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FoEGLEN is a small parish, situate on the romantic banks of ths
Deverou, 7}i miles s. of Banff. In size it is the same as Ordiquhill, "
and, like it, also contains some mineral springs. There is a church
of the Establishment and a Free church. Population in 1871, 845.
Grange is a parish four miles from Keith, and a station on the
Banffshire section of the Great North of Scotland railway. The
places of worship are the Established church, a Free church, and
one belonging to the United Presbyterians. Edingight House, the
seat of Sir James M. Innes, Bart., is within the parish. The parish
contains an area of 15,041 acres, and in 1871 had a population of
RoTHiEMAY is a paHsh 6 miles n.n.e. of Huntly and 7 E.of Keith;
it is seated on the rivers Deveron and Isla, and contains Druitlical
remains, and Rothiemay House, a seat of the Earl of Fife. The
parish is 7^a miles long by 5?^ wide. There is a church of the
Establishment and a Free church. A fair is held on the third
Wednesday in May. Population of the parish in 1871, 1,870.
XXBERCHIRDER is a Tillage iri the parish of Marnoch, 9 miles
s.w. of Banff and 6 miles from Cornhill railway station, seated on
the river Deveron. In the village are places of worship for members
of the Estahlipiir^ church, the Free church, the United Presby-
terian church. I if baptists. Episcopalians and Roman Catholios.
The parish ombraces an area of 14,954 statute acres. The fairs are
held Tuesday after second Monday in January, the Monday before
the 26th of May, or the 26th if on Monday, second Tuesday in March,
first Tuesday in August, day before Huntly in September, Monday
befox-6 22nd, or 22nd if on Monday in November. Population of the
parish in 1871, 3,294; the village of Aberchirder containing 1,312 of
that number.
Cornhill is a small village in the parish of Ordiquhill, and a station
on the Banffshire section of the Great North of Scotland railway.
The places of worship are an Established and a Free church. The
fairs are held on the second Thursday in every month.
Ordiquhill is a parish 9 miles s.w. of Banff and 7 s. of Portsoy,
and contains several mineral springs; in length it is 3J^ miles, in
breadth 2>.j. Population in 1371, 761.
POST OriPICl!, Aberchirder, WiUiam M'Kenzie, Post Jfasier.— Letters arrive from Banff at fifty minutes past one noon,
and from Huntly at thirty minutes past five afternoon, and are despatched to Huntly at ten night, and to Banff at t hirty minutes past
four afternoon.
*:t* Letters for Bridge of Marnoch should be addressed via Huntly, and for Netherdale via Turriff.
Money Order and Telegraph Ojp.ce and Savings Bank.
Post OfQCG, Cornhill, Agnes Angus, Post Mistress. — Letters arrive from Banff at twenty-five minutes past one afternoon, and
from Keith at fifty minutes past two afternoon, and are despatched to Banff at fifty minutes past two afternoon, and to Keith at twenty-
five minutes past one afternoon.
Post O^ce* FoRGLEN, Alexander Scott, Post Master. — Letters from all parts arrive (from Turriff) at fifteen minutes past eleven
morning, and are despatched thereto at fifty minutes past four afternoon
Post Office. Thornton, Grange.— Letters arrive (by messenger from Keith) at fifty minutes past eleven morning, and return at
forty minutes past five afternoon.
Post Office, Cross roads, Grange, James Green, Post Master.
and returns in the afternoon.
Post Office, Rothiemay, George Murdoch, Post Master.— hetiei-s arrive from all parts (from Huntly) at fifty-five minutes past
three afternoon, and are despatched thereto at six evening. On Saturdays only at ten night.
-A messenger carries letters to Newmill of Keith in the morning,
Abercrombie Sir George, Bart. j.p. Forglen
Alexander John, Esq. j.p. Aberchirder
Anderson Rev, Ales. The Manse, Marnooh
Bowman Rev. Archibald. The Manse, Forglen
Boyes Rev. George, Aberchirder
Gumming Colonel William Gordon, Auchin-
toul House, Aberchirder
Deviue Rev. Charles, Portsoy
Buff Thomas Duff Gordon, Esq. Park House,
Gordon Adam H. Esq. (of Avochie), Mayen
House, Rothiemay
Grant Rev. William, Forglen
Harvey John, Esq. of Carnousie, Forglen
Hey Dr. Peter Grant, Aberchirder
Ingram Rev, William, Rothiemay
Innes Miss Eliza Ogilvie Rose, Old Town of
Innes Sir James M. of Edingight, Grange
Johnston Rev. George, Aberchirder
Macdonald Rev. William. Cornhill
Macdougall Rev. Alexander, Aberchirder
M'Raith Rev. John, Aberchirder
Macvicar Rev. William, Cornhill
Moir Rev. Robert, The Manse. Rothiemay
Murdoch Rev. John, Free Church Maiise,
Russell Rev. John, m.a. The Manse, Grange
Smith Dr. Charles, b.n. Aberchirder
Smith Dr. Charles, Kinnairdy
Stronach William, Esq, j.p. Ardmeallie,
Stuart Rev. Georgs, Aberchirder
Stutfield William, Esq. Netherdale House,
by Turriff [House
Taylor W^illiam .James, Esq. Rothiemay
Williamson A. G. Esq. Clunie House, Aber-
Public Schools : —
Forglen— Rev. William Smith Cae, master
Forglen (Female) — Mary Morson, mistress
Grange — Arthur Gerrard, master
Grange (Cross roads)— Jas. Walker, master
Grange (Sillyearn)— Geo. M'Donald, master
Marnoch— Rev. William Christe, master
Marnoch (Aberchirder) — George Inglie,
master ; James Morrison, assistant
master; Ann Kissach, mistress; Helen
Sim, mistress of infants
Marnoch (Blacklaw)— Donald Mathieson,
master [mistress
Marnoch (Netherdale) — Jessie Merson,
Ordiquhill (Cornhill) — Miss Farquhar,
mistress [ai.A. master
Ordiquhill (Gordonstown) — James Bruce,
Rothiemay — Alexander Mann, master
Rothiemay (Mannochhill) — Annie Macleod,
mistress [mistress
Rothiemay (Ternemny) — Helen Bain,
458 .
Chalmers Theodore, Cornhill
Gibb John (& confectioner), Aberchirder
Morrison James, Aberchirder
Murdoch George, Rothiemay
Smith William, Aberchirder
Stewart John, Aberchirder
North of Scotland Bank (Branch), Aber-
chirder — draws on the parent Establish- Duncan William. Burnside
Barber Arthur, Briggs
Black Alexander, South Bogtown
Cooper George, Ardreddie
Cow Alexander, Craiglug
Cowie Joseph, Cooper hill
Davidson George, Cairn hill
Duffus Peter, Crannabog
Duguid John, Kirkton
Dunbar Thomas, Carnousie
ment, Aberdeen, Barclay, Bevan and Co.,
and the Union Bank, London — John Alex-
ander, jun. agent
Archibald John, Rothiemay
Cowie John, Elrick, Aberchirder
Currie William, Merrytown, Grange
Davidson David, RcidiesLon. Grange
Forsyth John, Strypesido, Grange
Hay Alexander, Netherdale, Marnoch
Hay John, Marnoch
Henderson Peter, Forglen
Joiner John, Forglen
Paul Lewis, Rothiemay
Shearer Alexander, Dubbiton, Marnoch
Reid George, Cranuoch, Grange
Robertson Charles, Cornhill
Robertson William, Rothiemay
Stevenson Alexander, Culvie, Marnoch
Watson Alexander, Nethermills, Grange
Watson Alexander, Thornton, Grange
Anderson George, Aberchirder
Clarke Peter, Rothiemay
Duncan James, Teruemny, Rothiemay
Duncan John, Forglen
Findlay John, Aberchirder
luglis James, Aberchirder
Lobban Joseph, Aberchirder
M'Kenzie Joseph, Aberchirder
M*Robert Alexander, Forglen
Morrison William, Rettannach, Rothiemay
Paul Charles, Aberchii-der
Robertson Thomas, Auchincrieve,Rothiemay
Gamraio Helen, Aberchirder
Rae George, Aberchirder
Young Walter, Aberchirder
.\lexander John, Aberchirder
Allan Alexander, Aberchirder
Geddes George, Aberchirder
Pirie George & Sons, Rothiemay
Gauld William, Carnousie
Gills James, Kebholes
Hendry John, Mill of Ribrae
Hendry W. Little Ribrae
Jamieson James, Crannabog
Jamieson James, Ribrae
Jamieson William, Swearburn
Lamb John, Whitefield
M'Robert George, Silverstrype
Ogston James, Whitefield
Paterson WiUiam, Carnousie
Robertson Alexander, Penelopefield
Ross Alexander, Carnousie
Stewart J. Mains of Carnousie
Taylor Mrs. — , Scotston
Taylor James, Commissary bog
Walker James, Bogtown
Walker William, Todlaw
Wallace John, North Bogtown
in the parish of grange.
Allan Joseph, Paithnick
Barron John, Nethermills
Bennett ^Villiara, Seggiecrook
Black Charles G. Knock
Bremner George, Auchinhove
Bremner James, Limehillock
Bremner William, Wester Wmdyhills
Christie Adam, Allantowu
Coull William, Burnend
Craib William theirs of>, Windyhills
Craigen James, Todholes
Davidson James, Newtown
Donald James, Haughs
Donald Joseph, Farmtown
Duncan James (heirs of), Woodsido
Ewing James, Little Clerkseat
Gordon Alexander, Bankhead
Gordon John, Farmtown
Gordon John, Shiel
Grant Alexander, Westertown
Gray Andrew, Floors
Gray George (representatives of), Cantley
Gray Robert, Croylet
Hay James, Mains of Paithnick
Hay William, Croftgib
Henderson John, Wester Croylet
Henderson Peter, Oakenknowes
Inga-am Andrew, Goukstone
Ingram James, Windyhills
Inkson Patrick, Berryloya —
Koir William, Paithnick

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