown, CraigellacLie, Fochabers, Huntly, Forres, Inverness, Keith, Nairn, Portsoy, Ehynie, and Rothes, at forty
minutes past ten morning. „ . . t x
From Gardenstown, Dubford, and Macduff, at forty-five minutes past ten mormng.
From GuUen, Euzie, and Portsoy, ai twenty-five minutes past twelve afternoon.
From Inverness, Elgin, Craigellachle, and Keith, at fifty minutes past two afternoon.
From Aberdeen, at forty-five minutes past three afternoon. , „ ^ „ ^ ^ . * i. ^ w
From London, Edinburgh, Inverurie, Aberdeen, Turnfi^, and Macduff, at five minutes to two afternoon.
From Abexchirder, at half-past seven evening.
From London, Edinburgh, &c. (on Sunday), at twenty-five mmutes past sis eTenmg.
Despatch of tlie IVlails.
To Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, England, &c., at fifteen minutes past five mormng.
To Keith, Elgin, and Portsoy, at half-past seven morning.
To Aberchirder, King Edward, and Macduff, at fifteen minutes past ten morning.
To Dufftown, at fifteen minutes past eleven morning.
To Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, England, &c., at half-past eleven mornifig.
To Fochabers, Enzie, Buckie, Oullen, and Portsoy, at twelve noon.
To Macduff, at twenty-five minutes past one afternoon.
To Dubford and Gardenstown, at two afternoon.
To Turriff and Macduff, at three afternoon.
To Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, England, &c., at five afternoon.
To Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, England, &c. (on Sunday), at forty-five minutes past five morning.
The office is open for the transaction of business on week days from seven morning to eight evening, and on Sunday letters are deiiverea
at the window from twenty-five minutes past seven till fifteen minutes past eight evening.
Money Order and Telegraph Offi^ce and Savings Bank,
Post Office, Whitehills, Alexander Taylor, Post Jl/oafer.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Banff ) at twenty minutes past
twelve noon, and are despatched thereto at ten minutes past four afternoon.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Banff.
Fpst Office, Itlaw, Joseph Cormack, Post Master.— Lettera from all parts arrive (from Banff) at ten minutes past one aftemoOD,
and are despatched thereto ten minutes later.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Banff.
Robson Mr. Alexander, St. Ann's terrace
Robson Mr. William 11 Sandyliill road
Rogerson Rev. A. B. Sandyhill road
Rust James, Esq. Low st
Sangster Mrs. Isabella, George at
Abercrombie Sir Robt. J. Bart. Forglen House
Adamson John, Esq. 7 Fife st. Banff
Allan Mr. John, Back path
Anderson Rev. William, Boyndie
Auld Mr. William, High shore
Bailey Mrs. Mary, Institution terrace
Bannerman Mrs. George, 11 Old Market pi
Bruce Rev. William Stratton, Low st
Campbell Francis Garden, Esq. Trouse House
Chisbolm Rev .^neas, Sandyhill road
Christie Mr. John, a.m. South Castle st
Clayton Dr. John, 3 High at
Colville Mr. Alexander, 4 Low st
Colville the Misses Ann & Margaret, 20 Low st
Colville theBIisses Isabella & Elizabeth, South
Castle st
Coutts William, Esq. Low st
Cruickshank Mrs. Mary E. B. Belle vue,
Sandyhill road
Gumming Mr. George, High shore
Davidson Rev. James, Ord
Davidson Rev. James, the Parsonage, High st
Diggens Capt. Francis John, r.n. St. Ninians,
Old Castlegate [& Park
Duff Lachlan Duff Gordon, Esq. of Drummuir
Dufl' Robert William, Esq. m.p. of Fetteresso
aud Auchenderran
Duncan Mr. Alexander, Low at
Duncan Mr. Robert, Carmelite st
Ewing Mrs. Jane, 1 High st [House
Fife the Right Honorable the Earl of, Duff
Forbes James, Esq. High st
Forbes John, Esq. High st
Fowlie Mr. Joseph, Bridge st
Fraser Rev. Hugh, Alvah
Geddie Rev. James W. Castle st
George Mr. Francis, 4 Castle st
Gerrard Mrs. — , Banff Castle
Gordon Mrs. — , Low st
Gordon Clement W. R, Esq. George st
Gordon James, Esq. (sherifi^s substitute),
Castle st [Portsoy
Gordon WiUiam R, Esq. Dnrn House, near
Hannay Mr. John (factor to the Earl of Fife),
Hossack Mr. Garden M. 4 St. Catherine st
Hossack the Misses—, NoUh Castle at [pi
Imlach James,Esq. Castle Panton,01d Market
Jenkins Mr. George, St. Catherine st
Ledingham Rev. James, M.A. Boyndie
Leslie Captain Hans George, of Dunlugas
Lovie Mrs. — , Castle st
Lumsden Mr. James, Gardener's brae
M'CuUoch Mr. John, St. Catherine st
Martin Miss Elizabeth, 2 High st
Martin Mrs. Margaret Mary, Earlhill, Sandy-
hiU road
Mill Henry, Esq. Nether Inverichney, Alvah
Mitchell Miss Isabella, Gardener's brae
Morrison Mrs. Jessie, Mountblairy House
Morrison Robert, Esq. Low st
Munro Mr. Henry, St. Catherine st
Murker Rev. Jolin, a.m. North Castle at
Murray Mr. George W. CoUeonard
Ramsay Mr. Adam, Strait path
Grant James (for Singer's sewing machines),
17 Strait path [Low st
Longmore Jamca (artificial manurea), 183^
Mackar James (for W. & A. Gilbey, wine, &o.
merchants, London), 40 & 41 Bridge st
Simpson Mr. Alexander, CoUeonard Cottage Watt Alexander (for Captain Hana George
Simpson James, Esq. CoUeonard House
Simpson Mr. John, 32 Low st
Sinclair Arthur, Esq. Eden House
Smith Mr. Sidney, Mill of Boyndie
Sutherland Mrs. Isabella M. Sandyhill road
Taylor Wm. James, Esq. Rothiemay House
Watson Mr. Alexander, 32 High st
Watt Mr. Alexander, Saint Ann's
Watt James, Esq. High st
Watt Mr. William, Institution terrace
Wilson Mr. Alexander F. High st
Wood James, Esq. j.p. (& provost), 10 South
Castle st. & Teuchar
LiNHEAD School, Alvah — Maylnnes, mistrs
Mitchell's School, Reid st— Jane Laing,
Ogilvie Isabella (infants'). 8 Clunie st
Pieie's Institution, 8 Ciimie st— Alexander
Cowieson, master
Public Schools :—
Alvah— Rev. James Duncan master
Banff— John Wilson, heal master; James
Spence, assistant master ; Helen Ord and
Margaret Brander, mistresses
Blairmaud, Boyndie — Mrgt Adamson,mstrs
Boyndie— Alexander Horn, m.a, master
Dunlugas School, Alvah — (jreorgiua Daniel,
Hilton — Thomas M'Ainsh, master
Whitehills (male)~John Mowbray B eve-
ridge, master [mistress
Whitehills (female) — Barbara Wright,
Ramsay Jane (ladies' boarding), St. Leonard's,
Sandyhill road
St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Sandy-
hill rdad — Christian Clark, mistress
Smith Agnes (boarding), 34 Bridge st
Spence John (boarding), Boyndie House,
Boyndie st
Gumming George (& writer, clerk to the
Banff district road trustees, & clerk to the
Commisaionersof Income Tax), High shore
Leslie, of Dunlugas), 41 Low st
Wordie & Co. (railway goods), Bridge at
Coaser Charles Walter, 1 Fife st
Simpson Alexander (surveyor), Upper Mains
of Rosieburn
(See also Fire, ttc. Office Agents.)
AUan John (for the Aberdeen Heritable
Securities Investment Co. Limited), Back
Cameron Alexander & Son (to Robert Fergu- Dey George & Son, Whitehills
Gilchrist James, 1 Boyndie st [st
Hossack Elsie {& confectioner)^ 27 Carmelite
Mann James, 4 Low st
Melvin George (& confectioner), 11 BridgO Bt
Philip Alexander, 15 High st
Shearer James, & Strait path
Steele George, Seafleld st
Stewart Jessie, Whitehills
Stimson Joseph, North Castle st
Watson Henry, Whitehills
AEERfiEEN Town & County Bank (Branch),
Low st — draws on the head office, Aber-
deen. & on the London Joint Stock Bank,
London — Alexander Duncan, agent
City of Glasgow Bank (Branch), High st—
I di'aws on the London Joint Stock Bank,
I London — Robert Duncan, agent
Commercial Bank op Scotland (Branch),
13 High shore— draws on the London &
Westminster Bauk, Loudon — William
Auld. agent; Robert MUlar, accountant-
See advertisement
National Bank of Scotland (Branch), High
st — draws on Glyu, Mills & Co. & Union
Bank, London— James Watt, agent; R. B.
Ferguson, accountant
North of Scotland Bank (Branch), 25 Low
st — draws on parent Establishment, Aber-
deen, Barclay, Eevan & Co. & Union Bank
London — Robert Morison, agent
Union Bank of Scotland (Branch), 14 Low
at— draws on Glyn, Mills & Co. London —
James Rust, agent
Central Savings Bank, Council Chamber,
Town House, Low st (open for the transac-
tion of business on Mondays from 6 until 7
evening, and on Fridays &om 11 until IS
noon)— Robert Duncan, treasurer; Jamea
Smith, actuai-y
son, dyer, Aberdeen), 10 Strait path
Frazer John {& bellhanger), 45 Bridge st
Cesser Chas. Walter (commission & artificial M'Connachie & Ironside, 313 Low st
manure), 1 Fife st
Eam8ayAlexander,Esq. St. Leonard'SjSandy- 1 Gumming George (for Garden A. Duff, Esq.
hill road i of Hatton, & Major Duff, of Drummuir &
ileid the Mieses L. & J. Boyne Cottage > Park), High shore
Muriaon Francis, Itlaw, Alvah
Murray G. W. & Co. {& nail manufa«turers)a
Banff Foundry, Banff
Paton Tbomas, Kin^swell lane

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